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The Instructions

by Chris Powell

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© Copyright 2006 - Chris Powell - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; sbm; D/s; bond; piercing; breathplay; toys; cons; XX

Slave follow the following directions.

'Legs duct taped together at ankles, above and below the knees and at feet. Toes tied together with pull ties. Tie legs to foot of bed. Shaft pulled up and out. Inflatable Anal plug inserted and pumped up five pumps. Ass duct taped shut. Anal Vibrator turned to high. Shaft plugged with long plastic plug with vet wrap. One vibrator wrapped under head of shaft. One vibrator taped under ball sack. 10 small hair clips placed on shaft and 10 placed on balls. 10 zippered clothespins up the inside of each side, tied off to bed. 20 hair clips attached to stomach area. 20 Hair clips attached to each nipple area. Pump up Gag in mouth pumped up 5 times and your collar locked around your neck. Head wrapped, with blindfold and ear plugs. Wrists handcuffed to head of bed.'

You will wait for me. When I arrive I will play with the clips on your body. If you make too much noise then I will pump up your gag more. Your fingers are free and so I will use cable ties to seal your fingers together. I might place more clips on your body, I like balls covered with clips and clothespins. It’s fun to see how many I can get on them. I might rip off the zippers just for fun, then put them back on. I might even add additional clothespins down the tops of your legs to your feet. Your feet might be tickled until I tire of it, then they too might get clips all over them. I am in the mood for clips today. With your lower body covered in clips and your mouth quite from the pumped up gag, then I will move to your upper body. I will add more clips to your stomach and sides up your body to your tortured nipples. I might add more clips here also covering your chest and sides.

Finally I will turn my attention to your head. I might add hair clips to your ears, noise and face. It depends on the mood I am in. If you are noisy then I will add more clips. Once I tire of adding clips I might move on to needles. I really want to push needles through your already clipped nipples. Adding several needles to each. As you yelp and plead I will add more needles down your upper body down to your belly button, which I will place needles in. Finally I will make my way to your shaft and balls. Clipped as they are, they offer a tempting target for my needles. I might place several needles into the shaft causing you to yelp and complain. I reward your noise with more needles in the shaft. I then move to your balls where I place several needles. Again you make noise, which causes even more needles to go in. You look fantastic with over 200 clips on your body and more then 30 needles. I take pictures and decide to let you enjoy the pain. I replace the batteries in the vibrators and turn them to high. I pump up your anal plug until I think you are very full. The gag is also pumped up so you are forced to breath through your nose. Finally I am finished and leave you to your pleasure and pain.

I only leave you for a short time, but I am sure it must feel like forever. I return and enjoy removing the clips. I tell you if you make to much noise I will leave the needles in. I start removing the clips one by one. You yelp as the pain starts. I make my way down your body removing the clips. Finally all that is left is the zippers.You moan as you know what is next. I rip the zipper from your right side and you yelp and plead not to do the other. I play with the clips on the left side making you wait. Finally when I think you least expect it  I rip the second one on the left side and you cry in pain. I play with your shaft a little touching the needles still in it. You yelp as you begin to get hard. I remove the vet wrap and the vibrators on the head. I pull free the  needles in the shaft. You moan as they come free. I clean it with a swab.

Then I begin to play with your shaft again. I work it with my hand and then a vibrator, getting you nice and hard.  I decide to play with the needles still in your ball sack. You get closer and closer to cumming. Finally you explode cumming, but I am ready. I catch the cum with a pair of my used panties. You feel the gag being deflated and removed. I warn you not to speak. Once removed I shove the cum socked panties into your mouth. I push until they are all in, the comes duct tape to hold them in place and finally I wrap vet wrap around your head to hold it all in place. You taste both of us as you fight to breathe through your nose.

I am still in a playful mood, so I put a closepin on your nose and watch you gasp for air. I put it on and off until I get bored. Next I place a plastic bag over your head and seal it. I watch as you fight to breath. I play with your shaft making you hard. I allow you to breath for a few minutes and then seal the bag again. I make your shaft hard bringing you close to cumming then stop. Again I allow you to breath. I do this several times having fun watching you get hornier and hornier. Finally I stop and remove the bag. You are very horny but I don’t give you any relief.

I remove the needles from your body. I decide it’s time to leave you for a while, so I need to get ready. I place a tampon inside your shaft and pull the string filling you and making it impossible to cum. I tape two vibrators to your shaft, one under the head and the other on top of it. I wrap the upper part of your shaft in vet wrap. I tie a rope to your hard shaft and balls and pull it over the hook in the ceiling. I then tie the rope to your collar. I now place bunches of hair clips over your ball sack and the base of your shaft.

When I decide that I have added enough I place my massager between your bound legs touching your clipped ball sack. I place more hair clips up your body to your nipples. I want your nipples pulled so I clip on the hanger and again pull the rope through the hook in the ceiling. However this time the rope is tied to your bound feet.. Now anytime you move your feet, the rope pulls your nipples. I add more hair clips to your nipple area, decorating you up nicely. I then tape a vibrator next to each clipped nipple.

I love the way you look, you should be nice and horny when I get back. I pump up your anal plug several more times. You moan into your wet gag.  I remove the vet wrap holding the panty gag and rip the tape from your mouth. I laugh as you yelp. I replace the pump gag and clasp it behind your head. I then pump it up to where you are forced to breath through your nose. You now can’t make a sound. I now turn my attention to your hands. Since you have been getting free lately, I decide to fix the problem. I wrap you cable tied  fingers and hands in duct tape selling them up and making them useless. Last I decide to work on your feet. I place tacks on your souls and tape them there with duct tape.

Last I tape a vibrator to each foot and then seal your cable tied toes and feet in duct tape. I look you over and take some pictures. I change the batteries in the anal vibrator and turn it to full. I then reach down and turn the other vibrators to full, first the ones on the shaft and then the balls and the massager. You moan in to the tight gag.  The nipple vibrators and then the feet ones are next. They will keep you very horny I think to myself. I deflate the gag a couple pumps, your mouth is still full but you can get some air around the gag. I leave you this way and go to lunch and shopping.

I am gone over an hour. When I  return I check on you. I run my hands up over the hair clips. Your moan and yelp. I untie and unwrap the shaft removing the vibrators and pulling the tampon out by the string. I remove the clips around the shaft but leave all the others in place, including the ones on the balls. Your shaft stands hard sticking straight up. You feel me climb straddle of you and take your shaft inside me. You moan as I move around and play with the nipple clips and the clips on your body. You start to move with me and begin to moan. I pump up your gag filling your mouth. You can’t make a sound and struggle to breath as we move faster and we both approach climax.

Finally your body shakes as it has never shaken before as you orgasm, with the hardest orgasm you have ever experienced. I deflate the gag and you breath in air calming down. I climb off you pulling your nipple clips. You hear me say, “that was great honey, I think I will now let you calm down.” I pump the gag back up to where you can’t make a sound and leave you there with our juices all over your stomach and shaft.

You hear me say, “ I will leave all the clips and vibrators in place to keep you busy until I get back.” I replace the batteries and turn them all to high. I leave your shaft free as a torture, you have no way to get yourself hard again. You wonder when I will return. 



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