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Internet Mistress

by Subgamble

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© Copyright 2005 - Subgamble - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; D/s; bdsm; cons; X

Internet Mistress by Subgamble
This story is entirely fantasy and is not intended to represent any real people or places.  This is not intended for minors and should not be put where minors have access to it.  If stories containing explicit sexual acts and kinky activities offend you go read the comic pages.  You have been warned. 

Mel had always been interested in bondage.  He has a ton of bondage gear and read every story he could get, for free, on the Internet.  He had been practicing self-bondage for years.  Now he needed the real thing.  Mel found thousands of ads from women wanting to tie up and punish men for a large sum of money.  He really couldn’t afford them on his salary.  Mel had taken to logging on bondage chat rooms.  He found several on IRC.  Often a chat room dealing with some aspect of bondage or domination would pop up on his ISP.

Mel had been going out with Dana who was a friend of his for a very long time.  They never got really serious.  Mel was afraid Dana would think he was insane if he mentioned his kinky habits to her.  Mel is 35 and Dana is 5 years younger.  Male is 6’-2” with blond hair, blue eyes and an athletic build.  Dana is one of those gals that is tall, slim and lithe.  She stands just a little under 6’.  Dana was a long haired brunette with brown eyes, high cheek bones, a pert nose and fully rounded lips.  Her bust was small as is usual with tall women.  However her breasts were firm uplifted and end in perfect conical points at her nipples.  Dana had a narrow waist that flared out to full hips.  Dana’s legs were untypical of women that had her build.  Her legs were perfect.  She had long lithe thighs were well developed.  You could see the muscles when she walked, providing she was dressed in shorts.  Dana’s calves were well defined and rippled with muscular power as she walked.  Mel was a leg man and totally adored Dana’s legs.  He was too shy to do anything but look.

One day Mel found a chat room on his ISP that he hadn’t seen before.  There was a lady there whose name was capped.  Since Mel used the nick “mat” with a small first letter, it indicated he was submissive.  Mel was surprised when the mistress whose name was MsWhip addressed him.  She typed, “Boy what are you into?”

Mel replied that he liked bondage.  He received the command “mat PM me.”

Mel typed in the box; Hi Ma’am I like to be blindfolded gagged and tied with rope.  Handcuffs and steel are nice as well.”

“mat I love to tie boys like you and get them helpless.  Then I like to torment them.  What do you think about that?”

“I would kind of like that Ma’am”

“Good!  Let’s chat some more and I’ll see if you’re acceptable fodder for me to trample into dust.”

They chatted and discussed Mel’s likes and dislikes.  They discussed what Mel would like to have MsWhip do to him.  Then they found out they lived in the same town.  MsWhip typed to Mel, “I don’t usually do this.  If you can follow my on line instructions, I’ll dominate you in person without charge.  You sound interesting enough that I think I cold get my kicks out of you.”

“The first thing you have to do is get a web cam and hook it up.  That way we will be able to see each other.  If you don’t know what to do to hook it up e-mail me and I’ll give you instructions.  Make sure you have that done by this weekend.”

Mel knew quite about computers.  By mid week he had his camera up and working.  On Friday he logged into the chat room.  MsWhip said, “PM me mat!”

Mel did as he was directed.  He was told by MsWhip how to log on so they could see each other on line.  Mel followed the instructions and was rewarded by seeing a powerful, lovely dominatrix clad in black leather appear on the screen before him.  MsWhip gave Mel several orders.  He followed them.  Then he was told to strip and put himself in a hogtie position with rope.  Mel had done a lot of self-bondage.   He knew how to get himself hogtied.  MsWhip told him to be sure to have an escape knife and to make sure he was on camera once he was hogtied.  It took awhile but Mel finally got himself hogtied.  MsWhip said, “I’ll be watching stay that way until daylight.”  Mat did as he was directed.  In the morning when he cut himself out of the hogtie, he had a very sore body.  As he was going over to turn off the computer, MsWhip said, you did very good mat. Be back here at 10 tonight.” 

Mat slept most of the day.  At 10 he turned on the computer and camera.  Shortly MsWhip appeared on screen.  This time she told Mel to just tie himself up anyway he wished and remain that way for the night.

This went on for several weeks Mel had to see Dana during the week.  His weekends were spent in bondage as directed by MsWhip.  One Wednesday when Mel got home from work, there was a package for him.  The enclosed note from MsWhip read, “Be on line at 7 don’t open the package until then.”

At 7 the camera came on and MsWhip said, “Open the package!”

Mel did as directed and came out with a metal belt, metal cod piece and some other parts.  MsWhip said, “That is a chastity belt.  I want you to put it on.  I will direct you.  I want your cock and balls locked up.”

Mel did as directed and was soon locked in the chastity belt.  He was surprised, everything fit.  MsWhip said, “Be on line on Saturday morning.” and then logged off.

Saturday morning Mel again saw MsWhip on camera.  He was told to tie himself to a chair.  He was to be nude except for the chastity belt and have clips on his nipples.  This time he was to use handcuffs with the key where he could not get to it.  MsWhip told him she would come to his house, work him over and release him when she was ready.

Mel was very hesitant.  He would have to leave the door open.  He would be tied with no way to escape.  He didn’t know MsWhip.  Mel threw caution to the winds.  He sanity was overruled by his desire to be bound.  Mel got himself tied to the chair, except for his wrists.  He tightly gagged himself and used a blindfold that eliminated all sight.  Mel had slipped the hand cuffs around a bar on the back of the chair.  The keys were on top of a dresser and out of reach.  Mel locked his wrist in one of the cuffs.  He paused, and was trying to decide if he trusted MsWhip enough to get himself completely helpless.  Just as Mel was thinking, “What happens if something goes wrong? She could have an accident on the way here.  What…”Mel’s thoughts were interrupted by hearing the cuff click as it ratcheted closed on his wrist.  A sudden thrill and rush of adrenalin went through Mel.  Without knowing he was doing it he had passed the point of no return.  Now all Mel could do was sit there and remain bound to the chair.  Mel had no way to keep track of time.  He had no idea of how long he waited.  He began to panic.  He struggled and twisted in his bondage.  No luck he was completely helpless.  He had tied himself well.  Again the uneasy thoughts began to creep into Mel’s mind.  “Where is she?  Why doesn’t she come?  What could…”  Mel thought he heard something.  He wasn’t sure

Mel felt a tug on one of his nipple clips. Then the clip was jerked hard.  Mel emitted a grunt through his gag.  He hoped the person pulling on the clip was MsWhip and not a thief.  He heard a feminine voice saying, “Mat you’ve done well.”  You’re helpless.  Good!”  Both of the clips on Mel’s nipples were jerked hard.  Mel felt his wrists being re-cuffed so they would be behind his back.  He felt the ropes fall off of his body and away from the chair.  Mel was bent over something and tied in place.  He assumed he was bound to the chair.  Mel heard a large crack and then jumped as much as he could.  Fire was racing through his ass cheek.  Crack, slap, smack, more lashes from the paddle blasted his ass.  When Mel though his ass had been torn to shreds, the paddling ceased.

Mel felt hands tugging at his blindfold.  I came off and at first Mel couldn’t see.  Then he saw the tall, powerful MsWhip looking Justas she had on camera.  Then Mel’s moth dropped open and he turned a beet red.  Dana was standing off to the side behind MsWhip.   As he was gagged he could say anything but a loud,"Mfffffff.”

Dana looked over at the red assed bound Mel and said, “Mel I knew you were into self-bondage.  I found hints.  You left magazines and some of your gear around where with a little looking it could be seen.  Several times when I visited your apartment I saw bondage related items.  MsWhip is a friend of mine.  I have known her for years.  I happened to be there when you first hooked up the camera.  I have been a party to everything that has happened to you.  I am by nature dominant.  I have been looking for a male slave.  I figured you were vanilla and not into it.  When I saw you on camera, I decided you were the slave for me.  If you want to be my slave, nod your head.”

Mel nodded his head.  MsWhip said,  “I guess you two will get along fine.  Dana and mat I’ll see you later.  Dana, have fun with him.”  MsWhip left the room. 

Mel was soon bound tightly and in bed with Dana his head at her feet dreaming of how he could serve and please Dana.


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