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In the Mountains

by Swift

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© Copyright 2009 - Swift - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; outdoors; chains; stuck; caught; M/f; mast; sex; cons/reluct; X

My clothes were scattered halfway across the mountain, and I couldn't find any of them. Not only that I had also lost the keys to the chains I wore. I was in big trouble.

It had seemed so easy, coming up here. I carried the chains I meant to use in todays bondage game, taking off an item of clothing every once and a while as I walked up the mountain, until naked and totally alone I could go deep into the woods and put on my chains. I had looked forward to the struggle to reclaim my clothing, the keys for the chains left back in my car.

Little did I know that the path that seemed so easy to walk, would prove impassable to someone whose legs were hobbled with a six inch chain, who's hands were cuffed together and fastened behind her head to a chain around her neck.

And that was not all, I also had another chain running from my collar down to the chain at my feet, making me bend forward, my breasts hanging free, and my bondage was topped off with a ball gag, locked on me, the key sitting on my desk at home. I had bit off more than I could chew!

Taking tiny steps, I tried to make my way back along the path I had come, but brush I had climbed over with ease proved to be too much for me, and I had to look for another way down the mountain. As the hours passed, I grew more and more frantic. It seemed each way I went led me further and further away from my clothing, and eventually all I was concerned about was getting to my car.

As darkness fell though, I found I had lost all sense of direction, and was completely lost. I sat on a log and cried for a while, wondering what was going to happen to me, when I spotted a small light. My first thought was that someone was looking for me, but no one knew I was here. It could only have been a hiker, camping in the wilderness. I was torn, should I make my way to the light, and get help, or wait until sun up for another try for my car.

I was scared of being seen the way I was, but I was also scared of being out alone in the dark, completely helpless. I got up and slowly made my way toward the light. It took me a long time to get there, it was farther off than it seemed, but when I did I saw I was right and it was a camp site. The light came from a lamp on a pole, there was a campfire, out but with embers still glowing, and a tent.

There was no sign of anyone there, and I stood just outside the small clearing, wondering what to do. Maybe the person who owned all this stuff was asleep inside the tent already, I would have a hard time waking them up and explaining things, gagged as I was, and I was still not sure if I wanted anyone to see me at all. The position I had locked myself in left me very open indeed, I was unable to cover myself at all! I really had no choice though.

I shuffled into the clearing, the light making me feel very visible, and made my way toward the tent. As I drew closer I spied a canteen lying on its side, and I groaned, for it had been a while since I last ate or drank, and I was very thirsty. Any moment I expected a head to pop out of the tent, and see me, but as I drew closer to it nothing happened. When I got there, I looked in through the open tent flap, and discovered it was empty. I stood up as straight as I could, trying to see if the person who owned all this stuff was around somewhere watching me, but the light had ruined my night vision and I could see nothing past the clearing.

There was a small camp stool just in front of the tent so I sat down and nervously decided to wait. I kept looking around, listening for approaching foot steps, but when I almost nodded off for the second time I realized that the day's events were catching up with me and I needed to sleep. The sleeping bag lying inside the tent, was very inviting, so inside I went. I managed to crawl into the bag, it was only partially closed, and, with my legs drawn up due to the chain,fell into a restless sleep.

I woke to the touch of someone brushing my hair from my face, and I jumped, seeing a man crouched next to me in the tent.

"Hey now," He said, "I'm not going to hurt you."

I lay perfectly still, my heart pounding, while he examined the gag and the way my hands were locked behind my neck.

"I can see this isn't coming off." He said, fingering the small lock that held the gag in. "Do you have the keys?"

I shook my head, and his curious expression deepened.

"How did you get here, did someone bring you?"

I shook my head again.

"You walked?"

I nodded.

He unzipped the sleeping bag the rest of the way and opened it up, exposing me completely. I kept my legs closed and drew myself into a ball, hoping he would cover me up quickly, but instead he took a good long look at my nude body.

"You walked here like this?" He asked.

I hesitated, and nodded again.

"Well, I doubt you came to find me on purpose, you must be lost."

I nodded, slowly.

His relentless gaze making me feel more naked than I was. "You do this to yourself?"

I didn't know how to answer. Should I tell him no, and make him think there were others out there with me, or tell him the truth. He looked at my feet, dirty and cut in a couple of places, and at the chains connecting them to each other and to my collar.

"You did do this to yourself, didn't you?" His voice was firm, and I found myself nodding without realizing it.

He took hold of my ankles, and pulled them down until the chain between them and my collar was taut, exposing my breasts. Then he rolled me onto my back, and pulled my knees apart. I tried to resist as he did this, he had a strength that I couldn't overcome, and soon I was completely exposed to him. He took a good long look, while I blushed furiously, before closing my legs again and returning me to the position he found me in. His face still registered curiosity, but there was also the hint of a smile, and a part of me was glad that he liked what he saw, while the rest of me was horrified that he had done what he did.

He slipped back out of the tent, leaving me uncovered and a moment later the light outside was turned off, plunging everything into darkness. I lay there afraid, not knowing what was going to happen. I could hear him shuffling around outside, before coming back in. He crawled around behind me, and I realized he was climbing into the sleeping bag with me, and he was naked. His cool skin pressed against my naked back and buttocks, and I groaned into my gag.

"Its okay," he said, "I need to sleep too!"

He pulled the top of the sleeping bag over both of us and zipped it up, trapping us both inside its warmth. I could feel his penis, hard against my butt, and once he had settled in, he wrapped one arm around my chest and cupped one of my breasts. His touch sent shivers through me and I didn't know what I wanted him to do next. I realized that I could not reach the zipper and was stuck until he released me in the morning. I stole myself against further advances, but soon his breathing became regular, his penis grew soft, and he was asleep, and I soon followed him.

I awoke, stiff and thirsty, the sun making shadows on the tent walls as it shone through the trees. I was alone, and the sleeping bag had been pulled off me, leaving me once more exposed.

I sat up, slowly, trying to get the circulation going again in my arms. My jaw ached from being held apart for so long, and my lips seemed stuck to the ball gag they were so dry. I could hear the tent's owner moving around outside, and I cautiously crawled to the tent opening. Wearing a T-shirt and shorts, he was sitting on the camp stool, working on getting the fire going. I hesitated, not knowing what to do.

"You must be thirsty." He said without looking up. Of course, I could say nothing. "Come out here." he ordered.

The sun was low in the sky, but bright. The thought of being so exposed in front of him made me cringe, but considering what he had seen last night, there was not much else left to show him. I stepped out of the tent, standing as straight as I could, which wasn't much, the chain held me bent over at about a forty five degree angle, and slowly shuffled toward him. As I approached, he turned to watch. And I could feel myself blush as his eyes took in my freely swaying breasts. I finally made it to the fire, and stood waiting.

"You might find it easier to kneel."

I looked down at the bare earth, and with a sigh let myself fall to my knees. The chain running to my ankles was pulled tightly against my pussy, and didn't help at all in keeping a sexual rush from flowing through me.

I had daydreamed a lot in the past about kneeling bound and naked in front of a man, and now that I was, my body reacted in the only way it knew how. He smiled. He knew. He picked up the canteen, and knelt before me.

"I don't know how well this is going to work." He said.

He gently pried at the ball gag, in an attempt to move it slightly. Then he poured water from the canteen over my mouth, and I began to drink what little made it inside, the rest splashing and falling down my front. The water felt so good, and calmed the growling in my belly. He then poured the rest over my head, wetting my hair.

"I guess I'm outta water. We will have to get more."

I nodded, and made a sound behind my gag, pointing my head down the mountain.

"Is that where you want to go, down to the valley?" He asked. I nodded.

"Not yet." was his answer.

I was stunned, did he expect to keep me here? He then started asking me questions, about why I was on the mountain, why I was in chains and what happened to my clothes. Answering yes and no, I slowly told him the whole story. When he had pretty much got it all out of me he began to laugh, and I felt very vulnerable kneeling there before him. He finally stopped laughing and a serious look appeared on his face.

"I can take you down there, when I'm ready. But first we need to get some more water. Stand up!"

I struggled to my feet, and he picked up the canteen and started off toward the edge of the clearing. When he reached the edge, he stopped and waited for me to catch up, smiling at the way my breasts moved as I shuffled along.

"This is going to take too long." he said, and he slung the canteen strap over one shoulder, reached down and picked me up. He moved so fast I couldn't stop him. One hand went to my back, the other between my legs, and before I knew it I was across his shoulder, my butt presented for all to see. The hand between my legs moved slightly, and a finger found my slit, moist and warm. I groaned.

"Well," he said, "glad you're enjoying yourself."

He continued out of the clearing and followed a trail through the trees, his finger moving slowly, sending shock after shock though me. What was happening to me. Why was I taking this all so calmly. I should have been screaming into my gag, wriggling and trying to get away. Instead I was moving my hips, trying to make his finger move toward my oh so sensitive clitoris. I heard him chuckle as he realized what I was doing, and he pulled his finger free. I stifled a groan of frustration.

Very soon we came upon a stream, one of many running down the mountain, and he put me down. Looking around I could see that this one had worn away part of the bank to form a fairly large area of relatively still water. The trees opened up enough to let the sunlight fall full on us. he dropped the canteen and reached for me once more, lifting me by the hips this time and lowering me into the cold water. I screamed as he let go, and found myself going completely under, struggling to swim even though bound.

A moment later strong hands gripped me and pulled me to the surface. I coughed behind my gag, and glared a him, while he laughed some more. He had jumped in after me. "This is a great place for a swim, don't you think?" He said smiling. "If you put your feet down, you will see it is not as deep as you think!"

I did as he said, and found that I could indeed stand up, although the chain prevented me from lifting my head very much above the water, and I saw that getting out on to the bank would be impossible for me. Again he had placed me in a position that meant I had to rely entirely on him to get me out of. He pulled off his wet shirt and threw it on the bank, followed by his shorts, now he was as nude as I was, and I was both nervous and hopeful. What was he planning?

Again his hands found me, caressing my skin, pinching my nipples. Erotic shocks that went through me made me close my eyes, and despite the chill in the water, I began to feel very warm. He ducked under the water, I felt lips at my nipples, then teeth, the pain exquisite. Fingers explored every nook and cranny, and all I could do was moan and spread my legs. I don't know how long he teased me like that, his consent attention bringing me closer and closer to orgasm, but he suddenly stopped and lifted me back on to dry land.

I was about to protest when he came out and lay me on my back on the wet earth, and opened my legs wide. In a moment, he entered me, an almost frictionless motion due to my arousal, I felt his weight upon me. He began stroking inside me, long and sensual. He was not in the slightest hurry. A small part of me kept saying that he was raping me, that I hadn't asked or consented to doing any of this. But that small voice was soon lost in the chorus that was my mounting passion.

When we finally came, it was together, and my bonds had never bitten so deep into me as they did when I climaxed, my body aching to be free of its restraints. Once spent, we lay together for a few minutes, before he got off me, not saying a word. He rummaged around until he found a stick and a rock, and for a brief moment I feared what he might do. What he did do was place the forked stick over the chain between my feet and pound it into the ground with the rock. When he was done I tried to move my feet, but they wouldn't shift at all.

"I won't be long." Was all he said as he gathered his clothes and left. I struggled, trying to break free from the position he had put me in, but it was no use, I was there for the duration.

Eventually I relaxed, and let the sun warm my aching body. It had been through a lot in the past twenty four hours, and I wondered if he was ever going to let me go. I was dry by the time he returned. In fact my breasts were starting to tingle from the constant exposure to the sun, so I know he must have been gone at least an hour. He was dressed, more fully this time, in pants, shirt and hiking boots. He pulled out the wooden stake that had held me pinned, and lifted me once again up onto his shoulder. I was not too comfortable hanging down like that, but I was in no position to complain.

Once again his hand found its way between my legs, and the walk that followed was spent with his fingers slowly caressing and entering my pussy, distracting me no end.

We walked downhill, and I knew we were not going back to camp. Totally disorientated I had no idea where he was taking me. Every once and a while, he would stop and lower me to the ground so he could rest. He would rest by burying his face in my crotch and bringing me almost to orgasm with his tongue before getting up again and lifting me back onto his shoulder. The whole trip was one of constant stimulation, but not once did he let me cum. I was very frustrated. Eventually we reached a gully, and he sat me down on a rock. He then proceeded to scoop up handfuls of mud and begin to spread it all over me.

I tried to stop him, it was not the most pleasant sensation, but again he had total control. Soon, I was almost totally covered in thick goo, only my chains had been spared. Even my face and hair were covered, And I hoped that this meant we were going swimming again soon, for the mud began to itch like crazy, especially between my legs where he had applied a liberal dose. I was standing by now.. the better to cover my ass with mud, and he gestured in a direction I was supposed to go.

So, taking six inch steps, I hobbled along a path that led through the trees and onto a small camper's parking lot. The very one my car was parked in. I looked over at him, wondering if he knew where he had taken me. He was standing still, watching me. Very deliberately he put his left hand into a pocket, and pulled out a set of keys. I recognized them immediately as the keys for all my chains. There was no way he could have gotten them while I was with him, he must have had them all the time. He could have released me any time he wanted.

"I can see you recognize these." He said, smiling. I groaned wildly, everything he had done to me, the sex, the erotic torture he had put me through, he had deliberately kept me helpless and dependent on him throughout.

He waved the keys and tossed them under the car, then turned and walked back into the woods. I just stood there. I didn't know what to do. A part of me wanted to shuffle after him, a part of me wanted to get the keys and get the hell out of there. I must have stood there for ten minutes before I realized that anyone could drive up and see me standing in the middle of the lot, naked, chained hand a foot, covered in mud.

I shuffled toward the car, and using my feet, managed to coax my keys out from under it. It was a big relief, unlocking my hands. The muscles in my arms protested strongly at the unaccustomed movement. My fingers immediately reached down and started rubbing at the muddy mess that was my crotch, and in moments I had the sexual relief I had been desiring for hours.

Spent, I unlocked the car, and searched for anything I could put on, but he had cleaned it out and there wasn't even a small rag I could use to wipe the worst of the mud off me. I climbed into the drivers seat, after undoing he rest of my chains, and gazed wistfully in the direction he had gone. Could I find him again? I doubted it. Still gagged, and covered from head to toe in half hardened goo, which would now stain the seats of my car, I started the engine and headed for home.

Yours in waiting. Swift.

The End


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