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by Mikel

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Jade sat struggling against the bonds she had applied to her body almost ten days ago, her mind cannot remember why she is restrained or why she is blind, deaf and mute, she can feel her tongue and make sounds but cannot speak. Her wrists are bound by steel cuffs that are attached to chains linked to the cuffs around her ankles, how or why they were placed on her she doesn’t know, her feet ache and seem to be held in a pointed position but yet she can walk on her toes if she has to, the wide steel belt around her waist cuts deeply into her skin holding her wrists closely to it. Jade slowly drifts off to sleep still struggling with her bonds and the thoughts of why she is being tormented.

Three months ago, Jade looks at the steel restraints, she knows these are a must have and after giving her measurements she orders the entire set, wrist and ankle cuffs, a wide steel collar and an even wider steel belt. They all have built in locks and need only one key, they are lined stainless steel and polished to a high sheen with d-rings permanently mounted to them. Jade has a dream of being totally isolated, unable to see, hear, speak or feel anything for an undetermined amount of time but knows she can’t make herself that way alone and has no one to help her with her dream so she has been thinking of a way to do it herself for an extended period of time and still be able to feed and tend to her body’s needs. Jade has always been into bondage and has gotten very proficient at restraining herself over the years, the part she likes the most is when she is alone, bound in some uncomfortable position seeing nothing and hearing only her own heart beating and being unable to move.

Her desires have led her to spend most of her free time in some form of bondage, the only consistent items she uses has been her sensory deprivation hoods. Normally she wears two at a time, after plugging her ears and pushing the breathing tube that runs from the special mouthpiece she had made for her through the opening over her mouth, this leaves the two small holes over her nose as the only opening in the hoods. She found that if she wears a thick diving suit she can no longer feel anything else on her skin, even the temperature has to change dramatically for her to feel it. The suit she uses has been modified with its feet, gloves and hood attached to the main suit making them impossible to remove once she is zipped into it, the process to enter the suit is difficult but the numbed feeling it gives her is worth the struggle to get into it.

As she has grown closer to complete isolation she has been wanting it more and her desires have almost trapped her a few times, the last long weekend from work she took the days before and after off making it five full days she could indulge herself. After making sure the storm shutters were closed and locked from the inside, they are now very seldom opened, and turning the power off to everything in the house except to the one outlet she uses for the small refrigerator she keeps the bottles of her nourishment drinks in and powers the timer safe the fridge sits on top of, this narrows the possibility of electrical fires making her feel more comfortable being helpless by herself, both have large battery backups and the safe is set to open automatically if it loses power for more than a few hours.

During these sessions Jade needs no lights, no other power for TV’s or heating or cooling, she will be in total darkness, completely deaf and utterly silent during the entire time she is encapsulated. She had been looking forward to this time alone for months, practicing and improving on her isolation, spending every night in a normal dive suit and her hoods with her hands and ankles bound together getting her body ready for its extended session, until now all she needed was time.

Thursday while at work she could think of nothing else, Jade had worn a very tight short sleeved dive suit under her work clothes, the long legs and tight bodice making her pussy tingle all day, the suit had been ordered much smaller than normal and pulled tightly over her body making even simple tasks more difficult, crushing her ample breasts and making taking a deep breath impossible. Jade had begun wearing higher than normal heels at work and currently wore a pair of six inch pumps with large locking ankle straps keeping them on her feet, she had been wearing the heels for the last four days straight getting herself prepared for her weekend off, the keys to the shoes and suit were left at home just in case she decided it was too much and wanted them off during the day.

On several occasions she had thought about removing the suit, even reaching under her shirt and pulling at the tight material and once thought about taking her scissors and cutting it off when her restricted chest had caused her to feel like she was being suffocated. She struggled through these times and calmed herself and waited for the end of the day. Finally able to get home Jade could not wait to enclose herself in her isolation, she had everything ready turning off the power, as she undressed she decided she would wear her current suit under the full suit, the thought made her pussy get wetter as she knew she would be uncomfortable but knew she could take it and thought it would feel wonderful.

Pulling the full body suit over the one she currently was wearing was considerably more difficult that she had thought it would be and she was sweating profusely when she had finally managed it, the first thing she noticed was how difficult it was for her to lace up her knee boots, bending was much more difficult, having to hold her breath as she bent forward to reach her boot laces.

After lacing the boots she wrapped the leather cuffs around her ankles locking them on, these cuffs already had a five inch chain connected between them and along with the six inch heels of the boots would limit her walking. Jade never wanted to be trapped inside the house while she isolated herself for long periods, even though the doors and windows were locked she had practiced unlocking and opening them many times while blind and restrained in case there was ever an emergency she could still exit the house and deal with the embarrassment of having to be cut out of her restraints later if she ever had to.

Once the boots were locked on Jade lay back and stroked her encased body, enjoying the feeling of how the tight material stretched across her body even though it wasn’t zipped up yet, sitting up she inserted her mouthpiece letting her tongue get positioned under it before biting down hard snapping it in place. Jade inserted her silicone ear plugs and placed a strip of tape over them then pulled her first leather hood on, this one was just a thin leather hood that would cover her entire face leaving only a opening over her nose and mouth, once laced snuggly she pulled the hood of the suit over it and zipped up the suit locking the zipper once it reached its post.

Now completely encased in two layers of the thick material Jade could feel the added tension and restriction, stopping to stretch her arms and let the suit settle on her body before pulling the sensory deprivation hood over her encased head lacing it tight and buckling the straps that went under her chin and around her head, pulling them tight forcing her mouth to clamp down on the mouth piece and locking it closed before cinching the remaining straps locking each before pulling the thick collar of the hood snuggly around her throat trapping the first two hoods under it and locking it in place.

Jade now sat in two layers of thick neoprene, her feet locked into high heeled boots held on by cuffs attached together by a few inches of chain, her head was now encased in two layers of leather and one of neoprene and none could now be removed, her only emergency plan was to go outside and hope she could find someone and get them to cut her out of her suits, all her knives and scissors were removed from the house or placed out of reach once she was restrained. She had already set the safes timer to open Monday morning giving her three days and four nights of total isolation all she had to do now was finish her restraints.

Her hands and arms had always been the hard part, she needed to be able to use her hands but also needed to be restrained, both to keep her from trying to release herself too soon and because she enjoyed the feeling of the restraints. For this session Jade had decided to have her elbows linked together giving her enough slack to be able to have her hands in front so she could still feed herself and also release herself when the safe opened. The wide ankle cuffs worked well around her upper arms and had been attached to the sleeves of her suit so she wouldn’t have to worry about them slipping, after closing them snugly she connected them with a precut chain locking the chain to the cuffs also locking the cuffs closed.

Jade had not taken into account the added thickness of the additional suit nor how much the added pressure would affect her as she had to stretch to lock the cuffs around her wrists in front of her, having to reach low around her waist and breathe out as she locked the thick leather around each wrist. Once the cuffs were locked Jade relaxed her arms and the chain between the cuffs snapped taunt across her waist.

Leaning back Jade had not noticed this as she tried to breathe deeply, the small holes over her nose and the small tube from her mouth had always been sufficient to allow her to breath normally but suddenly she could not get enough air and lay gasping, the tightness of the neoprene and added restriction of the collar and hoods was making Jade feel crushed as she began to panic. Twisting and pulling at her bonds, muffled squeals could be heard as the black featureless figure writhed on the bed desperately trying to free itself as it slipped into unconsciousness from the restricted air flow.

Jade woke some time later now totally unaware of the time she had spent lying on the bed but remembered her struggles and slowly tested her bonds as she thought about why everything seemed so much tighter. Her hands had some movement available but it was limited and her elbows seemed to be pulled taunt across her back making them pull on the connecting chain. Sitting up was difficult without her hands to help and as she sat up she realized that leaving the first suit on was what was making everything tighter and now there was nothing she could do but wait it out.

Jade fought her bonds several more times during the first day always stopping short of blacking out, also finding out that with her hands limited movement she would have a very hard time fitting her feeding tube to her mouth and began to worry if she could go three days without food or water.

* * *

The next day Jade felt more comfortable in her solitary confinement and had managed to get her feeding tube attached swallowing some of the thick mixture she had prepared. Jade was now checking the safe every time she felt up to it, being it had been a few hours since her last check she made herself carefully walk to it and kneel down to reach the handle and then force herself back onto her towering heels. The second night she began to get restless and horny so she wandered out of her room, this was always a challenge for her because she had kept her place sparsely furnished and always moved the furniture against the walls so it was easy to get lost even crossing a room.

The gloves she wore made her hands feel numb and made recognizing something by feeling it difficult adding to the frustration if she got lost. Moving around the darkened house was a slow process partially because of the chain between her extreme heels and partially because she kept bumping into things, this time it was made even harder by the double thick suits making it difficult to bend her knees and slowing the blood flow making her feet numb. As Jade moved around the house not able to hear her heels clicking loudly on the hard floors she was in haven, totally isolated and alone and could feel her pussy leaking down the legs of her suit making her thighs slip inside the tight neoprene.

Taking a few hours to find her way back to the bedroom Jade checked the safe again before locating the vibrator on top of the small table and lay back on the bed and wrestled her hands lower until she could just reach her pussy and applied the vibrator to it. Jade kept rubbing the vibrator harder and harder and could feel very little in her wanting pussy, she kept struggling against the chains to push it harder against herself but the double layers were not letting enough of the vibrations through to allow her to climax. As her frustration built she struggled harder gasping for air, her breasts were being rubbed with each breath she took arousing her more and driving her to keep fighting her bonds until she could take no more and blacked out again.

The next afternoon was a beautiful day outside but for the featureless being trapped in her own world it was just another day in silent blackness, Jade was still lying in the bed unsure if she was awake or not since she could no longer feel her hands or legs. The tight material and prone position she was in had allowed her extremities to go completely numb and now she lay flexing her hands and trying to bend her legs to get the feeling back. Another few hours later Jade had regained enough feeling to check the safe, finding it still locked she attempted to attach her feeding tube but her hands were still too numb to do it so she paced around the room for another few hours before checking the safe again.

Even though she had done this multiple times and often slept in her suit and always slept in at least one of her hoods, the feeling of something’s gone wrong always creeps into her mind when she starts to think, the safe should have opened by now, and begins to panic trying to figure out how she is going to get free. Calming herself she is able to attach another bottle to her tube and squeezes the mixture into her mouth, finished she checks the safe before heading back to bed and lies down and drifts off to sleep.

Waking again from some erotic dreams she has to deal with her numb limbs again before she makes her way to the safe and finds it open. Squealing again she struggles to get her captive hands far enough into the safe to feel the large key ring, only after lying next to it and rolling her body up to the opening can she reach it and rolls onto her back and starts working the key into the locks. This process is by far the most frustrating, Jade is always tired and frustrated wanting nothing more than to release herself and climb into a bath tub of hot water and masturbate until she climaxes. This time is different, she is very tired and even more frustrated and is working with partially numbed hands on top of the numb feeling the gloves give her, she wrestles with the locks for almost an hour before finally one springs open.

After releasing her wrists and elbows the rest gets removed pretty quickly and in another hour she is soaking in the hot water dreaming of her next chance to isolate herself again as she orgasm’s hard and lies back to enjoy the afterglow. After drying herself she eats a small meal and looks at the date and time on her lap top and see’s she had less than an hour to get ready and go to work, she had been isolated since Thursday evening and it is now Tuesday morning. Jade cusses herself as she starts to rush to get ready for work before remembering she has Tuesday off as well and relaxes and goes to bed.

Jade learned from this experience never change plans that have been practiced and always remember to insert your vibrators before the final lock closes.

* * *

The next plan is to isolate herself for ten days, Jade had tested all her restraints even the new additions well and knows what to expect when she slips into the dive suit for her longest adventure in total isolation and sexual torment ever. Jade has prepared twelve bottles of her smoothie mixtures, most are flavored with fruits, some or flavored with vinegar or some form of hot sauce just to make things interesting since she won’t be able to tell the difference before she sucks it into her mouth and will have to drink it or she may get too weak to release herself. Jade also added in a few of the bottles several different kinds of medications that might make her… more relaxed and a little confused.

These medications were prescribed for her and she had taken them on many occasions but combined with being isolated have in the past made her disoriented and a couple of times made her think she had been kidnapped for an hour or so until it wore off a little, this added difficulty makes Jade become wet as she remembers how she felt while she thought she had been kidnapped and fought to free herself.

As the final day of freedom nears Jade has been practicing wearing her new ballet boots and can maneuver in them well and is very excited to find out how they will feel being locked on for so long or if she will even be able to walk in them after more than twenty four hours. Another piece she has added is a modified gas mask, this mask will cover her entire head and won’t allow any odors to infiltrate it or release any that comes from inside. Jade has sewn it to the hood of the diving suit leaving the straps in place to be tightened over the two leather hoods she will have on under it, she has found a small pipe that will fit through the exhaust port valve that sits between the two large filters, this pipe can be forced through the valve by raising it then shoving the pipe through and goes straight back to the tube on her mouth piece so she can feed herself, then remove the tube and still be totally sealed and not be able to smell anything as she could in the past.

Jade had also been practicing with the evacuation plugs she was going to use and had actually started liking the plug in her butt and placed small holes in the suit for her evacuation needs should they arrive. Her last additions were the new vibrators, both worked well with the plugs and could be recharged through one port if she so desired, having tested the whole system she knew she would want to recharge them as often as they needed. The vibrators had wireless remotes that Jade had ordered four replacements for and would scatter them around her home in the dark, each set to different levels and some set to random so she might not get caught by them one time but could the next as she moved about the house.

The idea of the vibrators was to set them as traps in different places, if she moved away from them the vibrators would stay at whatever setting they were activated at until either the batteries wore down or she moved into another remotes range and it changed them, the random settings would be the hardest since they could activate one or the other vibrator independently while the other was on one setting and none but the random remotes could turn the vibrators off.

During the last week before D day Jade wore her short dive suit with the plugs and the tight waist belt under her work clothes every day and night making sure she could really handle the tight steel around her waist and the plugs with the vibrators inserted, the belt was difficult at first pinching her when she bent just right and making her adjust her breathing some but it was the plugs that caused her the most problems, the first day she need to pee at work and had not been prepared for it and made a big mess and forcing her to go home early, then they were constantly rubbing and twisting inside her keeping her on the edge of a climax for the entire week.

She almost cut herself out of the suit several nights having to cuff her hands and wait for the ice to melt before being able to release them was the only thing keeping her from removing the suit. Jade prepares herself by soaking in the bath before shaving her entire body from the neck down and rubs lotion onto her hairless skin, the plugs have become second nature to her and she inserts each with ease making sure the vibrators are correctly installed before pulling the dive suit up her legs.

Once the suit is up to her waist she laces the toe boots tight then locks the steel cuffs over them making sure the attached chains are routed correctly before standing and wrestling the suit up her body. Now that her body has been engulfed in the thick suit she takes the steel waist band and checks that the chains running through the d-rings are straight before squeezing it tightly around her waist until she hears it click closed.

Continuing she inserts her gag and ear plugs before pulling the first leather hood on and laces it snuggly letting her body adjust to its new confines as she sits on the edge of the bed checking that all the holes are lined up with their ports before lacing the second hood on much tighter and wrestling the dive hood and gas mask over it. Adjusting the straps of the mask tight before locking the steel collar around her neck sealing her into the suit for the duration as Jade sits on the bed the relief valve clicking is the only sound being made as she breathes in and out.

Finally ready Jade locates the wrist cuffs that are also attached by closed links to the chains that run from her ankles through the d-rings on her waist belt and locks each around her wrists, feeling the wave of excitement wash over her as she realizes what she has done and briefly struggles in her bonds. Jade stands and feels the chains pull through the d-rings, pulling her wrists down until they are snug against the d-rings at her waist, she can no longer raise her hands unless she squats down pulling the chains upwards as she does, this will allow her to reach her mouth for feeding and the evacuation holes if needed but nothing else.

Jade had practiced with the restraints until she had the length perfect and knows exactly what she can reach and moves around her room practicing her hobbled walk in complete darkness and silence, the mask making breathing a little more difficult but well worth it to Jade to be totally isolated. The biggest challenge is not having any sense of time, she knows she will feel like a day has passed in just a few hours but that never stops the fear of something going wrong from making her panic during her extended trials.

Moving around the room Jade bumps into walls and dressers before finding the door and carefully venturing out into the house, she knows the layout well but with her hands bound and covered and not being able to hear what type of floor she is walking on makes it easy to get lost. Before the toe shoes she could feel the floor under her feet and could tell if she was on carpet or not but with her feet being covered in neoprene and forced onto her toes she no longer could tell what she was stepping on and that made her even more aroused.

As Jade eased through the house she was unsure if she wanted to get caught by a remote or not being it felt so early in the game but she had challenged herself to visit each room and retrieve a small piece of the game that would allow her to either restrain herself further or make her have more sensations when she plugged in the components. Jade bumped into another wall, it causing her to stagger backwards moving quickly until she had her back against another wall and now had lost all her bearings and was totally lost.

Moving again she hobbled around finding nothing to give her a reference to where she was and kept moving until she was getting out of breath and wanted to sit and rest but was still unable to figure out where she was, her blindness, deafness and isolated body and hands were more complete than ever before and she had absolutely no idea where she was or how to get back to her room. The thought of being lost in her home was exhilarating but she was now scared knowing that if she couldn’t find her way back she could possibly starve to death and would have no way to release herself either.

Getting control of herself she started following the nearest wall and skirted around the room knowing that sooner or later she would find a door and hoped she could find something that would identify it as to which room it was. Moving again dragging her shoulder against the wall she soon found something when she ran into it, it hit her about thigh high and she squatted some so she could reach it and felt around almost sure it was the sofa. Standing straight up again she thought about where she was in the room before moving out and around the sofa until she was in front of it and carefully sat down, not remembering the height difference in her toe boots she fell backwards landing hard on the sofa squealing as she fell.

Once settled into it she leaned back and relaxed a little wondering how well she would sleep since she had to inhale and exhale so much harder within the mask, something I should have tested, she thought to herself but I guess I’ll test it now. As Jade relaxed she noticed her feet were throbbing and her calves were starting to cramp but it was her breasts that were now concerning her, the small rubber bands around her nipples and the leather straps around their bases were now starting to ache.

Jade had used both before and had found the correct size for each where it would be uncomfortable but not painful, what she hadn’t checked was the suit with the waist band that made the rubber pull much tighter at her waist and pulling her breasts in and down more than it usually did, this was now making her breasts be much more constricted than ever before and soon would make her wish she had tested it. Jade wanted to rub her breasts but the effort to hold her legs up to allow her to raise her hands was more than she felt like doing at this time so she sat there wondering what was happening in the world outside and desperately trying to hear something other than the faint clicking.

Waking suddenly and feeling light headed she gasped around her gag and panted heavily as she moaned from the pain in her tits, realizing she had fallen asleep and could tell her air supply was thin so she panted and gasped until her head cleared and she decided to start finding her room again. Rocking was the only way she could get herself back onto her pointed toes and was gasping from the effort when she finally felt herself upright and felt her hands draw tight to her sides. Scooting sideways she maneuvered around the couch and now had an idea of where she was and dared herself to try to walk straight across the room instead of continuing to skirt the wall. Taking a step forward she felt the adrenaline surge of stepping into the unknown again as she continued to try to walk in a straight line.

On the fourth step she felt her pussy and ass begin to vibrate making her squeal under the masks and stop in her tracks wondering if she had found a random remote or one that was just set to run. Having not tested the random settings on purpose she had no idea how long they would stay on each setting so she decided to remember where she was and continue moving. When she reached the far wall she felt she should turn left and took a few steps before she could not feel the wall anymore, turning she slowly moved in what she thought was the right direction but was actually taking her into the empty dining room that had four entries to it and could lead her even further away from her room but once she was in it there was nothing inside the room to help her find a direction.

Jade continued to move carefully when suddenly her vibrators, that had started to make her gasp as her climax grew, started buzzing on high, Jade fought for air as her legs started shaking making staying on top of her toes much more difficult and finding nothing to lean on or sit down she hobbled around in a wide circle as she gasped and fought the oncoming orgasm. Jade desperately needed something to support herself on and was finding nothing as she slowly lost her bearings and the fight with the massive climax that drove her to her knees when it hit. Jade was gasping and moaning as her body shook from the climax that seemed to go on forever as she fought her bonds, pulling on the chains and grasping at the tight rubber that encased her.

Jade knelt panting as her climax passed but could feel another building right away and struggled to her toes and began moving again as she gasped for air in the tight mask making her breasts and nipples throb wishing already she had not booby trapped the house. Hitting the wall she turned and struggled to find a way out of this room as she dragged herself around the edge of it bumping her shoulder against the wall until she felt an opening and quickly, as quickly as a woman covered in thick neoprene, her feet trapped ballet boots that are chained a few inches apart and is completely blind, deaf and mute can go.

Jade continued to stumble in the dark not caring where she was going as the vibrations had her completely distracted and she was just dragging herself along while she waited for the orgasm to drive her to her knees again. Jade struggled with her feelings for another twenty minutes before the climax forced her shaking legs to stop moving and Jade settled down to her knees again, her chained hands reaching for something desperately trying to tear the mask off so she could scream.

From the outside only a dark creature could be seen kneeling as it’s body quivers and its out stretched hands flail fruitlessly at the ends of their chains, it looks like it wants to scream with its head thrown back and it’s chest heaving but the only sound to be heard was the wheezing and clicking of the mask as it breathes and the rattling of the chains holding it tightly captive. As the massive orgasm fades Jade finds herself on her side unaware where she is at and starts to panic when she can’t get herself onto her knees, the chains have become tangled during her struggles and now has one hand trapped in front, held close to her stomach the other held firmly to behind her back.

Jade had not planned for this, it hadn’t seemed possible that her chains could get tangled in the short amount of slack they had but now she not only couldn’t move her arms but her legs were being held folded against her thighs. Jade screamed into her mask the vibrations and her new problem making her build to another orgasm quickly as she started to twist and pull, when suddenly her legs were able to straighten and her wrists were drawn to her sides. Jade lay on her back her tortured breasts rising and falling quickly, slightly dejected that the solution showed itself that quickly as she felt her orgasm slip away a little and lay panting, waiting for the climax to wash over her knowing it’s no use to fight to her pointed toes just to be driven to her knees again.

Lying for over an hour Jade fought for air while her climaxes continued forcing her bound body to fight the chains and rubber holding it in the throes of multiple orgasm’s while her mind fought to stay conscious, the small valve in the mask clicking madly as the rubber creatures body shook silently while inside the overheated woman consumed by her desires for isolation screamed before blacking out.

Awaking confused, sore and desperate to free herself Jade struggled for several minutes within her rubber isolation cocoon before her head cleared and she realized she was on her side still encased and still chained, the vibrations had diminished as the batteries ran down leaving Jade shaking as she struggled to her knees then to her pointed toes to resume the search for her room to check the safe and more importantly get something to drink. Jade’s legs continued to shake as she forced her throbbing feet forwards bumping the wall as she moved finding a door she turned into it and prayed it was the right room.

Shuffling around the wall Jade’s rubber coated hands felt something and Jade stood groping the large dresser finally figuring out that she was in the room next to hers and retraced her steps to the door knowing where she was now and eased her way down the hall and into her room. Jade had no idea of how long she had been encased, her breasts and nipples pulsed with pain with each breath and her feet throbbed making even her tiny steps difficult. Her head was never quite clear as she fought for air desperately trying to force her body to take a deep breath and having it resist as the pain increased keeping her mind foggy as she struggled to move forward and maintain her sense of direction.

Jade had only been sealed for about twelve hours but her mind and body were telling her it had been two days already as she thought about getting something to drink and nothing else. Bumping into the small fridge she felt it with her numb hands and pulled it open before squatting on her pointed toes in front of it and reaching in and taking one of the bottles, standing again and closing the door. Jade felt for the safe and jerked on the handle grunting to herself as she moved towards the bed getting another surge of adrenaline as she moved away from her reference point and prayed to herself she didn’t drift off course again.

Bumping into the bed Jade struggled in her chains to try and figure out where she was on it before sitting down, not wanting to fall off then finally sitting she pulled her legs up and hooked her bottle to her mask and sucked the thirst quenching liquid down her throat. The bottle was thankfully a fruit flavored one and she sucked hard enjoying the new taste and the refreshing feeling it gave her as she thought about how long it really had been and how tired she was and hoped she could sleep with her throbbing feet and breasts.

The bottle was not only one of the good tasting ones but also had the drugs she had mixed and soon Jade was feeling groggy and becoming paranoid as the drugs mixed in her blood stream making her wrestle with her bonds feeling like someone was watching her in the room. Jade crawled onto the bed drawing her legs up close and covering herself up all while imaginary sounds made her feel that several people were now watching her and bouncing the bed to make her move away from them. Jade felt warm and comfortable under the covers and as the paranoid thoughts eased she drifted off to sleep totally isolated from the outside world.

Jade woke after sleeping over twelve hours, her once warm outer skin had now trapped her body’s sweat from being under the covers and was making her feel like she was freezing. Jade’s mind could not understand why she couldn’t see or hear anything and Jade tried to ask and could only hear mumbles as she yanked on the chains holding her wrists and then squealed as she kicked her legs out yanking her wrists to her sides just as her head cleared. Jade was smiling under her hoods when she realized she had slept and awoken disoriented and lay stretching her legs enjoying the helpless feeling of not knowing what was happening for a few minutes.

Remembering the day before Jade reached to the table next to her as she pulled her legs up to her chest and groped for the cable sitting there and carefully plugged it into the outlet through the hole in her suit, Jade was prepared for the vibratos to start humming again but nothing happened so she lay messaging her sore breasts and rubbing her head before stretching her legs out again and flexing her pointed feet and felt glad they had stopped hurting at least for now.

Lying on the bed waiting for the vibrators to be recharged Jade’s stomach started complaining from being hungry so she forced herself to stand and slowly started moving towards the refrigerator knowing she had given herself enough chord to reach it without pulling the plug, she had lost all track of time and after struggling to take each step on her pointed toes she felt the safe and fridge and raised one foot and grabbed the safe handle yanking on it and finding it was closed.

Jade could feel the doubts begin to creep back into her mind as she worried something had gone wrong, for a brief second her mind told her she had been bound much longer than she should have been even though it was just into her second day. Jade fought of the doubts smiling under the thick hoods and squatted to get another bottle of her nutrients, moving carefully back to the bed Jade noticed that her feet felt much better and she was even wobbling less in the ballet boots.

Sitting down Jade attached the bottle and sucked hard pulling the liquid into her mouth finding she had chosen one that had been flavored with vinegar and almost gagged on the foul taste but continued to suck until the bottle was empty satisfying her stomachs complaints for now and knowing she would continue to taste the vinegar until her next feeding.

Jade lay back on the bed raising her legs letting her rub her body with her numb feeling hands really enjoying the trapped sensations she was feeling and rolled over yanking on her chains as she struggled in her isolation. Deciding her vibrators had charged long enough Jade forced herself to her feet wanting to walk through the house again but go a different direction and see if she could find anymore traps. As she stood her hands were drawn tightly to her sides as the chains pulled them down she felt a pang of panic as her mind fought her trying to keep her from leaving the safety of her room, Jade fought through it and carefully turned the other direction as she left her room and stepped as quickly as her chained and pointed feet would allow until she ran into a door.

Jade turned right and had just started to move again when her ass started to shake making her almost lose her balance and groan into her gag. Jade was not particularly fond of having just her ass vibrated so she continued to move blindly along the wall until her feet were stopped by something low and she fell forward over it screaming as she fell face first onto the large mat she had placed for herself behind the low stool.

Grunting as she fought to roll over and pull her feet up to allow her to use her hands she struggled to her knees reaching up to adjust her mask that had been pushed slightly off center. Jade cursed herself because she had set this trap before knowing how difficult it was to stand in the ballet boots and now knelt as her vibrated ass and the added frustration added to her building orgasm.

After struggling to her pointed toes Jade felt like she was going to explode as she moaned and gasped from the vibrations and continued to move desperately trying to find the next trap and have her pussy vibrated to push her over the edge. Jade struggled around the house for hours making it back to her bedroom door with only her ass being shaken and unable to climax, she was gasping for air and desperately wanted to cum but she needed to try and rest before venturing out again so she stumbled to the bed and rocked back onto it and lay fighting with her chains and vibrating ass until she fell asleep dreaming of being denied an orgasm for the remainder of her incarceration and how wonderful the orgasm would feel when she was finally able to achieve it.

* * *

Waking the next day Jade fought with the chains as she plugged in the charger again and felt her ass being vibrated instantly and moaned, slumping in her rubber and sat waiting on the batteries to be charged before heading back out into the house planning to deliberately going the way she did the first time so she could be vibrated to an orgasm again. Shifting her body Jade tried to get comfortable finally forcing herself to get up and check the safe and get another bottle of nourishment since her stomach was complaining again.

As she attached the bottle and started sucking she wondered how many days she had been isolated and how many left to go, the paranoid feelings returning as her mind continued to tell her something had gone wrong and she should have been released already. The bottle was another fruit flavored one and she relished finally getting rid of the foul taste in her mouth and drank it greedily as she struggled against the chains keeping her from releasing herself, the vibrations and frustration bringing her close to another orgasm and holding her there. For the next three days Jade mapped out her house in her head as she patrolled around it desperately wanting to find another remote trap to either turn off the plug or, much preferred option, have the one in her pussy join in and make her climax.

It had been five days since she last could see, smell or hear anything her feet had adapted to her boots leaving her with only slight legs cramps but it was the plug that was begging to make her go a little insane since it had been her only companion and distraction for the last three days and was quickly turning into her tormentor as she found sleep harder to achieve and was fighting her bonds regularly as she frantically tried to achieve an orgasm and continuously failed.

Jade let the vibrator die and for the next two days paced and fought her bonds while checking her safe every few hours thinking it was days passing instead of hours and grew more and more disoriented and confused as to what was happening and why. On the eighth night Jade was drinking her mixture unsure how she knew what to do or who had left it for her, she had not slept in almost three days and now wrestled with her bonds constantly and screamed and yelled into her mask trying to find out why she was being tortured the way she was only hearing silence and getting no relief from her bonds or the inert intruders impaling her.

Jade had also remembered how to relieve herself and had flushed her bowels and had actually enjoyed it, the sensations it gave her being so different and the only thing she had really been able to feel, as she sucked the mixture into her mouth she thought about doing another enema when she was finished just to make her feel something again. This mixture was spiked with hot sauce and also had more of the drugs in it and shortly after removing the bottle and lying back to rest Jade fell asleep eventually curling up on the bed and sleeping all the next day and night.

Waking Jade went through the now normal fight with the rubber and chains before remembering that she was chained and encapsulated for unknown reasons and rolled to the edge of the bed and stood up. Shuffling to the fridge she grabbed another bottle and greedily sucked it down while she stood on her pointed toes only squatting to insert the tube, after feeding herself she turned and walked out the door and walked around the house like she could see only bumping the walls occasionally having mastered the course in her head and returned to her room wondering why she had just done that but felt relieved that she had.

Pacing her room for hours before going back into the house and finding the couch she sat down and pretended she was watching the TV for hours before feeling hungry again and moving back to the fridge and getting another bottle of her nourishment and sitting on her bed, after drinking it and grunting at the awful taste she sat struggling against the bonds she had applied to her body over ten days ago, her mind cannot remember why she is restrained or why she is blind, deaf and mute, she can feel her tongue and make sounds but cannot speak.

Her wrists are bound by steel cuffs that are attached to chains linked to the cuffs around her ankles, how or why they were placed on her she doesn’t know, her feet ache and seem to be held in a pointed position but yet she can walk on her toes quite effectively now, the wide steel belt around her waist cuts deeply into her skin holding her wrists closely to it when she stretches her legs.

The safe had beeped hours ago indicating it is ready to be either reset or opened but the plugs in her ears and the layers of neoprene and leather surrounding her head makes it impossible for her to have heard it as she sits struggling in her prison waiting for someone to release her from her isolation and hopefully explain why she is being punished and wondering how much longer she has to wait for freedom.

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