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Is today Wednesday?

by Sammy 4187

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© Copyright 2008 - Sammy 4187 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; gag; rope; stuck; caught; cons; X

Sara had just finished her night shift at work. She was usually beat after her long shift but for some reason she was really feeling good today.

She got home before Martin had gotten up and she thought she would see if she could make him late for work, using her feminine charms.

She snuck into the house and wrote him a note telling him to look in the basement before leaving the house today.

Creeping up the stairs and looking in the bedroom, he was still sleeping like a log.

She was able to take a quick shower without waking him and went to their play area to select an outfit.

A little black dress with black pumps should do the trick.

She went down to the cellar and found it a mess; she then remembered that the contractors had started remolding the basement yesterday afternoon.

She went to her stash of toys and decided on some white rope and some leather cuffs. She picked up a padlock for the cuffs. She then stopped and picked up the ball gag, it would finish her outfit.

Sara started with her ankles and then her knees cinching them as she went. She tied the rope above her breasts and then around her waist several times. Suddenly she noticed the exposed plank above her head from the recent construction.

A new idea flashed across her mind, she pulled the rope between her legs and up behind her. She made a loop and threw the rope over the plank above her. She adjusted the rope so her wrists would just meet the loop.

Sara secured the end of the rope to the rope around her waist; this way if she pulled on the rope she would feel it, in all the right places.

Sara had to hurry, it was getting late and he would be getting up soon.

Placing the ball gag in her mouth she pulled it tight. She then placed the cuffs on her wrists and secured them to her small wrists. Sara knew from experience, when these were place on her correctly she could not wiggle out of them.

Time was passing!

She reached up and hung the padlock on the loop above her head.

She then placed the chrome links of the cuffs into the padlock and with some trouble snapped the lock closed.

Now all she had to do was wait for the fun to begin.

She suddenly heard the faint sound of the clock radio go off in the bedroom. There were sounds of Martin rushing around. She thought to herself he must have set the clock wrong, again!

She heard him running down the stairs and then the door slamming shut!


Sara then cursed like a sailor for five minutes, it didn’t do any good; the ball gag muffled her words nicely.

She hung there for about an hour and her feet were getting tired in the high heels. She could not take them off because it put a real strain on her arms if she stepped out of her shoes.

She heard the sounds of someone at the front, then someone entering the house.

Sara was really fighting her cuffs, all she could think was someone was robbing her home.

There was a lot of things being moved and thumping on the floor above her head.

They must be stealing the furniture she thought!

The door to the basement opened and heavy footsteps started down.

She prepared for the worst! She closed her eyes and prayed for the best.

Sara slowly opened her eyes and found a little old man with a toolbox, mouth wide open staring at her.

In an instant she flashed back to Martin telling her the contractor would be back on Wednesday!

Sara looked at the old man and asked, “Is today Wednesday?”




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