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Itching For My Partner To Come Home

by Petra

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© Copyright 2009 - Petra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; hood; collar; cuffs; F/f; tease; torment; cons; X

As I write this story I am wearing a neoprene lined steel chastity belt with secondary shield, and those infernal shoes! They are a garish shade of purple-pink and have long pointed toes which my poor feet are forced into. When purchased, they had comfortable padding which was very quickly removed to leave just the bare unyielding leather. It is arguably welcome that the padding had been removed as they are a size four and I take a size six! They are fastened on by a single strap across the instep which is frustratingly more than adequate. Did I mention the five inch heels? Even sat down, there is little respite from the ache in my calf muscles. Perhaps the worst thing about these shoes is that they are second hand, costing just £3.49 from a charity shop. Of course when bought, they did not have the locking facility on the straps. I have been trapped in both the chastity belt and the shoes for the last twelve hours. I have the key to neither!

Anyway, to the story.

It was a hot summer afternoon when I arrived home from work and the sun was streaming in through our bedroom window. The outfit I was required to wear had been laid out on the bed by my partner. The two foot long spreader bar, rubber hood and ball gag were old friends, as were the four inch posture collar and the handcuffs chained to the ceiling, but the main item I had not seen before.

It was reminiscent of a Victorian style one piece swim suit with half legs about twelve inches long and half sleeves about six inches long. And it would cover the whole of my upper body to the neck. Two “bra” cups dangled from the front like short fat condoms and had a thick reinforced ring about thee inches in diameter at their base. There was a front zipper which extended right down to the crotch area and it was made of thin black rubber. I love the smell of rubber! One other thing – it seemed far too small, yet being rubber, I suppose it would be supple enough to stretch – I hoped so!

I stripped off all my clothes. I would have liked to have had a shower on this hot day but there was no time as I must be properly attired for when my partner arrives home, or else!

The two inch ball gag went on first and I buckled it tightly around the back of my neck. Next was the “swimming costume” as I had christened it. My legs went in first and as I smoothed it around my crotch and bum I could not help but notice the incredible tightness. Yes, it did stretch, but hugged me very firmly and the legs reached almost to my knees. I wanted to finger myself there and then, but this was strictly not allowed and there was no time.

I put my arms into the sleeves which came just short of my elbows and looked at the two dangling cups which my 36D boobs would have to fit into. I pulled the zipper up to my waist and forced first one, then the other of my ample boobs through the three inch rings, then completed the zipper up to my neck.

This thing was tight and hugged me everywhere – my crotch, bum, tummy and my root cinched boobs. Being a hot day, and encased in thin stretchy black rubber, it would not be long before things started to warm up.

Next came the two foot spreader bar, forcing my ankles and legs apart, and the thin stretchy hood. The hood had holes for only my mouth and nostrils, thus depriving me of sight and muffling my hearing, and a long neck section which I tucked inside the swimming costume. I felt for the posture collar and buckled it tightly so that my head was immovable. The final step was the handcuffs. I reached up and click, click my arms were stretched to the ceiling. I was trapped.

I could feel the heat of the sun on my body and started to sweat. The hood stuck to my face yet the posture collar prevented me from even rubbing it against my arms. Drool dribbled down from my ball gagged mouth and my boobs felt sticky. I tried to shake then to get some relief yet they were hugged tightly and there was absolutely no give in those three inch reinforced rings. Rivulets came from my armpits and trickled down my body to collect ultimately in my crotch were it mingled with a copious amount of natural juice. The spreader bar prevented me from bringing my thighs together – no relief there either.

I could not see and my hearing was limited. My sense of feeling was therefore enhanced and it seemed like I had been trapped in this hot, sweaty situation for hours. My partner must be late.

I sensed rather than heard my partner enter the room. My face was massaged first – much welcome temporary relief from the horrid stickiness – then my boobs, bum and crotch. The fingers on my pussy lips felt wonderful and then the movement went to my clit. I could feel an orgasm quickly building and was just on the verge of this much needed sexual relief when it stopped! Totally frustrated, I screamed at my partner through the ball gag, yet I was left alone, once again in my hot, sticky hell for what seemed like ages.

Suddenly, the zip was undone and my boobs were released from their prisons. The cool air felt so good on my body. This was very short lived as I felt my boobs squeezed back through the three inch rings and the swimming costume zipped back up again.

Then the itching started, first all over my boobs. I tried to shake them to get relief but there was absolutely no give in the rings or the tight rubber covering them. My pussy lips and clit felt inflamed. My thighs were forced apart by the spreader bar so no relief there either. All I could do was suffer this incredible itching throughout the most sensitive parts of my body.

That bitch had used itching powder and I knew that she was going to just sit there and watch me squirm, or try to.

This was her revenge for last week. Perhaps I should not have kept her locked in the chastity belt for so long. Only seven days, and with those two little ben waa balls which continually moved inside, and stimulated, her pussy  for the whole time.

She begged for the relief and release which I would not give.

The tables have now turned!


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