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It’s Amazing Who You Bump Into in the Middle of the Night!

by Leviticus

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© Copyright 2001 - Leviticus - Used by permission

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Fred had been planning this for a week, his excitement giving him almost constant erections the entire time. Tonight he was finally ready to do some serious self bondage. He had all the gear ready in his living room and had set up his escape earlier in the day. Fred wasn't as excited about the bondage as he was about escaping it, for to escape meant his leaving his tiny house nude and in bondage for the first time ever. Never had he exposed his private hobby or his private parts to the world, but tonight he would. First however he had to get ready.

He had already prepared his body by stripping and shaving himself completely smooth below the neck. His hairless body seemed so strange, like an alien's body from one of the many science fiction shows that Fred was attracted to. He had never shaved completely before, and loved the way it felt!

He started by putting on the heavy metal manacles he had purchased online months before.  Thicker than a pencil and four inches wide, the manacles weight alone was bondage in itself. But these manacles had welded to them a thick twelve inch chain that even an elephant couldn't break.  There was no way once he had locked them on that he would ever be able to pull them off. Lock them on he did, with two heavy duty padlocks that held the manacles tightly to his ankles. Fred loved the way they felt, the way the chain sounded as he tried to walk. It was going to be a great night!

Next was his gag.  It was a basic penis gag, although Fred preferred not to call it that.  It went on with a web of straps that locked behind his head with another padlock. Now he was ready for the last piece.

He had designed and built what he had needed, a spreader bar only eighteen inches wide. This spreader bar had a few attachments though. One was another heavy chain that ran down to connect with the chain between his feet. Fred lifted the spreader bar up as far as it would go and found it would only go as high as just below his erect penis. Perfect!

He bent his legs slightly and managed to tuck the bar under his testicles, then he grabbed a U shaped clamp and slipped it through holes in the top of the spreader bar so that it came down on top of his penis, trapping it there. Fred grabbed two small padlocks and lifted up on the spreader bar. Working by feel alone he found the tiny holes in the U clamp and threaded both padlocks through them. Once locked he found he could not remove the spreader bar from his penis, it was locked in place and wasn't going anywhere. It felt comfortable, his penis squeezed between two pieces of metal. He gave it an experimental tug and loved how it pulled on him.

Now, the last bit.  On the ends of the spreader bar were welded two more heavy duty padlocks.  This was something he had practiced many times and now he was about to do it for real. He already had his wrist manacles on, metal of course, held together on each wrist with tape. Now he threaded each manacle onto the open shank of each padlock and used a handy wall to push the padlocks closed. The padlocks now held the manacles together. They weren't coming off. He was ready.

Naked, chained hand and foot and gagged, he could neither free himself or cover himself up. Neither could he move quickly with his ankles hobbled and his penis chained to them. The odd posture he had to adopt because the chain was a little short meant he had to be very careful how he went, or he would pull unmercifully on his manhood.

Fred shuffled out of the room and through the kitchen to his back door. Now was the moment of truth.  The keys with which he could free himself were hanging on a piece of string under a cedar tree in a park about a mile away. To get there meant having to pass though a couple of residential housing blocks and a fair portion of the park. It was going to be great!

Fred had already left the back door open, and he took a breath and stepped out into the darkness. He shuffled along through his yard, enjoying the way the cold grass felt on his bare feet. He reached his garden gate and managed to get it open. It wasn't too bad how he had done himself up, his legs felt funny since he couldn't straighten them and he felt the pull on his penis with every movement, but otherwise he was fine. He wished he could stroke himself as he made his way through the dark back alleys, but his reaching fingers could not get near.

Move and hide, move and hide. Fred carefully made his way from street to street, ducking as best he could whenever he saw a car or a person. He began to get tired and was glad when he finally made it to the park entrance. Even though he hadn't yet reached halfway in his walk, at least the chance of being spotted was less. That's what he thought anyway.

"What's that over there?" he heard someone say after he had gone a few hundred yards down one of the paths. He could tell the direction the voice came from, but couldn't see anyone. He was worried, but not scared yet. He looked about for a place to hide. There were a lot of trees here, he could probably hide among them.

"Over there, there's someone moving, I think they're naked!" said the voice again. It seemed far away to Fred, but he began to get scared. For someone to see that he wasn't wearing anything in this darkness, they had to be pretty close. He hurried into the trees.

Going through the rough bushes was hard work. The width of the spreader bar made pushing through the thick growth hard to do, and he was unable to protect his penis from being whipped by branches he couldn't see. Fred began to swear until he realized that his chains were all clanking merrily and that the sound was a dead give away. He stopped moving and looked around.

Wait a minute, he wasn't moving but the sound of chains was still audible.

And it was close by!

Fred made out a shape appearing out of the dark, a human shape. Fred was about to duck when he saw something that took his breath away. It was a woman, plainly identifiable because she was naked. She was also in a set of chains of her own. Around her neck was a metal collar with bars attached to it that extended past her shoulders to which her hands were cuffed. Her ankles looked hobbled just like Fred's and attached to the hobble chain was another chain that climbed upwards. This chain was attached to a third set of manacles that were clamped tightly around the woman's breasts. The chain wasn't quite long enough though, for she had to move slightly bent forward to relieve the pull on her tits.

Her face and head was partially obscured by the huge ball gag and straps that filled and encircled it, but Fred could see her eyes, and she also saw him. It was hard to say who was more startled. They stood staring at each other for a moment. Then they both heard a noise, someone was coming. Fred waved the woman over and ducked back into the bush he had just passed through. The woman looked around and saw no better cover and pushed in after him. Together the bound man and woman held still as a bunch of teenagers walked by.

"I'm sure she went that way!" one of them was yelling.

"There's no one out here but us, you're just having us on!"

"I'm not! I saw her!"

"Then why didn't we see her then?"

"Cos' you're blind!"

The kids laughed and stopped where they were. They were in a clearing and decided that this was a good place to rest and smoke.

Fred groaned when he saw that they were planning on sticking around, there was no getting away as long as those kids were within earshot. Fred heard the woman whimper and turned to look at her. She looked back with scared eyes, but of course said nothing. Fred attempted to smile, but all that came out from behind his gag was a grimace. The whole ordeal was turning him on though, he could feel his penis throbbing with need and he really wished he could touch it. He looked down and swore that it was bigger than it had ever been before. He looked over at the woman and saw that she too was gazing at his prick. She looked up and Fred saw that she wasn't as scared any more. Was that a smile?

Fred wondered who had locked her into her bondage, or if she was a soloist like himself. He would have liked to have asked. He looked down at her boobs, the metal bands that bound them had caused them to change color, they were now a bright cherry red and her nipples were fully extended. Fred continued his perusal of her body, not that she could stop him, and saw that her slightly bent forward posture caused her rump to stick out quite nicely.

He looked back at her face and found her eyes giving him a good looking over as well, not that he could do anything about that. The chained duo stood and waited silently for a while until the teenagers finally got bored and moved on. Carefully, the couple extracted themselves from the bush and shuffled onto the path. They took a good look at each other.

Fred felt very weird. Here they were, exposed to each other in a way that left them completely vulnerable, and yet they could not speak to each other. The woman sighed and waved a trapped hand. Fred waved back. The woman turned and started down the path. Fred chuckled and began to follow, this was the way he had to go too.

The woman heard him shuffling behind her and turned to wait for him. Then the twosome shuffled together, their hobbled feet keeping their steps quick and short, their chains jingling a melody together. Fred took the turns he needed to get to the tree where he had planted the keys to his bondage. The woman stuck with with him through each turn and Fred wondered if she was following him. He finally saw the tree and happily moved toward it.

Now the woman parted from him, heading toward a different tree. To each other's amazement, both came back to the path with a set of keys on a string. They laughed, the sound muffled by their gags. Then  the woman got an idea. She got down on her knees next to Fred, and put her keys in his free hand. Then she moved slightly and took his keys from him, before struggling to her feet again. Now they held the keys to each other's bondage. They stood together, waiting to see who would take the next step.

It was Fred. With a "come along" wave he started back along the path to his home. He didn't know how far the woman had to come to get here, but he thought she might find the trip back to his house interesting. The woman stood for a moment in thought, then smiled.

Why not, she thought!

They stayed in their bondage long after they finally reached Fred's home, but that didn't prevent them both from having fun.


The End of this Story.


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