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Jamie’s Play Time

by Jim Jones

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Nothing gets me more worked up than thinking about self bondage. These stories always start out with the line I have always been into bondage and I am no exception. I discovered it at an early age playing the ole tie me to the lawn chair game with an older neighbor girl. I am an adult male in my fifties now but always get excited at the thought. I have had many play partners of both sexes thru the years and was even married for a time but moved on.

My ex could not play on the level I am accustomed to and it became a point of friction between us. I had to get out the ropes and handcuffs and toys and do things myself to achieve the level of bondage she could not provide. I got “caught” a number of times by her and it just added to the conflict. We parted ways and I got back into self bondage on a regular basis. I always wait until the weekend to clear my head and rest up from the week. By the time Friday comes I am ready to explode and get lost thinking about what I may do the coming Saturday night.

I love my toys; a good butt plug and a tight gag make me crazy. I grew up in California and made custom leather for a while. I made cuffs and harnesses and gags and just about anything anyone could think of. I drifted off into cross dressing and got involved with a man into the same, perhaps another story for another time.

During my more industrious years I started getting request for arm binders that could be self administered. I prototyped a few and finally came up with a neck collar /chastity belt combination that had a long strap attached to the back. I put the chastity belt on first with my favorite butt plug. It has straps that form a v in the front. They join together into a single strap that is locked to the back of the belt. A separate leather loop is placed around the testicles and cinched up. The other end of the strap is put into a buckle at the back of the chastity belt and pulled up tight and locked in place. The plug is pressed into place nice and tight and the testicles are pulled back into the V and stretched.

The collar is attached to the chastity belt by a leather strap; at the center of the strap is another long strap with a buckle at one end. Once the collar is locked in place the strap across the back can be looped around the elbows in a figure eight and cinched up in the front. I have found that with practice I can touch my elbows together. Of course my ankles are already handcuffed and the thumb cuffs are on the toes.

I have a nice harness gag with a big red rubber ball that just about separates my jaw when it is all cinched up tight. It loops around my head and pulls the ball in nice and tight strapping over the head and under the chin. I position my blindfold under this so once it is on all I have to do is slip the blindfold into place. The back of the chastity belt has a D-ring for attaching straps and handcuffs. I made another strap for attaching the hand cuffs on my ankles to back of the chastity belt. This strap is adjustable and is used to pull myself up into a nice hog tie.

Getting to this point I am crazy aroused and just want to explode but push on. Kneeling I pull the strap attached to the cuffs on my ankles up and lock it in place. The collar has a D-ring at the back and I lock a short chain hanging down from an eye bolt in the ceiling to it.

I am such a slut when it comes to nipple clamps and I have several different types. Usually the good old wooden clothes pin is the device of choice. I like multiple placed on and around the nipple. They are attached to another eye bolt with string and pull tight when I lean back. Having placed several on my erect nipples I slip the blind fold into place. It is easy from here to wrap the strap on the back of the harness around my elbows in a figure eight and buckle it up in the front. The buckle usually lands right under my nipples and rubs and grinds on the clothes pins. The only thing left is the hand cuffs for my wrists. These are threaded thru the D-Ring on the back of the chastity belt. A few clicks and I am securely bound and trying to rub myself for some release.

The butt plug has a heavy duty vibrator built into it and vibrates and inflates and deflates on a timer. I wait in darkness for the timer to kick in. It is random and will vibrate independent of the inflation deflation. The intensity of the vibrator is also varied with time. It is always intense not knowing which will come first. My release mechanism is a key stuck to an electro magnet on the ceiling. It is tied to a piece of string that will swing it down where I can reach it when it is released. This is also controlled by the timer and I do not know when it will fall.

No matter how I wiggle I cannot reach around to play with myself nor can I rub my penis on anything. The vibrator came to life and began gently vibrating and inflating. My reaction is to lean back but the clothes pins pull up tight making me groan into the gag. I am frantic now trying to reach my penis and relieve the pressure but I cannot. The butt plug started getting bigger and vibrating with more intensity. I was on the edge of an orgasm but the bastard deflated and went into low speed. I could do nothing but wait feeling the drool running down my chest my nipples aching from the clothes pins. Wiggling around only made things worse pulling on the clothes pins and making the butt plug dig in deeper.

The butt plug sprang back to life with a vengeance and went into high speed and inflated and deflated rapidly. I finally came after what felt like an eternity of the evil plug cycling. I was ready to release myself but the timer had other ideas. It felt like the cycle had started over again and I was stuck having to endure another ride. I felt the fire burning in my groin and knew I was going to cum again. It hit just when the plug was inflated to its maximum size and vibrating at maximum intensity. I leaned back and screamed into the gag pulling the clothes pins off.

The timer finally buzzed signaling it had released the key. It took a long time to release myself and to get my eyes to focus again. I realized it was dark and saw the clock flashing. Damn power had gone out but instead of releasing me the timer had gone to battery power and started the cycle over again. I would have to fix the timer but only after a nice hot shower and a long nap.


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