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Jan Brown

by Restricted

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Why did I have to do it? I love my leather gear and have a complete wardrobe of the stuff. The only thing about it being that when my body scent mixes with the leather, that fantastic new leather smell wears off. Not to worry though, I still love the feel of it and have found a place that does the spray leather scent they use in for older cars in used car show rooms.

So this day particular, I woke up with the urge to take my usual walk clothed in one of my leather outfits. I must admit I love to see women in leather hobble skirts, tightly fitting around their hips and bums, hobbling along as they try to walk in the ridiculously high heels they like to wear. But I digress. Back to my immediate problem.

I selected my all in one leather cat suit.  As usual I was naked in it. I sat around all day until the sun started to drop in the sky and the onset of dusk approached.  From my window, I watched as Jan Brown walked by. She knows of my love of leather hobble skirts on women. She was wearing it tonight. Obviously she is on her way to meet her friends and go onto the fetish club.  I am madly in love with her, but she is far too good for me. I am shy with girls as it is.

I strained to see Jan’s hips sway hypnotically as she glided along the street. But soon she had gone out of sight.  The men would be lucky in the club tonight. I wish I were a member of that club, but you have to be invited to join. Damn, that lovely vision of Jan has made me lose track of where I am. Now where was I. Oh yes, I recall it now.

The sun slid down below the horizon. The air turned a might nippy.  I had to wait until the street cleared and then I could leave my house. If anyone saw me then, I would be masked and they won’t recognise me I thought.

I selected my full head helmet that only allows people to see the eyes. A pair of welders goggles to stop me looking out. My handcuffs, ankle cuffs that only allow a hobble of nine inches. Cuffs for around my knees. A stiff leather collar finished it off. Oh, sorry, I forgot the leather boots that strap up my knees.  I took the locks for the straps to these as well.  But I left the keys behind. Everything else went into a plastic bag that I could throw away. My street door key, I hid under the dustbin.

I didn’t think I would need the keys as by the time I got towards home, the fetish club would have emptied and anyone who did come along would think I was a straggler from the club. It is strange. When it opened, everyone was up in arms and the council only allowed them a temporary license. But when they showed how well behaved they are and that there was no drunks lying about or fights causing the police and ambulances to be called out, then they gave them a full trading license. What’s more, even the older people love to see the outfits people wear. Secretly they are envious it never opened in their day when they were young. Oh, sorry, I am getting ahead of myself again. That is the problem.  My mind is racing a thousand miles a second trying to figure a way out of my situation.

At nine, I gathered my belongings and decided to walk the mile to the woods. It did only take me about fifteen minutes.  By the time I got there, there was no one about and it was pitch black. Brilliant. I had to start to bind myself. I looked around and listened to make sure I was alone. I was nervous and frightened in case I was discovered, but that made it more exciting at the same time. I had to go ahead with it.  But I did waste ten minutes thinking if I should do it or not.  It was no use, the excitement outweighed the danger. With everything on, who would know me anyway? And if it came to it, I could say it was a trick played on me by some friends of mine. I had to do it.

Firstly the ankle cuffs. I strapped them around my ankles over the boots. I found some locks in the bag and locked them on my ankle cuffs. At least now, I was bound, even if only by my feet. I had a little walkabout. The tension was building up even more.  I put the leg cuffs on next, just above my knee caps.  Now my only motion was by the movement I had in my feet. I had never used the ankle and leg cuffs together. Stupid idea. I didn’t even have the nine inch step.  

I wish I had a straight jacket as that would be the ultimate to me. To have to sit there while someone feeds and torments me is my idea of heaven. But as I have no one to fit it on me, that remains a dream. I put one part of the hand cuff on one wrist. But there was still a lot to do yet.

I put some duck tape over my mouth and pulled the helmet over my head. I pulled the laces as tight as I could and felt the duck tape being pressed against my mouth. Lovely, I can’t say a word now. I can only mumble like this. I did the straps up over the laces so they could not come undone. This helmet cost a bit more than I would have liked to have paid, but if you want to get the right effect, you have to pay for it.

I attached a chain to the hand cuffs. Perhaps I might be able to swing it over a bush and pretend I can’t get away from this area. Stuck for all time with everybody walking past laughing at my predicament and everyone thinking someone else will release me.  Would I die in front of everybody?  My cock was getting rather aroused by this thought.

I put the posture collar on and locked it. Now I could not even turn my head or nod. My head is held rigid in this collar.  Perhaps I should attach a chain from the collar to my cuffs. Of course, the one on my handcuffs should do it. I will attach if later.  I undid the clip to my handcuffs and put the chain over my shoulder. That gave me an idea. I locked the chain onto the collar at the rear. The chain hung down behind me.

I put the welders’ goggles on which prevented me from seeing what I was doing, and fumbling in my plastic bag on the floor, I found the last padlock. I put my hands behind my back and locked the chain to the cuff chain. I put my other hand inside the cuff and closed it around my wrist. I was there for the duration. Oh what a wonderful feeling. Well it was until I suddenly thought. All my twisting and turning had made me forget which way I was facing. Am I looking towards home or away from it?  Panic started to swell up inside me. But at the same time, there was this euphoria as well. I was restrained and yet free at the same time.

I started to hobble as best I could in the circumstances. I decided this will take longer than I thought. Especially as it was dark and with the blackened welders goggles on as well, I might fall over. I painfully slowly hobbled along.  A couple of times I walked into a tree. The last time, I decided to wait there leaning against the tree until daylight and hopefully I will be able to see something at least and make my way home.

I started to think about Jan in that incredibly tight hobble skirt provocatively dancing in front of all the men in the club. The leather skirt stretched taut over her thighs. Oooh, I was nearly coming with excitement.  My prick was straining against the tight leather cat suit.  Blow Jan. She is a perfect 10 for me. If I were a woman, I would want to have body like hers.  My daydreams carried on. I don’t know how long I had been there. I had eventually managed to work myself down the trunk to sit against the tree. I was hoping I could fall asleep and wake up and forget where I was.

I did fall asleep for a while.  But different noises kept snapping me awake. The last time I woke up, it was daylight. It was extremely foggy and I was completely disorientated. Now I certainly didn’t know where I was walking to. The half light made the goggles even darker. Eventually, I decided to try to pull the goggles off so I could see where I was going.

It took me a good quarter of an hour to get the goggles clear of my eyes by holding my head against the trunk of the tree and scraping the goggles strap up when I ducked.  Either one side went up and the other snapped back over my eyes once more or the rim came down on my eyelid. But I did manage it.

I recognised where I was hobbling to, and eventually came to the edge of town. Luck was on my side as the fog hid me from curious eyes. It was a Sunday morning so there were not a lot of cars about. I managed to hide from those that did come along. But it did make me wonder what the people in them would have thought of me in this crazy get up. I was sweating by now. The cat suit lining clung to me like a second skin.

My arms were aching now from being held up so high, but if I let my arms go loose, the collar was pulled back. And I wished I hadn’t put the leg cuffs on either. A nine inch step would be great compared to the few inches I have at present. What’s more, the tape is still stuck extremely well over my mouth. I can’t call out for help.

I carried on hobbling along the road, ducking out of sight whenever I could. I got seen a couple of times by people in cars, and prayed they did not phone the police. How would I live that down?  I came to the large roundabout which meant I have only got another quarter mile to go. I managed to get across the roundabout, but not until I had to hide in the shrubs on it. A few cars drove by, but no one took any notice of me.

Further along the High Street, I noticed the fog was lifting. A couple of girls walked by on the other side of the street. They were on their way to work as they were in some sort of uniform. But they didn’t even glance over at me. It must be later than I thought. I can’t get to my watch to check the time. A man with his dog was coming along on the other side the road. But there was a large van that I stood behind until he had passed. A crowd of lads were heading my way. But they had not seen me when I turned into my road and hobbled into a front garden hiding behind the hedge.

It took me all my strength to get up again. It was most awkward. But after ten minutes, I managed it. I watched as a man and a woman walked along lost in their own little world. I thought they had seen me. Had they and were envious? God knows what the time was by now, and it was another fifteen minutes I reached my door. I turned my back to the dustbin and lifted it clear to get my key. This took me another twenty minutes as I couldn’t pick up the key.  But I did get it eventually. However, that caused another problem. I couldn’t reach the key hole. I should have tried before I went out I suppose, but I had to figure out how to reach the lock to get the door open.  Thankfully I did get the door open and fell into the hallway thankfully unseen by anybody.

It took me quite some time to get the gear off of me. I was mightily relieved when I was showered and dressed normally. I used the proper leather restorer to wipe the cat suit down. I used it on the helmet as well. All the rest of the toys went back into my cupboard, but I had to leave the helmet and suit to air after I had dried it with a towel.

Sitting down with a cup of coffee I sat and thought about the events of the night before. It did excite me even though I was scared shitless.  A few hours sleep and I was up again full of zest.


The week dragged by. Each day I thought more about what had happened. Each day I dreamt that Jan Brown had found me and had made me her prisoner. Each day the temptation to do it again grew stronger. I had got away with it once. Why shouldn’t I get away with it again?

I know what is going through your mind. How does Jan Brown know I love women in tight hobble skirts when I am painfully shy with women? I went for a walk one evening; I turned a corner and sent poor Jan flying. I was a gentleman and helped her up to her feet once more. She was wearing one of her tight hobble skirts and platform shoes. They must have made her stand at least six inches from the floor.

I brushed her down, paying a lot of attention to her bum which was fighting the material of the skirt. Jan never complained. As she was on those shoes, she couldn’t reach to brush the front of the skirt down either. I had to do it for her. I told her that I loved to see women dressed like that and she told me she loves wearing hobble skirts. I apologised and she told me her name. I told her mine. But she was on her way out and could not stop to exchange small talk. But I felt I had known her for a long time. I was not shy at all. The thought of my rubbing her pert bum lasted with me for a long time after that. But somehow, we never got to meet again. I dreamed of having her tied up leaving me free access to massage her body and then listening to her pleading with me to take her.

Why oh why didn’t I follow our meeting up? But she seemed so worldly wise that put me to shame. She was too good for me. Jan could choose any man she wanted. She would have to remain my dream girl. Her high cheek bones and gorgeous blue eyes were enough to melt any man. That was three months ago. Since then, I have thought about her every day and even went to the extent of trying to find out about her, without success.

I thought about the two girls on the way to work in their uniforms finding me and using me against my will.

But it was on the Thursday that I got my shock. On the way home from work, I called in a menswear shop to buy some new trousers. There was Jan. She was buying a jumper for her brother.  We exchanged pleasantries. Jan asked me to meet her in a MacDonald’s in about an hour. I agreed and bought my trousers. Jan was still there deciding when I left. I rushed home, showered, and spruced myself up quicker than I had ever done before. I was not about to waste this opportunity of getting to know her.

I got to MacDonald’s and ordered a coffee. I sat down to wait for Jan to turn up. It was another half hour before she entered the restaurant. I asked if she wanted a coffee and she asked for a cappuccino. As I went to get it, she asked if we could move to a quiet corner. I agreed. Wow, Jan wanting me all to herself.

I returned with her coffee and found she had move to an area where there was no one within earshot. I put her drink in front of her and sat down.

“I will get straight to the point. How long have you loved bondage?” I was shocked by her straight talking. No, “how can I put this”, just a direct question. It threw me and I stuttered.


I explained that I have been doing it for years, when as a kid, we used to play cowboys and Indians and I was always the one who got tied up by the Indians who would take great delight in leaving me. I used to make sure I was the cowboy who got bound. I was certain my friends used to love leaving me to escape by myself, but there were a few times I had to be rescued by people passing by. Although most adults would look at me and think it was part of the game and just ignore me, some stopped and helped me. There was a short periods when one of the lad’s cousins came to stay with him for a while. At first, I didn’t want to get involved with a girl. But she looked so sweet tied to the lamp post. That time she had been captured and I had to rescue her. 

The Indians hid and I “found” where she was held captive. But for some reason, I could not resist it. I removed the gag from her mouth and a strange feeling came over me. I had to kiss her full on the lips. She couldn’t stop me after all.

But I was captured and was tied to the other side of the lamp post. Our wrists were bound together and then our arms before the rope was pulled around and around us holding us fast to the lamp post but back to back with it the post in between us.  We were both gagged with one long silk scarf that we shared. It went through our mouths and they tied it so we were both gagged with the same scarf, holding our heads back to the lamp post.  This time even our legs were tied.

The boys started to mock me for kissing a girl. It was quite a few hours before we were released. My friend’s mother was looking for her and he had to release her. She was untied, but not until they had tied me individually to the post. She removed my gag and returned the kiss. Even though I was very young, I felt a strange stirring in my body. She told me I looked so cute all tied up like that, but went off leaving me tied to the lamp post. The boys kept on mocking me for kissing her. But bthey got tired in the end and walked off to play elsewhere, leaving me tied to the lamp post. I couldn't escape this time.  I suppose that is what made me shy of girls after that.  One of the adults saw what was going on and released me.


“How do you know?” I asked.

Jan turned on her mobile phone. “Last Saturday, I went with some friends to the fetish club. But first we had a few drinks as they are dear in the club. On the way from the pub to the club, I saw you in your leather. I knew you weren’t a member of the club.  My friends went inside and I followed you to see what you were up to. Wow, that shook me when I saw what you had done to yourself” Jan showed me the pictures of me in the woods she had taken with her phone.

“Don’t worry. No one will see these. I will destroy them for you”

I asked why she had not tried to release me. “I had to get back to the club. I had to clean my shoes first because of the dirt and grass on them”

Jan went to get some more coffees and I watched as her bum cheeks struggled against the ultra tight jeans she was wearing. When she came back, we started to talk in earnest. She sent the photos to my phone and deleted them on hers.

“How would you like to come to the fetish club with me on Saturday?”

I told her I would love to. “Can I choose what you wear?” Jan asked.

“I would like a say in it”

“Don’t you trust me?”

I had to agree she could choose the outfit or I would lose her again.  “Tomorrow, meet me at the station. We have to run into Sheffield to choose it for you” I told her that I had the day off on Friday. “So do I. Let’s make a day of it” That agreed, we decided to meet at eleven and take the train which takes about an hour to get into the city.

But we did meet up later for a few drinks to discuss what we going to wear for the club. “I am going to wear my favourite leather hobble skirt and a corset” I said that is nice, but won’t she feel like a slut? “That is the idea. I am going as a madam. I would like you to be my slave” I was completely taken aback, but liked the idea and agreed. I would do anything to be hers. Even for the night.

The next day, we met and went to the station. “I wonder what the people would think if they knew what we are up to?” I asked.

“I don’t know and what’s more, I don’t care. If they don’t like it that’s their problem” Jan replied.

It wasn’t long before we were in the city. We headed straight for the fetish shop.  I had always ordered through the internet. This was the first time I had been to a fetish shop. I was amazed at the articles they had on sale.  We were about a half hour just looking at the items, but eventually, we had to think about buying something for the club.

Jan bought herself a leather corset. It didn’t look right with her jeans, but I could imagine it teamed up with her leather skirt. I was in heaven. It was Jan that snapped me out of the dream. “I am going to try it on over my T-shirt. In the mean time be looking for something for yourself”

It didn’t take Jan long to re-appear wearing the corset. One of the girl assistants had tied the laces behind her back. He breasts were pushed up in the cups. It was a shame she was wearing the T-shirt.  I told her she looked marvellous in it. I suddenly thought of the corset, a nice leather thong and stockings cladding her body.

“Have you picked something for yourself yet?”

“I can’t make my mind up. I could go in my cat suit”

“That is overdressed. You said I could choose. So chose I will. I must go and take this corset off and I will come back and pick it for you. I could see you in your suit any time. I want you to wear something that will get you noticed”

I continued to look around. I love this shop. The assistants leave you to browse until you ask them for help. I hate those shops where the assistants rush up “Can I help you” and tell you that you look fabulous in the dearest item in the shop.

Jan and the girl went into the changing room. They both came out and Jan came over to me. The girl tells me you have been looking at leather thongs. Do you want to wear one of those?” I told her that I was dreaming of her in one. “I get it. Corset, thong and stockings. No thanks. You can wear one if you like”

Again I said that I didn’t want to wear a thong.  “A skirt then? We could go as a pair of madams?” The girl laughed and said that would be great. But I had no wish to wear women’s clothes. Jan respected that. “I like a man to be a man” she said.

We looked around and came to the corset section again. I was amazed at all the different colours and materials used.  “You do realise you will have to lace me up don’t you? I hope you are up to it. I don’t want you all fingers and thumbs”

I replied I would do it and that there would be no problem. Secretly I was getting nervous at the thought. What if I over tightened the laces and hurt her? What if I didn’t tie them tight enough? She would run out screaming I am a wimp or rape or something.  I would never see her again.

We turned into the men’s section once more. Jan looked across and told me she had seen something she like the look of.  I followed her. She stood by a rack of leather shorts. Jan held some up to me. “Too big. I want them nice and tight on you” Eventually she found the ones she liked. “Go and try these on” she told me. “And take your shirt off”

Well I went into the changing room and removed my trousers and shirt. I stepped into the black leather shorts and pulled them up. Jan called me out to take a look at them. “Too long” She got another pair. These were shorter than the first pair. I changed into these. “Too big. You need a size smaller” A third pair was handed to me.

Jan told me these were perfect, but I would need a thong as my pants lines were showing. I went back to change and handed Jan the shorts through the curtain. She took them and said she would pay for them.

While I was slipping my trousers on, Jan looked at other designs. Eventually she picked a pair she really liked.  She left them on the counter while we looked around again.   “I need a shirt” I said. Jan told me that it would not be necessary. I said I would be cold walking to the club. She replied that i could wear a coat. “But everyone will think I am gay”

“Nonsense. Why should gay men have all the fun? I will prove you are most certainly not gay. Just my personal slave” Jan spotted some star shapes that glue to the chest but leave the nipples exposed. I argued against them but was told I could have a cropped leather T-shirt instead.  I said that was too gay looking. Jan thought about it and agreed with me. She bought the stars instead.

Jan found a pair of black kid glove sports style shorts for me. She chose some that was even tighter on me. “Just for us to enjoy. Now wait here while I pay for the items” I said I would pay, but she would not listen. “You are my guest.  Would you like to wear them to go home in?” I said that would be the last thing I would want to do.

In another shop, she found some sandals that laced up the leg to above the ankle. They looked like Roman sandals.  Jan was over the moon at them. “They will finish the outfit off nicely” In a shop that specialises in safes and security, Jan found some high tensile padlocks. She bought three locks. I asked what they were for. They looked like suitcase locks. Jan told me I would find out soon enough.

We finished the evening eating out in the local pub.   Jan told me she will be calling in early on in the morning, (Saturday) to see what the outfit looked like.  I told her I would be ready as long as she showed me what she will be going in. Jan agreed, but she said she will take the items home with her and fetch them with her tomorrow. 

I woke early the next day and took a long shower. I was having Jan come to my house. Somebody in heaven loves me after all.

It was about ten o’ clock when Jan called. I made the coffee and we sat talking for a while. “Right, get those trousers off. I have some underwear for you” With that she produced a silk thong.

“I can’t wear that!”

“Who will see it under your shorts” I agreed that no one would see it, but it would be uncomfortable.  Jan just stood there, put her head to one side and said, “What do you think a corset is then? Put it on”

I left the room, stripped naked and put the thong on. I didn’t like the feeling where the piece under the crotch goes, it tried climbing right up my arse hole or at least that is what it felt like.  I managed to get my now stiffening member tucked into the thong and went back into my lounge where found Jan was looking at my bondage gear. She turned to look at me.

“That thong is very nice. It suits you”

I laughed nervously at her comment. My reply was “It’s not that comfortable” I spun around to give her a view of the rear. I was shocked when I felt her hand rub the cheeks of my bum.

“What a lovely soft bum you have. Very nice indeed” she laughed. But she didn’t take her hand away and I was in no rush to move off. “Let’s get the rest of your outfit sorted out. Put these on”

 Jan handed me the leather shorts. They were fairly thick. They were not the ones Jan had picked out. These had straps around the thighs and were shorter. I stepped into them and started to pull them up. Jan stood there looking at me with a smile on her face.  When I had them around my waist, Jan opened her bag. I did up the belt as tight I could. In the meantime, something I had seen and wondered what they are about was the straps around the extremely short legs. (They only came down as far as the tops of my thighs). Jan did them up. From her bag she took the three locks she had bought.  One, she put between the zip and the belt so the zip could not be lowered. The other two went on the straps around the legs.

“These are shorts for gay guys!” I exclaimed.

“Possibly. I have seen the ones you are thinking of, but these do not have a rear entry zip like those if you know what I mean”

“I can’t wear these”

“Of course you can. In fact I can see a lot of trouble from the girls wanting to feel them. I have bought my hand cuffs and I could lock your hands to your thighs if you want” I told her that I would like it later, but not at the club. Jan got me to put the sandals on and she laced them up my legs.

The shorts were extremely tight. I could feel every inch of them squeezing against me. “They really look lovely. Now let’s carry on getting the outfit together” Jan

Jan glued the stars on me with my nipples exposed through the centre. She held the stars until they were stuck. “Now let’s look at you. Hmm, there’s something missing. Let’s see” My heart pounded. What other ideas had she got?  

A mask across the eyes and a leather collar was added. She stepped back to look at me, pulled a face and then got some handcuffs out her bag. Jan put them on my wrists. “I don’t like the collar. Although it shows you are a slave, it reeks gay” She removed the mask and collar.  A stainless steel collar was produced and locked on instead. “That’s better”

Upon removing the collar she showed me that it was inscribed “Jan’s slave”. I felt excited to be able to wear it. But would enjoy wearing it in public? Jan showed me the chain she would lead me round by for the night. Okay, but I moaned the outfit is a bit skimpy. “That’s the idea. I will have trouble keeping the girls off of you”.  I told her I thought the stars made me think I looked rather effeminate. Jan agreed and with a bit of a struggle we removed them. Some of the hairs on my chest came off and Jan said I should remove the rest. She would get me some cream to get rid of them.

I asked about the wording on the collar and how many men had she managed to get to wear the collar, but was told that I would be told everything later. “Everything will be revealed”

There was plenty of time before the need to get ready for the club so Jan undid the locks. “One thing I have to tell you about these locks. I will keep the keys.  They are security locks and made of a high tensile stainless steel. You will not be able to get any keys made for them. Only the person who bought the locks can get keys cut. So you will be mine all mine”

I started to wonder about Jan. All this time since we first saw each other, she had ignored me. Now she is coming on like we were an item.  I wondered if she was making a move on me or was she having me on? The problem on my part was that I was enjoying myself too much.  Even if this was a one off thing, then it was enjoyable.

I went into the bedroom and removed the shorts and thong. The door opened a little and Jan threw in the other pair of shorts, “Put these on for now”. I stepped into them and pulled them up. They were even tighter and my now rampant erection showed. I had to point it skywards to get them on.

I stepped into the lounge and Jan gave a whoop of delight. She was all hands over me. I was pulled close and we kissed. I could feel her hands running all over my bum. I was in heaven. Especially when she rubbed the front of the shorts over my now rampant but restricted erection. “Have you got something in there or are you glad to see me?” she said between kisses. I was now even more concerned about her motives than ever, but I thought that if I challenged her and she was genuine, it would frighten her off. But where would this end? On one hand I was intrigued and hopeful, and yet on the other hand, scared. Very scared.

Jan went to get the cream to remove the rest of the hair from my chest and also something for us to eat.

I didn’t know whether to get dressed or stay as I was. The shorts were tight but very comfortable. I was beginning to like wearing them. I thought I would surprise Jan and give her a laugh. Some years previously I bought an old shirt. It had a detachable collar. I was going to through it away, but never did.  I found one I used as a cleaning rag and cut the cuffs off.  I put the collar around my neck and did it up. I put a bow tie on.  The cuffs went on and I did them up.  I took the sandals off and put my best shoes and black socks on to finish off the ensemble.

I didn’t have long to wait. There was a ring on the doorbell and I glanced through the window to see Jan standing there. If all the lads in town were to see this, they would be very jealous of me.  I opened the door to Jan, “You rang madam” I said in my poshest voice. Jan went into fits of laughter.

She told me that I had made her day.  We sat and ate lunch together and started talking. She told me all about herself. I asked why she had suddenly taken interest in me.

“I am a solicitor by occupation. I get fed up with the stuffy atmosphere of the office. I like to let my hair down. I started with self bondage some years ago. I have had several boyfriends but never found one that liked bondage”

I asked how she found out that I liked it. “I didn’t. Well, not until last Saturday when I saw you and what you had done to yourself. I was hoping to see you again after our chance meeting that day. You were so tender and gentle”

I poured out some more coffees and Jan said she would have to bring her outfit back later and get ready here. I asked why, “Because I want you to lace me into my corset” Wow, this is really turning me on.

Jan left and returned about seven that evening. This time she had a suitcase with her. I was puzzled. Perhaps she wanted to move in with me. By my hopes were dashed when she opened the case up and showed me lots of cuffs, chains, blindfolds and gags.

“Let’s try some of these out” she said, running behind me and grabbing my hands. In next to no time, my hands were cuffed behind my back. Mind you. I didn’t attempt to stop her.

“Oh dear, I am helpless at a beautiful girls mercy. What will become of me? Oh woe is me” I cried.

Jan stood there looking at me, grabbed me, and gave me a big hug and a kiss. “You’re mine, all mine” she said jokingly. I had to suffer the indignity of being immobilised and not being able to stop her abusing my body. She was busy running her soft hands over my chest and back. I wanted this to go on forever.  After a good few moments Jan broke off the clinch.

“We have to get ready for the club” she told me. I was released from the cuffs. I went into my bedroom and put the thong and leather shorts on again.  I entered the lounge to see Jan already dressed in her leather hobble skirt. She had incredibly high heeled stilettos on. I would say they were a good six inch heels.

Let’s get your sandals on your feet” she said. I put them on and she watched as I laced them up.  The leather laces came to half way up my shins. “Fantastic” Jan cried, “They look perfect for a slave”

The corset was already in place and she was holding it up to her. She turned her back to me. “Just pull the thing together for a moment” Nervously I did as I was told, gradually adjusting the laces all the way up from the bottom and down from the top so each corresponding lace holes drew closer together. “Hold it there for a moment” she ordered when the two sides met.  “Carry on” a moment later.  I pulled the laces even tighter. Jan arched her back as the corset tightened even more. I pulled with all my strength. “Tighter or I will make you wear it”. I put my knee in the small of her back and gave it one hell of a tug. Jan grunted. I decided whatever she wanted, that would be it as far as I was concerned.  I tied the laces up with double loops to take up the excess.

I stood back and Jan turned round. Wow. Her breasts were pushed up and out. The corset just about covered her nipples.  I didn’t know if she was cold, I certainly shivered. But mine was with excitement at the sight of this ravishing beauty that stood there in front of me.

The leather hobble skirt and corset gave Jan a perfect hourglass figure. Jan fitted the locks into the legs and wait/zip combination.  I couldn’t remove the shorts now if I tried. I tugged on the little locks which gave Jan a little merriment. “I told you. They are high security locks. Unless you get someone to cut them off, I am the only method of release you have. You’re mine, all mine”

Jan put the stainless steel collar around my neck and joined the two sides together. There was a click and it was locked on. “I will tell you about that engraving now. No one has ever worn that collar. I wanted to save it for someone who appreciates it”

I was gobsmacked at that answer. Does that mean she has the hots for me or is she having me on?  Jan clipped the lead to the collar and got me to hold onto it.  Before I knew it, she had locked some chains to the collar and let the chains hang loose. On the other end of them were some lockable leather cuffs. Jan wrapped them around my wrists and locked them in place. Now I couldn’t stop anyone from touching my bum or where my penis was pressed up inside the leather shorts. “I look gay. Everyone will think I am gay”

“They may think that at first, but they will realise you are not while you are with me” I thought about it and accepted her word on the matter. Jan put a belt around her waist and hung all the keys on little clips hanging from it.  The next thing she took from her bag surprised me. She took out a leather cape and draped it over my shoulders and did the buttons up. “It is really a woman’s cape, but no one will take notice. It will keep you warm on the way” she said pulling the lead out of the cape. “It’s time to go”

I stepped out into the cool evening air. Jan locked my front door and put the key on a clip on her belt. I was very self conscious of my state. At least no one could see my bare chest. My legs, however, was another thing. The cape stopped at the same level as the shorts. I might as well have been naked from the hips down.  Jan stepped in front and took the lead. She dragged me along to the club. We had a few stares along the way and a few laughed at me.  But I was too busy watching the hypnotic sway of her svelte bum encased in that tight black leather hobble skirt. I didn’t even notice my feet were cold.

We got to the club and Jan paid for us both to go in. She showed her membership card to the bouncers and in we went. Jan removed my cape and handed it into the cloakroom in exchange for a ticket. Jan said something to the girl in the cloakroom, but I presumed it was because she was giving me the eye.

Jan pulled me into the main part of the club. I was dragged to the bar with several girls eyeing me up. The problem was there were several men licking their lips as well.  Jan got me a cocktail. I don’t know what it was, but it tasted nice.

Several times I felt hands rubbing my bum and trying to get the zip down in the packed confinement of the club. Jan was a great dancer and I looked like an elephant trying to ballet dance by comparison. 

Just as we started to get into the swing of things and I got pushed closer to Jan, the lights went up. The dj stopped the music and the girls dancing in the cages stopped.

“We have a newcomer. Give him the initiation.”  Chants of “Newbe, newbe, newbe” came from the crowd. Everyone stepped back and I was in a space on my own with a spotlight shining down on me. They grabbed me and held me steady. A gag was inserted into my mouth and strapped tightly behind my head.  Someone came out with a large bag. The chanting turned to a slow rhythmic handclap. The bag was lowered onto the floor. Jan came up and undid the cuffs and collar. “Don’t worry love. You will like this. Trust me; we all have to go through with it”

I was apprehensive about what was going to happen next. They forced me to stand on the bag and it was pulled up. To my surprise it was not a bag at all.  Well it was more like a leather fishing net. I had never seen the like of it before.  The bag was pulled up and my arms were held down until the net had covered them. They carried on pulling it up over me. It was very tight. Once it was over my head, I noticed a hook descending from the ceiling. The net was attached to the hook and I was lifted about two feet from the ground. The net was pulled tighter still and I could not move a muscle.

Two girls stepped up in front of me. One went in front and one behind. One was dressed in a latex French maids outfit with a deliciously short flared dress and the other was in a short white rubber nurses dress.  Both looked fantastic. They began spinning me round, faster and faster. The crowd kept on their hand clapping.

Then I felt it. They had been handed some whips and I was on the receiving end. Although it stung a bit, the net must have saved me. It wasn’t that bad. I must have had twenty lashes in all. The crowd stopped the hand clapping and I was hoisted further up into the air, way above the crowd. I was still spinning. I could see Jan down below looking up at me. But this was only a fleeting glance as I was still spinning.  I never had a chance to glance down on her magnificent breasts in that corset.

The lights dimmed and the music started.  The lights kept changing colour. Even the spotlight on me was changing colour as well. I don’t know how long I was up there, but gradually I started to get dizzy. Suddenly I was lowered down again and released from the net. Jan came up to me. “You have passed the initiation. You can join the club. I am glad you didn’t complain or you would have been ejected on the spot”.

Jan put the collar back on me followed by the cuffs as well. “Just to let the girls know you are mine” We spent the rest of the evening dancing. I had to do it as best I could in the circumstances. We danced until the early hours.

Jan released me from the collar and cuffs and put the cape back on me.  I asked if she wanted it as her shoulders were bare and it may be cold outside. Jan kissed me, thanked me for my concern, and told me she was “Bloody hot” in the corset.

On the way home, Jan asked if I had enjoyed it. I told her I did and wanted to join the club. We chatted and before I knew it, we were standing at my front door. Jan had my key and let us in. I made us a coffee while Jan lit the imitation log gas fire. We sat looking at the flames while we chatted. We spoke about our love for bondage and how we could become friends enough to tie each other up.

I was surprised how forward Jan was and asked if she was always like that with guys. She replied that she wasn’t, but for some reason, she found she could relax with me and feel safe. We ended up cuddling on the sofa and falling asleep in each other’s arms.

I woke up some time later to find Jan had left. She had left a note. I still didn’t know where she lived exactly. She had undone the locks and left a note. “I will be back later.  I have noticed a perfect outfit for you. Look up that shops web site and look for item 77623. I would love to see you in that”

I turned on the computer and looked it up. It was a clear plastic chastity belt. I would wear it for her, but not to go to the club in, unless it was under other clothes.

I have to go now; Jan is just coming along the road. I have my leather sports shorts on for her. Hopefully, she will not be able to keep her hands off of me. I am hoping that this will go further.


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