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Jane’s Magnetism

by PShadowPhazer

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Storycodes: Solo-f: harness; stockings; gloves; collar; hood; straps; magnets; timer; toys; insert; stuck; climax; cons; X

Jane held up the harness in front of her. She had finally finished sewing the material for her bondage outfit together. It only took her two months with the other projects she had to accomplish but the spare time she was able to put into her new bondage harness, stockings, and gloves was well worth it. She held the harness up against her body and shivered in anticipation in wearing it. It would have to wait until later that night while her boyfriend was at work.

She dropped her panties and t-shirt into a pile next the bed and moved over to the closet. She started pulling out her newly made bondage gear and a couple of pieces a friend had sent her recently. She laid out her toys on the bed and went to the kitchen to get the power plug and timer. She walked back into the bedroom humming to herself. Plugging the timer box and power cord into the wall she moved over to the bed.

Looking at her treasured toys laid out before her she gave a faint laugh at what she was about to attempt. She slide the gloves slowly up her arms loving the feel of the silk along her arms. After running her hands up and down the full length opera gloves she made sure all the small magnets and wires were in place. She sat down on the edge of the bed and ran the stockings through her gloved hands. The wires connected the small but powerful electromagnets seemed to be fine. She took another look over the seams, knowing her work was top grade, but still worried since this was a trial run for the entire outfit.

Her earlier attempts had left her stuck in only partial bondage until the timer on the power plug ran out or the wires bent slightly and broke inside the gloves ruining her self-bondage adventures. Since then she had found reinforced wiring that better suited her purposes to run through her outfit. She smiled as she remembered discussing the construction details with her Dom friend in the states.

She shook her head at her fond recollections and pulled the stockings slowly up her shapely legs. She loved the confining feeling she got from tight stockings, especially with the re-enforcement along the length of them where the magnets were positioned along the inside of her legs. Checking the line of the stockings she ensured the small power wire running out from the bottom of her right foot didn’t have any kinks or nicks in it.

She stood and picked up the harness. This had taken the longest to sew together since it fit her tightly and limited her movement even without the magnets being activated. The magnets for the harness were sewn along the straps that would run down her sides once she put the harness on. She undid the three buckles that would run across her shoulders, the middle of her back and around her waist.

She slid her legs into the attached panties making sure the vibrating dildo slid easily into her already wet lips. She gasped slightly and wiggled her bum as she pulled the panties tight against her skin. Even this would be run off the power plug and she had set it to random settings before she had enclosed it in the sheath attaching it to the panties of the harness.

She lifted the rest of the harness up along her body enjoying the feeling of encasement along her sides and as the breast cups settled nicely against her chest. She had decided not to put the small vibrators in the tip of the breasts cups as this would distract her too much, instead she had opted to have little nubs that would play across them as she shifted in her bondage. She pulled the metal ring that made up the collar of the harness apart. This had been the hardest part to get perfect, finding someone who could make the ring to her specifications and ensure that it could house the two magnets that would keep it closed while power ran through the harness.

Once she had the collar closed around her neck she reached down and gathered the hidden wires that stuck out of the stockings and plugged them into the small recesses designed for them in the panties. She followed suit by plugging the wires from the top of the gloves in small ports located under the collar of the harness. Once she made sure the wires were in place she tightened the three buckles behind her back as tight as she could stand. This caused the harness to hug her body and she reveled in the sensation knowing soon she wouldn’t be able to do much.

She picked up the last bit of her bondage gear, a hood that she could lock in place. She loved the tight feel and isolation the hood provided her, she wasn’t too sure about the gag that sat in her mouth while wearing it but she had gotten used to it and it helped with some of her fantasies while she had herself trapped. After she got the hood on to her satisfaction and made sure that the nose holes were lined up she felt around on the bed for the lock she was going to use on herself.

Finally finding it she set the hasp through the eyehole on the collar of the hood she closed the lock with a loud click which made her shiver. Now she’d have to dig through a box of 20 dummy keys once she could get up from the bed again. Taking as deep a breath as she could she felt for the plug and power cord. Plugging the cord from her foot into the power strip she twisted the timer dial by touch. She estimated she had set it for 30 minutes.

She laid herself down on the bed quickly and held her arms to her sides and her legs close together. The timer to apply power ran finally ran out as she lay back in her own world under her hood. She felt a strong pull on her arms and legs as the vibrator sprang to life going full force. She grunted into the gag at this sudden intrusion into her thoughts.

As she lay there on the bed she felt her arms pulled in to her sides. As she started pulling against the magnets she realized that her hips were being forced into the air. She struggled against the pull of the magnets on her arms. She tried to close her legs as the vibrator settled into a slow motion tease against her clit. She gasped as the assault on her precious pearl and tried to clear her mind to figure out why her legs were being pushed apart along her upper thighs and calf muscles. Her ankles were held closely together but everything up to the panties seemed to be pushing away from each other.

In her haste to finish her magnetic bondage gear she had inadvertently switched the poles on the magnets running up along her legs, this caused the magnets to push away from each other and leave her vulnerable with her hips lifted away from the bed and her legs spread. As she slowly lost herself in the sensations of the vibrator running through differing speeds she began to wonder when the 30 minutes would be up so she could figure out what went wrong.

Three hours Jane had lost track of the number of orgasms she had achieved as she fought against the pull of the magnets. She had lost track of time but no longer cared at this point as her body slumped as much as possible on the bed a slave to her own devices. As she built towards another powerful orgasm she hoped her boyfriend would be home soon to have his way with her. Or at least to make sure she didn’t lose power.

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