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Jane’s Tormentor

by Teann Daorsa

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© Copyright 2013 - Teann Daorsa - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; Sbf; F/f; latex; catsuit; stocks; electro; tens; gag; bfold; toys; insert; caught; tease; torment; climax; cons; X

Jane had always known that her feet were the most important part of her sexuality. In her early life, she’d discovered the thrill of having someone else sensually massage her feet, and it awoke feelings in her that she’d hitherto only had in her late night bedroom self-exploration. A college lover skilled in the same massage, and with a passion for sucking and nibbling on her toes, had shown her that she could climax without the need for anything as mundane as a cock inside her. Feeling a tongue licking over and between her carefully painted toenails could bring her to heaven, but she knew it was the biting and nipping that sent her over the edge. That lover moved on, but even without him Jane’s obsession with sensations through her feet continued and escalated. Other lovers came and went, never quite scratching that itch Jane had come to know intimately, so instead she learned to satisfy it herself.

As she lounged on the comfortable chair with a glass of her favourite red wine, Jane reflected on just how far she’d come over the years. Her bare feet stretched before her, toenails immaculately pedicured and painted in a rich shade of purple. She was always surprised just how few marks they showed, given what she’d done to them over the years. Walking barefoot on gravel, just to feel the sharp points pressing into the soft flesh of her arches. Deliberately taking off her shoes and wandering home across spiky, twig studded grass. Every sharp jab sent sensations through her core.

Looking at her pride and joy however, she knew those were just distractions, ways to indulge her passion in public without others realising. She’d built a wonderful life for herself. A lavish apartment in the city, luxuriously appointed. A job that allowed her to work from home as and when she felt like it, and still live comfortably. And most importantly one that left time for her to indulge her secret passions.

Jane’s hobbies might have seemed strange to her friends: wood-working and electronics weren’t really “girly” hobbies. They wrote it off as just eccentricity, but Jane had a very real plan in mind. There, in her study, a room quite deliberately internal to her spacious apartment and the only one in her property without external windows, was what she’d always intended to build. She’d refined it several times now, but was quite happy with this version. The main wooden part was essentially a set of stocks, not so crude as you’d see them in medieval times, but polished, stained oak. Immovably solid, secured to the floor with discrete and removable fixings, the holes for the occupant’s legs were padded with leather-covered foam. Jane knew well just how firmly they gripped her calves, but they had enough give that she could raise or lower herself within them. That motion was the key to the whole device of course. The more insidious component was mounted on the side of the stocks: a TENS unit, with twelve trailing wires and a simplistic control panel.

Jane finished her wine and set it on the table. She’d waited long enough. It had been weeks since her last proper session in the stocks, and her feet craved attention. Sitting on the little padded stool by the stocks, she wrapped the individual electrodes around each of her toes, securing them with velcro, making sure that each sat nicely and gave a good firm contact with the toe. Even her two little toes were wrapped up neatly. They had to be secure of course, the stocks didn’t allow for much thrashing around, but it would be very disappointing if one were to come loose during her session.

Jane stood, and adjusted her outfit. In the outside world her dress was always conservative, but for her sessions it was anything but. Tonight, she’d chosen her skin-tight purple latex catsuit. It left only her hands, feet and head uncovered, and clung deliciously to her ample curves. To each wrist she affixed comfortable but tight padded leather cuffs. She reached through to the zipper that rested at the small of her back, and peeled open the crotch of the suit, to apply the final parts of her torment. She’d been so long without this, it seemed only appropriate she go all out. From the small pile of toys, she selected the remote controlled egg, and with a slight dab of lubricant, seated it deeply inside herself. The feeling made her flush with excitement, and she tucked the remote into the back of the wide black belt that was her only other adornment.

Moving quicker now as her anticipation rose, she selected a similar looking item from the pile - an anal plug with a similar remote. This took more lubricant, but as it wasn’t too large, it was seated with little more effort than the egg. The wire Jane trailed through her legs and up to her belt again, and zipped closed the tight latex, carefully avoiding snagging the wires. She stood up, enjoying the sensation of the intruders inside her shifting, slipping. Her buttocks clenched involuntarily around the plug and she smiled.

All that remained now was the gag and the blindfold. A simple black ball-gag, tight into her mouth, and the blindfold resting just above her eyes, ready to be secured. Now was time to put herself into the mercy of her device. The final, crucial component, not visible until you looked underneath the stocks: two blocks, affixed to the floor and positioned so that the occupant’s heels would rest, not comfortably against their angled tops. Not that resting Jane’s heels against those surfaces was advisable of course, as the copper surfaces were directly wired to the TENS unit.

Thus formed the evil design of Jane’s toy. With her calves locked into the stocks, as she did now, she was forced to keep her weight on the front of her feet and her heels in the air. If she relaxed and let her heels fall, the circuit with the TENS unit would be completed, electricity would surge through her feet and especially her toes. She knew from experience that the unit’s settings could range from a mild tingling surge to an all-out convulsing blast. She’d configured the unit so that which level it produced would be random, and each time it triggered the level would be different. For a final refinement, which toes would be shocked would also be random, sometimes all, sometimes only one or two.

Her legs secured and her feet stretched, she looked over to check her release. A key, frozen in ice, dangled from the beam above her, carefully positioned so that the drips would not go anywhere near the electrical parts of her device, but close enough that she would be able to reach it. Satisfied, she reached behind her and triggered the remotes. Both set to random, only the egg came to life at first, at a mercifully low level. Jane leaned down, delighting in the sensation in her crotch as the egg moved inside her, and flicked the power switch on the TENS unit. Quickly but carefully (as any movement now was very risky), she brought the blindfold down into place and fixed it tightly. Finally, she raised her hands above her head, pulled the cuff-rings into the loop of the padlock, and with a practiced motion closed it with a click.

The sensation of the lock clicking closed was always enough to send a thrill through Jane’s body. As she’d grown more dissatisfied with her partners, she’d increasingly turned to self-bondage to find satisfaction. Simple sessions at first, she’d gained confidence with her release mechanisms and she had introduced more and more elements to add to her self-imposed torment. Every time she closed that final lock, she would get the same thrill. She wanted to twitch, to squirm, to feel every inch of her captivity. But more than anything, she wanted to tease herself with her tormentor’s electrical touch.

That was the key of course, as soon as she closed the locks, it ceased to be a device, inanimate and cold, and became her tormentor. She’d surrendered herself to a heartless, soulless being whose only pleasure was in giving her pain. What would it do to her this time, she’d wonder. And the itch that was with her always would start to grow. Her pussy, already moist and hot, would become so slick she could feel it. Almost unconsciously, she could feel her left heel dropping, closer, closer to the plate. She knew her body wanted it even more than her mind. Her brain was telling her to keep away from the shocks, that she’d regret it, but her hind-brain wasn’t listening. It wanted the feeling.

When it came, it was a surprise. She’d thought the block was further away, she’d thought the first shock would be a mild one. Of course, her tormentor never agreed to that, her tormentor was going to be random. The intensity of the hit caught her off-guard, and the temptation to jerk away was too immediate, too primal to be resisted. Her balance lost, her right heel grazed its own block and the second shock drove pins and needles up through Jane’s leg and seemingly directly to her pussy. That one was only to her big toe, but it made little difference. Her breath came sharply through the gag as she pulled that heel away too and took her weight on her arms. Panting and sweating, Jane wondered if perhaps she should have worked up to a full session again. She knew the ice had a good hour to melt at least, so she settled in for the long haul.

Jane’s tormentor was relentless in its vigilance. When she inevitably tried to shift position to alleviate the stress on her arms and balls of her feet, it was so terribly hard to keep her feet rigid. The shocks seemed particularly brutal to Jane, and she started to wish she’d limited the random shocks to a lower level so that she could indulge in some deliberate torment without being so vulnerable. Worse, when she started to imagine how nice that would be, she would drift off into a daydream and before she knew it a heel had dipped and the lightning would strike her toes again.

“Jane?” The voice was familiar, but that didn’t diminish Jane’s surprise. Her body tensing, only luck kept her heels safe. “Jane?” It was Cath, Jane’s friend and longtime shopping partner, calling from the other room. Jane racked her brains to figure out why Cath was here, now, before realising that it didn’t matter a jot why she was here, only that she was going to find out.

“The door was unlocked darling, are you home?” Cath was clearly moving through the house searching for her friend. Jane’s paralysis broke, and she made a grab for the key. Maybe it had melted enough to get her out. In her hand she knew with a sinking feeling that it wasn’t ready. She gripped it tight in her hand, trying to crush the remaining ice away. Drips of icy cold water ran down her outstretched arm and down her body, and Jane could not suppress a shudder; of which her inexorable tormentor took advantage. The shock was mild, relatively, but Jane’s body jerked at its touch, spasming against her bonds and dropping the key.

“Oh my!” Cath’s voice was clearly in the room now. Jane pulled her arms and lifted her heels from the plates, and hung there, suspended and defeated. “Oh my indeed.” Cath’s tone had changed, no longer surprised but now rather more sultry. Jane could only wait helplessly. Now Cath’s voice was tinged with laughter, “I let myself in my dear, but I see now why you weren’t answering...”

Jane hung there, holding her breath. She’d never talked with any of her friends about her predilections. They’d talked over wine of course, girl talk about men and love and life, but Jane had kept her secret close. Even when Cath and she had been painting each others nails and sharing foot rubs, she’d been careful to keep her excitement in check. Her dark need for stronger and stronger stimulation wasn’t something she wanted shared, but now, caught like a rabbit in headlights, she didn’t have a choice. Gagged, she couldn’t even stammer out an explanation, not that any sort of explanation could explain away her present predicament.

Blinded, she still could feel Cath moving closer, walking around her, leaning in close. A light touch on her latex covered rear felt like a shock from the TENS unit, and made her tense still harder. Cath was clearly investigating the remotes tucked into her belt. The hand disappeared, and Jane knew that Cath was investigating her feet.

“My my my,” Cath whispered breathily, “you don’t do things by half, do you?” Jane remained motionless. “Cat got your tongue? Well, I can imagine that you didn’t expect to be having to talk much tonight.” At this, Jane felt fingers on her lips, trailing over the ball filling her mouth. “I’m guessing that me turning up unannounced was the last thing you expected.”

Jane could only nod, and Cath giggled warmly. Cath’s fingers tucked Jane’s long dark hair behind her ear, and she felt hot breath against her neck as Cath whispered, “I can honestly say I didn’t expect this either, but it’s a wonderful surprise.”

Cath’s hands continued their trail downwards as she stood behind Jane, and the feeling of her hands against Jane’s latex-covered, rock-hard nipples caused another involuntary shudder, which in turn brought a medium shock to Jane’s little toe. The jerk away brought another laugh from Cath. “Oh I see now! You have to stay still to avoid the shocks!” Jane was sure she could imagine the wicked grin on her friend’s face, but she nodded. “So, I can imagine it would make things quite difficult if someone did...” Jane felt the remotes at her waist being manipulated. “This.”

As both vibrators came to life inside her, Jane squealed as she fought the urge to move. “Mo, mo, mo...” she mumbled through the gag.

“Really? No?” Cath giggled again. The vibrators dropped to a much lower level, and Cath’s hands returned to their meandering around Jane’s body, one concentrating on her breasts, the other heading downwards. The sensation was enough to send Jane’s mind wandering away again, her embarrassment at being caught temporarily forgotten. “I must say, I find this delightful. I knew you had a thing for your feet, I could tell when you’d ask for a foot rub. I do too of course, although clearly not to the same extent as you!”

By now Cath’s right hand was firmly cupping Jane’s mound, and Jane could feel the slick wetness of her pussy making the latex covering slippery. “But if you needed someone to take care of those wonderful toes of yours, all you had to do was ask.” The thought of having a real live person torment her feet sent a thrill through Jane, but it was tempered with fear. What would she do? How could she look Cath in the eye again once she’d seen her innermost desires? Cath’s hand started making deliberate, slow circles of Jane’s pussy with her fingers, pressing ever so gently, and Jane’s body decided to step in and overrule her mind’s indecision. She moaned a deep and throaty moan into the gag.

“Do you want me to torment you Jane?” Hearing those words, so forthright, so inescapable, Jane felt her pussy contract. The effort of keeping her heels above the plates was intensifying, and Jane shifted her weight on the straps holding her arms aloft. “I want to do terribly naughty things to you Jane. I have done for a while.”

Cath’s voice was low and insistent. “I would never have made the first move or risk ruining our friendship, but seeing you here like this, vulnerable, helpless, willing,” this last word was stressed, and Jane’s breath quickened, “I just can’t walk away.” Cath paused, and Jane was acutely aware of how fast her heart was racing. “I want you to give yourself to me Jane, and I will take you to heaven and back. I want to know just how horny this torture makes you.” Jane wished that her eyes were unrestricted so that she could look into Cath’s as she spoke. “So here is my offer. I’ll give you the weekend of pleasure and pain that you always dreamed of, but first you must give me something.”

“I want you to shock yourself. Again and again, as I tell you. If you can shock yourself for the length of time I ask, I’ll turn these up.” Jane felt a tug on the remotes attached to her crotch. “Otherwise, I’ll turn them back down again. You’re not to cum unless I give you permission. If you cum for me, I’ll let you down, and we can talk about what happens next. If you want me to stop, I want you to hum Zip-e-dee-doo-dah through the gag. I’ll let you down, and I can walk away and never speak of this again.” As soon as Cath said it, Jane knew that wasn’t what she wanted. All the nervousness, the shame of being caught in such a depraved situation, fear of the future, all fell away. She wanted to surrender to this woman, her friend. She trusted her, and wanted her. She’d never even seriously thought about other women like that before, but this wasn’t about whether she was a lesbian, this was something more primal, the same sort of primal that sent her out barefoot and walking on sharp gravel.

“So,“ Cath’s hands removed themselves from Jane’s body, and Jane became aware that she was thrusting her crotch outwards pressing against something no longer there. “What is it going to be? Are you up to the challenge?”

Jane paused. This was the closing of the lock. This was the moment of no return. She knew that she could get out now if she wanted, but she didn’t want it. She nodded.

“Oh goody!” The joy in Cath’s voice was unmistakable. “I’m going to tweak your nipples. As long as I hold them tight, you must connect yourself up. Are you ready?” Jane nodded again, her breath fast in anticipation. Cath’s hands cupped Jane’s breasts, and Jane readied herself.

The first time was easy, Cath’s fingers pinched Jane’s nipples firmly, and she planted her heels onto the plates. The shock was a medium one, but only through her big toes, and she tensed while Cath held her nipples for no more than a second. “Good girl!” Cath said, and Jane felt her upping the vibrations. She only had a moment to savour the sensations before Cath’s hands returned to her breasts.

The second time was also fine - a milder shock, but Cath held her for a little longer. Still, she held herself firm until Cath released, and was rewarded with another bump of stimulation. Jane could feel her juices flowing freely now, and her thighs were wet under the latex.

The third time Cath held on for longer still, and the shock was nowhere near gentle. Jane cried out into her gag as she tried to keep herself on the plates, but her body betrayed her and she came off early, her breath ragged as she slumped into the straps. “Oh dear, oh dear,” Cath’s voice was still playful, and Jane surmised that she wasn’t as disappointed as all that. Still, the vibrators were cut, and Jane became only more determined.

The fourth time, Cath didn’t pinch for quite as long. The shock itself was a fraction milder and only to her big and little toes, but Jane kept her heels firmly planted until she was allowed to release. Smiling around her gag, she squirmed a little with the extra vibrations. “I do love to see you enjoying yourself my dear.”

The fifth time was at least 5 seconds, and despite Jane’s best efforts, the tingling throb forced her feet up before she was released. Cath’s tut and the loss of vibrations did nothing to salve the tingling in Jane’s pussy that remained long after the connection had been cut though.

For the sixth attempt, she thought Cath would let off early as she had after her first failure, but she didn’t. She was grinding her feet down into the shock and revelling in the sensation so much that she stopped paying attention to her nipples and pulled off anyway. The fire in her pussy was incredible by now, and even when the vibrators had been cut to their lowest level she knew: the toys inside her would have nothing to do with her orgasm. She was going to shock herself until she came, vibrations or no.

Jane could feel her body shuddering from the core, and Cath’s hand firmly pressing itself into her mound did nothing to diminish that. “I hope you’re not going to cum without permission now, are you?” Jane shook her head, but she knew it was a lie. As Cath pinched her nipples again, she placed her heels down onto the plates, and felt her tormentor’s lightning pulse through every one of her toes. The surging throb struck up through her body and she felt a barrier within her give way as her pelvis bucked and thrust out in front of her. The incredible tingling waves of orgasm that washed over her seemed endless, but throughout them all she kept her feet locked in place and the surge continued. Her scream into the gag was barely muffled as she arched her head back and let loose that primal feeling that drove her to do this to herself. And finally, eventually, she blacked out.

When she came to, her legs were loose, her toes unwrapped, and the TENS unit was off. She felt Cath pull the blindfold free, and gazed into her new tormentor’s eyes. She saw reflected there some of her own primal lust, and realised that her friend was now something more. She’d given herself over completely, and she wasn’t going to get off lightly. As Cath freed the key from its icy prison, Jane knew that there was going to be more than just one weekend of torment.



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