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I'm Jake. I'm 32, single, living in Lincoln, Nebraska. For as long as I can recall I've been interested in bound sexual play, tied up sex. In my relationships I've always been quick to ask about interest in bondage. Any relationship where my girlfriend didn't want to be tied didn't last long - on to the next girl. My bondage has always been agreed to, a consensual exchange of control. My ideal sweet spot is willing beforehand, nonconsensual/reluctant/forced during, happy & glowing after. I've had an interest in girls doing selfbondage, but until recently I'd only read stories about it.

Janie Part 1: The Dare

I do a lot of road bicycling. On a Saturday morning a few weeks ago I rode to a local bicycle shop where area riders collect for a group ride. There are always newbies in this group, but one stood out, a new girl who looked 25-ish, very cute, about 5' 2", lean but still curvy. The snug fitting riding gear that we all wear looked incredible on her.

The group took off on a 20+ mile ride. I played sweeper on the ride as I usually do, staying in back to help with flats & riders with problems. This ride was uneventful, and when we returned to the bike shop and split up for our homes I saw that the new girl was now riding alone ahead of me, going in the direction of my apartment complex. I tucked in behind her and asked if she was going my way. She said yes, that she had seen me on the ride down to the bike shop and that she was going to the same apartments as me. Sweet! We introduced ourselves. Janie, she said. We rode together, taking turns drafting one another riding into a headwind. Janie was distractingly cute, and now I had the perfect excuse to get behind her and stare. She did too, I guess.

On returning to the apartments I asked about her building, how long she'd been there, etc. She had just moved in, living on the top floor of a nine-story building at an angle to mine. She said she liked the private view, an open field with a single cell phone tower, no facing apartments. I noted to myself that from my apartment I could see her side of the building, looking up and at an angle. She could probably see into my windows, but she was right that no one could see directly into hers. I said that I'd like to see her again, maybe for a ride together. She agreed, but couldn't commit to anything that day. We exchanged phone numbers and parted.

After cleaning up I spent a while browsing a dare website for selfbondage dares. I started reading a long thread by "O-Janie-O". Janie on a bicycle, I thought, although I didn't take it seriously. Janie was asking for a selfbondage dare in her apartment. She had shot down a few suggestions, and I thought I'd offer my own. I wrote under the name "TiedLessons", a screen name on the site that had a fairly accurate description of me attached.

"Prepare a horizontal bar to be bent over," I told her. "You will need places to be tied off, ideally at the ankles spreading your legs, and forward at the wrists, pulled over the bar with your arms straight out so you are extremely vulnerable, and not just from behind. Bent over this way, breasts dangling, nearly your entire body is exposed and ready for sexual play." I told her to use a reliable timed release so that she could relax and imagine that she had prepared herself for me, that I was fondling her, teasing & tickling her sides, her breasts, her sex. I told her to imagine herself in my experienced hands, safe and secure but without a chance of getting away. Taken, a plaything to be explored, touched where I wanted, how I wanted, for as long as I wanted.

I posted the message, began browsing other postings and was surprised when she responded within ten minutes. She said that she flushed when reading my dare, partly because she had everything at hand and partly from the image of me in control. Gulp! She said that she had a Sleigh Bed which featured a large wooden footboard with a top like the bar I suggested, ideal for bending over. The footboard top was conveniently at hip-height, higher than the mattress, with sturdy feet. She had ankle and wrist cuffs with adjustable straps. She could secure her ankles, then use a single strap between her wrist cuffs and an anchor point at the head of the bed. She had an ice release to link the strap to the headboard anchor point, which she knew would hold her for about thirty minutes. Tie the ankles, pull the loose end of the adjustable strap to stretch her arms toward the headboard, done. She said that in this position she could rest her arms on the mattress, but that aside from her legs against the footboard I'd be pleased with how this left me with access to her entire body. She asked where I was and whether I had anything else.

My mind ran a million miles an hour. Not only did she like the dare, she liked including me in it! I still didn't think this was bicycling Janie, but couldn't resist the image and responded as though it were. I said that I was from Lincoln, NE. I told her that if possible she should rig up a vibrator at the footboard, set so that 1) tightening the strap at her wrists would pull her onto the vibrator, unable to avoid it until the ice release kicked in, and 2) some mechanism would activate the vibrator after she was committed. Knowing that "my" Janie's apartment faced an open area, I misled her. I told her that she should chance being seen by someone in a neighboring building. I told her to open her bedroom curtains before she ties herself. I told her that I thought I knew who and where she was, and asked her to signal me to watch by turning her bedroom lights on at precisely 9:00pm.

She posted the following in response: "I'm so up for it! :) The vibrator I can do, and I have a timer to turn it on after I'm tied, but I'll leave myself room to 'get off' the vibrator after cumming. After I cum I feel the need to pull away because I become too sensitive. It's too intense. One orgasm, anyway! I will do this tonight. Lights go on at 9:00pm, timer will start the vibrator at 9:10pm. Too bad you don't know where I live! Just to keep you interested, I'm also in Lincoln! Ha! As far as being seen, my apartment doesn't face any buildings, but enjoy the fantasy. I think I will!"

As 9:00pm approached, my head was swimming. It couldn't be, could it? I looked out my window toward her building, watching apartment lights go on and off above. Seconds after 9:00pm a single light came on in the top floor center apartment. No! Yes! This is still unlikely, I thought, but OMG, the cell tower! From the tower I could see into her window! Could I climb it? I didn't know, but had to try.

I grabbed a pair of binoculars and headed for the tower. It was dark out, but I could see enough to get to the tower site. Security fence with warning signs, but no barbed wire, nothing to keep me from scrambling over. I found that the tower had a single ladder with a safety cage around it.

I had to climb above the top floor of the apartments. About 150 feet. I was shaking, partly from the effort, partly from excitement. I wanted to get up quickly, as it was already well past nine. When I knew I had the right vantage point I faced the building and leaned back onto the safety cage for support. In case this was for real I didn't want to move again for a while.

Finally scoping out the apartment window, I saw her. Janie! It was her! Tied, naked, and looking directly at me! Her stare made me nervous, but she had no look of recognition. I hoped she hadn't made me, but I wasn't moving no matter what. Through her window I was seeing her in left profile, the head of her bed to the left, her perfect ass lifted and showcased to the right. She had looked great in spandex riding gear, but naked and tied, heavens! Toned, athletic, tanned with light bikini lines, bent over, exposed and on display. True to her word, only her forearms touched the bed.

She was back-lit from my vantage point, bright light above and fainter light below complementing her curves. Her breasts were just off the bed, even her nipples visible against the backlight. She was making rhythmic movements, apparently writhing against the vibrator. Rocking left to right, left to right, then pulling forward and returning. She suddenly shook as though in orgasm, then seemed to pull away from the unseen vibrator. Shortly after that it was over. Her release popped loose, she pulled back and stood up, then dropped to the floor out of sight. She closed her curtains without standing up, apparently not as certain of being unseen as she had said.

Later that evening I visited the dare site, disappointed not to see anything from her. The next morning, though, I saw that she had posted a short message late that night, addressed to me. She wanted to message in private rather than in public chat. I contacted her via an IM function on the board, and got back a long message, detailed, intimate, expressive.

She said she was amused at my superior talk of watching from a nonexistent building, then flushed when she remembered that there was a cell tower from which her bedroom could be seen. She thought it couldn't be, me setting this all up and climbing the tower to watch her, but she couldn't get the image of being watched out of her head. She decided to go through with the preparation, telling herself that she could still back out. She said that she prepared everything with the curtains closed. She devised a pull string tied to the light switch, the other end attached to her final adjusting strap. This let her set herself up in the dark and have the lights turn on after she couldn't get away.

She said she obsessively checked things over and over, opened the curtains in the dark, sat on the floor at the foot of the bed shaking nervously and stripped. Telling herself that she could still back out, she put on the ankle cuffs, spread her legs, attached and adjusted the ankle straps. She avoided looking out the window as she pulled herself up, trying to think only of the next steps. Almost time, she thought. She pressed herself against the vibrator and leaned over the footboard. She cuffed her wrists and snapped the still-loose final strap onto the wrist cuffs. Still not committed, she thought, as it was only when the slack was pulled out that she could no longer reach the snap hook that attached the strap to the cuffs.

She slowly tugged on the adjustment strap, seeing the snap hook move, but still within reach. Her excitement grew as she saw her digital clock go from 8:58pm to 8:59pm. Another tug, the snap hook harder to reach. Still some slack on the light switch string. Tug again, and the snap hook was tantalizingly hard to get to. Tug again, the light switch string is taught. She stretched her arms and grabbed the adjusting strap as far forward as she could. One more tug and it would be done. She looked at the clock. It was already 9:00pm! Startled, she pulled quickly. The snap hook jumped out of reach, the lights kicked on, and it was done.

For a moment she thought Now what? but that was quickly replaced by the delicious excitement of feeling her pussy sliding easily against the vibrator. She hadn't pre-lubed it, but it sure was slick now! She rubbed against it, anticipating it getting her off shortly. She was in her own world, enjoying the fact that she'd taken the dare, and was now unable to get away from the lights and the window. She pulled against the cuffs and smiled at her own useless attempt to protect her exposed breasts. She was stretched out, on display, helpless.

She tried to look out the window, and was struck by two things she hadn't considered. First, she could now see her own reflection, and was surprised at how vulnerable it made her feel. Second, because of the reflection she could barely see anything outside! If I was watching from the tower she couldn't tell! This was real, and she could do nothing about it! She looked away, then tried again to see out the window. Moving about seemed to help. When she moved her head she could make out the tower, but any time she stopped her focus changed from the outside to her own exposed reflection. She kept trying, and started fuming. It was maddening, looking for me and seeing herself instead! She kept changing viewpoint, and it hit her that she must look pretty funny doing this. That made her angry.

Right as she tried to flash a dirty look toward the tower, the vibrator kicked on! She dropped her head again, feeling the full weight of her own sexual pleasure on display. She gave up trying to get away, and instead started "fucking" the vibrator. Grinding, rubbing, thrusting up and down on it. She knew she was putting on a show but was so wrapped up in her own pleasure that for the moment she didn't care. She stared out the window, then gave up and let her focus switch to her own reflected image. She watched herself, admiring her fit, naked body. She pictured me watching as she grinded, circled, thrusted against the vibrator. As she began to cum she pressed hard into the vibrator and held the position until she shuddered and collapsed.

She held her hips to the side, avoiding the vibrator because of her post-cum sensitivity. After a few more minutes, she pulled hard on the restraining wrist strap and the ice timer released. She retreated to the floor, unhooked her leg restraints, crawled to the window and pulled the curtains.

Playing the scene back in her memory, she said that being bound and vulnerable had left her torn between the embarrassed feeling of exposure during climax and a hunger for the touch of her author, meaning me. She said that she had an admission to make, that she thought she knew who I was. Her message had one final word. "Jake?"

Janie Part 2: The Key

OK, now it was my turn to be flushed and embarrassed. What gave me away? I went back to my dare site profile. My basic profile, age, location in Lincoln, cycling ...was that it? She ID'd me from that? Damn. OK, so how to play this? I thought it impossible that she saw me from her window. So, ... admit the ID, complement her on that, but play dumb about the tower and seeing her.

I wrote back to say, "First, you got me. Jake. Second, how? What gave me away? Third, oh-my-god, your scene description has left me stunned. I'm speechless. Transfixed. I bow to you. Finally ... can I play?"

She wrote back a bit cutely, saying she'd never tell what gave me away. She said that she'd consider letting me in, but not-just-yet. She said she had to know: Did I climb the tower? Had I watched her?

Time for me to be the cute one. I responded that I'd answer, spilling every detail, when she was tied and under my control. She'd like it, I told her. "Want to have your fantasies come true? Tell them to me, and I'll play them back on your perfect little bod, one by one."

Janie didn't respond right away. The next day she said that she wanted to play out another part of her selfbondage fantasy, making it possible for me to catch her in the act. She said she was nervous about this, but that if I'd play along she would hide a key to her apartment outside. She asked what apartment I lived in.

I told her that I had a ground floor apartment, gave her the building and apartment number. I told her that I would play this game, but had some conditions. First, she needed to spell out her fantasy scene, to tell me what got her hot. Second, she needed to blindfold herself in future sessions. Third, she needed to know that I wouldn't let her "pull away" after cumming, that I'd coax several orgasms out of her. Finally, leave the blinds closed. Either I find the key or I don't. She agreed. Rather than a fantasy story, her response was the following list of limits and desires:

Limits -

No danger, real or imagined.

Playful, not mean.

No pain aside from listed in Likes.

No fluids. Condoms and barriers are a must.

No cameras or video or other people.

Likes -

The chance of being caught! This is the reason for the hidden key game.

Light pinching, swatting, spanking.

Tickling - I love it but can't stand it!

Forced sexual touch, sexual play. Petting, teasing. Yes, please.

Toys. Yes, please, but only mine. If it's on my dresser it's in play.

Can't pull away after cumming? It scares me, but ... aw, shit, just do it!

After laying this out she began to tease me with clues. She planned to tie herself at 9:00pm the following night, the key visible by that afternoon if I only knew where to look. I said she was playing a dangerous game. She responded that I could punish her, but only if I actually caught her tied up.

Her "visible" comment had me curious. Visible where? My car? My apartment door? Somewhere on the grounds? I had two motion-activated cameras, and the next morning I placed them in my living room and bedroom, pointed out the two windows with the curtains open. If she planted the key behind the building the cameras might catch it. I then left for work and spent the day distracted by her challenge. Coming home that afternoon I saw Janie in her car outside my building. I walked to the entrance, then turned to face her. She grinned, winked and drove off. Fuck all, she's done it! Where's the key?

I decided to start by checking my cameras.I went into my apartment, pulled the living room camera and started watching. Lots of false alarms in the motion detection, but all of a sudden it looked like I'd caught her! Video of her walking up to my window, peering in, then wandering in the back area, seeming to scout hiding locations. She said "visible". That video ended with the only clue being that she was looking at planting it behind my building. I put away the living room camera and pulled the bedroom camera. More false alarms, but like in the previous video, there she was again. She spent a long time looking into my bedroom. The video ended, but I backed up the video. I figured that if the video showed her planting the key the evidence would be at the end. The third time I ran through the video I caught it. Right after I last saw her at the window, there was something I hadn't seen before. Just her hand, reaching up to my bedroom window sill. She was crouching below, hiding as she reached up. After her hand disappeared, the sill had a spot that looked like ... tape?

Knowing that she could see my bedroom window from hers, I went to my bedroom and looked at the sill from a distance inside. Tape! Masking tape on my window sill! I quickly opened my window and peeled back the edge of the tape revealing a key. I removed the key, laid the tape back down and closed the window. If I was lucky she hadn't seen me do this. Dangerous game, Janie, I thought. I ran down to the hardware store, duplicated the key, returned home and replaced her key under the tape. Unless she saw me do this she could retrieve the key and think I hadn't found it. What creative way could I use that punishment tease?

I messaged her, saying that I saw her in her car and asking for a clue to the key's location. She responded immediately, saying to get cracking, that 9:00pm was almost here!

Before dark I made a show of walking around my building as though searching. At 8:30pm I messaged again one word: "Please?" She wrote back by sticking out her tongue, :P

At 9:05pm that evening I quietly entered her apartment using my duplicate key. I made my way down the hallway to her bedroom. I decided that if I was undiscovered I'd watch, then sneak back out. She was playing her games, I was going to play mine. I needed to be quiet, but music coming from her room helped mask what little noise I made. Her bedroom door was wide open.

She was tied exactly as in the original dare, except that she was blindfolded as instructed! I was able to enter without her noticing, and stood directly behind that perfect ass. I hadn't seen her vibrator from my tower perch that first night, but had a good view now! At this point the vibrators hadn't kicked on, so I spent a while examining what she had done to herself. She had gone to a lot of trouble with this: Not one Hitachi Magic Wand, but two! Not strapped to the footboard, but mounted vertically to a short horizontal board holding them up to meet her pussy. The board had a spring mechanism pressing upward. The support for the short board had a sort of floating quality, with flexibility to move a bit side to side and front to back while spring pressure pressed the Hitachi heads up. She must have pressed it down to straddle it, letting it up between her legs before strapping her wrists. Once restrained, she had at most a few inches of hip movement. This device had more. Pressed up against her, the two vibrator heads squeezed at her clit, one in front and one behind. She couldn't escape by lifting up, and in response to any other motion the vibrator heads would self-center, following her pussy wherever it went! She had created a clit-seeking vibrating missile!

As I admired her forced nakedness, she was turning her head as though listening. I didn't think I'd been discovered, but she kept cocking her head like she was hunting for audible clues. She had been searching for signs for a few minutes when vibrators clicked on, and Janie immediately began squirming. Wow! She was really trying to get away from the dual heads going at her. She kicked, pulled, tried to jump, rolled her hips, pressed down and then lifted up, shook herself, bucked up and down. She did all she could with the restraints holding her down and the footboard holding her up, all the while her excellent vibrator rig following her every movement.

I no longer had trouble keeping quiet, as she was making quite a scene. I watched as her ever-wetter clit danced on the well-aimed vibrating beast. I checked my watch every few minutes, not sure of when I should back out. I moved slowly to the side of the bed, seeing her tits jiggle and sway as she struggled. This was quite the show! Twice as I was at the side of the bed her breathing changed, she stiffened in orgasm, shook all over, then redoubled her useless efforts to escape her twin tormentors. I moved back to the rear view to see that her wetness had run down her legs and down the dual wands. Her muff was engorged, visibly puffy and red.

Sadly, looking at my watch I knew she was close to her timed release. Making my escape, I went back down her hallway, carefully out the door after looking for anyone, locked the door on exit and scurried out of the building. Back to my apartment, I looked to see that the taped key was still there. Whew! I had never seen a display to match that. I'd topped many women, but the experience of seeing Janie "top herself" was unbelievable.

That night I messaged Janie and asked her to tell me about her latest session. She didn't respond for a while, so I shut down for the night. In the morning I checked again to find a five-page message from her. She described how hot she got thinking of me forcing multiple orgasms out of her. She had always been scared of the "too sensitive" feeling after cumming, but now wanted to try it, and knew she had to leave herself with no choice. Still wanting to play the key game with me, she said that she got the fiendish idea to rig her vibrators in a way where she couldn't get away from them. The vibrator setup she planned would do that for her. To her. She spent most of the day setting up this device, getting hotter and wetter as she saw how well it worked. She said her devious inner voice kept saying, Stop thinking about it! You'll back out. Concentrate on the first step, then the next. Don't think about the final step until you're there. Just Do It!!

Around 8:30pm she stripped and prepared the bed as she had before. She set the blindfold on the bed and set her new machine at the foot of the bed. After double checking everything, she kicked on some music. Being blindfolded seemed scary-sexy, and she liked having music playing - it made her squirm just thinking that she could neither see nor hear if someone entered. She resisted the urge to check on her hidden key, not wanting to know. No opening the drapes this time, so she turned on all the lights in her bedroom.

About 8:45pm she was making final preparations. She cuffed herself wrist and ankle, placed her feet at the footboard corners and tied them off. Back out now or else! She thought, then No! Just the next step, that's all. Do it. Standing, she slid herself over the first Hitachi head and felt it rise a bit as the second head made contact. The device was perfect. It pressed into her, contacting "forward and aft". Next step, then the next... Looking at the clock it was 8:56pm. Yikes!! Arranging the straps so that she could do the rest by feel, she put on the blindfold. Do it! She was preoccupied by feeling her way through the final connections. Before she knew it she had only one step left, pulling the loose end of the strap. Do it! ... but she hesitated. Do it! Reach out to the limit and do it all at once!! She obeyed, reaching and pulling with one swift motion.

At this point, she felt an odd series of second thoughts. Her inner voice hadn't allowed them, but now she wondered, Can I really take it? What will happen after I cum? Will this thing work as I intended? Having only a few inches to play with in any direction, she began testing the limits. Not only did the device move with her, she couldn't even change the pressure or where it was centered. She felt a final rush, realizing that she wasn't getting out of this. Fixed right and about to experience forced orgasms at her own hand. It was at this moment that she heard something!

No! she thought. No, no, no! She had been preoccupied this day with getting her device to work in a solo scene. She had anticipated being caught and played with, but somehow she hadn't considered the possibility of me finding her and not intervening. The image in her head of me silently watching her being vibed into a whimpering puddle was more than she could bear. Her mind raced. Was he behind me right now? Seeing my legs spread, getting wet, the device about to have its way? She heard SOMETHING, but couldn't be sure. Show yourself! she thought. She listened for me, scanning for any sign. The growing sense that I was in the room was consuming her. She tilted her head, searching, maybe heard something else, still not sure, turned her head again, and *click*! The vibrators came to life.

The vibrators immediately had her on edge, and the thought of me watching it all was too much. Do something! She said to herself. Touch me! Do anything! She got nothing. In her head she pictured me close, inches from her but not touching, watching her squirm. The Hitachi heads were unrelenting. She shuddered as the first orgasm hit, suddenly and by force. She felt her whole body go red as she came. Helplessness, embarrassment, anger and desire all fought for her attention.

After the climax passed, she threw herself into an escape attempt. The ice release would give a little earlier if she pulled really hard, but this was crazy early. She knew it was useless, but was angry thinking that I was just watching her in this helpless state and took it out on the restraints. Kicking, rolling, pulling, nothing worked. She pushed down on the vibrating demon between her legs, trying to knock it over. Pulling back and pushing again, feeling her device defeat her with every move. In her head she saw me grinning, which somehow transferred to an image of her inner self grinning at her own defeat, and Shit! I'm cumming again!

She was beside herself over her inability to escape. She tried holding still, willing herself not to cum again, but fighting the building sensations just made the inevitable climax even more explosive! Hearing her inner voice laughing, she pulled on the wrist cuffs and stretched forward until she was on her toes. The ankle cuffs prevented that escape. Her inner voice giggled again as the dual heads easily maintained contact as though attached. Another orgasm washed over her. She thought That bastard's watching this!, followed by Noooo! I'm cumming again! No! No , no, nooooo! She felt an inexplicable shyness and a crushing embarrassment at her self-imposed loss of control. She felt completely spent, completely helpless, completely exposed, completely defeated.

Time passed unnoticed. She had stopped fighting and had lost count of the orgasms when she felt the strap at her wrists release their hold. She pulled her blindfold off and scanned the room before unmounting her new toy. She got off, rolled onto her back and spent ten minutes laying there, too exhausted to move, still tethered by her ankles. Finally she unhooked herself and turned off the vibrators without getting up, closed her legs for the first time in forever, rolled to her side in a ball and fell asleep on the floor.

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