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Jennifer’s Restrained Afternoon

by OkmrocksU

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© Copyright 2007 - OkmrocksU - Used by permission

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Author’s note; This is my first story and I hope you like it.  This story, along with any future stories I may write, are a reflection of my own personal fantasies.  Because I am not much into pain and torture you may find it to be a little mild for your taste.  I do however welcome any and all remarks and/or criticism of this story so that I may improve and write better stories in the future.  Enjoy.


Jennifer and I worked in the same office.  She was a marketing executive with the company and did quite well for herself.  She was about 5’10”, had long dark hair, slender build and absolutely beautiful facial features.  She was one of those librarian type women you dream about wearing the business suit, hair put up, and glasses, then she takes the glasses off, lets her hair down, unbuttons her suit and she looks smokin’ hot. 

I had asked her out to dinner a couple of times at work, but she politely turned me down.  She was always nice toward me at the office but when I ran into her at a nightclub she barely said hello, gave me the cold shoulder and headed off to some other guy and started flirting with him.  She seemed to go for the jerks that would use her and then move on to someone else leaving her an emotional wreck for a week or so.

We had just completed a huge job for one of our major clients and the company was giving us Friday afternoon off.  There was a new “Art Exhibit” in town that would only be on display for about 10 days and Jen wanted to go to the opening that evening but had no one to go with her.  She had just been dumped by another one of those jerks and was just getting over him. 

Friday morning she stopped by my desk and asked me if I was doing anything this evening.  I said that I was thinking about going out to the club, but I didn’t really have any plans.  She then asked me if I would escort her to the exhibit this evening.  I thought for a second, maybe this would be an opportunity to get a little closer to her, so I said ok.

She knew where I lived and that her dry cleaners were close to my house.  She said she had something very important to do this afternoon and asked me if I wouldn’t mind picking up her dry cleaning for her because it was a little out of her way.  She also said that she just needed an escort for tonight and nothing more so don’t expect anything to happen.

That infuriated me and I snapped back at her, “Look dammit, if you just want a gofer to run your errands and follow you around like a love sick pup, then find someone else to take you to that damn exhibit.”  She was taken aback by my response and realized that she crossed a line and insulted me.  She knew I was interested in her and she was using that to get what she wanted, but she went too far.  She also wanted to go to the opening really bad and she did not want to go alone.  The thought of everyone looking at her thinking, that poor pathetic thing is all alone, just made her stomach do flipflops. 

She quickly changed her tune and said, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize you felt that way.  Please go with me to the opening.  If you go I’ll buy you dinner and you don’t even need to pick up my dry cleaning.”  I thought for a minute, she likes to eat at fine restaurants and I would really be getting a great meal so I said I would go.  And, I told her I would pick up her dry cleaning, after all it IS on my way.  She said, “Great, pick me up at 7:00.

We left work at noon and I stopped by a fast food joint for lunch, went by the cleaners for her stuff, and then went home.  I was home for only about an hour getting bored so I thought I would go down to the hobby shop and see the new shipment of items that just came in.  I also would drop off Jen’s clothes on the way because her home was close to the hobby shop and then I wouldn’t have to mess with them later.

It was about 2:30 when I got to Jen’s home.  I knocked on her front door and rang the doorbell but there was no answer, so I peeked in the garage and saw that her car was still there.  I thought that was strange, but then thought maybe she was out with one of her friends shopping for the big event tonight.  I had been to her home before for a company dinner party and I kind of knew the layout of it, so I decided to put her clothes on the back porch and leave her a note on her front door.  The porch was partly enclosed and I knew her clothes would be out of the weather.

I hung her clothes on the porch light and heard music coming from inside.  I knocked on the back door but there was no answer.  I started to turn to leave and noticed that the curtain was open just enough to barely see into her bedroom.  I peeked in and saw Jen, naked, spread eagle tied to the bed, gagged and blindfolded and my jaw hit the floor.

My first thought was, Wow this just exactly how I wanted her, but then I thought, wait a minute, there might be a burglar in the house and he might even have a gun.  I got scared and was going to go call the cops, but then I thought she needed help now, so I gently tried the back door and it was unlocked.  I very quietly stepped inside and proceeded to go slowly through the house quietly peeking into each room but found no one else in there, so I went to her bedroom.  She had a small stereo that was playing music just loud enough to drown out the sound of my footsteps so she didn’t even know I was there.  Since the coast was clear, I was in no hurry to untie her.  I had fantasized about having her this way many times and I was going to enjoy the moment. 

I started to survey the situation and realized, wow, she had done this to herself.  Her bed was queen size with a decorative iron frame head and footboard.  She had tied her feet to each corner of the footboard with rope, which spread her legs wide apart.  Her hands were tied with wrist cuffs that were padlocked to short pieces of chain to the corners of the headboard.  A ball gag was strapped securely in her mouth along with a harness that was strapped under the chin and that went over the top of her head and split just above her nose and went to each side of the ball in her mouth.  The leather blindfold was also secured tightly under this harness so there was no way she could rub it off. 

Above her right hand there was a key tied to a string, which a portion of the string was frozen in a small cube of ice.  It was secured to a hook in ceiling and the string was just long enough that when the ice completely melted the key would fall into her hand.  Above her left hand was another key on a string tied to a small bucket sitting on a little shelf.  In the bucket was what smelled like kitchen waste.  She could slide her hands up and down the bed frame about a foot and a half and could just reach the key tied to the bucket.  This was her safety, but if she had to use this key she would create a horrible mess that would probably take hours to clean up.  The other key was completely out of reach until a portion of the ice had melted and allowed the key to drop at least a foot.

She had taken a long piece of rope and doubled it, put it around her waist and pulled the two loose ends through the loop.  The rope was then passed between her legs, hooked over the waist rope in the back, pulled tight and brought back between her legs again and tied around the base of a dildo with a vibrator that was buried deep in her pussy, pulled tight again and tied to the waist rope in front. 

The vibrator was plugged into a little black box that was about 8 inches square which was plugged into the wall outlet.  It was a programmable timer.  On the face of the box were several digital readouts, a keypad, and several function buttons.  Jen had programmed it for three sessions.  In each session she set it up to turn the vibrator on and off teasing and stimulating her but not pushing her over the edge.  It would start with 10 seconds on, and 50 seconds off cycle. Then each following cycle would add a second to the on setting, and subtract a second from the off setting, teasing her a little longer each time.  When the cycle reached 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, it shut down for one minute and then turned on for four minutes, which pushed her to climax well before the four minutes were up.  The time for each session was about 25-minutes and in between each session she set up a 15-minute rest period to make the total time of her ordeal about two hours, which was about the time it took for the ice to melt so she could retrieve the key and set herself free.

When I walked in on her, she was in the middle of her second session, thrusting when the vibrator was on and struggling when it was off.  I decided I would watch her for a while so I quickly went to the kitchen, grabbed a chair and returned to sit down and watch.  It made me so horny watching her struggle; I undid my pants, took out my cock and masturbated.  It took less than a minute for me to cum, which I had to muffle my groans so she could not hear me.  Then I had to get up with my cock and mess in hand and go to the bathroom to clean up. 

When I came back Jen was having her orgasm at the end of the session moaning and Mmphing through her gag.  I sat back down in the chair and quietly watched her.  She laid there during the rest period and gave her bonds a little tug to reassure herself she was securely bound.  Her pussy, crotch rope and dildo were wet with her love juices.  The crotch rope had buried itself deep into her mound and wasn’t even visible.  It added additional stimulation to her clit and anus from the vibrator. 

She reached up with her right hand to feel if the key had dropped within reach, but the ice had not melted enough yet.  Then she reached up with her left hand and got a hold of her safety key, caressing it with her fingers reassuring herself that she still has that means for escape if she has to.  She then let go of the key and slid her hand back down to the mattress and relaxed until the next session started.

While sitting there watching her I decided I would have a little fun with her.   I took the safety key and put it up on the shelf with the bucket.  I then hooked the other key up on the ceiling hook so it wouldn’t drop when the ice melted.  Both keys were well out of reach and there was no way she could escape now.  Then a click and the vibrator started indicating the start of the third session.

After the first two sessions Jen’s pussy was a little numb, so it would take a few cycles to start getting her worked up again.  On about the seventh or eighth cycle she started getting into it again.  The vibrator kicked on and she thrust her pelvis up and went MMMmmmphhh.  It kicked off and then she struggled a little and then it kicked on again.  She thrusted, MMMMmmmmphhh.  It kicked off and she struggled some more.  Then it kicked on again and she twisted her hips to the right, thrusting, MMMMMmmmmmphhh.  It kicked off and she struggled again, a little short of breath this time, Mmph, Mmph, Mmph, Mmph, Mmph.  It kicked on again and she twisted her hips this time to the left, thrusting, MMMMMMMmmmmmmmphhh.  It kicked off and she struggled a little more franticly this time, Mmph, breath, Mmph, breath, Mmph, breath, Mmph, breath.  It kicked on and she thrust up really hard this time, MMMMMMmmmmmmphhhh, she thrusted again, MMMMMMmmmmmmphhhh.  It kicked off and she faintly struggled mmmmphh, breath, mmmmphhh, breath, mmmmphhh. 

The short cycles were done.  She was all worked-up and ready now.  The long cycle kicked on, MMMMMMmmmmmmphhhh, breath, MMMmmmmmMMMMMMmphhh.  She bit down hard on the gag, pulled and tugged repeatedly against her bonds, and thrust her mound up and down and moaned loudly through the gag, MMMMMMMMmmmmmmMMMMMMPhphhhh, slurpy breath, MMmmph, breath, MMmmph, breath, MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, she started to cum, MMMMMMMmmmmmgrgrgrgrslslsphff, slurpy breath, MMmmph, breath, MMmmph, breath, cumming and squealing, EEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMMmmmmmmmMMMMMPhphhhhff, breath, OHOHOHOHOHGRGRGRGRGRgrgrgrgrgrgrmmmmmmmMMMPHphfff, breath, MMMMmmmmphhh, breath, MMMMMmmmmmphhh, breath, mmmmmmmmmmphhh, breath, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, breath.  She was finally done, but the vibrator still had about two minutes to go. 

She laid there, shuttering and shaking, as she was coming down from her high.  I got so excited when she was being stimulated, that I had to take matters in hand again.  So, I had to get up and go clean myself off again while she was recovering. 


After cleaning up, I came back in and set down to watch her again.  It was now time for the real fun to begin.  The ice had melted enough for the last little piece to drop off the string.  It fell and hit the bed frame and made a little ping noise.  Jen heard it, thinking it was the key, and now time for her to get loose.  Since the string was long enough to reach her hand at mattress level, she started reaching around and feeling for the key.  She twisted her right hand all around, feeling everywhere she could reach, but didn’t find it.  She slid her hand up the bar at various levels reaching all around but still no key.  She reached as high as she could but still no key, no string, no nothing.  She started getting frustrated and mumbled in her gag, muuh mu humll?  She frantically reached and felt all over again, No damn key!  Ssmpht! 

She jerked the bed, tugging in her bonds in frustration.  She lifted her head and turned it from side to side in a futile attempt to try to see her way out of this.  She thought, damn, now I’m going to have to use the safety key.  I’m gonna hate cleaning up this mess.  She reached her left hand up and felt around, but again No Key!???  She was starting to panic.  She knew she could reach that key before but now where the hell is it?  Up and down she reached, alternating hands but still couldn’t find the keys.  Now she was really in a panic.  She wondered what went wrong?  She shook the bed in frustration, squealed and cried NO through her gag.

She lay there thinking, what was she going to do now?  She lost all means of escape.  She knew I was coming over in a few hours and then what?  Would I knock on the door a few times and then leave thinking she stood me up, especially because of the way she had treated me lately?  Then there would be no one to save her.  She may not even be missed until Monday.  What if I investigated why she didn’t open the door?  What If I came in and found her this way?  What would I do to her?  Would I make fun of her?  Would I tell everyone in the office what she was into?  She would be humiliated right out of a job.  It was a really good job and she hated to loose it.  Did she lock all the doors so no one could get in?  How could anyone save her now?  

After a quick glance at the instructions for the timer, I reset it for another session and pushed the start button.  The vibrator kicked on and she almost jumped off the bed, but the ropes and chains prevented that.  She hollered angrily through the gag, Mmaa Gumm MMMMMmmmmphhh.  She knew something was up now.  She knew she only programmed three sessions into the timer.  She knew someone was there.  She got scared and her breathing was labored.  She raised her head up and looked around, as if she could see, and listened intensely the presence of someone.  Who could it be?  None of her friends even knew she was off this afternoon, so it couldn’t be any of them.  Oh my God, she thought, it’s a burglar.  What’s he going to do to me?  He could steal me blind and there is nothing I can do about it.  Hell, I’m already blind.  He could take full advantage of me, raping me, maybe even killing me.  Oh please, she thought, somebody help me? 

Jen had very sensitive breasts and she neglected them in her bondage ordeal.  They were not tied, chained or clamped, but her nipples were sticking up very hard.  I reached over and lightly pinched and twisted one of them to announce my presence, and she jumped and yelped.  I whispered, “Hello my dear, I’m so happy I found you this way.”  Since I only spoke to her in a whisper she couldn’t tell who I was, only that I was a man. 

She frightenedly mumbled in her gag, mMoom maah moo?  Mmuh mmoo ooom mumm?  I’m not sure but I think she tried to say, who are you and what do you want?  So I whispered to her, “I’m your deepest darkest fantasy.  I’ve got you now and there’s no escape.  You’re all mine and I’m going to have my way with you.  Short of breath, she wiggled, struggled, thrusted and moaned MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmphphhhh.           




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