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Jenny’s Life Changes

by jennysub

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© Copyright 2008 - jennysub - Used by permission

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My name is Jenny, and I am a 37 year old woman who loves bondage. I am not a super model, but have kept myself trim and am better looking than most of my friends. I got married straight out of high school and had a baby soon after. My husband and I divorced after about 4 years, but he has a good job, provides a regular child support check, and sees his daughter often enough. We have a comfortable little house and live a quiet suburban lifetsyle. I had enjoyed playing bondage games when I was married, but we never did anything fancy. I didn’t really start a serious exploration of the subject until I was about 33. The internet was a real eye-opener for me.

I began by looking at pictures, reading stories, and watching movies. Then I began to chat with people on line. It opened a whole new world for me. I met some people, both male and female, who taught me so much, and I was hooked. I found one friend who lived locally, Steve, who was an electrician. We got along well, but both of us preferred to be submissive. We took turns domming each other, but each of us was still looking for a full time dominant to submit to.

Steve had helped me build a room in my basement (actually it would be more accurate to say I helped him). Not a big room, partially under the stairs, that I told my daughter was for storage. Needless to say, it was actually my dungeon. Steve had put extra insulation (for sound-proofing), an electrical outlet, a ceiling light, and a phone. This is where I did most of my self-bondage. I hooked up a video camera in there, and recorded some of my sessions. After I had a few, I put in a television and a DVD player. Then, I could tie myself up, and watch myself at the same time.

Here again, Steve came in handy. He was my safety. I would call him before a session and let him know. If he did not hear from me in the agreed time, he would come over and release me. In payment, if he had to save me, I had to do a session where I dominated him. I also served as his safety when he played, with the same agreement.

The story really begins when I began to develop an idea for self-bondage that just kept growing until I had to figure out a way to make it come true. It took about 3 months, more help from Steve, and several trials before I got it right.

In the middle of the room, we build a simple square of 2"x4"s on edge. It was 4'x4', with pieces of angle iron sticking up about 8" on all 4 corners. In the middle was a heavy flag stand which allowed a pole to be screwed into it. Over this, fitted between the angle irons, was a piece of plywood, also 4'x4'. The plywood had a 2" hole cut in the center,  eye-bolts in the center of all 4 sides, and a clothes pin sticking out of one side. The clothes pin was attached to the plywood, but fit into a notch cut into the 2"x4” frame. The eye-bolts had slender cables attached, which ran up to a heavy pulley hanging from the ceiling. About a foot on the other side of the pulley, they connected to a single cable, which ran to a small electric winch on the wall (more compliments of Steve).

Last Friday, while Brenda (my 18 year old daughter) was at school, I decided to use my set-up. In the bedroom, I put on a heavy, waist-cincher with 8 garters to attach my stockings. Then I put on 5" pumps, ankle cuffs, and a bondage belt with cuffs attached to the back ring. I gathered my toy bag, with the rest of the things I would need, and headed to the dungeon.

In the dungeon, I put the remote control for the winch and the toy bag on the plywood. I attached nipple clamps to a string that was hooked to an eye-screw in the ceiling. I tied the key to the handcuffs to another string, which also ran up to the ceiling. But this string ran through the eye-screw, to another eye-screw in the ceiling near the wall (just over the light switch), and hung down. I raised the plywood 6", ran the string down to a loop, which I put on the light switch, and then over to the clothes pin on the plywood. I clamped a vibrator with a long cord, to the pole which was normally stored out of sight behind the television, and plugged it in. The pole was the key to the whole set-up. It was threaded on one end and had a 8" dildo, with balls, on the other. There was a clamp, for the vibrator, mounted just inches below the dildo. This pole had been carefully measured, and was exactly the right length to fit its purpose. I turned on the video camera in the corner and was now ready to put myself into bondage.

I turned on the TV, started a bondage movie, and climbed up onto the plywood. I stooped over to tie my ankle cuffs to two of the eye-bolts on opposite sides of the wood. This would keep my feet about 3' apart. Next I pulled a penis gag from my bag and buckled it tightly behind my head. I took the winch control and pushed the lower button. Steve had set a 15 minute delay before the winch started. But the tricky part was that he had set the speed of the winch so that it would take 2 hours to let out 6" of cable. I took a paddle out of the toy bag and attached it to my bondage belt, then tossed the bag off the platform.

Now for the fun part. I took the pole and slid the dildo into my pussy. I had to push it in all the way in order to get the other end of the pole over the hole in the plywood. Then, I could pull most of it out and screw the pole into the flag base(which was quite enjoyable). Once screwed all the way in, only about 2" of the dildo was in my pussy. I stood straight up and the nipple clamps were right in front of my breasts, They were the clover type clamps which would tighten when pulled. I placed them firmly on my nipples. I then cuffed my left wrist behind my back.  With my right hand, I took the paddle and started spanking myself. I would keep spanking myself until the winch started. The only advantage of doing to myself was that I could control how hard I did it. Today, I wanted to be sure my bottom was quite red before I had to stop. After about ten minutes, I saw the light go on for the winch. I immediately dropped the paddle and cuffed my right wrist behind my back.

There I was, standing on a platform, with the tip of my dildo teasing my pussy, nipple clamps on, gagged and tied. I would remain there for two hours. But, the beauty of this system was that it would get more severe with time. Over the next two hours, the platform would very slowly lowered. My nipples would remain stationary. Unfortunately, my body would lower 6", as my pussy was impaled on the dildo. As the time neared the end, I could raise up on tiptoes to relieve some pressure on my nipples, but after 2 hours in 5" heels, my legs and feet were in no shape to even try. It was a frustrating situation. I could lower myself some to fuck the dildo, but that meant yanking on my nipples. So, I normally just stood there, watched the movie, and let the inevitable happen, getting hotter by the minute.

The way it was supposed to work (and had several times before), when the plywood reached the frame, the bottom of the clothespin would be pushed by the frame and open. The string, pulled by a weight, would be released and lower the key to my hands. However, the loop in the string which was attached to the light switch, would flip the switch on, which activated the outlet where the vibrator was plugged into. So the key was where I could get it, but the vibrator would suddenly turn on full blast. With my nipples pulled up towards the ceiling, 8" of dildo shaking in me, and the rubber balls, pushed right up against my clit, vibrating also, I would orgasm almost instantly. This made it much more difficult to unlock the cuffs and release my hands. Only then could I release the nipple clamps. Then I would have to bend at the waist to untie my ankles, and climb off the dildo.

That is the way it is supposed to work. But not today. I was about an hour and a half into the session, when I heard the front door open. There had been a couple of time in the past when Steve had some free time, and had stopped by while I was tied up. He would, depending on how I was tied, either make me a little more uncomfortable, or use me as a sex toy, both of which were fine by me. I hoped that’s what was going to happen, but the next thing I heard was “Mom?”. I couldn’t do a thing as she searched through the house trying to find me.

After about 5 minutes, I heard her footsteps coming down the stairs, right over my head. I had left the door slightly ajar, as usual, so that Steve could get in if he needed to. Instead, it was Brenda who open the door.  The humiliation I felt was matched only by the shock on her face. She immediately rushed in and tried to release me. ”What happened? Are you ok?”(Which I obviously couldn’t answer). She tried to free my hands and couldn’t. It was only when she started looking for the key that she began to comprehend what was going on.

She saw the television. She saw me tied up and being spanked by Steve on the television (though she couldn’t see his face on the screen). She started looking around and saw the key. She paused for a minute to figure out what was going on, and came to right conclusion. So, instead of releasing me, she climbed up on the plywood and removed my gag.

“Don’t say a word, yet” she ordered. She then took the paddle that was still hanging from the belt, and removed it. “Let’s play a little game. Truth or spank. I will ask you questions. You will answer them truthfully. If you don’t answer, I spank you. If you say anything but answer the question directly, I spank you. If you don’t answer them quickly enough, I spank you. Do you understand the rules?” 

Her voice was so firm and in charge, something I would not have expected from her, that I responded automatically, “Yes Mistress”.

“Mistress? I like that. You will keep addressing me that way. “ She started asking me questions. I don’t remember all the questions, or in which order she asked them, but she soon had a clear picture of what was going on and what I liked.. I tried not to give her any reason to spank me, but she did anyway. When I asked her why, she said ”Because I want to.” And then she spanked me again.

When I had answered her questions, and been spanked thoroughly, she replaced my gag,  climbed down and left the room. She was back in a minute with a chair, which she placed in front of me. She sat on the chair to watch. She knew it was only going to be a few more minutes before the plywood hit the frame.

I know this is going to sound odd, but since I am a submissive who loves humiliation, when the vibrator came on, I had an almost instant orgasm. I couldn’t help myself. My knees buckled, but with my pussy supported by the vibrating balls, and my nipples still stretched towards the ceiling, I couldn’t fall. By the time I could get one of the cuffs unlocked, I came again.

After I finally was able to release my wrists, nipples, and ankles, and climbed off the dildo, I literally collapsed on the floor in front of where she sat. I was still gagged and, when she got off the chair, I thought she would remove it. Instead, she grabbed my wrists and cuffed them behind my back again. She went through the toybag and got out a collar and leash. She put them on me and, making me get to my feet, put the toybag in my hands, led me upstairs to her bedroom.

In her bedroom, she tied me, very tightly, on my knees in next to her bed. She ungagged me, finally, and had me call Steve, so he wouldn’t show up. She held the phone next to my head and got close enough that she could hear every word. We then had a long talk about dominance and submission, bondage and discipline, and sex in general.

Needless to say, our relationship changed that day. It has been wonderful, but it is another story.  



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