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Jesse in Jeopardy

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2010 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; gibbet; stuck; F/f; bond; shackles; corset; cell; MF+/f; encase; entomb; buried; cons/nc; X

It was very stormy as the boat crossed towards the Western Isles. On board Jesse Haig was looking forward to a month cycling and camping the length of the Scottish islands. A stunning young woman of twenty-two years old, almost Viking in appearance. Think of Hagar’s daughter and you’d get the idea. Thick wavy golden blonde hair, long legs and an athletic body to die for and she’d attracted her fair share of attention since she’d blossomed. Even today while booking her ticket the seller had almost drooled over her. Still a body like hers was a rare sight up here and he’d only been human after all.

The first fortnight was flying by as Miss Haig headed south towards Barra, the last Isle of the chain and a ferry to Oban in two days time. Writing a diary of all that she’d done took up most evenings but in years to come she’d no doubt enjoy reading about where she went, who she met and so on. Jesse had abandoned the idea of camping early on and instead used bed-and-breakfasts as they were so cheap being out of the main school holiday season. The only thing that had puzzled her was the way religion was observed here. Everywhere closed on Sunday, even Stornoway, the main town/city had limited opening hours and she’d almost got caught. But the break had done wonders and she peddled ever further southwards.

At a crossroads she paused to check her map. Jesse had a place booked for tonight and it was only three miles ahead so being only 2pm a little early to be arriving. She’d earlier phoned the owner to confirm where to go and had written the directions on a page of her diary. So this side road that led out to the coast was worth investigating using the spare time. It was barely two miles further so down she headed. It was a bit steep and Haig suppressed a groan that she’d have to walk her bike back up. Even with her gears it was too steep to peddle. Finally down the rutted road she bounced, her breasts straining against her top, just as well Jesse wore a sports-bra or she’d get sore.

The end of the road found her in what appeared to be a derelict hamlet with a harbour. A surprisingly large church dominated the place, though it seemed to be in the same bad state. Perhaps it had been abandoned from the war she thought. There was no litter around and Jesse wondered if she was the first person here in a long while. No tyre tracks or anything else, “Not even CCTV,” she chuckled, parking the bike just outside the wall. The clouds here looked threatening and having got soaked earlier in the day she did not want a repeat so the girl brought the cycle under cover into the archway.

Jesse stood in the doorway as the rain began to tumble, within minutes it was a deluge and she’d be here for a while. Leaning against the door Haig jumped when it creaked open under pressure. So with nothing else to do Jesse walked inside. It was very dim in here, the windows might not have been cleaned since the war she guessed as the girl trudged along the short aisle towards the altar.

Crossing herself in respect Jesse said a short prayer for her late parents, hoping they were proud of what their girl had achieved since the accident that had claimed their lives. Then having done that it was time for exploration.

The main chapel appeared empty, no pews, or anything wooden come to that. It’s probably firewood now she thought as the girl went behind a screen. A passageway led down and she wondered if there was anything worth looking at. Thinking yes Jesse returned to her bike, checked it was still pouring down and grabbed her torch and a knife then went inside.

It was so spooky going down the dusty stairs. Certainly if she’d heard a squeak Haig would have run miles. Spiders weren’t a problem but anything with whiskers… But it was silence as she flashed the torch around and was hugely disappointed.

All that was here was what appeared to be another type of altar. With a low central bit and at each end of the oblong shape a chunk of stone that ran across, with ends that hung over the sides. The altar must have been at least nine feet wide and the two raised bits about seven feet long. Another door led off to somewhere but appeared to be locked as she tried the old handle.

Jesse was fascinated and looked all over the smooth surface to try finding a name. It must have been someone important, well two actually assuming the coffins under the ends were occupied. That made her jump a bit, then she realised that there were no other gravestones either upstairs in the chapel, nor any outside either. Perhaps they’d been disinterred when the place was abandoned.

Were there two here that had been forgotten? Jesse wondered, maybe she should have a peek. So back to the bike and Haig fetched the peg-hammer used for the tent. A pair of tent pegs went into a pocket as well and after a drink she went back down. Jesse was annoyed it was still raining but she’d give it another hour before leaving here.

She had her answer about the coffin after thirty minutes of chipping, banging and levering one of the flanges when it suddenly broke in half, sending a chunk of stone onto the floor with a crunch. Barely missing her trainer-clad feet as the girl jumped back. She cursed vilely then stopped, realising she’d just sworn in church and that wouldn’t do. Jesse returned upstairs to the altar and prayed forgiveness. This seemingly being granted as the sun emerged from behind the clouds a few minutes later as she continued her exploration of the building. A quick check outside and having summoned courage Jesse went back down and shone the torch, peering into the gap.

There did appear to be a coffin in there and that was enough, she shouldn’t have done this and Jesse was mortified. She didn’t know if it was occupied, at least there wasn’t a smell from inside and that greatly relieved her. Certainly Jesse did not want to check further. It could be construed as desecration of a church, definitely a crime and up here, where religion was taken seriously the girl was appalled at what she’d done. It was time to go she thought, nobody will ever find out and with that Jesse carefully shut the door, wondering if she should come back tomorrow and have a look round the rest of the village. Maybe even try to repair that damage.

 It took about twenty minutes to get up the hill then another half hour of peddling before Jesse Haig arrived at the village, looking much the same as the others on Barra. Maybe ten or twelve small single floor houses, a post office/shop and the obligatory chapel for the residents. There was one small side turn leading up the hill. When phoning the Bed and Breakfast place earlier to confirm her booking and get directions she was told to look on the corner by the post box. There it was, the little wooden B&B sign pointing up, Jesse quietly groaned, ‘another climb’. A last burst from her tired legs and a hundred yards along there it was. Star Cottage and it looked ideal, as she’d be here for a couple of days. Slightly overgrown garden but the building’s exterior was spotless. Hopefully inside it’d be the same like the others she’d stayed at on this trip. Despite the climb Jesse was happy and hummed her way to Moira McLuskey’s front door and knocked.

Jesse was startled when the woman who answered looked her up and down before asking whom she was. On finding this was the first of tonight’s guests arriving the lady’s expression softened as she introduced herself. Miss Haig was ushered in, bypassing the living room and into the kitchen. Moira McLuskey apologised saying the Vicar had called in unexpectedly for afternoon tea. Jesse realising that her rather skimpy shorts and T-shirt were inappropriate for meeting the Clergy suggested she quickly change out here. Moira nodded and turned away as Miss Haig went into the larder out of view and stripped off. Running a towel over herself before slipping on a dark long-sleeved blouse and the only smart pair of trousers brought with her. She had sensible shoes too and they soon replaced the trainers. A brush of that luscious hair and she was ready.

“Sorry about that” she stammered coming back into the kitchen as Moira smiled then gave a nod of approval, fetching another plate of cakes and a cup for the new arrival. “That’s much better my dear, we’ll sort the formalities later” she said and Jesse giggled as she took the tray. With that they went in and Miss Haig was introduced to the Vicar. A kindly looking man with a ‘Captain Birds-Eye’ beard and his warm hands cradled hers, calling the lassie “My dear child” which to some might have been considered inappropriate but over the last ten days Jesse had got used to the way Islanders talked to her. 

They made small talk as Jesse told them about her holiday saying what a wonderful time she’d had. The others happy to listen with only the odd question, mainly about what she did for a job. Though the girl had recently finished College the part-time employment she was doing had gone weeks later. So this trip was her last chance of a break before the hunt began. There was plenty of I.T. work in Aberdeen connected to the Oil Industry and she’d already got two interviews planned for next month after her vacation.  The two smiling on realising this girl was a hard working and honest lassie, not ‘sponging off the state’ as so many of this generation do. Jesse kept clear of religion in deference to the Vicar but did eventually admit that yes she was a believer. That of course getting approval but he said nothing else. Happy to let this very pretty girl express her thoughts so eloquently.

Jesse told them about her travels around the area and eventually mentioned she’d been to the derelict village, asking them what had happened down there. The pair seemed to freeze for a moment and a chill ran through Miss Haig. The Vicar paused, looking sadly at Moira who nodded in agreement then the man began to tell the girl about the Ardnacarrick fishing tragedy, one of the saddest tales Jesse had ever heard.

He explained that Ardnacarrick had been a thriving community until the late seventies, he being its minister along with the church in this village. Twenty odd people lived there with most of the men working two fishing trawlers. The women of course staying ashore and raising children and suchlike. One stormy afternoon the Ardnacarrick Star, the smaller and older of the boats had failed to return to harbour. There was huge consternation amongst the remaining villagers that night; most of who waited up but the boat didn’t come home. So the next day shortly after dawn the villages’ other vessel, The Ardnacarrick Star 2, had left with every man or boy aboard on a rescue mission. Maroons having been reported during the night far away to the West.

Some of the women had not wanted the Star 2 to go, losing one boat was bad enough but the skipper was adamant. His younger brother was aboard and Willy wanted him back. So it left, under calm seas, chugging out with the prayers of everyone in the wider community going with her. She was expected to be out all day so at first nobody was concerned. The Royal Navy was also being called in but due to a lot of ships being involved on an exercise they wouldn’t be there till later. Even the lifeboat men from round the point could not help, their own craft had been badly damaged during the storm while on a rescue. So the Star crew was on it’s own as they searched for their colleagues.

Jesse guessed what happened next and this was confirmed. The Star 2 was never heard from again, the alarm raised next day when it hadn’t returned and a massive search organised. But after no wreckage from either vessel was found within a week all hope was lost for the men.

The few women left behind were devastated by the loss, thirteen brave men and boys wiped out in an instant. With help from the Scottish authorities they were assisted in relocating elsewhere on the island and the place was abandoned to its fate. Never again would a trawler go near the place, buoys were set out a mile or so offshore, the charts adjusted to warn people and local skippers kept clear.

“Since then I assume nobody has been there, except yourself” The Vicar said at last as the story ended. Admitting that he was the only male in the village who hadn’t gone, mainly because he’d been in Stornoway on that fateful day and couldn’t get back quick enough to go on the Star 2. He and others spent most of the following week afloat on various trawlers but with no result. Jesse was saddened by the tale and her hand had reached across and clasped Moira’s, having discovered that among the crew of the first boat had been Jimmy, Moira’s father. Now she knew why this was called Star Cottage. The girl told them how the place was and they were pleased it hadn’t been vandalised, anything stolen or suchlike but left to fade away. “That’s the best thing for it,” Moira said to bring this bit of chat to a conclusion.

Just then the telephone rang, making all three of them jump. Miss McLuskey answered and the others watched her face. It appeared to show an expression of surprise as a voice at the far end told her some news. “So nothing till next weekend then, assuming they fix the boat?” and it appeared to be the case.

The call ended and Moira turned and broke the news that one of Barra’s ferries had been damaged in Oban, hitting the knuckle of the jetty and would need to be repaired. Jesse was surprised and a little disheartened. This meant she had two options. Either wait here on Barra for the boat to be fixed, or peddle all the way back up to catch the Lewis boat and retrace her steps to Stornoway. She wasn’t due back in Aberdeen for another two weeks but she’d wanted to do Mull and Iona, Skye and a few more. With this delay the last part of her trip was spoiled.

Jesse mulled over her decision while the others chatted on. Once they’d finished she announced that rather than go North she’d wait here if Miss McLuskey had room, spending the time really exploring the island and helping out with chores if anyone wanted her assistance. “My dear that’s so kind,” Moira said, “And I’m happy to accept. I’ll not even charge you either if you could help me sort the place out a bit”.

That seemed to meet the approval of the others and the matter was settled. Moira showed the Vicar, who’s name was William McTavish out then took Jesse to her room, not the big one because more guests were due tonight. And what a lovely room it was.    

Quiet small but with a nice comfy bed, two wardrobes and a dresser. An en-suite bathroom, and all this for £25 a night including breakfast. Moira left her to it and Miss Haig unpacked her rucksack. As there was a washing machine here it meant Jesse could get all her stuff done and she went into the sitting room, asking Miss McLuskey if she could use it. “Of course my dear, what’s mine is now yours while you’re here in this village.” Jesse smiled and asked her if any of her own needed doing, told yes and after a quick pre-clean a tub-full of clothes was loaded up.

Going back to her room Jesse examined the contents of the older wardrobe in the corner. Having found it was full so she’d put her own clothes in the new one. There was lots of what she’d call ‘old stuff’. Long Victorian era dresses and maybe older than that. Miss Haig had always loved that period and she pulled a few frocks out to examine them more closely, laying them out on the bed.

There was a gentle tap on the door and after a moment Moira came in, startled at what she saw. Jesse reddened with embarrassment, but surprisingly her host didn’t seem to mind. “Oh, you’ve found those old things,” she chuckled, “Almost forgotten they were there”.

Miss Haig listened as Moira told her about the dresses, leftovers from a bygone age and that really they should be either in a museum or burnt on the fire to save a few logs. “Wood more important these days I suppose?” and Miss McLuskey agreed. Seeing Jesse’s interest, the fact she seemed concerned that these were just going to be wasted Moira startled the youngster. “Would you like to try one on?” she asked.  The girl thought about it, and as there wasn’t much else to do today she agreed. Moira told her not to worry about the other guests, they’d just cancelled. They’d been on the Oban boat so were stuck there. Miss McLuskey was a bit annoyed with the operator’s carelessness and needed a distraction.

“Wonderful, I’m sure you’d look lovely, well you do anyway,” Jesse flushing at the complement. She stripped off as Moira went to the wardrobe and rummaged on the shelves while the lass stood there just in her bra and panties. Laying out some obvious looking undergarments Moira turned, “No no my dear, everything off please” that startling the girl. “Didn’t have Marks and Sparks stuff then I suppose?” and Miss McLuskey laughed, as the youngster soon stood there naked.

“OK which one first?” and Jesse pointed to a long black one still in the wardrobe. Moira looked. “Oh, maybe not that one love. That’s rather special… to me” Jesse looked a bit sad as it seemed to be of a slightly newer style and cut of material. Though that was soon sorted as her host told her that the dress was actually reserved for her own funeral. “I’m not planning that for a while mind, but over here every woman wants the best outfit for her final journey.” Jesse shuddered a bit then Moira rubbed her, “Don’t worry love, it doesn’t apply to you, but do pick another” So she did. A cream one was chosen and over the next half-hour a stunning young lady emerged, swathed from ankle to neck with ‘at least half a ton of stuff’ underneath. “All these petticoats, how did women of that era do anything useful?” Jesse chuckled once she was finished.

It was hard to walk but the swishing of silky fabric round her legs was turning Jesse on as she paraded up and down the room, managing not to trip herself up. Moira was delighted and gave the girl a hug; a light touch at first but eventually holding her tight and Miss Haig did nothing except cling on. At a time like this Jesse was missing her parents so to get an unexpected cuddle was something to be savoured. “Sorry Moira,” she said letting go and starting to cry.

Miss McLuskey realised something was wrong and sat Jesse down, holding her hands as the girl, having dried her eyes admitted how lonely she was. Split from her last boyfriend weeks before this trip, no relations that she could stand for more than a few minutes. Even Carole, her best friend who was supposed to have come on this holiday had pulled out at the last minute. “I’m sorry, I guess you’re just as bad,” Jesse said, rubbing Moira’s arm. “Still I guess we’ll get on alright eh?” and Miss McLuskey smiled. “We will, but now its supper-time and I bet you’re hungry after all that peddling, come on honey,” and with that Jesse swished her way to the kitchen and helped prepare a meal that they both enjoyed.

Having done that they returned to her bedroom and spent another couple of hours going through some dresses that would fit without needing the fearsome looking corsets. Jesse knew about these things and eventually talked Moira into helping her into one so she could wear the other frocks too.

Half an hour later a quietly groaning Miss Haig had been laced in so tight that even breathing was a struggle. But with the pale grey frock on she felt heavenly. Just a shame it was a bit long. If she’d got some heels then it’d be fine. “I’ve got a few pairs, haven’t worn them for ages, before… well that day I guess” Moira said, telling her guest that when the tragedy occurred she’d been at Edinburgh in the first year of college. “Swinging Sixties and all that, Believe me honey I was free and away from my folks for the first time and determined to enjoy it” Moira said, her eyes almost lighting up. “Could teach you youngsters about partying hard”. Jesse laughed at this as trying to remember ‘Freshers Week’ made her cringe and they chatted more about times gone by. Moira fetched the shoes, these in black with 3-inch heels and at least she and Jesse wore the same size. Once those were applied the dress didn’t drag on the ground.

“That’s lovely, I’m so glad you’ve brought these old rags to life,” she said, stunning Jesse by asking did she want to keep some. Pick what she wanted and Moira would ensure they were packed and posted once the boat was fixed. Miss Haig was delighted, giving Moira another hug and it was then settled and she chose three dresses she wanted. Ones that she could get into unaided. Shame about that other black one but she didn’t want to offend her benefactor.

By now it was late and having been out since 8am Jesse was tiring. Miss McLuskey sensed this and said it was bedtime. She left Miss Haig hanging up the outfits again then returned later holding a lovely full-length silk nightdress and kimono. “There, try these tonight my dear,” she said, handing them over. Jesse quickly changed and Moira zipped the nightie up the back before standing in front of her guest. Her hands resting on Jesse’s hips as they embraced. Then after the girl had finished in the bathroom Moira told the youngster to get into bed and she’d tuck her up, “Like the daughter I never had’. Miss Haig smiled and went along with it, kissed her goodnight and clambered in and was indeed tucked in then Moira left. Soon a warm comforting glow came over her once the lights went out. “She really is a sweetie” Jesse murmured.

* * * *

Saturday dawned and Jesse dozed on, only waking when Moira tapped on the door. “Good morning my dear, breakfast is ready,” she said, startling the girl on finding out it was 9am. She slipped into the wrap, taking a moment to sort out a mass of hair before joining Miss McLuskey in the kitchen. A huge breakfast was despatched and she helped wash up before asking what plans and chores there were for her to do. “Not today, its Friday and you’re still paying so you don’t start those till Monday,” she was told. Jesse smiled and announced she’d be going out on the bike and Moira confirmed that the weather was set fair. They listened to the radio to confirm it. Never before had Jesse paid much attention to the Shipping Forecast, her father grumbling when it interrupted the cricket on Long Wave. “There, told you it’s going to be a nice day. I’ve done you a lunchbox and flask”

That made the girl smile, the way her host was being so kind. Having got dressed she bid Moira goodbye and peddled off down the hill. At first she ‘d thought about further south to check the road to the ferry jetty, but it was all uphill first then over the largest peak too so Jesse decided that could wait. So it was back the other way for a while to visit a lighthouse recommended by her host and a chat with it’s keeper, also taking him some supplies as she’d been asked too. But before long Miss Haig was back in Ardnacarrick to continue her explorations. Most of the houses were empty, the floorboards wrecked and when she almost fell though a staircase the idea of checking the upper floors ceased. An old smithy was examined, the grate and bellows that had once glowed red was now cold. She walked into the room behind and was astonished.

There was something there that she’d only seen in history books and once for real at a museum. A cage used to hold a prisoner, called a gibbet, she thought, wishing she’d listened better to her tutors. It sat there against the wall and Jesse wondered whether it had ever been used. The front bit was opened with some effort and she reached in and prodded one of the manacle ends, jumping when the hinge moved and squeaked. It opened under her touch and she examined the inside. It wasn’t rusty so she opened the others, the noise from some louder. There was one for each ankle coming up from 6-inch struts on the floor. One for the waist in two halves with the join in front, long wrist halves each connected by the solid bar to the centre waist one because they were slightly lower and finally one for the neck. There seemed to be a curved part behind the collar with a deep v-shaped slot and she assumed the victims’ head rested in this while any punishment was inflicted.

This thing fascinated Jesse. She’d once had a bizarre dream about these things after the museum visit. Imagining her in one, being punished for being wicked. More bits were checked, moving them back and forth and after a while the squeaking stopped. Jesse looked and saw the ankle manacles needed a key to lock them. You couldn’t just slam them shut like in movies. She tried them, and although they closed up the thing was useless without the keys. The thick waistband had one in front that locked from the right hand plate and the collar’s keyhole was around the side, with other holes in front as if there was another part missing. A small lever was here too.

Daringly she reached in and put a wrist in one, closing the centre half around. The metal seemed to grip quiet tight on her wrist and lower forearm and her breath shortened. Then she moved her arm and it opened again. Jesse sighed with relief. Had it accidentally found a way of locking she’d have been in a right old pickle.

Once the others were all checked and confirmed that they would never lock without keys Jesse had a bite to eat, then really took a chance. It was quiet warm outside and she undressed. Then after a few deep breaths she stepped into the cage and turned to face the room. Bending down she closed the ankle ones over her legs, needing to stand on tiptoes because the metal dug into her calves. At this height her head could rest against the back plate. Tucking her hair into the v-slot out of the way. Her ears fitted, just touching the cut-ins on each side. Knowing the cage door lock was the same design, having tested it earlier she put her right arm down by her waist. Looking down she realised that she wouldn’t be able to shut the second wrist one from inside. Also despite her figure she’d really have to suck in her tummy as people from the past seemed to be a lot smaller in stature if not height.

Jesse paused, then pushed everything open and stepped out. Then turning she closed the door, seeing it push the left wrist closed as it swung around because the door was touching the front of the waist band. The right half of the middle band now connected over the top and that was where it could be locked. There was a space between the bars so the waistband lock could be secured even with the gate open. So it could work and after another sandwich she tried again. This time as before and almost succeeded. The door was a bit stiff and wouldn’t quiet close, the edge knocking against the frame at the top. Though the door did push against the open waist half. She cursed, then remembered the oil from her bike. Jesse went outside, ignoring the fact she was almost naked and got the can, going back and oiling the door hinges till it was a lot freer. A few slams and Jesse saw it now fully closed, pushing the band together as it had been designed but knew it wouldn’t trap her inside.

This time she didn’t hesitate. Quickly getting herself positioned then after a few quick breaths she pulled the heavy door round, feeling it push the waist one almost closed as she sucked in. Stretching a hand forward and hooking a fingertip round the bar and tugging didn’t help. You could close it from outside but not within, as she wasn’t strong enough. It still wasn’t right; she could still move her wrists a bit and Jesse grumbled, then had a brainwave.

Coming out again she tugged the cage forward about a foot then paused. Yes it would work so having fetched some old bricks from outside then pushed top part back till it touched the wall. She slid the bricks under the front so the cage was now at an angle, leaning back by about ten degrees. More oil was put on a cloth and rubbed along the outer edge of the frame and the door. Another check of the door, it went in perfectly flush this time and much easier, now closing the waistband tight and Jesse smiled. She got in again, did the ankles then put her left wrist down and closed that half. She finally pushed the door far out then slipped her right hand down to the back of the manacle. Having moved the front part just clear and a couple of inches out. She waited as the door swung back in, the black thing gathering speed.

Third time lucky and Jesse shuddered when the cage door slammed shut, the manacles now tightening over her wrists, pushing the waist part into it’s partner and she had to suck in her tummy as it was tight against the band. Looking up she saw the door was now flush. Had there been someone else there they could have locked it and that sent tremors running through her.

It really was the most amazing feeling, if only the ankle ones were a bit lower as they were rubbing the base of her calves if she tried to lower off her tip-toes, plus her neck was straining against the collar. But this wasn’t that bad and Jesse drifted off into a fantasy. Staying there for a while imagining her fate. She almost did doze off but Miss Haig already knew she’d have something really interesting to put in her diary now.

Feeling a bit thirsty she tried to move her wrists, only to find the door was much heavier than she thought. Jesse froze in panic, then sighed with relief having thought about it, moving her right foot out of the ankle manacles and pushing that and one knee against the door. The leverage was enough, the door popped open and she was out a moment later. What a result and Jesse was thrilled, letting out a squeal. If this place really was abandoned perhaps she could come back with a van sometime and take this thing away.

Having got dressed again Jesse Haig visited another of the old houses, this one slightly away near the harbour wall. She assumed it had belonged to one of the skippers but on entering it realised the front room appeared to be an office. The next room was empty with a metal door beyond that. This was opened and Jesse found herself in what appeared to be a barred cell. Now working out this must have belonged to the local constable and this room probably held anyone caught being naughty. “Bit like me… I don’t think,” she chuckled.

Going back into the front ‘office Jesse opened various cupboard, finding old yellowing papers and a few magazines. Looking at the date, seeing 1977 was the latest edition of ‘Crime and Punishment’. “Top reading for Officer Dibble” she grinned then realised he’d gone out on the Star 2, perishing with the others. Jesse quietly apologised and looked through a few drawers. Finding a book that made her stop and have a read. Finding it was the ‘punishment’ book, listing all the fines issued by the officer. Jesse looking at the range of offences. Even finding out that Moira’s father had been fined 6 shillings for ‘weight irregularities,’ Probably meaning he’d tried to avoid paying the full landing charges for his catch. Perhaps Miss McLuskey would like this to read and she put it in her bag. Lastly in this room she checked the row of cupboards, not much until the last.

Jesse screamed for a moment at what was inside before cursing herself for being so silly. It was a mask, made of metal she thought. This was confirmed as she rapped it with her knuckles. Taking the thing out she examined it more closely. It weighed a bit and Jesse rested the thing on the table. Giving it a clean with a hankie from her shorts’ pocket.

Quite what its’ purpose was Jesse didn’t know. The expression was blank, with small holes for the eyes. A slightly open mouth painted on the front though the inner bit was solid too with only a small keyhole there that actually you could look through, because there was nothing to lock. Inside the mask was a circular screw fitting behind the mouth bit as if something was to be attached? Though if you were wearing this whatever was to go on would obviously get in your way. She looked back in the cupboard and a quick rummage found what might be the answer. A small cylindrical object about four inches long. This too had a keyhole though this one actually had a key in it!

Jesse pulled it out and was surprised that the lock let it go. She got her oilcan and squirted the stuff down the hole and shook the tube a few times. Then reinserting the key she turned it. Startled as bits came out of the sides and almost seemed to make the circumference bigger. What a thing, she thought looking at the keyhole end again. Now seeing a screw thread around the edge. That got some oil then she tried to put the tube onto the back of the mask.

It fitted! And Jesse was amazed as she screwed it tight. Now knowing that if someone wore the mask with the tube on he or she’d effectively be gagged. How big your mouth was could be sorted by a turn of the key. She put it through the mouth into the lock and twisted it right out and smiled. “Even my gob isn’t THAT big” she laughed, closing it back to its smallest size.

Jesse wondered what it felt like so took the tube off then held the mask to her face. Looking through the eyes. Her chin didn’t touch the bottom of the mask as it was a bit lower, coming almost round to touch her neck with two holed flanges that pointed backwards towards her throat but not quite there. On top the mask reached just beyond the crown of her head, again it had two small slits just before the back. Her ears fitted partway through the half-holes on the side and the mask actually was quite snug apart from the chin. Miss Haig wondered the purpose of the flanges and that top slits then realised this mask must fit onto something, but what? She finished her root round then had another sandwich and drink.

Putting the tube back on and cleaning it properly Jesse opened her mouth then held the mask in front of her face, gently sliding it closer till the tube began to pass her lips. Further in she let it come till the mask touched her face and by now the end was almost at the back of her throat. She pulled it out again, wincing and almost coughing for a moment. A rub off of her saliva and she tried again. Closing her mouth and resting her tongue underneath. Putting the key in the slot Jesse very slowly turned it. Soon the metal began to expand, the tube swelling inside and pushing her tongue right down till her mouth was completely stuffed, the front end near the mask was jacked behind her teeth and she couldn’t pull it out. Her chin now also rested on the bottom of the mask. She tried to make a noise but there was little more than a squeak or mmpph. The whole effect was staggering and Jesse felt queasy for a moment.

So this was what a gag felt like, she thought, holding the mask with her other hand. Sighing with relief when turning the key back and the metal retreating. Jesse pulled the mask off and had a coughing fit. How some women loved being gagged she didn’t know. Though Haig had read a few ‘dirty’ magazines at college, seen videos too she’d never thought about trying ‘S&M’ for real. Her dreams were enough to get the lassie wet. Thinking about this tonight and she might have to get her little vibrator out ‘for a damn good session’.

Now Jesse had an unexpected opportunity to do something in real life and she’d enjoyed it and wanted another go in the cage before going back to Star Cottage. She left the house, carrying the mask and her oilcan and returned to the Smithy. Of course it was as she left it, her bike intact and within minutes Jesse was once again standing in the cage, imagining herself trapped and pleading for her life. This time she put bricks inside to stand on so no more tiptoes. She tried to imagine what it would be like gagged as well in here and then it struck home. Quickly getting free of the cage Jesse grabbed the mask and looked up at the collar and the back plate where her head would rest.

There it was! The answer and Jesse squealed with joy, lifting the mask and putting the top bit over the edge of the back plate, dropping it onto those two little bits that stuck up, these now fitting into the holes on the roof of the mask. Moving it down Miss Haig saw the flanges under the chin were right in line to those extra holes on the collar. She pushed the mask back and the thing slotted right home!

Jesse stood back in awe, looking at the cage, the mask now reunited with the rest. How a victim must had felt being locked in here! And Miss Haig shuddered, her whole body shaking. She was going to have a REAL good session tonight. Looking at the collar on the side away from the keyhole she found the small lever, ignored until now as she’d been thinking more about keys than anything else. A quick squirt of oil and it moved, sliding it towards the front by about three inches. Trying again to lift the mask Jesse found it was stuck, but if you moved the lever back then it would come off. Looking into the holes she slid the lever and two rods moved across. So the mask could be locked onto the collar after all!

She unscrewed the tube then stepped back in, just wanting to try the mask alone without the rest. Jesse got into position lifted it till the top slots engaged. Then holding it in one hand she closed up the collar till it was around her throat then lowered the mask, guiding it down, her fingers checking where the slots were then she took a breath and pulled. It was flush against her and claustrophobic, certainly she couldn’t move her head except for her jaw. Then she slid the lever forward and froze. For a long moment Jesse thought there was a click as if it had locked. But sliding the lever back again and the mask eased forward. “Yes” she squealed. OH what a feeling and with that she also pulled the waist belt around.

Though she knew she’d never be able to wear the whole lot together it was enough for her and Jesse decided to try it with the tube in too. The smiling lassie got out and put it on then back in. This time she also closed the ankle ones, wishing there were keys for just one of those so it would lock. Lowering the mask she closed the collar then opened her mouth. Sliding the tube to its position then moving the lever forward till the mask and collar were secured. Lastly Jesse began to turn the key, feeling the metal swelling until she could take it no larger. She had checked the key could never fall out, as it had to be horizontal. There must be bits in the locking mechanism that allowed this for various mouth sizes so she made sure the key-head was always vertical.

It was so unreal Jesse thought, moving her wrists down and getting the waist as close as possible so the lassie drifted off into her fantasy. Locked in here for evermore and she was really wet now from below. She thought about closing the door and finishing the job but time was ticking and Jesse knew she had to go. Getting herself out took moments and she left the cage secured, knowing of course she’d be back tomorrow afternoon and Miss Haig could hardly wait.

“Had a nice day dear,” came the question as she arrived back and Jesse agreed. Saying the keeper was grateful for the supplies and passing on his requirements for next month. “He was a old dear, he even called me a pretty girl!” Jesse laughed and Miss McLuskey joined in. “Well you are. Even in that stuff, I suppose” Moira said with what Jesse thought was a vaguely disapproving tone. Looking at the girl as she was once more clad in skimpy shorts and a T-shirt. The lass looked at her host, wondering if Moira didn’t like her attire. Jesse said nothing and was told she had about an hour before tea so went into her room for a refreshing shower, planning something to make Moira smile.

Miss McLuskey looked most impressed when Jesse arrived for supper as she was wearing that long cream dress and all the rest of it too. Plus she’d applied make-up and done her hair, looking nice, rather than the hot and sweaty girl from earlier. “That’s much better honey. You look… simply lovely” she said as the girl did a twirl, trying and failing not to blush. “Sorry about the other stuff… ” she began but Moira told her not to worry about it. “I’m a wee bit jealous that’s all. I couldn’t get away wearing that sort of thing myself. What would the Vicar say?” Jesse squealing with laughter at this and got a cuddle.    

“You’re a lucky girl you know, I wished I’d had your looks when I was younger” Moira said after the meal as they sat in the sitting room. Jesse again blushing then decided to distract Miss McLuskey by showing her that book. Moira was fascinated and she smiled on seeing dad had been ‘done’. “Well he did it more times than that I’ll bet, but our Graham had to show some sort of activity against the local population. He was a good man though, did a lot down there. Policeman, blacksmith, postman he did so many jobs so the others could fish. If you needed help he’d be the first to call” Moira said sadly. “I wanted to step out with him but dad forbade it. Saying it was not on. But thanks for saving this honey and I’ll treasure it” she ended, hugging the book to her chest. She looked at the girl, seeing Jesse fiddling with the material of her dress. “I bet you want to try some more… ” she began and the lassie was already smiling. They stood up and embraced. “You really are a lucky girl” Jesse was told again.

Before long Haig was being tightly laced into the corset, as she modelled the dresses not yet worn. Then doing the first lot again as she allowed Moira to take some photos and said her old friends at Aberdeen University might take the rest of these clothes off her hands. “Just name the price, they’ll pay. Much better than burning them I guess” Jesse said. Miss McLuskey agreed and after another session leafing through the punishment book, both women shocked at the fearsome fines and stuff worse than that as they’d gone back in time to the nineteenth century. “Proper justice for thieves. Hanging or Transportation. None of this blah blah Community Service carry on. If we on the Islands were allowed to we’d do our justice to these rules”

Jesse knew her cage was part of this but didn’t tell Moira about it. She wanted this as her secret though once freed from the dresses she bid Moira goodnight and spent an hour writing her diary while sitting up in bed, adding some wonderful sketches of the device. With her in a picture, wearing a dark dress as if she’d just been taken from court for severe punishment and she trembled with excitement.

There was a thought. Could she sneak a frock out of the house tomorrow and try the cage wearing it? Maybe not and she snuggled down, reaching under the hem of her dress and giving ‘Ron Rabbit’ a go at her pussy. Just as well the walls were thick as she muffled subsequent squeals with a pillow. Maybe she could use him… and dropped off from exhaustion before the plan was formed.

Next day was a repeat of Friday, a great breakfast followed by the washing up. A not too far destination to photograph and her only chore was a box of food to drop off to a house on the way there. By one o’clock Jesse was back in the Smithy. This time looking through a few of the drawers not yet checked. It was the fourth one that made her screech in triumph… Keys.

About fifty or so, in bunches and singles, some with rings and some even with dusty labels. Nothing marked ‘Cage’ or ‘Gibbet’ and they didn’t even look as if they fitted as she held a few up to the locks. Jesse was disappointed, then realised that the keys for this thing might still be in the late Graham’s office. Having found the man worked both places it might provide the answer so Miss Haig ran back to the house and reached the desk. Opening the top one where the book had been revealed nothing. Nor the next but the bottom one was locked and Jesse fumed. She turned away, went to the Smithy and fetched a crowbar. Haig soon levered it open and stared, before a broad smile crossed her face.

Just the one big bunch, and it took one look and Jesse Haig knew she’d hit the jackpot. There were about ten on the ring, all looking the same type, some old, some almost as if they’d never been used. She ran back, almost shaking and took the cleanest off the ring, squirted oil into the keyhole, more on the key itself and inserted it into the joined up belt and applied pressure.


“OH MY goodness,” she squealed as the key slowly went right round. Jesse tugged the belt and it was firmly shut. Removing the key she carefully oiled all the others and tried those. She was ecstatic as all of them worked, more to the point only one key was needed to work them all. Though the right ankle one was the most difficult and took a lot of oil to free it up.

What could she do now, how many locks could she use in one go without getting caught out? Certainly the collar was fine, maybe the ankles too but Jesse really had wanted to lock the belt with her wrists by her sides. Maybe… damn it could not work. Surely… or would it?

Jesse got some thick string and fed it through the end of the key. Then twisted both ends clockwise around the shaft as if it were coiled. Next she put the key into the belt and locked it. Finally Jesse took both ends of the string and pulled them apart. It tautened and then the key turned again the same way and the lock clicked. She pulled the belt and it opened. “So it could work” she murmured. Knowing that she could tie the string to her fingers, wrap it around and pull it to lock, then again and it’d unlock. She twisted the key right round a few times in case there was some sort of thread. But dare she risk it?

Miss Haig thought about it and decided no, not yet. She was determined to do some of this but not get stuck.  She got another of the good quality keys off the ring and checked that worked as well. Once assured she put it on some string then wore it as a necklace. So she’d always have a key within reach of her hands as the belt wouldn’t ever be locked.

Now she stripped off and prepared herself. Reaching down and locking her ankles. Her body already shuddering as she heard those clicks. Next was the collar and Jesse arranged her hair again. Then after a few breaths she put that mask on, did the gag tightly then pulled the belt around, putting her left wrist down and locking the belt. Finally she pulled the door shut, feeling the wrist become helpless. Miss Haig reached out of the cage and after a moments’ pause locked that too.

If her early feeling were good then this was better. Jesse was LOCKED IN A CAGE. Utterly helpless apart from her right hand and she shuddered, getting damp straight away. She began humping against the belt. Not feeling it move obviously because of the door. Jesse tried to scream in mock panic, a faint mew the only sound she could get out. Her tummy was bubbling and she wished … no she had to try it properly… NOW.

Reaching out Jesse unlocked the door and gradually freed her body. Left the room and went outside for some fresh air that never smelt so good. Then after a drink and a wee Miss Haig returned and prepared for the most daring thing she’d yet done. Again she checked the string would turn, hearing the click, tug, click and so on and now she was convinced. Moments later she was locking both her ankles and the collar. Getting the mask down, the gag tight enough to muffle her screams and then sliding the lever. Now she put her left wrist by her side, checked the string was fine and free then took a long deeeeep breath. Then she checked once more, feeling the string was OK on the right fingers before she pushed the door right out and positioned her wrist, heart hammering as it gathered speed.    


The door slammed in hard, pinning her wrists and Jesse screamed with delight, then began making plaintive sounds, the silly wails barely audible. Then having got that out of the way Miss Haig wound the string up on both sides and tugged. Her heart almost seized as she heard that little click. The click that signified she really was locked in. By BOTH wrists and helpless. Well almost, Jesse was already wondering whether another bit of string on her right hand would allow her to lock the cage door too!

Miss Haig was ready to be punished and she began frantically humping against her bonds imagining a torturer with his tools coming to give her the third degree. By now her tummy was going haywire, her lower area getting really wet and Jesse wished she’d had Ron Rabbit buzzing away. Filing that away for next time too. She did try but couldn’t quite get to orgasm and after a while of this the lass was getting tired.

Jesse tugged the string again, sighing with relief as she heard the belt unlock. All she had to do to free her body was push out with her… feet… oh!

The girl froze solid. An icy ball materialising in her tummy. Now realising she’d made a massive boo boo. Last time she’d used her knee and foot to open the door, thus allowing her to push the belt out.

BUT THIS TIME HER ANKLES WERE LOCKED and a scream that broke forth was true panic.

How could she have been SO stupid and the girl began to sob. Her tears stinging her face behind the mask. Flowing down in rivers as the lassie struggled against the steel. After a while of this Jesse calmed and had to think rationally. Twisting her hands the girl could get her middle fingers against the bars. Was this enough and she pushed with all her might. It hurt like hell and was wrecking her nails but suddenly she heard a graunch and miraculously the thing popped open, resting back on the edge.

Jesse Haig sobbed with relief, flexing her forearms, pushing hard with her tummy and the belt began to ease the door a bit wider. Now her right wrist was looser and soon the girl got her arm out. Pushing the door far out and this time seeing it go round the side so it wouldn’t come back. Now with both arms free Jesse unscrewed the gag, released the mask and lifted it away, freed the collar then lastly undid her ankles. Almost leaping out of the cage, crying and running outside, throwing herself onto the grass and lying back, looking up at the azure blue sky, her heart hammering ten to the dozen.

She lay that way for a while, thinking things through. Eventually reaching inside and bringing herself off in a crashing orgasm. Having cleaned up she returned to the scene and tidied up, now smiling wanly at her stupidity… but already planning for her next visit tomorrow.

A visit that almost didn’t take place as the girl crashed on her way home. Riding off into a ditch to avoid two cars racing up a road that was barely wide enough for one.

Jesse arrived back in tears, bleeding from cuts on her arms but at least the emotions would hide the earlier crying session. The bike was alright but Moira was horrified, spending a while patching her up before a light supper then insisting the girl have a bath then go straight to bed. Jesse didn’t argue and soon found herself wrapped in silk before being kissed goodnight, Moira still genuinely worried. “Thought for a moment my luck was running out” she said, Moira not knowing the half of today’s activities by her guest. Once she’d left Jesse wrote the whole thing up for her diary and added more sketches. Also the detailed plans for tomorrow in pencil so she could make changes before the final copy.

Sunday dawned and with it Jesse’s first visit to the chapel here. This time she used a plain calf-length dress borrowed from her host. “Remember what I said, what’s mine is yours… ” she was told again when asking what to wear. A nice jacket plus a pair of heeled boots and a hat confirmed her prim and proper look. Though she did see the male parishioners giving her the once over. Even Moira smiling at her guest at the effect she was having. “Never mind love, I think the boat will be ready before next Sunday” she was told. Jesse chuckled and they left to go home for lunch. One that she alone cooked saying Moira had done more than enough over the last few days. In fact Miss McLuskey said she was going visiting friends this afternoon and wouldn’t be back till late so Jesse could ‘do as she wished all day’ and not to wait up either, giving her the spare key to let herself back in.

That of course to the girl meant… cage and having waved Moira off she got cracking. Going to the wardrobe and looking through the dresses. “What’s mine is yours while you’re here in this village” she murmured having learned this off by heart. So knowing her host wouldn’t find out a nervous Jesse got ‘that’ black dress out and looked it over. It was gorgeous and far too good to waste, she thought. A quick try on and with the zip done it fitted her quiet well except round the middle and Jesse groaned. “Could have been made for me, apart from all this home cooking” she said.

 So the girl looked for some underwear. Going next door into Moira’s bedroom. A hunt through the wardrobes and Miss Haig struck gold, finding a bustier, waist cincher, garter belt, petticoats, a few pairs of knickers and silk stockings, all in black, tucked in a box, way out of the normal shelf. There was some nice jewellery there too. Imagining herself like this and Jesse was already feeling great. With the cincher it’d make the dress hang better. She packed it all in her rucksack, adding those high heels that she still had in her own bedroom and set off. Barely leaving the door before remembering Ron Rabbit and changing his batteries for ultra long-life ones.

Jesse arrived back in Ardnacarrick and checked everything was exact. “Course it is” and with that she got dressed. If only there was a mirror in there so she could look at herself while in the cage. So once clad in that lovely dress Miss Haig went for a swish round the village. Well a totter really as she was wearing the heels but the feelings of the wind on her face, many layers of material rustling round her stocking clad legs Jesse didn’t want to think about going home again. Maybe she could ask McLuskey if she wanted companionship after all. Sod the age difference and according to the Vicar there was that sub-postmistress job coming vacant when Mrs McGregor retires next month.

Just for a change Jesse went right out onto the harbour wall, the wind blowing up her dress but with at least half a pound of metal weights sewn into the hem at regular intervals the skirts would never rise and embarrass her. She stood there for a while, hair waving in the breeze. Jesse imagined she looked just like that shot in ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’ as she peered out. Seeing just one small fishing boat way out to sea. It’s skipper no doubt unaware that Ardnacarrick was once more occupied. She even waved to the trawler as it was turning but the thing did another circuit, stopped for a few moments then pottered off again. The only house not yet checked was next to the Smithy… yes! A large mirror on the hall wall and a smiling Jesse went back, got a tool, levered it off, carried it out with difficulty and placed it on the opposite wall in the cage room then checked so she could see her reflection…


Now Jesse was ready. Gathering her thoughts as she prepared for the ‘forthcoming ordeal’. Yeah as if it could go wrong, she grinned. Jesse knew she could reach the bars with her fingers and push the door open. A fresh coat of oil had already been applied to all surfaces and locks before dressing. Plus she’d taken the bricks out, as the high heels were exactly right for the ankle manacles. So she could get away with locking the belt and doing the job. Miss Haig stood inside with a piece of string round her right index finger and eventually worked out how to lock the cage door. So with that sorted she began. Her heart hammering with each click.

Left ankle… click

Right ankle… click

Collar… done

With that done Jesse Haig got the myriad of string checked once more. Closing the belt and door with both wrists just in front of the manacles. Looking ahead into the mirror rather than guessing.

Pulling the belt one with both thumbs… clunk

Twisting her right index finger for the door… click.

So it would work and Jesse freed herself then went outside as if for the last time. She drank some of her bottle and munched part of the supper she’d packed as she’d planned a long session here. A good wee round the back of the place was the final bit. Then returning inside Jesse reached under her skirts, groaning as she inserted Ron Rabbit inside. He was a clever guy and she’d programmed him not to come on for at least an hour, then do so at random. Sometimes the hammer or maybe a tease would be tonight’s order. Tucking him inside the three pairs of knickers so she couldn’t force the boy out. Then she dropped the skirts and tidied herself up.

It began again then she prepared the knots, all those clicks and her breathing was shallow as Jesse locked the collar round, put the mask down then did the gag. Having got used to it now she could make it a bit bigger and did so. Her jaw now hard against the chin of the mask and she could barely utter a sound. The rest of her head firmly clamped by the two halves of steel and she was thrilled at the way it felt. Next came the final check of the strings in the mirror, all the knots round her hands were firm and now Jesse Haig was fully prepared. Well almost and even now she was thinking new ideas. Maybe some ear plugs so she could only guess if the locks were open or shut. That’s Monday afternoon sorted then. If all went well on that… maybe a blindfold too. That did get the juices flowing. She would have smiled at that… but any type of facial movement was impossible

She knew the sequence off by heart, left wrist down, move the half closed. Put the other half just in front. A last check of the mirror then a push of the door… GO. Here it comes and she closed her eyes.


The whole cage shuddered and Jesse’s heart flipped as the manacles tightened in that familiar way. The cincher really doing its stuff and she needed short breaths now. Then she moved both hands, twirling the string round her thumbs… click.

The belt was done. She was nearly there.

Twist her index finger a few times as the string for this had to have been long enough to allow the door to swing out… and finally her ears heard it go click.


She was now locked inside the cage, clamped at her ankles waist and neck, plugged forward and tightly gagged. Jesse knew this was perfect and all she had to do was wait however long for Ron…

It seemed like ages then buzzzz... and away he went, her emotions rioting as the Rabbit began stoking her fires. Jesse’s body humping against the steel. She looked in the mirror and there was no movement at all apart from the odd twitch of her fingers. Gradually he increased the pace then … wallop.

Ron Rabbit took Jesse into the most intense orgasm she’d had but even now her wailing was barely audible. Her nose flaring inside the mask as the girl breathed as best she could. Then it stopped and she tried to relax for a… then it restarted, taking her close then ceased. She moaned in frustration as her pussy twitched just short of eruption. Jesse hung there, enervated at what she’d achieved in such a short time and tonight’s writing sure was gonna be interesting.

The third orgasm, or rather series of them was amazing. She was sweating like a good’ un now and what a way to lose some weight she thought, flexing her fingers to stop them going numb. Trying to grin but of course her lips could barely twitch. Jesse had never had a multiple one before but Ron’s extra ‘hammer’ put the girl way out past Pluto and as the biggest and best tore through her body Jesse Haig passed right out.

Coming to sometime later Jesse sighed happily behind the mask. Today was simply the most wonderful thing she’d ever done, but as it appeared to be getting dimmer she assumed time was ticking away. She needed to get home. Already Jesse knew she’d have to ‘lose’ the panties, they were sopping wet. Probably the stockings too but that was for later. Looking in the mirror Miss Haig painfully moved her right hand to unlock the door as her arms were aching with the strain of humping. Then she saw there wasn’t any string on it, yes on the thumb for the belt but none on the index finger and she paused in shock. Of course it would be on her left hand if she were looking in the mirror. Silly girl, Jesse thought then looked over to the other side… and her heart… missed more than one beat as she stared… stared at the fingers with nothing on them either!

Jesse Haig… you STUPID COW, her mind screamed. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? As the girl stared blankly at each side, seeing all four fingers on both hands totally free. If she could have screamed any harder then Jesse would have broken the decibel record as it struck home that she REALLY WAS TRAPPED.

The tears came fast and furious at the thought that her own STUPIDITY had put her in this. Nobody but her and worst of all was the fact no one even knew she was here. It didn’t help her state of mind as Jesse tried to move her thumbs but there was no elation when she heard the click. With the door still locked she was doomed. The damn string hanging straight down off the key. At least a foot away from her fingers and Miss Haig closed her eyes rather than look at her reflection now. She’d been so proud, yet not thinking till it was too late about the fact the string must have slipped off her sweaty finger when she was flapping her hands to cool them.

Thankfully the darkness came quickly, though Jesse missed part of it when Ron Rabbit blew her out into Alpha Centauri. She hadn’t wanted this but once the bloody thing started the hammer, going on and on and ON her body overrode her wishes and the girl faded away again.

Coming to it was now pitch black, as if she’d been blindfolded too but Jesse didn’t care. Her feet were in agony, she’d had the high heels on all afternoon and normally she could only last about three hours. The tears no longer came and Jesse wondered what Moira…

Oh bloody hell. Jesse had forgotten all about this and if it were dark then perhaps Miss McLuskey was at home wondering where she was. Then to Jesse’s dismay Ron began again though she begged him not… no good and the girl was soon away with the fairies.

As in fact the Islander was, sitting in her front room waiting for the front door to squeak and a very apologetic guest. It was ten past eleven and it had been dark for three hours. Just where could the girl have gone? Her bike wasn’t here, nor her rucksack but most of the washing was still there waiting to be ironed. This planned as Jesse’s first chore tomorrow. Moira wasn’t concerned, just annoyed. She’d thought better of the lassie than this as she went to make a drink. Then Miss McLuskey did get worried on finding the girl’s cycle lights and battery charger next to the houses’ utility cupboard. She went back into Jesse’s room to see what else was… and saw the little red notebook there on the dressing table next to her make-up box.

Moira took it into the sitting room and began to read. Seeing her guest’s thoughts as she’d peddled her way down Harris and Lewis. She’d certainly put some thought into the writing, a real travel report and Moira didn’t realise just how much there was up there for tourists. It really was a work worth reading and she’d hope the girl might get this published. Finally after twenty minutes she was getting tired and turned to the back then flipped forward till she got to the latest entry to see Jesse’s thoughts on Barra and maybe herself. A swig of coffee went down the wrong way as she stared at some of the sketches, reading the lines too.

What the hell was this girl up too? She thought, seeing what had been written. Almost as if… no this surely couldn’t be right… could it. How on Earth could that pretty child think up something like this, she wondered. Moira herself had been a bit wild at college having returned to Edinburgh after her fathers’ loss and had been lucky not to be expelled off her course. She knew there were people of all types and persuasions, even the ‘same-sex’ brigade didn’t affect her. If the couple was happy then it was none of her business. One of the few things she and the Vicar disagreed on.

But this was closer to home and Moira read through the pages again. Seeing the girl’s plan developing from the various early experiments to more detailed attempts and then she realised what must have happened. Somehow the lass must have made a mistake and maybe she was stuck. Where? Barra was not that big but to find… oh, bloody heck she must be down THERE, Moira thought, reading the first bit again.

The woman almost began to cry. She’d sworn never to set foot in Ardnacarrick again but now with Jesse’s apparent stupidity she was going to have to do it. But how would she get there. Miss McLuskey didn’t possess a car, occasionally borrowing the Vicar’s and whom else could she call at a quarter to midnight…

And her question was answered when the phone actually rang, just as she was about to call McTavish. She answered and her heart leapt, as it miraculously was the Vicar himself, the Reverend apologising for the lateness of the call. He had a strange question he hoped Jesse could answer if she’d been back to Ardnacarrick today. Was the girl up or had she turned in for the night? There was a pause then Moira asked William to come round… now. Saying there was a problem concerning her houseguest that only he could deal with.

He was there in minutes, his four-wheel drive ideal for tonight’s trip and a shocked Vicar read the diary that was causing so much distress. “How could that lovely girl think of this… But come on Moira. It’s not for us to judge her. When you consider… well lets leave that aside. But she could be in danger” he said, being so sensible as usual. The pair packed torches, blankets, towels, water and some food, if Jesse was trapped then the girl might need reviving.

The Land-Rover bounced down the rutted track, Moira’s heart hoping like hell the Jesse was here and alive. Though she’d been a silly girl Miss McLuskey worried that if something serious had happened it could get in ‘the press’ and Barra would attract the wrong sort of attention. Down they went and finally the vehicle’s lights swept over the harbour and the pair got out.

No sounds of screaming, that was a start and McTavish handed over a powerful torch. “I’ll check my old church, you start with, oh try the row there” he indicated and they split up.

Moira stepped into the first house, her beam sweeping over the dusty lower floor. The staircase was very rickety and she only went up three steps before one cracked. Quickly she came down again. The girl obviously hadn’t been up there, she thought. So the next couple were checked and still zip.

Miss McLuskey’s heart was hammering, where the heck was she? Bloody silly girl, then the Islander remembered the lass had written something about the Smithy. So Moira ventured that way and went into the old building she’d spent so much time in as a child as it was always warm in the winter!

First thing she found was Jesse’s bicycle just inside the door so that meant she WAS here and that was a relief. “Oh my God,” the Islander murmured moments later, once the beam of her torch shone over the back room. Seeing a sight identical to what the girl had sketched in her book. Moira was horrified and came close. The light reflecting off the steel mask. A lifeless body clamped inside the cage and her eyes blurred with tears. Why had the girl done this and she examined the various locks, twisting keys and moving string. There was some on both of Jesse’s icy cold thumbs and Moira began to undo the knots. Suddenly leaping back when the left hand twitched and gripped her own.


Moira heard the faintest of mews from behind the mask and she shone the torch up. Seeing a pair of bloodshot eyes squinting against the brightness.

“Jesse love it’s Moira McLuskey, if you can understand me, move your left hand” she said quietly. The right hand moved but it was enough and the older woman burst into tears. She put a hand on the door key and turned it, seeing Jesse’s hands really start shaking now and she pulled it open, moving it right back and wedging a brick underneath. Reaching in she slid both hands round the girls’ waist and hugged her. “Its OK honey, you’re safe now. But it’s gonna be a while till I’ve worked out how to get you out. Be patient” Now she could hear Jesse quietly crying and her own eyes were running a bit. If only the Vicar would come back.

It seemed the mask was the main problem and Moira peered all round then touched the key that stuck out of the mouth. She very gently turned it but barely had it moved when Jesse’s hands thrashed so violently it made the cage shudder. Quickly Moira turned it back and kept going until it could go no further. Another look round and she found the lever and moved that back. The mask seemed to move forward from the bottom so Moira grabbed the edge and lifted, seeing the tear-stained face of hell emerging. A hideous croak came out and the lass guessed Jesse needed water right now. She turned and left the room, hearing a terrible rasping scream from behind. The girl obviously thought she was being abandoned so Moira went back. Told the lass what she was doing and Jesse nodded so she rushed out and returned with the bottle.

A few moments later Miss Haig was really crying as the life giving water flowed into her body. The whole litre bottle was dispatched. “More,” she was asked and the girl quietly said no. “Oh God Moira. I’m so sorry for what I’ve done. Please forgive me” she wept, her voice getting stronger and the older woman again embraced the bound form, Jesse’s head leaning forward on her shoulder. “I have love. Whatever you’ve done I’m forgiving you… that’s a promise. Now what do I need to do next?”

Jesse tested herself and the answer was not good. Virtually no feelings anywhere and she almost panicked. Telling Moira just that but explaining that first undo the ankles, then the collar and lastly the belt, BUT be ready for the girl to collapse as she had no strength left at all. She daren’t tell McLuskey about the state of herself underneath. Shame of the forthcoming exposure was going to be enough. 

She was shocked to find out what time it was. She’d been like this for TEN hours. No wonder her legs had gone!

At that point the pair heard another voice. Jesse horrified on realising it was the Vicar. Moira saw this and told the girl they’d read her diary and that got her weeping again. “He won’t condemn you love. William’s too good for that. Its your life to lead as you want… though maybe not like this but that’s for later. I’ll go and tell him I’ve found you. Stay there… Oops… sorry honey” she tried not to smile but did so as a crooked grin appeared on Jesse’s face. The girl so relieved that she’d been saved. More to the point Moira didn’t appear angry at what she was wearing.

Outside Moira found Father William and briefed him as to what she’d discovered, warning the man it wasn’t a pretty sight and they went back in.

It took McTavish a moment to gather his thoughts as he stared at the now shame-faced girl. Her face flushing red as he came closer and her tears beginning. “I’m so sorry Father,” she wept and the Vicar did the same as his parishioner had earlier done. Hugging the girl till she stopped trembling, stroking the torso and the man did just that. Saying he’d never condemn anyone for the way they lead their lives. “But now we have to get you out” So Jesse told him the same but be ready to catch. He unlocked her ankles then placed both hands under her armpits as Moira undid the collar. Finally Miss McLuskey did the front belt and there was a brief moment when the girl stood upright before she did collapse against William’s chest.

SHE WAS FREE and Jesse cried as he pulled her out of the cage, her heels skittering on the floor as the man moved back a few paces then lowered the lassie onto the blankets they’d already laid out.

The girl was sobbing as the weight finally came off her legs and Moira removed those shoes, taking time to realise they were hers. McTavish went out to the vehicle to move it a bit closer while Moira stayed behind. She shone the torch back over the girl and somehow managed not to splutter at seeing which dress Jesse was wearing.

Anything but that one! She thought and for a moment Moira’s reserve began to… but no. She’d told the girl that the lass had already been forgiven for what she’d done. But to wear that one after what she’d been told. Naughty… naughty girl!

She reached down and began gently to massage Jesse’s calves and realised the girl was wearing either stockings or tights, probably stockings by the feel of them. Pure silk too and Moira wondered where the lassie had got them from. As she was barely conscious the Islander lifted the hem of the dress, seeing the girl was wearing no less than three petticoats and an underskirt. Add the weight of the heavy velvet dress and ten hours in those heels so no wonder she couldn’t stand up!

Again Moira’s resolve almost slipped at realising Jesse had worn the whole of her funeral outfit, right down to the earrings, though she did see the girl hadn’t used the twin-set of pearls. That obviously was because the collar of this contraption would have got in the way. Just as well, if the girl had she’d have probably told McTavish to put her back in the cage and they’d leave her to stew till tomorrow!

Jesse began to stir and with some difficulty sat up, Moira embracing her as the tears restarted. She hushed the girl and gently crooned until she’d stopped. Then the lassie tried to get up. “Sorry Moira but… well I have to… go,” she grinned tiredly, saying she’d prefer to do this alone and she’d be alright and could she have some tissues please.

The girl was a bit unsteady on her feet and winced as her hamstrings lengthened as she stood there. Moira put the trainers on, handed the tissue over and Jesse wobbled her way out of the door. Turning left and going behind the Smithy. She hitched up all her skirts and took down her knickers. The outer pair seemed OK so that was a relief but the inner one, well it was… yeah and Jesse tossed that and the next pair into the darkness. She groaned as Ron Rabbit was removed, ready with a handful of tissues as… yuk. He too was lobbed, she couldn’t admit to ANYONE about what she’d been up to. Then the girl moved a few paces then squatted as a sheer torrent of wee flooded out and she almost fainted as relief came to her bladder. Quickly cleaning as best she could Jesse redressed and went back to find her saviour.

Coming in to see Moira examining the cage. “I never knew this was here,” she said. Telling the girl about the fact Graham had been a historian as well as a copper and naturally had taken an interest in old forms of punishment. “Tell you what love. If you’re up to it we’ll come back one day and have a look around. You… OK now?” and Jesse nodded yes, coming over for a cuddle, bursting into tears that only stopped when McTavish called. Saying that if the lassie was Ok perhaps they should leave.

The Land Rover bounced its’ way up the track and within ten minutes was back at Moira’s house. The Vicar asked if she could run him to the town up the far end of Barra as he had to go to Lewis for two days. She could keep the vehicle and come to collect him when phoned. Moira agreed and he bid her, and the youngster “Good… well Morning I suppose” giving Jesse a hug. “You, young lady, promise me that you’ll do anything and everything Moira asks of you from now on. Yes?” Jesse said she would. “Good. You’re, well a strange girl, maybe misguided but we, well I guess we all have faults, even me” and for the first time Jesse Haig laughed. “Go on, off to bed my child” and with that he said farewell and walked off.

That bath never felt so good once she’d stripped off and Moira helped the girl wash. It felt so weird having another woman rub soap all over but Jesse was too tired to care. She shuddered when Miss McLuskey almost caressed her breasts but at least the girl was able to do underneath herself as Moira went for the towels. A long rub and dry-off session followed before as usual clad in silky fabric the lass was tucked into bed. The woman was away early next morning and back home before Jesse stirred at mid-day.

“Right young missy,” Moira said, coming in with coffee. “Lunch in an hour, you’re far too late for breakfast and there’s a stack of ironing for you to do. Mostly yours anyway and it’ll keep you out of trouble eh?” Jesse smiled and eventually her host did too. They shared a cuddle as the girl once more apologised. “Don’t worry about it for the moment. We’ll have a little talk later on, OK?” Moira replied.

Especially when the girl emerged from her bedroom, clad as before in the cream dress and the rest. Discreet make-up applied, that golden hair perfect in a cute ponytail and the effect, simply stunning. “Really love you are a funny lass” Moira said on seeing her there. She hoped the girl had learned her lesson now and Jesse agreed and they had ‘the chat’. “Tomorrow, we’ll go back if you’re up for it,” was the surprising end to it.

She worked the girl hard that afternoon and the cottage was sparkling by nightfall. Though Jesse was more proud she’d managed all the work without getting a speck of dirt on the dress. “Well done love, now you can have a real treat,” came the comment and later that night after supper a stunned young woman wore a wedding dress, plus apparel for the very first time. Moira happy to let this gown see the light of day even though she’d never worn it herself.

Jesse had been shocked when Moira had called her in to see it there and it took them an hour of tugging and suchlike before the last knot was tied at the nape of the girl’s neck. The veils were dropped and Jesse got a bit emotional before sorting herself out. Make-up repaired she got Moira to take photos before they spent the rest of the evening talking about normal stuff rather than the events of the night before. Though Jesse was still waiting for the lass to tell her off about using that black dress.

They were about to turn in when McTavish called, saying he’d be away till Thursday now, but… and this was important was the Barra-Oban ferry was repaired and the first sailing to the island was tomorrow morning. “OK Father, I’ll tell her, she’ll be pleased it’s been fixed so quick. Goodnight”

Jesse however wasn’t, she’d rather enjoyed this last few days, well apart from yesterday and that had been alright at first. “Moira… would you mind if I stayed a little longer? I’ve really not done enough to thank you for… ” and the lass was interrupted. “Yes you have. You’ve broken my fear of Ardnacarrick. I swore never to go back, and now I have. And tomorrow, if you’re staying longer then you and I are going again, yes?”

The girl smiled at the thought and soon she sadly emerged from the gown and it was packed away.

Once the chores were done next morning the two women were back in Ardnacarrick and this time Moira showed Jesse around her old house. This one not yet entered by the girl and she was fascinated as she was shown the old cooker. Miss McLuskey was delighted to find some stuff she’d been looking for at her own place, not realising it’d been left in the rush to abandon the village. Jesse got a good hug for that, “Always wondered where these had gone. Now I’m really grateful love” Moira said as they lunched outside.

So grateful in fact that the pair soon found themselves looking through Graham’s collection of old devices for punishment. Some of them really ancient, “Pirate stuff, branding irons,” Moira said waving one towards Jesse. “Boo, I’ll put you in the cage and brand you. Bet… bet you’d like that eh?” and the girl smiled, thinking apart from the iron she WOULD like another go. If Moira would oblige, but how to ask her?

They looked round the old church but to Jesse’s relief didn’t go downstairs, heading back to the Smithy after a look over, loading the rucksack and bicycle left here earlier. Jesse saw Moira looking at the cage once they’d gone in to avoid a shower. “Want to try it?” she asked, Moira thinking about it. “Well, OK. I suppose I need to see what got you all worked up”. So the youngster obliged. Telling her what the procedure was. She was already shaking as Jesse bent down and locked her ankles. She was taller than the girl so a half brick layer was applied for her to stand on. To Moira’s… well shame she was a little too large for the belt to go right round but she put her arms by her sides to get the general effect  “Wow, I can see why you liked it love” as the collar was locked. She declined the mask and definitely not the gag either and Jesse grinned… hoping.

Moira smiled, “Go on. Show me what you did” so they swapped over. Jesse getting all the bricks re-laid, the strings sorted then almost leapt in, smiling broadly. The older woman amazed as the girl turned and with consummate ease did, ankles, neck, got the mask locked on, twisted the gag till Moira saw her eyes wince before turning it back a notch. Then saw the lass check her knots in the mirror, wave at her to stand back then the door went out then slammed shut. Miss McLuskey watching those manacles pushing her wrists tight. Next she watched both hands move and the locks went click. She didn’t know how the girl had done this so quickly as the thumbs-up signal told her that everything was finished.

“I’m impressed love. Really impressed. How’s your little heart doing? Thumping well I guess” and the girl winked twice, her only other available signal. “Hmmm, but… Jesse… and this is important. Please… please promise me honey that you won’t let yourself get stuck again. Or I’ll… ” she never finished the sentence but Jesse was amazed and a little concerned when Moira barely touched the string on her right hand and it dropped away, presumably like last time. “See, see how easy it is?” The woman said, Jesse’s heart missing another beat when Moira gave her thumbs a quick tug and those knots failed as well!

“There, now you’re stuck again. Perhaps I should leave you this time” Moira said looking a bit sternly at the lass who was staring back, her eyes going wider than Miss McLuskey had ever seen them. She picked up the bag of food they’d brought for lunch and tea and made to walk off. There was one squeal from Jesse and Moira was back in a flash, knowing she’d made her point. Opening the door she hugged the girl who’d started sobbing but didn’t make an attempt to release her. Reducing the gag but going no further. Just stroking the body till she’d stopped crying. “Only joking love. I’m just going to make tea then I’ll free you. Promise?” and she saw the lassie’s thumbs twitch, rather nervously along with a muffled grunt before she walked out and got the drinks ready. 

Half an hour later the girl was sitting on the ground outside, looking at the view, worried. She’d been a bit scared just then, for once not knowing if Moira had really meant what she’d said. The woman saw her hands trembling as she took a cup and knew she’d pushed Jesse very close to her limits, but the girl HAD to learn. It’d already put her in peril once. Perhaps this would be the lesson she needed.

It was a very quiet Jesse who sat in the living room that night. Despite the fact she was clad in the grey dress with that corset holding her tight. What was Moira going to do next?

The Islander sensed Jesse was worried and gave her lots of extra cuddles and gradually the girl began to relax. She slipped between the sheets and Moira kissed her goodnight and apologised again. “ I do promise love, I won’t do that to you again… but” and the girl agreed to be good. Got another kiss and the matter was settled.

Next day the pair went back in the old station and into a second cell that Jesse had not visited because it was so well hidden behind a cupboard that the women hadn’t known covered the door. Pulling stuff out of Grahams’ considerable museum. It was all in amazing nick seeing as it had lain in the room for so long. Loads of chains and manacles, collars, some in sets as if they were to be worn together. Now Jesse knew why there were so many keys around. Even a ball and chain that the pair could hardly lift. There was a long chain attached to an open collar hanging on the wall and Jesse held it up to her neck.

“Ought to put one of those on you, keep you out of mischief. Shame is you’d probably enjoy it” Moira said laughing. Jesse did too, feeling a lot better. Especially as today Moira had allowed her to wear one of the dresses down to Ardnacarrick with the heels on too. Giving her a chance to wander round. That lovely swishing feeling of underskirt and the petticoats, making her pussy twitch. She was becoming addicted to this. More to the point, with no job back in Aberdeen… Jesse wondered, could she stay here… did Moira want…

Moira made lunch, having no problems as Jesse was once more locked in her cage though for the first time she’d declined the mask. She did look amazing in there and at her request Miss McLuskey had taken a few photos. She planned to give the girl another treat tonight and while the lass was secure went back to the station, packed a few bits up then loaded a box into the Land Rover. 

That night Jesse worked hard to cook and clean, Moira having made her promise not to look in her bedroom as the woman said she was preparing a treat. An overnight treat? And Jesse spent the time wondering what it could be.

At bedtime she had to use the other bathroom, Moira insisting during the evening that the girl not drink too much tonight. Most curious, but even more when she swished into the living room in her silky nightie to see Moira holding something that made Jesse’s eyes bulge. A blindfold.

“I cannot trust you not to peek, so if you don’t mind” Jesse smiled, hoping the treat would be worth it. Allowing her vision to be denied her. It heightened her other senses but the girl was more amazed when she was told to put both wrists behind her back. She paused, then obeyed, remembering what McTavish had said. Click… click went the manacles and she tugged, her hands almost together. “Moira… please, what are… ” she began nervously, but the woman came round the front then put both arms through the girls’ and hugged her. Moving both hands down and stroking Jesse’s backside. Their lips met. “Trust me honey, it’s going to be fun. If you want to stop, say so now” came a whisper, another kiss reassured her so she smiled and allowed herself to be led to her room.

Sitting awkwardly on the bed Moira helped the girl bounce across till she was in the middle, legs straight down but the lassie sitting up. Then a hand touched her left ankle and gradually spread her leg wider then Jesse gasped when a manacle was locked around it. She started to smile assuming the other was to follow. This being confirmed and her nightie was almost taut. Then she felt a belt of some sort being wrapped around her waist though it wasn’t metal. The girl assumed her arms would be secured in cuffs to the front of this. As they were moments later, then she was told to lie back and did so. Banging her head on some metal… that turned out to be a collar and she shuddered. Won’t be able to use the… and then knew why she’d been off the liquids. This was an overnighter all right!

Moira had arranged her hair in a net while sitting up then one by one Jesse’s arms were freed, taken up and secured by the wrists, spread-eagling her in a star-shape. The girl was amazed and smiled, even more when Miss McLuskey began to stroke her torso before applying chains from the side of the bed to the belt so Jesse couldn’t roll around. Those gentle fingers began rubbing her nipples and the women both smiled as Moira felt them going hard. Just like her own years ago when her last man had ‘lain’ with her doing things partners do.

“There’s a good girl” as the lassie began to moan, wondering if Moira was going further but then she stopped. “Right, lights out, goodnight sweetheart” she said and the pair shared a sensual kiss before the sheets and blankets were pulled over the girl. Moira tucking them under her chin. “Sweet dreams my dear, try not to run off. Just call if you need the loo though. Preferably before it’s too late eh?” and the youngster chuckled as the footsteps went to the door. Knowing Moira was thinking about her wellbeing as she’d assumed a gag would finish the job. Obviously the Islander was worried that the girl could choke so that had been left off.

She actually slept quiet well, and was still out when Moira came in, waking her by running her hands over the girl’s breasts. “Hmmm… Roy… stop that” she murmured before remembering where she was. Miss McLuskey chuckled as she removed the blindfold and released the girl from her bonds. A long yawn and stretch followed then Jesse gave her a quick cuddle… before fleeing to the bathroom as her bladder joined the lass in being awake. “Phew… that was close,” she laughed coming back.

Over breakfast Moira learned a lot about the girl as she asked about Jesse’s relationships. Roy, Derrick and someone at her high school. That’d had been a huge mistake. She reciprocated with her own. Moira wasn’t trying to ‘groom’ the lassie, Jesse was old enough to understand. Moira was as lonely and maybe needed company. If Jesse’s strange tastes could be accommodated then surely the pair could… she decided to leave it. Maybe have a word with McTavish.

More work followed that day and the next as Moira was amazed at her young companion. The girl was so happy, even though today Jesse was dressed in trousers and blouse because she had errands to run in the village. “That lovely girl of yours,” Margaret Matthews said over the phone later on, “She’s an absolute diamond. I do hope she’s here for a while” Telling the lassie’s host how Jesse was looking after an elderly couple who were having problems with their car.

In fact she manage to fix it and get the pair moving, though she did wreck her nails doing this and she asked Moira to oblige. This taking the woman some time that evening. But the end result, although a bit short was the highly polished nails that Jesse said would be hard to keep this good. She gave Moira a hug then accepted her request that it be her picking the Vicar up tomorrow. The girl looked a bit doubtful. “Don’t worry about car insurance and all that. We’re far from Scotland Yard. What happens on Barra, stays on Barra” which was just as well, the girl thought. Quite what she’d have said on finding out Jesse hadn’t yet passed her driving test the lassie didn’t think about.

Driving that old banger up to the northern port Jesse bypassed the Ardnacarrick road, having promised not to go there until tomorrow with Moira. So arriving in Barra’s largest town, one thousand residents Jesse was a bit peeved to find the boat was running three hours late. In fact the previous sailing going to Lewis had only just left. “OK, more time to do the shopping,” she said having got the bulk list for their own stores to collect, phoning Moira and letting her know she’d be late back and why. She’d worked really hard this week but had been happy. Moira had looked a little upset earlier when she’d announced she was going home next Monday.

With the supplies all loaded, the stores-man having given her a good look over she went for a stroll. Her chunky boots, with the black smart trousers and one of Moira’s blouses she got a few more. So to escape these Jesse dived into a ladies clothes shop. “No men in here, I hope” she chuckled. A look around and then the girl found a lovely dress and such a bargain too! The lady who ran the place helped her change, complementing the girl and the effect, once she’d donned the slip then stepped into the frock was something else once it was zipped up.

Creamy white with short sleeves, between knee and calf length because Jesse was 5’ 8” rather than the 5’ 5” it had been measured for. There was a jacket with a nipped in waist to go with it, a matching pair of heels plus a belt to give her some figure. All for just over £100. “Well my dear, that outfit suits you perfectly. You are so lucky” and the girl blushed prettily. She paid for it but stunned the proprietor by saying she’d wear it out now please. So her other stuff plus the jacket got packed into the bag and away she clicked.

Causing a sensation on walking into the café at the Ferry Terminal and the place fell silent. Slightly unnerving her but the girl was learning to ignore these looks. Though a few envious stares were given off by the ladies there as she bought a drink. The boat was due back in thirty minutes so she engrossed herself in the paper.

The Reverend McTavish had to do an Oscar winning lack of emotion when her saw who’d come to collect him. Jesse standing there looking so unconcerned because the others had left. He’d been last off by talking to the skipper. “Well my dear. That’s a lovely outfit and far too good to be wasted on me” he said giving her a gentle hug because there was no CCTV in here. “Not my expected driver… but you’ll do I suppose” and they both laughed before she drove him home. The vicar, like most men wondering just how women drive safely in heels. A few judders and once she stalled it. More to the point it was probably the first time in a few years that this man of the cloth had become slightly and shamefully aroused at a member of the opposite sex. Just as well Jesse didn’t understand why he’d kept his jacket covering his lap… to hide a bulge not seen for a while.

Moira too was stunned when the lassie arrived back. “Wow, so much for the casual look. That’s lovely Jesse, but go on… How much was it all?” she asked in a long-suffering way. The girl smiling on saying how cheap it had been. “Really? Might have to go there myself. Least it’ll stop you wearing out those other frocks. You’d use them all the time otherwise. But you can tomorrow because… well actually love I want you… to model them while in the cage. Yes, I know it sounds strange but I’ve been reading Graham’s book and the number of women who got ‘done by his predecessors was something else”

“Even my great granny was clobbered for leaving washing out overnight. Two shillings! I spoke to a man in Lewis earlier today who wants the book, and some of the stuff for the Western Isles museum. No don’t worry love, your cage is secure and he doesn’t want it. But I do intend moving it into the church. Remember that room by the door? The light is better in there if we clean the windows off for the photos OK? I’ll wear some of the other dresses too. He said take a few of us and send them up” Jesse was pleased and agreed.

So having done more chores the pair was back in the abandoned village and hard at work. The room at the old church needed a heck of a sweep out and the clouds of dust almost set Jesse’s nose off. Moira brought her old step-ladder and three decades of grime was scraped off the windows, and the room flooded with light afterwards. Then they moved the cage, both amazed at how heavy it was as the thing was dragged behind the Land Rover on an old fish pallet discovered by the harbour wall. Manoeuvring it into the church almost defeated them but eventually it was placed where Moira suggested showed the best lighting for when they’d do the shoot tomorrow.

“Fancy a quick one now?” and for once Jesse said no, she was tired, plus there was some stuff seen in Graham’s room she thought might fit slots underneath the collars’ front. How she’d not realised what it was before she, nor Moira could work out. They’d only found the ones on the collar because the cage had been on its’ back while they were tipping it onto the pallet.

Firstly there was a plate that when held up appeared to be like body armour for the front. Jesse held it up against herself and it was a reasonable fit over her chest. Two prongs that were at the top must go somewhere and it was Moira who remembered the collar slots. She held it up and the thing slid home though there was no sign of anything to lock it to. Just two flanges on each side, one near the half-shaped armpit and the other not that far from the belt. “Perhaps there’s a back bit too somewhere” Jesse said aloud, looking through some old dusty boxes.

Many more manacles were in here and she wondered whether some of those keys found last week were the ones to fit them. But a curious find did excite her. What appeared to be two pairs of iron hands, both front and back bits and she prised them apart. More prongs on these and she ran excitedly back to Moira. “Look at these,” she said holding them up. Miss McLuskey looked a bit puzzled as she held one half then laid it on the desk, splaying her fingers out and resting them inside. She then took the other bit and placed it over the top. A perfect fit but no sign of a lock. “You cannot move your’ fingers, so it’s not armour for a suit. I wonder if… ” she muttered as Jesse cleaned the other one up. Bending down Moira looked into the cage.

“Got it,” she said, making Jesse jump as she’d been concentrating on the cleaning. “Honey can you bring the oil can” and the girl complied. Seeing Moira looking round the back of the wrist manacles. “Spray some into that tiny hole on each side,” Came the instruction and she did as bidden. “Right, this little lever here I think does this, put the… mitten I guess we’ll call it under the manacle and hold it flush” Jesse saw what Moira was getting at and did so. Miss McLuskey waited till the thing was in place then moved the lever. The iron hand was now locked in place. “Bet you there’s probably a full set of plates for the entire body. Imagine that,” Jesse could, wow, she thought.

Total immobilisation and that almost got her going as she returned to Graham’s, hunted and… hoped. But it was not to be. No sign of anything that resembled leg parts. A curious pair of double manacle sets on matching poles was looked at and discarded as neither could see what use it could be to the cage. Jesse did finally squeak when she found the back plate, high on a shelf. Running back to the Church she came in and Moira could see a look of triumph. “Ta-dah!” she said coming over with the plate in her hands. So the pair worked at it. Seeing some catches on the back bit that must connect to the front. Moira put the rear plate into the slots then Jesse held the front under the collar, allowing Miss McLuskey to connect the top fasteners together, lowering the front down towards the belt. Now they could see how the catches on the back were able to be wound up, closing the two bits together. “OK, so that’s how… so I suppose you want to… ” and Jesse agreed, beginning to strip off her blouse and trousers.

Stepping in she closed up the belt with her arms still free and did the collar. Then reached round with one hand and held the rear plate to the back of the collar while Moira slid the front into the slots under her chin. The top fasteners were done then Jesse had to suck in as the front plate was lowered over her breasts. Moira brought the catches round to the sides then began to wind. Jesse was thrilled as the front and back bits began to squeeze her torso almost like a vice, the pressure even from neck to her tummy. “Right that’ll do for the first time,” she said as Moira kept turning. She stopped straight away hearing that and saw Jesse almost glowing. “You sure that isn’t tight? Looks like its’ crushing you” she said. But the youngster was still smiling, trying and failing to wriggle. “Sort of a metal corset,” she replied, hoping that one day they’d find the missing leg bits. 

But their hunt was in vain and before long it was getting dark so the pair left everything in place and went home. Just as well because some unexpected guests arrived as the Barra-Oban ferry broke down and the next service got cancelled. Every guesthouse on the tiny island soon filling up. “Look Moira, I can pitch my tent in the garden if you want to put the… ” she said, seeing Moira worried that someone might end up sleeping in their car. “Well if it wasn’t going to rain tonight I’d accept. But I… ” and Jesse smiled. “Tell you what. Graham’s… well the cell at the station is in reasonable condition. I could always sleep there” and Moira shuddered. “Well I’m not sure. Nobody’s knowingly been there except us and certainly not overnight. Are you sure love. It’s most kind and I’d love to agree but… ” Jesse was sure but she did have to promise that she’d not go and have a quiet session in her cage and get caught out. “Hmmm. For some reason I don’t trust you honey” Moira said jokingly, “But there’s a way to check, plus you’ll be safe from… well marauders I suppose”

She saw Jesse looking curiously but her eyes also lit up with pleasure. “OK I promise,” and with that she helped the new arrivals with the evening meal and they all had a chat before Jesse took her leave.  Peddling down to Ardnacarrick and into the station. The cell was obviously dry, and comfortably warm because the late autumn sun had been on the back wall all the time before going down a few minutes ago. She swept the room out, managing not to cough in the dust and was just laying her camping mat and a duvet out on the old bedframe when she heard a Land Rover come down the track.

Jesse Haig quietly closed the door, gripping a hammer, hoping that… then relaxed on hearing Moira’s voice calling for her. “Gave me a turn, thought you were joking about marauders and I’d have to fight them off!” she laughed as Miss McLuskey came in, startled to see her brandishing the weapon. She thanked her for helping out and saying the two couples would be gone by about ten tomorrow. “Right, how to stop you getting to your cage,” Moira said, looking at some of Graham’s restraints. “Bet you cannot,” Jesse said in return, her eyes bugging out when Miss McLuskey produced the blindfold from her pocket.

“OK, accept a challenge love” she was told and did so. Jesse was told to go for a pee, then change into whatever she’d planned to sleep in tonight. This being a long night-shirt, rather than that lovely silky dress because she didn’t want it to get dirty, even though this room was OK. “Quiet right too” she was told coming back in to see Moira working the hinges of the cells’ door back and forth, oil can in hand.

Her breathing shortened as vision was denied her. Having promised not to complain as she heard the Islander ferreting about. “Ooh, playing dirty,” Jesse said next as a belt was wrapped round her waist, Moira’s hands resting on her hips for a moment. Then the girl almost squealed as she felt manacles being applied to both wrists holding them close together as if she was praying. These were attached to the belt by a very short chain holding them by her tummy. Now the lassie was smiling though she did jump when Moira touched her left leg and another manacle was locked around her ankle, then again for the right with barely two inches of chain between them.

She was instructed to shuffle left then Moira helped her sit on the bed, swinging both legs up onto it and lie down then her shoes were removed and her dress tidied up. “Anything else” she asked, then froze when Moira touched the side of her neck and Jesse knew right then that the collar from the wall was next. Her breathing really shortened now as she heard the click and rattle of the key. Hands came back and gently rubbed her and by heck it felt good.

“Ok honey, sweet dreams. I’ll free you in the morning. Breakfast is at eight… and you’re cooking it!” Jesse got a long smoochy kiss as the duvet was laid over her. Moira saying there was a bucket by the door in case of emergencies. Miss Haig wondered about marauders, getting a bit damp thinking about someone finding her helpless in here, ready to be ravished. That’d be tonight’s dream sorted though her ardour cooled a bit when she heard Moira close the cell door… AND LOCKING IT. The footsteps faded and there was another thump, then another door, the outer one probably being locked as well.

Moments later Jesse heard the vehicle start up and it left, the noise fading to be replaced by the call of the gulls. So rather than her cage she was chained up by wrist and ankle, her neck secured in a collar, plus she was locked in a cell with only one person in the world who knew she was here. Jesse grinned and tried to reach down for her bits… only to find the chain was far too short for any of that. DAMN, she thought. Moira must have known I’d try it. Guess it’s going to be a long frustrating night but she was smiling all the same. It was warm as toast in here and the girl dreamed of pirates and stuff like that. It was almost like being a child again, great fun too. With her vision gone all Jesse’s other senses were heightened and not long after Moira left she heard it start raining. No thunder, thank goodness, just a steady roar on the station roof and the effect was quite soporific.

In fact Jesse never heard anything else till the rattle of keys came next morning, waking her with a start as Moira came in to the cell. “Ah, still here my pretty lass, ready to be ravished eh?” she said in a silly pirate voice and the girl was laughing as the collar was freed, then the rest and she shed the blindfold. Thankfully it was only just getting light so her eyes got adjusted to the torchlight and dawn as the sun peeped over the horizon. “Good dreams?” she was asked and the lass replied yes as she returned after a huge pee and began to get dressed. “That’s what I thought. Also why I did that… I too used to dream about this sort of thing myself when I was a child,” Moira said as they headed back up.

They had more of a chat while Jesse cooked the breakfast and she learned quite a lot about her host. The fact she was happy to let the youngster realise some of her fantasies. Much the way she’d wanted to in her own teenage years. “As long as you don’t get hurt or… or stuck” Moira said with a knowing stare as Jesse went crimson. She served up a lovely meal to the couples who thanked them both before they all left. The girl helped Moira make the bedrooms tidy again. Though she did again see Miss McLuskey looking sad when saying Sunday would be her last full day before getting the boat back to the mainland.

Friday and Saturday were a thrilling pleasure for Jesse Haig as she helped Moira around the village doing chores in the mornings before the pair went back to Ardnacarrick to do more of the photos. She wore all the various dresses in the cage, sometimes with the mask on but others with it off to get the effect for the camera. One of the best sequences was outside in the grey frock and heels. Hands chained up with one linking her ankles. Standing by Grahams’ office wearing a small. ‘ For Transportation to the Colony’ sign hung around her neck. They had a right old laugh doing these, the pair swapping over and Moira wearing a couple of the larger dresses herself. One shot they both posed together as Jesse’s camera had a timer.

Once that was done on the Saturday Jesse had another go in her cage. This time using the new bits they’d found. Moira helped her in though the girl declined to wear one of the frocks. Instead standing in her bra and shorts as it was really warm today. Her heart was hammering as the manacles closed round her wrists and were locked. Then the rest and she agreed that Moira could ‘do as she wished’ before the mask and gag were secured. It took her a while to get the plates on without any help but eventually worked it out. Jesse was shuddering with pleasure as they were wound up quite tight. Moira checking Jesse’s eyes as she twisted the levers for the pre-arranged signal. When the girl began to blink rapidly then she’d stop.

WOW this felt good as the pressure held her tightly. But she almost squealed in shock once the metal hands were secured. She could hardly move a muscle now, maybe the faint twitch of an elbow. Jesse was well away dreaming of pirates and her eyes only snapped open when to her surprise she felt Moira undoing the zip on her shorts. Then the girl really began to shudder as probing fingers began to reach inside her knickers and touch her. Jesse’s eyes really bulged now as Moira said, “You didn’t see this coming did you love. Imagine I’m a pirate, ha ha.” Moira could see those grey eyes twinkling so she knew the girl was alright with the situation. Jesse was, feeling those delicate fingers doing a better job than Ron Rabbit and before long Miss Haig was simpering. Moira obviously had some experience of this, maybe to another woman too and she stoked the girl’s fire so close, withdrew, then set to again. Finally once the lass was really snorting in frustration she carried on and let Jesse crash into dreamland.

‘More to her than meets’ the eye’ Jesse thought as Moira began again and this time she kept going till the girl was bucking as best she could, then the most amazing multiple orgasm blasted her into space and she passed clean out.

Coming too Jesse found herself free and lying on the camping mat. Moira making tea in the doorway and she turned hearing the girl stir. “Oh thanks Moira, that was amazing” Jesse gushed, almost in tears of joy and the two embraced before the girl realised she needed the loo, going out then returning for a much needed drink.

She knew there’d be none of this tomorrow being Sunday and really that was her last time in the cage. They put the thing back together then shared a long kiss. Their hands round each other. “Thanks for letting me into your life to do that love” Moira said, “It’s… well been a re-education to me too. But how are you going to write all THAT in your diary and get it past the publishers?” and Jesse squealed with laughter. “Pass, but it’s been so much fun, and thanks”. With that they tidied up and headed to the vehicle, driving home where Jesse cooked tea and did some of her packing. Though she did remember the bike was still in Ardnacarrick. “We’ll collect it Monday on the way to the jetty, OK?”

Sunday they both went to church again and McTavish spoke to her alone when the service had ended. He too was unhappy she was leaving but said nothing. The pair left and returned to Moira’s place where they spent a happy afternoon out in the garden hacking and weeding. Jesse was rather sad this was her last day here and once they were both dressed in nightwear, the girl wearing that lovely silky nightie she came back into Moira’s room just as her host was about to switch her light off. Without a word she climbed into the bed and embraced her, then kissed Moira and put the lights out. Nothing else was said and the pair faded away together.

Next morning they shared another long kiss before getting up. Moira asking the youngster to cook the breakfast while she sorted some stuff out. This was done and then Jesse said she was going for a long bath and hair session before… leaving. She saw her host looking sad and knew this was going to be so tearful for both of them. “I’ll put something very nice out for you to wear love” she was told as the bathroom door was closed with a promise of ‘no peeking’. Jesse was surprised, as she’d left a set of shorts and T-shirt, as she’d be on her bike anyway. Just what was Moira planning?

On re-entering her room after the pampering session Jesse was amazed to see what Moira had laid out for her. It was the black dress and apparel worn that dreadful night when she’d overdone it, right down to the heels. Miss Haig knew it was Miss McLuskey’s special outfit so when the older woman came in she asked why this had been chosen. Also how on earth could she walk onto the ferry or ride her bike wearing that? She did see Moira had changed into a calf-length dress, with a nice fitted jacket, chunky black boots and the effect was great. In fact it was similar to the outfit Jesse had worn to Church both last week and yesterday.

The woman agreed, saying it was a great look and thanking Jesse for the complement. “The style was your idea anyway. But as for this, sorry love. Island tradition says that once a dress has been made only one woman can wear it. As you’ve already done that, it’s no longer mine. You might as well keep it,” she said a bit sternly, seeing Jesse’s eyes downcast. Moira picked it up then held it against her torso. “Anyway,” she continued, having softened her tone and apologised, then grinned and rubbed Jesse’s arm. “It’s a bit on the small side now I guess. I shouldn’t have let myself go so much and promise to lose some soon. But my cooking is good, like yours. You’ve put on a pound or two I reckon. Yes?”

Jesse managed not to smile that much as it was probably true. Then told Moira she was worried about what the people on the boat would do or say… they’d laugh or point or do other things, ridiculing her and she got tearful about it. Miss McLuskey sat down and took Jesse’s hands into her own. “No they won’t love. On your journey nobody is going to say a word. Trust me, they will not, understand?” She wasn’t sure but went along with it as Moira said she’d help the girl dress. Again Jesse looked unsure and Moira gently reminded her that McTavish had told her she must obey orders. The girl admitted this was true and sat down at the dresser. Moira said her make-up was first to be done and during it she was told once more what a lovely girl she was so enjoy some pampering.

It felt wonderful as her body became enclosed once more in the bustier, the waist cincher holding her tight, then the stockings being rolled up each leg and attached. Knickers came next though the girl did say she’d better go to the bathroom before the rest of it went on. Having returned they were handed over and she put them on before Moira helped her with the petticoats, the underskirt and finally the heavy black velvet dress. Zipping it up then turning Jesse around. She stepped into the heels then turned this way and that, feeling the material swaying with her.

“Oh my dearest child you look lovely” she was told, the girl flushing red as she put on the teardrop earrings. They stared at one another then embraced, their lips meeting and both were almost in tears. A quick re-do of lipstick, once that was done she asked Moira to take a few photographs. Though the girl was still wondering what the people on the boat were going to say and her heart leapt as the doorbell rang. “That’ll be William, he’s taking you” Miss McLuskey said having snapped the girl as requested. They had another cuddle before letting go and Moira hurried away to answer the door.

William McTavish came in, he too in a smart suit and his dog collar. His eyes widening, realising what the girl was wearing and he looked at Moira who nodded. So the decision had been made he thought and took Jesse’s hands. “Are you ready my child?” he said as Moira picked up the rucksack and stood expectantly.

Miss Haig nodded then the three walked out to the car, Jesse going slowly because of those heels but eventually got herself sorted in the vehicle. She looked around wondering where her bike was as the Land Rover set off then remembered it was at the Smithy. As they turned North away from the ferry, she assumed McTavish knew this and they would collect it then go South for the boat. It was due to leave in a few hours so she could last that long in the shoes, kicking them off while she was in the car.

This appeared to be the case as they bounced down that familiar road and Jesse’s heart was leaping when she saw the Smithy again. Though of course she knew the cage was actually at the Church now.

They stopped and McTavish got out and opened the tail, then went into the building and came back with the bicycle, lifting it easily over the ledge and carefully depositing it on the floor next to her rucksack. He got back in then Moira turned to the girl and asked did she want a last walk round?

She did so they drove down to the harbour and got out. McTavish said he had some things to look at so for an hour or two he’d leave them be, confirming with the girl what time the boat left then walked off. The place silent for once and Jesse was surprised there were no seagulls here today. Moira took her hand and together they walked out onto the seawall, the lassie feeling that wonderful breeze again as it slid over her legs. The swishing of material was addictive and she hoped Miss McLuskey didn’t know she was getting wet underneath. She was certainly going to keep this dress.

Once she was on the ferry it’d be a quick change to her normal attire and she’d just bluff it if anyone asked. Quite how it’d fit in her rucksack she was still working out. Maybe she’d get it wrapped up and sent from the Post Office in Oban. The boat would be there before closing time. Moira was carrying the girl’s camera as Jesse wanted her to shoot the lassie doing that French re-enactment and she complied before coming closer, her arms sliding round Miss Haig’s waist. “I’m gonna miss you so much love,” she said at last. Jesse saying nothing or she’d burst into tears.

Moira let go and zoomed in on a fishing boat out on the water and snapped a photo, as it appeared to be coming closer. She looked at the screen. “That’s Old Barry and his boys, a right pair of ruffians. The phrase ‘modern pirate’ could have been written for them” and that did make Jesse smile. “Graham… bless him couldn’t pin anything on Barry. His older lad now is just as bad. The other, Billy, has… different interests and rarely goes out on the boat. Seafaring, what a life” she said sadly. Jesse glanced at Moira who was looking out, the lass no doubt wondering where her father’s grave might be. The sea sometimes gives up its dead but sadly not in the cases of the ‘Stars’   

She showed the picture to the girl and Jesse said it was the one she’d waved to before. Now the vessel was quite close and almost at the buoy before it seemed to stop and just sit there. How curious.   

They headed back hand in hand towards the church where McTavish had parked by the door. He was nowhere to be seen but Moira led the girl to the entrance. Jesse looked baffled but agreed that she should pray for a safe journey today. They went in and immediately Miss Haig felt her tummy turn over. Thinking how close she was to the cage. It was there in the room beside the door, the one that was now closed. Her eyes seeing every detail of it and Jesse knew she was going to come back and retrieve it, sooner than later. In fact right then Jesse Haig decided she was going back to Aberdeen to settle her affairs then surprise Moira by coming back, sometime next month … for good if she wanted. The way she’d been talking the lassie wasn’t going to turn her away was she.

The couple arrived at the altar where to Jesse’s surprise two small cushions sat next to each other. She looked at Moira who nodded and the pair knelt, both women praying. Jesse of course for a smooth trip, though she’d heard the forecast this morning and it was fine for today. “Thanks for this Moira,” she said once they’d stood up, “But I am so sorry for what I did, promise I won’t be as stupid again, ever”. Moira McLuskey agreed, saying because they’d now prayed that Jesse should be at peace with herself.

“I am” Came the reply as they headed back, arms round the others’ waists, the girl looking at the side door. She veered towards it, pulling the lassie with her, looking at Moira who rolled her eyes, smiled and went along. “Really honey, you are a strange creature” as Jesse opened the door. Seeing the thing, sitting in the corner. She looked around as they walked in and noticed there was something different. There was no sign of the mask or the mittens for the hands. The front and back plates were missing too. Just the cage, door already open with the key in the lock. Ankle manacles open in position to accept… She stopped short as Moira stared at her. A question she wanted to ask but could never… It wouldn’t matter but she did walk closer reaching to touch the metalwork, stroking it lovingly… looking back at Miss McLuskey standing by the door, her eyes almost pleading…

“Moira, would you mind if I… ” Jesse began and the older woman smiled. “You’ve got a few minutes if you wanted to love,” Moira said, looking at her watch, reading the girl’s thoughts. “William won’t mind, he’s seen you in it before. He said at least an hour, maybe two and we’ve time. Boat doesn’t go for what, three? It’s barely four miles to the jetty. He’ll probably toot when he’s ready,” The girl smiled as she returned to the doorway then turned to face the room one last time having had second thoughts. It was a daft idea and hardly the time…

Moira came up behind, slid both arms round and began stroking her hips, the pair easing forward as she whispered into Jesse’s ear, those words hypnotic now. She so wanted to… could she? It would be OK. Before Miss Haig realised it they were standing by the cage again. Moira reached over, put one hand on the belt, pushing it closed, “Clunk, click, one after another till you’re done” she murmured, turning the key back and forth and both hearing the same noise, Jesse trembling, wishing that was round her waist NOW. Then the rest being secured, but the older woman unlocked it again, pulling the thing out then looking at the girl… torn between rioting emotions now as the voice continued and didn’t it sound good.

“Go on honey, you’d only regret it if you didn’t. I know you enjoyed it last time!” and the girl grinned, flushing as she remembered those orgasms. “It’s your cage sweetheart, waiting for Jesse… Imagine these rings encircling your limbs, the feel of steel,” Jesse loved that last phrase and laughed, doing a parody of Top Gun’s “I feel the need for speed” and it made Miss McLuskey chuckle too. It was her turn to touch the cage and Moira pressed on.

The woman began flicking the waistband to make the point. “Those turning keys, the mask and all that. Finally a door closing tightly, one last little clicking, someone held captive. Like those naughty dreams I’ll bet you’ve had. Someone standing right next to me wants to become that pretty girl again, locked in here… locked… in… here, mask… gag… it’s all ready. All Jesse has to do is… step inside” 

Miss Haig thought about it then grinned broadly, a decision made. “Yes I did dream, more than once too so why not again. It won’t take long to free me afterwards. Just be a moment mind, need to do… well that… err you know… ” and they both chuckled.

Jesse’s heart leapt and she hurried outside, hoping she wouldn’t run into McTavish, had a pee and cleaned up with a tissue before returning. She gave Moira a cuddle, holding her tightly, “Thanks love, please… lock me in,” Jesse said with a whisper, feeling a bit light-headed and wobbly at the thoughts coursing through her veins. Miss McLuskey supported her till she’d got through it, holding the lass around the waist. “OK I’m ready now,” Jesse said then stepped forward and turned, Moira easing her into the right position, hands on hips guiding the lassie backwards. “There’s a good girl, just there” she was told. Miss Haig reached up and began adjusting her hair over the backrest.

She was about to start closing the waistband when Miss McLuskey said no. “I’ll do it, you savour the feelings honey, it won’t be long though.” Jesse did, feeling the trembling start as the dress was lifted over the lower manacles before the first ankle was secured, a hand briefly stroking up and down her leg. “Ooh that’s lovely” she murmured and Moira chuckled. Then the second got the same treatment before Miss Haig was told to position her arms and breathe right in. She felt the band close over her tummy, pinning her wrists and the girl sighed happily as the lock on the belt went…


In this room the sound was better than the Smithy, heightening the anticipation as the locks went click, faint rattling as the keys were removed. Each one seemed to grip just that little bit tighter today and Jesse was thrilled. She was smiling now as Moira came up, lovingly stroking her torso, staring at her then the woman brought the collar round and secured that, once they’d heard the click Moira looked happy for the first time as another key was taken out of its lock. Miss McLuskey stroked her and it did feel wonderful as a nipple was rubbed till it was hard. Then she did the other one and Jesse hoped… as Moira stared deep into her eyes, her fingers starting to move around and touch the various bits that held the girl so securely as she began to speak. Then one moved up and caressed the skin of the girl’s neck.

“There my beautifully bonded Princess, you look… perfect. How does that feel, nice and comfortable in your cage; imagine it was forever. Never to be freed, always held by both ankles, wrists secured; this shapely neck of yours enclosed in a collar, everything… all… for evermore. That’d be interesting. I’ll bet you’d think about it, wouldn’t you my precious?” she whispered. Moving closer and Jesse nodded as they shared another smoochy kiss. “Yes, it feels so good… and I DO want… ” A silly thing to say actually, but it DID feel great to be here with Moira showing such kindness, reaching into her bag then starting to repair their smudged lips, which of course interrupted the girl in mid-flow.

“If only we had the other bits and more time like yesterday. Shame I’m going. I want to stay in here after all… ” she continued very quietly once the makeup repairs were finished, seeing Moira looking around. As she didn’t react Miss Haig assumed the lassie hadn’t heard what she’d said. There was only the desk and Moira walked towards it. Jesse again wondered why she’d taken the keys out as she put them on the table along with her handbag, why not leave them in the locks to save time? “Ah… you’re in luck my dear, it is in here after all. Thought I wasn’t imagining things” Miss McLuskey exclaimed interrupting Jesse’s thoughts. Going round the side then lifting an open-topped box up onto the desk. “There” She looked curious, “I thought we left the thing assembled. But I’m positive you didn’t sneak back for another go”

Jesse thought the same but she didn’t care as the excitement grew, wishing she’d hurry up and finish. Any moment now the horn might toot and it’d be over and they’d leave. Moira picked out the mitten halves and told the girl to hold still as she crouched by the left hand. A quick squeeze, making Jesse jump. Then she put on the back half first making sure she didn’t trap a finger as the girl splayed them out, then the front bit. Sliding the tiny levers round with ease. The girl tried wiggling once both hands were secured. Not a sausage, these bonus bits we found really are getting me wet, she thought knowing the best was to come, Moira lifting the next bit out of the box and advanced.

Moira reached around the girl and rested the plate for Jesse’s back on the top of the waistband then slid the prongs into the slots. An elastic band was put round the collar to hold the top bit behind there. Now for the front plate and Miss Haig really had to grip as the top was held between her teeth while Moira did the shoulder catches to the back plate then took the elastic off. Now the front could be slotted under the collar and lowered over the chest. She tightened the top fasteners and adjusted the sleeves of Jesse’s dress to make sure it didn’t get in the way, nor pinch her upper arms.

Miss McLuskey connected the catches on each side and started to wind the halves closer together. “Is that far enough?” she asked and Jesse, knowing this would be the last said no, a little bit more and Moira kept going till amazingly both sides were flush, the bottom bit right over the belt. The woman never thought that was possible. Though she didn’t know Jesse could barely breathe. This was close to what she could stand, she’d better not say anything or Moira would slacken it off. She could bear it for a few minutes anyway.

“You sure about this. Had enough already?” she asked looking at her watch again and for a moment Jesse wondered. No… it really will be the last time. No way could she afford the money to hire a van, come all the way back and pinch this and it might take a few weeks to settle her affairs. “No, just a few minutes more then we’re gonna have to go. It’s a long journey” Miss Haig whispered, she couldn’t spare any air. “OK, good girl” Moira said, reaching in and stroking her cheeks, then came closer and their lips met again. Another sensuous kiss, but Jesse knew there’d be a last one as Moira had said she was coming to the port.

A slight frown crossed Miss McLuskey’s face as she looked at the girl, starting to sweat from straining to breathe, Moira realised what was happening, nodded and unwound the plate catches by one complete turn and the lassie sighed as that pressure was reduced. “Thanks, I thought at first it’d be OK” she said. Moira grinned, replying it was just as well she hadn’t put the mask on yet. “You can now, please. It’ll definitely silence me, a relief to your ears I’ll guess,” Jesse said and Moira grinned, heading to the box.

She closed her eyes in anticipation, listening to Miss McLuskey’s heels coming back. A slight bumping as the mask was positioned at the top. “Any last requests for the condemned?” Moira joked and Jesse laughed as best she could, “Yeah, if that horn goes toot, promise me you’ll ignore it,” the girl replied.

There was a faint snort, “Oh… right love, well, we’d have to see” Moira said non-committaly but Jesse could tell she was grinning all the same. As if it would ever happen, the boat was going in under three hours now. “Open up wide Jesse honey, here it comes” she heard her captor say.

The girl never flinched as the front was lowered and the tube entered her mouth, brushing past those pearly white teeth, pressing her tongue right down. Miss McLuskey checked it was sliding in correctly then Jesse heard that lovely click and felt a vibration as it was locked on.

How strange… like the other bits the mask seemed tighter but Jesse didn’t care. She opened her eyes to see Moira with the key. “There, imagine being gagged forever once this is enlarged, and you’re right honey, it does shut you up. Dad once said to me ‘little girls should be seen and not heard’” she smiled, doing a silly impression of her father. Jesse got a rub on the arm as it was inserted. “Now we’ll prove it. Sure you’re ready love? Last chance.” and Miss Haig winked once at her, the signal to start.

Ooh, never freed again, Jesse thought, repeating what Moira had said earlier and a delicious tremor ran through her at the idea. When she came back next month she was going to have SO much fun with this thing. If Moira could lose the weight as promised earlier perhaps they could swap over now and again when doing this. Ardnacarrick would become their own playground and nobody could ever find out. There was other stuff in Graham’s office to look at too; this was going to be great. Miss Haig regretted not saying this just now but you’re a bit late honey, she thought as Moira began turning the key.

With the gag in Moira stared into Jesse’s face, winding till the girl closed her eyes. The signal it was enough. It felt great at first as the all round pressure held her firm, her chin hard on the bottom of the mask. But for some reason Moira turned it another quarter with the key then removed and the thing clattered onto the table… why? It was that tight in her mouth now she could hardly squeak and was almost painful. Her heart hammered hard for a moment as if there was something wrong. But as it’d only be a few minutes she could stand it… Jesse’s eyes swivelled as Moira stepped back and brought the door round, pushing it closed with that little jerk as the top bit was still rubbing. “Must get that sorted for next time eh?” Moira muttered with a frown. Jesse almost started at that, perhaps this did mean she was wanted back sometime? When she’d been freed Miss Haig planned to formally ask if this was the case.

Then she heard that wonderful last click and closed her eyes, listening to Miss McLuskey’s breathing then a final key being placed with the others. Moira came back, placed both hands through the bars and tickled her ears. The girl’s eyes opened as she began to whisper. Like the beginning it sounded almost hypnotic for Jesse to listen to. Their faces barely an inch apart when Miss McLuskey pressed hard into the bars, her lips just kissing the nose of the mask, feeling Jesse’s hot breath coming through the nostril holes below.

“You OK in there honey? I’m so pleased you wanted to do this, know how much it means to you. You look great so I’ll take some photos. I bet Jesse Haig is loving it. Wearing this beautiful dress, those high heels and that naughty stuff underneath?” Jesse flushed and her eyes twinkled in reply. “Wicked girl for thoughts like that, but I forgave you at the time. But seeing you like this it’s just as well you’re secured by steel, safely in your cage… I might want to keep you… for all time,” she grinned. Jesse glowing, as Moira continued speaking. She blinked a few times in happy acknowledgement, wishing it could be true as Miss McLuskey lovingly rubbed her hips and ass before stepping away. She picked up the camera and took the promised photo then put the device back by her bag.

“Right, you’ve got about fifteen minutes… so please don’t try to run away love” and Jesse would have smiled if that were possible. The girl began humming as she slipped into the fantasy mode. Shame the retrieved Ron Rabbit was in her rucksack but this was an unexpected session anyway.

Jesse’s eyes snapped open at the sound of the Land Rover’s horn seemingly seconds later. Damn, that’s a bit fast, I wanted MORE. She looked round but to her surprise Moira wasn’t here. The woman must have slipped out while I was dreaming. Her bag and the pile of keys were still there so she couldn’t be far away.

Just then Jesse heard footsteps, heels too and Moira returned, carrying a small sack that bulged a bit as she dumped it on the desk. “Sorry about that. I had an idea about those pieces at the Smithy. I know what they’re for now. If you want I’ll put them on too, finish the job. Wink if you do.” And she stared, seeing Jesse looking back without moving. Moira checked her watch again. “Did I hear the horn, you said ignore it. Well don’t worry about William, he’s early anyway so there’s still time” so she smiled when the girl, having thought well there cannot be much more to secure winked, yes. Curious to see what these were.

“Good,” and Moira unlocked the door again, reached in to the bag and pulled the two foot long sticks out, those things were a pair of manacles mounted near the top about four inches apart. Much bigger than to secure a wrist or ankle. They’d looked at these before but it appeared now Moira had guessed what they were for. McLuskey bent down and vanished from Jesse’s limited view, but moments later the girl felt her dress and stuff being lifted. Now she too knew where the items went. Into the top of the spike of the ankle ones and were to go above and below her now knocking knees!

Moira undid her left ankle, telling the girl to raise her foot so she could put the post in. She complied, sighing as the first one was placed behind her leg before being asked to lower it again. The feeling of more steel closing round not once but twice was amazing. Also a bit of a shudder as Moira’s finger had traced right up and down before the knee was secured, followed by the ankle being re-locked. Then it was repeated for the other side and the girl simply couldn’t believe there was anything further to affix as another couple of keys joined a significant pile by Moira’s handbag.

“Last bit honey, and this is a surprise and a real treat. It’ll be a struggle to do with all the material but I’m convinced. Ok?” so Jesse winked again. “Good girl”

She saw Moira bending down but hadn’t seen what she was carrying. Normally the lass did and that for a moment got the girl worried for the first time. She seemed to be putting a lot of effort for something that’d be over soon, even quicker as the horn tooted again. Moira muttered something but Jesse could not hear it as the woman went back under her dress.

The girl was shocked when two hands began stroking her legs but she couldn’t do much and certainly nothing forewarned her when the fingers went right up and began to remove her knickers. Sliding them down as far as the upper knee manacle and Jesse flushed on realising Moira would obviously be able to smell the arousal up there. The hands ever so gently began probing the girl and it almost put her over as one finger began massaging her clitoris. So this was Moira’s treat eh? And Jesse did twitch her lips. If the Vicar came in and found them like this… and she began trembling as the ministrations grew.

Then just before the inevitable eruption Moira withdrew and Jesse snorted loud enough through her nose that the lassie heard! A laugh from below and the hands twanged her suspender straps. Jesse hated that, when Roy had done it once she’d almost belted him. But that wouldn’t be happening today.

What did happen was a surprise as Jesse felt another belt being applied as close to the waistband as her dress and undergarments allowed. She could feel Moira really having to push the material upwards. This was VERY tight once locked around and hurt a bit as it rested on her pelvic bones. The hands withdrew, but there was nothing she could do. Why was another belt required, what could be attached to… Not for the first time Jesse began feeling uneasy about what Moira was doing, especially this idea about removing keys.

Ahh… Ohhh… that’s what it is as she felt a phallic object being inserted into her pussy. Moira running it back and forth to lubricate it, seeing Jesse’s thighs twitching as the arousal grew again. She was at fever pitch then the woman stopped just before orgasm, before really moving it in. Deeper it went until a surprised Jesse though it could go no further. Almost up by her cervix but at least it was thinner than Ron Rabbit. She felt Moira fit something into the front of the belt then the phallus was connected to it, holding it deep within her like half a chastity belt. It began to get warm as her body reacted then the damn thing gently began to vibrate. Oh my goodness Jesse shuddered and her knees would have sagged… had they been able to!

This was… wow… amazing and her feelings began to riot but the girl was startled out of her euphoria as she felt something cool ‘at the back door’ Somewhere nobody had ever been and she tried to clench her butt cheeks to stop. Now butterflies were starting to orbit and any sense of pleasure abruptly vanished.

THIS WASN’T FUNNY as it rested against her rose-bud and she tried screaming but nothing except the faint mew. What was Moira doing and now a small wave of terror began to engulf the lassie. There was something seriously wrong but she could do nothing as the intruder was slowly pushed in and the girl panicked. On and on it went before stopping when she could barely stand it any more. The hand came behind, stroking her ass cheeks, putting something into this belt to hold the thing in place. It was almost like a ‘rear’ chastity belt then a lightning bolt seared through the girl. That’s EXACTLY what it was.

Jesse felt the two ends being brought to meet between her legs, pushing the intruders so deep she winced and the girl shuddered as there was another faint click. “Nearly done, oops, just… this little… ” Moira said, then a horrifying pain shot through Jesse as the two intruders began to expand OOOWW… she wailed until she felt totally stuffed. Her knickers were replaced and the woman came out from underneath, placing another key on the desk.

She came back then looked into Jesse’s shocked and tearful eyes, what appeared to be a faintly cruel smile emerging on her face. Knowing the girl was terrified about what she’d allowed to be done to her.

“All done sweetie, it’s nearly over… for you” she crooned, stroking Jesse’s arms as footsteps came behind and the Vicar walked in on the sight! Jesse was shocked when the man, now dressed like a proper man of the cloth in vestments actually asked, “Was she done?” Moira nodded and closed the door, locking that and removing the key as the girl totally lost control of herself. “Yes, she’s prepared” Moira said with another faint smile. “Safely locked in her cage… lovely… and ready to leave” were the words that followed and the girl was shaking now.

“HOW CAN I BE READY. LET ME GOOOOO… ” Jesse screamed, the faint mewing audible to both the Islanders. Her eyes were now streaming with tears as McTavish came and stood there. She tried to plead and he frowned for a moment. Then to her horror he picked up the small key for the gag, inserted it and Jesse felt the thing EXPANDING. How did he know which key was the right one straight away? Her jaw was almost creaking before he thankfully stopped and withdrew it, handing the key to the lass who gathered the others and put them in her handbag. Closing the hasp and putting the thing over her shoulder is if she was the one leaving. Jesse was devastated now, what had she let herself into?

“Right Moira, well done. The crew are here. If you’d like to take your place please” he said. She bowed her head and left Jesse’s vision as she went round the back. Miss Haig heard her betrayer fiddling with something round there but didn’t care anymore as more footsteps began to arrive. The girl watched as three men came in, all of them big and beefy. One was old but the other two were like siblings. The youngest looking youth would normally have attracted her eye, as she’d probably say he was dishy, but not with her in this situation. But strangely none of them looking shocked at what they saw.

“Listen my child,” McTavish said. “These gentlemen are the crew of that vessel you tried to lure in last week. The fact you did it again today gives us just cause to punish you. Plus the other stuff as well” He went on, saying that she’d vandalised several houses here, desecrated a grave in the church but worst of all she’d stolen from her host. “Moira said to you ‘What’s mine is yours while you’re here in THIS village. That didn’t apply to Ardnacarrick. Once you left her house you became a common thief and you said yourself that proper punishments were due to them. So it will be for you” Jesse’s heart was pounding now and she knew she’d once more put herself in peril, the tears flowing freely.

Jesse was appalled at this, wondering whether Moira had tricked her into the cage thus allowing the girl to be kidnapped by the crew! Talk about modern pirates but there was no wet dream now. The lassie was simply terrified. McTavish turned away then spoke quietly to the oldest so she couldn’t hear, nor the man’s reply.

He turned to his crew. “OK boys, Father McTavish has given us permission so we’ll carry out our duty. No way will this child be allowed to do it to us again. Do you understand me?”

They nodded and smiled. Worrying looks appearing on both youngsters’ faces.

“Very well, we are prepared Father,” he said then indicated for them to lift the cage from the rear two corners while he alone took the front.

Jesse Haig was devastated as the cage rose up unsteadily, no doubt heading for their boat and… oh God, she wept. I don’t wanna leave this Church… ever.

So it was a surprise when they turned left and headed back towards the altar. The cage being parked right behind a neat set of two pairs of cushions. Moira and the old man took one side. The two youths took the other. McTavish of course in front and he called the gathering to prayer. This time Jesse joined in, hoping for divine intervention.

There was a long pause after the Amen.

“It has been decided that you, Jesse Haig will be returned from whence you came” He said to bring the matter to a close as the men closed in and lifted the cage.

So this was all a joke to scare me, Jesse thought angrily, but sighing with relief. She was going to have to bite her tongue once she’d been relea… but her eyes widened as the party instead moved towards the altar, not back to the room and freedom.

Where are we… she thought as McTavish turned left. Heading towards the small door… and then Jesse Haig finally realised she was doomed and she began to tremble. The only place they could go was…

THAT door, the one leading to the crypt, and Jesse was sobbing faster than she thought possible as McTavish went first down the stairs, the ones now lit by some form of power and from here Jesse could discern the faint hum of a diesel generator outside.

HELP… help me Moira, please make them stop, she screamed, but only to herself. Even though she could hear the lassie’s heels behind the cortege.

Now secured in her cage for presumably the last time a weeping Jesse was carried down into the crypt, her eyes widening as she saw the changes to the altar she’d damaged last week under the bright lights. The second slot underneath it was open, the immense lid hanging from chains coming out of the low ceiling above the stone structure. What appeared to be a matching lid now covered the first one again. There must have been spares in the other room she thought sadly seeing the door was open.

Of course the gag would drown any screams, plus they were all in this together so Jesse didn’t bother trying. She knew already that the opened slot could only be for her coffin and by twisting her eyes within the mask she could see it nearby.

Resting on two thick chunks of wood with the 3-inch thick lid parked next to it and her eyes blurred and prickled with tears behind her mask. That damn mask the girl wished she’d never set eyes on that fateful second afternoon before when entering the old police house. 

The Priest spoke, telling the girl what she’d done was blasphemous and that her punishment was to join them by remaining on the island. If she refused, well she’d be joining them anyway. But how was up to her and her alone. The man leaned close and stared into her eyes, seeing what he assumed was defiance rather than the fact the tears were stinging her eyeballs.

“So be it, let the deed be done” he said, turning away and the fishermen moved in. Jesse should have struggled but she knew it was useless. Each piece of metal that gripped her was perfectly measured.

Moira’s voice came in a mocking whisper behind her right ear. “Jesse my dearest sweet lovely lass, you really are… sorry WERE a lucky girl”

Each man lifted a side and McTavish and Moira took the head area as the others rotated the cage flat onto the floor. Ropes were attached to the corners and a quietly sobbing Miss Haig was lifted up then lowered into the coffin. The cage fitted perfectly and rested deep down, with three inches of space at the top. Jesse already knowing the lid would fit right. Stonemasons here were perfectionists and once more she wished she’d got the newly repaired boat back rather than staying on. Moira looked down and to Jesse’s dismay she was holding the red notebook, reaching in as if to lay it on the breastplate. She turned it so the poor girl could see that taped to the front were all the keys from the locks that now held her so tight. Moira smirked, put the book on her then stepped away.

McTavish returned, reaching into the coffin with both hands, holding something in each and carefully inserted them into Jesse’s ears before smoothing out the folds of her dress. He did something else down there and was there a couple of minutes but the girl was too shattered to care. The ropes were removed and Miss Haig knew the final moments of her life were about to occur.

Deafened by the earplugs she could only see his lips move as he stepped back. Condemning her for the violation and issued the formal notice of punishment. The three men brought the lid over the top, straps underneath and the helpless Jesse was plunged into utter darkness as it was lowered onto the cage. She sensed the tugging of the straps being removed and knew that nobody would ever get that lid off. It was probably too flush to even get a knife blade down the side to gain leverage.

The vibrations increased then she felt her coffin swoosh up in the air. Jesse knew they’d put the chains round the thing and were right now about to slide it in into her final place of rest. A slight jerk then a long rumbling vibration and she was weeping hysterically, imagining the sight as the coffin vanished into the slot. Barely a pencil width all round before it stopped. Miss Haig waiting expectantly for the horrifying thump and it came a few minutes later. That huge lid surely coming down onto the altar. Long flanges covering the slot from view. If you didn’t know the design you wouldn’t even know there was a coffin there. All she could so was sob quietly, the blood thumping in her ears.

Clamped, inside the iron cage, her wrists, ankles, waist and neck, all secured with cold cold steel. Two metal intruders plugging her front and rear and locked by the tightest of chastity belts. A mask attached to the collar with its thick gag silencing any screams. But knowing it was stone, tons of stone hiding the girl for evermore that was the worst for her.

Just how much air did she have?

Her mind was already playing tricks on her, was that a slight draft up her skirt, was there air somehow coming in? But it meant something worse, she’d starve rather than suffocating, an agonising death to come and her brain was churning even as the tears flowed. Then unbelievably Jesse felt the vibrators starting up…


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