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Jessica Sells

by Iron Daisies

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© Copyright 2014 - Iron Daisies - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; rope; lingerie; gag; heels; crotchrope; noose; display; auction; fantasy; cons; X

In the dim light of the cold stone room, the outline of Jessica begins to materialize. She is nude or nearly so. A noose around her delicate neck holds her securely to somewhere in the darkness overhead. Hands bound with rope behind her back add to the helplessness of her situation. A pair of green panties with white lace trim do little to protect her modesty. A crotch rope harness is snugged in tight and adds a place to keep her bound wrists securely bound behind her back. Jessica is wearing a pair of stiletto heels about four inches tall in a shade of green that matches her panties. A green ball gag with head harness is secured over her head. Blonde tresses awash in curls do their best to stay out of the harness. A pair of blue eyes peer out into nothingness. Her 34D breasts still sit high on her chest even though she is a little over 35. A faint flash of light and a distant rumble happen somewhere in the distance.

With a violent crash the bright spotlights in the room illuminate every curve of her body. Jessica jumps at the sudden brightness. The noose snugs just a touch. She can see nothing beyond the lights as a voice suddenly calls out, “Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the next lot of our auction. As you can see from your brochure this is lot number 4.” Jessica shuffles slightly trying to get some relief from her aching feet.

“She is a little older than most of the items we offer, but with age comes experience, am I right? All of her measurements are listed. What we did not include was her bio section.” Opening and closing her hands, Jessica does her best to keep her poise. “Her special talents include an awesome blow job, a love of anal sex, limited experience with pleasuring women, submissive and easily trained, and a fantasy of being whipped publicly on a good old fashioned whipping post. Wow, that sure has my blood going to the right place, am I right guys and gals?”

The rumble in the distance grows faintly louder. Jessica cannot hear it as the voice continues, “For out overseas bidders, we do guarantee delivery within 24 hours. She can also be delivered wearing whatever outfit you desire.” Shifting slightly to avoid the heat from the lights gains her nothing.

“We will start the bidding at 10 for this lovely specimen. Do I hear 10? I have been told we have a bid of 20 from an overseas bidder. Very good folks, anyone in the audience want to go higher?” A female voice in the distance calls out “30.”

“Very good Madam, I am sure she will make an excellent whore in your stable.” A damp stain colours the satin material of her panties. “I have 50 from the online bidder. Madam to you care to counter their offer.”

“Madam has bid 75 and indicated she will go no higher. Do I have anyone else interested in this fine filly? I am told the online bidder wants to hear more about this lot. According to her experience, she has listed a gang bang, and being nude in public. She also lists having limited experience with being a dominatrix. It says here that it something she would like to explore more of if her new owner would permit it. From the way she describes herself, this one doesn't need to be broken. She can go right to whatever service you have in mind for her. A really good deal at any price.” A bead of sweat runs down her side as she turns slightly to avoid the harshness of the lights.

“Okay folks, I am going to give you a few moments to further decide if this lovely will be gracing your bed tonight. Lets get a better view of her shall we?” A small click followed by a hum and Jessica slowly rotates to the right. “As you all can see, she does have a lovely ass, the kind that just begs for a strap or a stiff cock. No to the online bidder, she has not been bred. It doesn't say anything in her bio about it or having any objections to it. But then again, once you own her, what you do with her is your business.” The platform continued to turn slowly. She once again faced harsh lights and kept on turning. Slowly making its way around one more time, a faint click and then nothing but the glare of the lights.

“Okay folks, now that you have a little better idea of the item, do I hear any further bids?”

The buzz of the of the lights was deafening. A bright flash of light followed closely by a sharp crack, plunged the whole room into darkness. The noose released from wherever it was held. Jessica collapses to her right side at the sudden loss of its support. Landing on her shoulder with a heavy thud, she knows that's going to be sore for a few days.

“Mmhphh, frmmnsph,” comes from behind the ball gag. Loosely translated, I think its “fucking power outage.” Rolling onto her stomach to regain her bearing and catch her breath, the room illuminates once again with a viscous flash. The knife is laying on the floor in the corner of the room. She just has to push herself over to it. Another flash of lightening makes to room as bright as daylight for a second.

Arching her ass up she rolls onto her left side to easy the dull ache in her right shoulder. Hopefully she doesn't need medical attention. The heels offer little in the way of traction on the clammy stone floor. Pushing herself forwards towards the corner where she left the knife, another violent flash of light followed by the sound of torrential rains fill the void of silence. Reaching the spot where she left the knife, to her horror it isn't there. Another brilliant flash of light, jerking her head to her right, did she see someone standing in the shadows?

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