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Jessica’s Torment: The Beginning

by ElectroPainLover

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Jessica’s father had taught her all he could and it was time to hand her the reigns of the company. In fact, in many ways, Jessica had surpassed his own abilities and had started showing him new ways to permanently bond metal to metal. Teacher and mentor becoming student to his daughters own natural ability.

It wasn’t her welding skill that had impressed him the most however. Jessica had an uncanny aptitude for fabrication. When a customer came to his fabrication shop for some intricate and difficult piece of design, Jessica could envision exactly what the customer wanted and could immediately lay out the design to paper, and, when necessary, invent a new fabrication process to achieve the lowest cost for the customer and for the company. Jessica had surpassed his own fabrication abilities by the time she was sixteen.

John had also insisted that Jessica do something he had never had the opportunity to do; get her Structural Engineering degree.

John found the work becoming more and more difficult for himself to continue with the severe osteoarthritis advancing in his hands.

John’s doctor’s had suggested moving to a warmer, dryer climate would help ease the pain he endured during the very hot, very humid Houston summers. The business and its clients, however, were in the greater Houston area and the business could not so the easily relocate. It was time for him to pass on the legacy of his fabrication shop to his daughter, and with deep regret, leave her behind too.

*   *   *   *   *

At twenty-eight, Jessica found herself the owner of the fabrication shop she had worked in for well over half her life. Being the only child and above all a daddy’s girl, Jessica spent all the time she could with her father in the shop behind their house. Jessica struck her first arc at the age of ten.

Jessica enrolled in college immediately following graduating high school. She attended university in Houston to allow her to live at home and continue working at the shop when her academics would allow her the time. She found she could spend quite a bit of time in her father’s shop as she found engineering came easily to her and her studies were not difficult for her. At twenty-six, Jessica had her Master’s degree in Structural Engineering.

The shop her father had built on their sprawling twenty-five-hundred-acre property was a cavernous twelve-thousand-five-hundred square foot. There were many divisions to the fabrication shop. The divisions were primarily designed around separating job orders and application techniques. There’s only two rooms which each job actually comingled; the office, being where all orders were received; and the powder-coating room, where all orders were completed.

Besides herself, and, her father when he still worked in the shop, Jessica had five employees whom with she worked. No employee, nor Jessica for that matter, had any particular job within the fabrication shop. Orders were assigned, worked, and completed by one employee; giving a personal sense of responsibility for the job to whom it was assigned. Jessica did not micro-manage her employee’s. She assigned the job’s out and expected them to be completed, on schedule and on budget. Her crew never let her down.

The shop primarily designed and built agricultural and farming equipment. Occasionally, Jessica would land larger, more intricate projects; but mainly designed and built cattle feeding shoots, corrals, horse exercisers, pond windmills, and the such.

During Jessica’s time at the university there was one other part of the business she had learned she would like to explore. A part her father would have never even considered—a part she only considered after she become soul owner of the business—Bondage Equipment.

Being an Engineering major and in classes with other Engineering majors, Jessica had become; if not friends, at least acquaintances, with people whom had been exposed or knowledgeable in the world of BDSM. A world that, up until then, Jessica had no knowledge even existed. Jessica was immediately fascinated by the idea of bondage; for reasons she would not be able to explain if questioned. It had never crossed her mind that someone would enjoy having control of one’s own self deprived of them, though, instead of being abhorrent of the thought or dismayed by the desire, found the subject absolutely fascinating. Jessica found it somewhat odd that none of her few boyfriends she had had, if not all romantic, at least sex-filled, relationships with had never breached the subject with her.

Jessica immediately started researching the world she had never given thought to and found the more she read the more intriguing and interesting it become to her. As she dug deeper into this new and exciting world, Jessica found numerous items designed specifically for the world of BDSM; many of which she knew she could better design or build greatly upon. Especially when it came to machines and strict steel bindings.

Jessica reserved this faction of the shops use as her own project. She set up one of the five unused fabrication sections in the shop exclusively for research and development of this new domain.

During her delve into exploration, Jessica stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom and pondered what she would look like bound and how she would want to be bound. Her fabrications-eye imagining her small, yet well-proportioned, body locked upon some devious device of her own design; squirming and fighting for release.

Being quite an architectural-design artist, Jessica started putting her designs on paper; drawing in a picture of herself in each of her imagined implements.

The picture being that of a five-foot-two-inch red-haired cream-skinned woman. Her natural bright red, wavy hair reaching to the small of her back, falling just inches short of the beginning of the split which continued down to form her heart-shaped rear-end. A smooth mons, below a neatly trimmed swath of pubic hair perfectly matching the locks which highlighted her deep-emerald-green eyes, showing only a slight separation of her heft and right sides. Her vulva, smooth and soft, only showing the distinction of her outer labia when Jessica spread her legs beyond shoulder width apart. Her small inner labia hidden from view until she spread much further. A one-hundred-two-pound Irish lass whose body was accented with perfect 34B breasts ending in pert nipples surrounded by rose-petal-pink areolas. Below the breast, a flat stomach allowed for a twenty-two-inch waist which topped her thirty-four-inch hips. Her muscular, though still very feminine, thighs and upper arms a testament to the years of moving heavy workloads.

Jessica, though far from vain, never thought her portrait artistry did her much justice when she started drawing it into her idea’s for her designs. For men who enjoyed her body-type and size could, however, have stroke material for a month-of-Sunday’s.

Jessica also found the thought of electro-pleasure/torture an interesting aspect of the bondage world as well. She thought it would work well for the design she would be starting to work on come tomorrow. A design she thought could be most intriguing. A design she thought could become most tormenting. A design she believed would be both at the same time.

Just a few minutes before Jessica rolled over onto her side to fall asleep, she set her alarm clock back an extra thirty minutes from which she had originally set. Though she had showered at the end of the day today, she wanted the extra time for a shower in the morning. Though she would be starting a day of dirty work, she needed to make sure none of the men whom worked for her could smell what her fingers had just done for her while running her new project through her mind and imagining how nicely (or meanly) it would work.

*   *   *   *   *

Jessica awoke at the sound of her alarm clock and used the extra thirty minutes mostly for what she intended it for. Mostly, being the operative word because she had not intended, when she reset the alarms time, to have ‘her fingers do the walking’ while in the shower. She just couldn’t help herself once her soapy fingers started washing away the previous night’s sprees residuals.

After her shower, not to mention regaining some additional use of her legs again, Jessica went to the kitchen and made coffee and some breakfast. Getting closer to thirty, though she could easily pass for twenty-two, Jessica started eating a much healthier breakfast than she had when she was younger. This morning she fixed herself two banana-bran muffins sparingly topped with butter one of her dairy-farm customers had brought her. Jessica believed, with working as hard as she does in the shop, breakfast is not a meal to be skipped.

She only allows herself two cups of black coffee; cream and sweetener going the way of the eggs and pancakes these days also.

Jessica went out to the shop to begin her day well before her first employee showed up to begin his shift.

She started by making her way to the stainless steel rack. There are several racks of steel within the shops walls. Mild steel, aluminum, wrought iron, chrome-moly, not to mention a few others, including the one she was at now. All orderly and neat and arranged by size, gauge, and type.

Jessica pulled out a piece of 3/8” x 3” stainless flat-bar. Luckily there was one that was about four feet long, about the length she needed. Along with the flat-bar, she added a ten-foot piece of 1/2” thick-walled tube and a ten-foot piece of 3/8” piece of solid rod. Jessica took the stock she had removed from the rack back to her work area. She returned to the rack and looked for more items. She pulled a piece of 3/16’ rod, 3/8” all-thread, and 1/4" rod, finding lengths as close as she could find to what she need. Jessica took these items to her fabrication room and placed them with the previous items.

Jessica then went to the small parts bins. At the stainless steel section, she collected various screws, springs, and set-screws. Satisfied with having what she would need for now, Jessica went back to her fabrication room and began to work. Her employees, knowing what they had to do, did not bother her when they arrived. They knew the paging system would bring her to them if they needed anything. She let the shop run autonomously with regard to her employees. They seemed to be very happy that she did as well.

Jessica began using benders, drills, taps and dies, a welder, and a lathe to start putting together the first bondage device she had ever built. Once she had gotten as far as she could without having to use a machine which, even a much more sophisticated and larger shop would only have the need for one of. She started gathering supplies for another part of her device. She would wait and use the CNC lathe until her staff broke for lunch. She hoped to get three of the parts she needed the CNC for, completed while they were at lunch. The rest she would do when the shop closed.

Jessica began work on another part. One that, in time, she would also have to use the CNC to manufacture parts for.

Jessica broke from her work before lunch-time so as not to be a complete stranger to the staff she had working on various projects. She liked to allow them to see her around in case they were having an issue with their project and just did not want to pull her away from hers, if the problem could wait. Rarely did they have a problem they could not resolve on their own. She afforded them great leniency in their problem solving tools; ordering more materials, fixing broken machinery, redesigning problematic parts, etc.; and, none have yet to abuse the powers she has bestowed. They were a great team of highly trained and proficient fabricators in their own right.

As Jessica had thought, there were no problems needing her attention and she saw them off to their lunch-break. Jessica required her employees to take a lunch-break, an hour minimum, but they could take as long as they needed as long as their assigned projects did not suffer.

When they were gone she knew she had at least an hour of CNC time to use. Jessica programmed the Computerized Numerical Control lathe to cut small latching devices from a block of stainless steel. The latching devices would be used to lock shackles and cuffs and other devices needing to be locked in place onto the person to be bound. Of course, Jessica planned to be the recipient of testing for the prototypes; however, once fully developed and tested, she would start offering custom-made bondage items for sale.

Jessica was able to finish five of the lock latches, the last one coming off the machine just as the workers were returning for lunch. They gave greeting upon return but, never paid any attention to what she had going on the CNC lathe. Jessica decided to run a couple more after putting another block of stock into the machine. She cut five more. More than she needed for now but she had them for when she needed them. She made sure the computer had saved the cutting design and took her newly cut parts back to her work area.

Jessica still had to machine the parts to fit the locking latches into. That would have to wait until the end of her employee’s work day. The parts that needed to go onto the CNC lathe would look too suspicious on the machine and did not want her employees to see them on there. Questions may be sparked; questions Jessica didn’t want asked.

As she waited until she could place the parts onto the CNC, Jessica went into the office for some computer time and web browsing. She wanted to find some nice electro devices for her design.

It didn’t take Jessica long. She placed an order for ten ErosTek ET312B units and placed them on a rush order. She should have them in two days…plenty of time to do some testing over the weekend. Jessica also ordered several accessories to go along with the units she had purchased. She figured the options and programmability of the ET312B’s should be quite convenient in giving the user a ‘hell-of-a-ride’.

Jessica had burned up the rest of the work day, both, on the computer and working on the office stuff she truly despised. She enjoys being a business owner but she would much rather be in the shop than in the office. After filing, billing, and more filing, Jessica decided it was time to hire an office worker. Soon. She would do that very soon.

Jessica waved as she watched her crew leaving for the evening, ready to get her parts onto the computerized lathe. She went and retrieved them as soon as the line of cars drove off the property.

Jessica programmed the lathe to machine out a portion of the steel where the locking mechanism would go on each of the restraint cuffs she had made earlier. She wanted to designed the locks to be operated by a standard handcuff key. Problem was, she did not have any. Jessica, though becoming quite apt at the working design of bondage items and the manufacturing of such, has never had her freedom of movement deprived by herself, nor, anyone else. She also has not purchased any items which would include a handcuff key.

She would have to make one.

As the CNC was working on one of the cuffs machined opening, Jessica went to the computer to see if she could find a schematic of a handcuff key. The CNC would stop when it came time to cut the parts the key would fit, until Jessica had put in the programming for the size.

After several searches Jessica could not locate the actual dimensions of a standard handcuff key, but had found enough pictures of handcuff keys taken alongside items of a known size to be able to extrapolate the dimensions of the keys barrel, lug, and hole. She programmed these figures into the CNC to cut these into the cuff. When she finished using the CNC to machine the cuffs locking area she programmed the machine to cut two keys.

Jessica now had to have the CNC machine the cover plates for the locking mechanism, then assemble them. She worked out some more programming and put it into the CNC. It had to be perfect or the locks would not function.

The CNC did its work and her calculations were spot on. As she assembled each of the locking mechanisms, they went together like a fine watch. The covers went on using a press. The studs which held the cover on fit very tightly into the holes on the cover. Once pressed together they could not be separated. The press flanged the studs like a small rivet. Polishing made them nearly undetectable.

The cuffs latched with three notched rods that entered three holes in the locking portion of the cuff. Once closed, only a key would release them. Jessica tried her manufactured keys. They worked perfectly and the mechanism was very smooth in its operation.

Jessica finished her restraint system by welding the portions together that would have made putting the cuffs into the CNC difficult, if not impossible.

When finished, Jessica polished all the areas she had just welded and cleaned the rest of the cutting lubricant from the CNC.

Jessica now had a locking neck collar with an extendable spreader bar to hold the arms straight out at shoulder height. An internal screw would extend the wrist restraints. She had not yet figured out a way for this to be done by the person wearing it, for self-bondage uses, but a Dom or Master could make it very uncomfortable for their captive by screwing the spreader away from the collar. The key and locking mechanism can be operated by the wearer, but only with great effort and practice.

Jessica also had a pair of ankle cuffs with an extendable spreader bar. She designed this spreader bar as telescopic. This allowed the spreader to be adjustable from eighteen inches out to just shy of six-feet. Double screw rods operated by the twisting of a nut in the center of the spreader operated its expansion and contraction. The cuffs swiveled on each end to allow for some comfort while fully extended or retracted.

Escape was impossible from either system without the use of a key. All locking mechanism employed an automatic double-locking system, blocking the cuff from being picked by a foreign object.

Jessica had her restraint systems for the project she had in mind completed. They, however, were just the part that stopped the person on the device, she had in mind, from removing themselves from the device or relieving themselves from the actions of the device.

She still had work to do.

Jessica took both devices into the house with her for a little trial-run.

*   *   *   *   *

Jessica being quite active in gymnastics when she was younger, was still quite limber. She could get down in the splits and touch her vulva to the ground by just barely leaning forward. She figured the spreader bar will be able to open her up all the way and hold her there, but, not be able to push her further than she could naturally go.

After eating a light dinner and showering off the day’s work, Jessica took her new binding toys to her bedroom. Other than testing the sizing of the cuffs, she had not put the steel cuffs around her wrist yet. She was still a bondage virgin at this point but planned to end that little problem as surely as Jacob had ended her true virginity in the tenth grade. Jacob had popped her and dropped her in the same night. Jessica would still shoot him today if he hadn’t already done that to himself in the twelfth grade.

Jessica laid her bondage devices on the bed. They glittered in the light of her bedroom and deeply shone their deep polish against the mauve bedspread she had draped on her bed.

In a trice, Jessica shed her panties and t-shirt she had put on after her shower. There was really no need to as she lives in the house alone. It has been habit for her to take panties and some sort of covering into the bathroom when she showers. She put them on out of pure convention.

Jessica looked at the devices, thinking something was missing. She tried to put her finger on it but could not quite grasp what she was trying to think of. She could see both keys sitting on her nightstand and knew that was not what she thought was missing. Though she had known that before even looking at the keys. It was something more…ugh…restrictive, coming to her in a torrent of thought.

“Something around the upper legs.” Surprised that the thought hadn’t emanated in her thought process earlier today, or, during the design process herself.

“Cuffs on the thighs will need to be made as well.” She thought to herself. “Maybe above and below the knees.” She continued in her ponder.

“Belts. I’ll use belts for this trial run.” Jessica said aloud to herself in the quietness of her bedroom.

Jessica went to her closet and pulled out four belts. Two were wide patent leather belts. The ones she wore over her dresses when she actually would dress a little more fashionable than jeans and a t-shirt. The other two was belts she used to hold her jeans up at work, heavy brown leather belts. Belts that somewhat looked like some she had seen used in bondage web-pages, without the locking buckles or attached attachment rings of course.

One additional thought occurred to Jessica. “Hmmm…Pleasure.” She voiced quietly, and, much to her surprise, seductively, to herself.

Jessica went to her dresser, opened the bottom drawer and pulled out a very real-looking and, next to her small frame, very large looking vibrator. It was quite large, too large for Jessica to comfortably use inside her, and she usually used it to stimulate her outside regions. She occasionally using the large head to gently spread her inner lips and tease her entry with little nudges. The large phallus could be battery or wall powered. Unsure of the battery charge left, she pulled out the power cord with it. The cord was quite long, easily reaching from the wall outlet to the center of her bed with plenty of slack to spare.

Jessica plugged the cord into the wall and into the base of the vibrator. She turned it on, low at first then ran it through the different intensity settings. On high, the damn thing would try to vibrate right out of Jessica’s hand. The highest she had ever turned it to and touched herself ‘where it counted’ was on number five, medium. The damn thing, being so big in her little hand, was too hard to control when set any higher.

Jessica climbed onto and centered herself in her king-sized bed. She placed the spreader-bar and shackles down by her ankles, spreading her legs to allow the device to fit between them. It was currently only spread about two-feet wide. Jessica placed the cuffs around her ankles, loosely, not yet locking them closed. One small squeeze on each cuff and they would be locked, but, for some reason she hesitated.

Jessica could feel the excitement build in her, making her warm where a woman should never be cold. She could feel a trickle break free and slowly, teasingly, caress its way down her now sensitive vulva. With that, Jessica squeezed both cuffs at once. There was a satisfying click from both, almost unperceptive of being two separate clicks. The rush of heat and excitement in her womanhood made her want to finish off the orgasm that had yet to really begin.

Jessica begun to widen the spreader by turning the nut. It took a while. At sixteen threads per inch, there were a lot of turns to widen the spreader to the five-feet it would take to have her in the splits. Jessica made a mental note to figure some kind of change on the next one to make it faster and easier to extend. Her excitement was beginning to wane with the tedious turning of the nut. That was, until she started feeling her legs being pushed apart from one another. She tried to hold her legs together as she turned the nut. The bar forced her legs apart no matter how hard she tried to hold them together. Her excitement started to rush back. Jessica found trying to keep the bar from spreading her legs apart, and being entirely ineffectual at doing it, made her want to cum on the spot. She knew she wouldn’t, but the feeling of being forcibly spread sure wanted to make her.

With easing the monotony of turning the nut by trying to prevent it from spreading her, Jessica had not noticed just how wide her legs had been spread. They were spread to quite a shallow ‘V’ now. Jessica realized that as the spreader got wider, the nut begun to double-up the ratio of each turn. This was caused by the double screws and the telescoping action. Once too much pressure was put upon the bars push, the doubling effect would stop and allow the torque to return to each turn of the nut.

Jessica’s legs were quite spread now, reaching the point of actually being in a full split; the spreader-bar closing in on being only six-inches from her labia. Jessica kept turning the nut. The cuffs were now pushing tightly against the top of her foot and heel. Jessica had rounded the cuff around its edges plenty enough to prevent it from hurting but she could sure feel the pressure. She continued to turn the nut.

Only three inches remained between her vulva and the metal bar. Jessica was beginning to become dangerously close to tickling somewhere she was not quite ready to tickle while turning the nut. Jessica had determined, however, though the nut could still turn and the spreader still had plenty of room to spread, it’s action had lost any further leverage to spread her legs wider. Now all the leverage was only being exerted to try to dislocate her foot from her ankle.

With the bar extended as far as it would effectually push her legs apart, Jessica decided to strap the belts around her legs and the bar. She put the two-inch wide fashion belts around each leg and around the bar. The belts were wrapped around twice in order to allow for the buckle to align with the holes. She had to pull the belts tight to get the end into the buckle, but once she did, Jessica was easily able to buckle the belts. As she had tightened each belt Jessica felt the pressure against the top of each foot ease. Carefully, making sure not to touch herself anywhere it might matter, she turned the nut some more. She turned until she could feel the cuffs push restrictively where her ankle widened into her foot. Jessica tried to struggle her legs a little against the spreader, cuffs, and belt. Her muscles could barely twitch with the attempt.

Jessica could feel a wash of excitement flood her when she found she could not move her legs toward closing them even a quarter-inch. She was also beyond any muscle control of her own to try to widen them. Jessica’s legs were as useless to her in this position, spread this wide, as a condom to a unic. Her juices were making little trails of wetness between her vagina and anus, eventually dampening her bedspread.

Jessica decided she would try something that she had not even contemplated in the planning or at the beginning of what she was doing. The thought coming to her mind in a trice and now too powerful to refute, overtook her. Jessica started pushing the large phallus into her. She had plenty of moisture to allow it to enter her canal. Lubrication was not a problem. In addition, Jessica had never tried to insert the huge dildo with her legs spread so far, thus, in effect, spreading her pussy so widely open, before.

There was a tinge of pain when the vibrator first breached her vaginal muscles but other than that initial prickle of pain, the large phallus slide into her. Jessica had an immediate feeling of complete and utter fullness, never having anything that large, that far in her. Jessica decided that since it was not too uncomfortable she would use the two remaining belts to hold it inside of her while she bound her arms.

She slid one belt under her lower back and pulled it as low against her hips as possible. With how wide her hips were being pulled outward, the belt did not ride very low. She buckled the belt, though loosely. She fed the other belt behind her back, down toward her butt. With both the buckle and loose end of the belt down between her legs, Jessica begun to pull both ends toward the belt riding low around her waist. Jessica turned the vibrator on and set it to level three. The powerful vibrator buzzed inside her, making thought and action difficult until the initial excitement of its pulses subsided a little. Jessica wanted her orgasm to work its way up, not dump like a boy struck by a premature ejaculation at his first fondling of a girl’s breasts.

Jessica had to pull somewhat tight get the belt to buckle around the other and hold the dildo inside her until she had finished her trial of her new restraint system; of which, so far, was being of great success.

Jessica lifted the collar-spreader-wrist-restraint up and aligned the collar over the front of her neck. Lifting her head off the bed she eased the collar around her neck. As she let the weight of the spreaders and cuffs down toward the bedspread, Jessica heard a click from behind her head. She wasn’t expecting it to lock at that moment. The weight at the ends of the spreaders forced the lock on the collar to engage without her actually having to push it together. The click startled her but only for a split second.

Jessica stretched her arms toward the end of the spreaders and to the cuffs. She noticed the spreaders could be extended a little further out but not too much, or she would not be able to lock her wrists into the cuffs. Neither hand could help one another as the arm opposite of the one being restrained was not long enough to make it over to the other hand. Jessica knew however, the mechanisms worked quite well and very easily and pushing the cuffs against the bed would lock them in an instant.

After adjusting each sides spreader to push the cuff far enough out to make Jessica have to stretch her arm to align her wrist within the cuff, she felt she had them spread as far as she could. With that thought, Jessica immediately pressed the cuff around her left wrist against the bed…click.

Jessica was feeling the vibe in her but did not believe it would get her off. She was used to it being against her clit, not in her. Level three was not doing as much as she had thought it would. Jessica reached down with her un-cuffed right hand and adjusted the vibrator up two more clicks. The feeling was immediate and intense. However, something didn’t feel right to Jessica when she turned the vibrator up. The feelings in her most sensual area’s did not allow her to focus on the ‘not right’ feeling beyond the better part of a second. Jessica quickly stretched her right arm to let her wrist be encircled by the stainless steel cuff. She pushed the cuff against the spread, feeling she had to extend her should a little further…click.

Jessica was locked in steel, and, for a bondage-virgin, very tightly indeed. Jessica writhed. Jessica struggled. For a second, Jessica panicked. The vibration of the large vibrating phallus stuffed deep within her vaginal canal eased the panic very quickly after it had set in.

Jessica pulled this way and that at the restraints holding her arms straight out from her shoulders. Some might say her arms were spread in a ‘T’, but with her legs, Jessica looked more like an ‘H’.

Jessica struggled harder and harder against her restraints. She tried moving her legs. That merely resulted in her tightening her vaginal muscles adding more to the sensation of having her pussy vibrated so entirely and so fully. Jessica felt such a rush from the feeling brought on by tightening the muscles every man wished was built like Arnold Schwarzenegger, she continued to Kegel. As she continued to tighten her pelvic muscles against the depth and girth of the huge phallus she had nestled deep inside her, a deep, hot burning was building within every fiber of Jessica’s womanly being; forcing her to work harder against the vibrator. Waves of ecstasy were engulfing Jessica, in turn, forcing her to buck and try to fuck the phallus harder.

In her attempts to get more out the waves of pleasure pounding into her deepest, darkest desire to produce the biggest mind-fucking orgasm she had ever had…something terrible and insidious happened…the vibrators level dial got stuck on the spreader-bar. In one of her bouts to boost her orgasm, Jessica turned the vibrator up to ten. (Had Jessica focused just a little more on why something felt wrong when she turned the vibrator from three to five, she would have realized she had put the belt she was using to hold the vibrator in around the spreader also. The bottom of the dildo did not have to move far to wedge above the spreader, allowing the spreader to move the settings on the vibrator during vigorous movement. Jessica might realize it now…though doubtful…as the pulses in her pussy turn from exhilarating and exciting to exhausting and agonizing.)

Jessica could not believe what was happing inside her. Almost immediately after feeling vibrator go crazy, literally making her body visibly vibrate along with it, Jessica had the most mind-numbing orgasm she had ever had or, for that matter, ever thought could be had. Unlike any of Jessica’s previous orgasms she’s had over her sexually active lifespan, which bucked once and dissipated, this orgasm came by wave after wave. Being held aloft by the vibrator working hard and deep within her. Each wave of lust and ecstasy exacerbating the previous one. Jessica’s first bondage orgasm held her within its grip for a full twenty-minutes. After that time had passed, the orgasm, which actually continued, became way over-stimulating and painful. Though Jessica was still held within its grip. Jessica had never thought an orgasm could cause a person discomfort and agony, but, she is learning it now. She wanted it to stop. She wanted the fucking vibrator to stop. Jessica wanted loose of her bonds.

She tried to focus her mind. Jessica did not believe she was still experiencing any sort of orgasm. It was the evil inverse of an orgasm, painful and unwanted. To Jessica, her previous orgasms had released the tensions built up within the sexual body, allowing a centering and eventual relaxation and fulfilment. What she is currently experiencing feels as if every part of her is being ripped out, both physically and sexually, trying to remove any sense of peace and relaxation.

Jessica tried to focus on what she needed to do to release herself from her restraints and relieve herself of the huge tyrant causing her womanly virtues to become completely and entirely decimated. Focus, however, was evading her. She knew the keys were on the nightstand next to her bed but she would have to shimmy her body on her huge bed to get her hands within grasp of them. Every time she tried to move, the huge, vibrating phallus would move inside her and push against another sensitive spot and send her body into another violent shaking spasm.

Each attempt at movement did, however, get her a little closer to the nightstand, though, her progress was slow. When Jessica did move and make a couple of inches of progress she had to lie still for a few minutes to allow her body to regain the strength she had lost from the continuation of the long lasting orgasm brought on by the vibrators repositioning. The large base was now pushing against the bottom of her clitoris from the spreader pushing it tighter against her.

What Jessica really wished for, besides being released from the bondage she had gotten herself into, was to move in such a way as to reverse the resetting of the power level of the invader strongly buzzing away inside her. She tried bucking her hips, hoping to move the rotary adjustment wheel. However, in her lust and weariness, she forgot which way the wheel would have to turn to reduce the power to the phallus. Jessica thought she had dropped the level down one setting, but, if she had, it was not enough to ease her continuous, spasmodic-inducing orgasm.

After one more thrust of her body towards the nightstand, Jessica could feel the edge of it with her fingers. This made her redouble her efforts; the cost being paid with another push of the dildo’s base pushing tightly against her extremely over-sensitive clit. Jessica had to lie and allow her bodies reaction to the latest assault on her volva and vaginal canal. The reaction being much more pain than pleasure as her vaginal muscles kegelled tightly around the large dildo impaling her vagina.

One more reverse inch-worm movement; sliding her ass towards her shoulder, then, her shoulders away from her ass; and her fingers touched one of the two keys on the nightstand. Jessica had been really wishing she had put the keys on the bed, or at least one, but she had not.

After letting the reaction of her latest movement recede, Jessica was able to get the key she had touched, into her partially numbed fingers. The pulling of her arms in their shoulder sockets had been causing her arms and hands to become numb enough to tingle.

Jessica fumbled with the key, trying to get it in the hole on the cuff holding her left wrist pulled tightly out away from the rest of her body. Being right-handed, trying to use a partially numb left hand made it much more difficult than when she had practiced with her right hand. The keys being set on the nightstand on her left side made getting them with her much smarter, much more agile, right hand impossible.

As Jessica tried to get the key in the tiny hole it was designed to fit into, it flipped out of her hand. Jessica heard the key hit the wall. She could only assume that it had hit the carpeted floor as she did not hear it hit the top of the nightstand.

“Oh Fuck!” Jessica screamed aloud. “I hope I don’t do that with the next one or I will be totally fucked.” She said aloud to a room void of anybody but herself.

Jessica had to use her fingers to try and find the other; and the last one that could free her; key. After a couple dozen seconds of feeling around the nightstands top, her fingers brushed the key. Jessica picked it up off the smooth wooden top of the nightstand.

Jessica, key in hand, contemplated trying to move back to the center of the bed to prevent this key to fall into the void of a world much too far for her to reach, the floor. She scrunched her shoulders toward her ass, lifting her abdomen into the air. Another vibrating push into her made her body begin to shudder again. Jessica focused every bit of her mind she had left available into concentrating on not dropping the key. She slid her ass down the bed. Her stomach no longer being arched helped relieve the extreme vibrations being pushed against every spot of her sex that caused her body to shake and writhe.

Jessica decided she could not handle another ten or fifteen pushes against the vibrator to re-center herself on the bed. It would cause her too much discomfort. She also believed she could not concentrate on not dropping the key during the dozen or so convulsive responses her body would endure during the endeavor. She would have to risk dropping the key. If she did, however, it could result in her death while being driven insane by days of the vibrator buzzing inside her body. Jessica could think of worse deaths…but not many. Jessica thought one of her employees may come and check on her if she didn’t show up in the shop for a day or two and her truck still in the drive. She wondered if that would be worse than death however.

Jessica, being much more careful and focusing as much as she could against the half of her brain that could not pull itself away from the torment of her womanhood, tried to find the hole the key would fit into and release her from her bonds. She could feel the key catch the edges of the hole but not enter it. After several attempts when the key caught the hole, Jessica thought that the key may need turned around. With every unstimulated portions of her mind, Jessica focused on turning the key around in her fingers without dropping it. She kept her hand close to the top of the nightstand, hoping if she did drop it, the key would fall back on the nightstand. She got the key turned around without dropping it. Jessica considered this a victory on her part.

Once the key was turned around, the first time Jessica felt the tip of the key catch the keyhole, the key fell into place. Another victory. Jessica was now well on her way to release.

Turning the key, Jessica expected to hear the click of the cuff and feel it loosen from around her wrist. The key stopped turning and did not click or release the cuff. Jessica was befuddled.

“Why won’t the fucking thing unlock!?” Jessica screamed, tears welling in her eyes from the lack of response to the key being turned in the lock.

Jessica tried turning the key, twisting it harder. The lock still did not release the cuff holding her wrist in its inescapable encirclement.

Through her haze of intolerable vibrations, now extremely painful after tearing every possible orgasm out of her, and, the pain of her from body being in this position for so long, Jessica finally remembered she had to turn the key in both directions to open the lock. She finally remembered she had made the cuffs automatically double-lock so they could not be picked.

Jessica turned the key fully clockwise until she heard a very faint click, barely audible over the buzzing of the vibrator. She then turned the key counter-clockwise as far as it would go. The cuff preventing her from the use of her left arm opened, allowing her to bend her elbow and draw her arm and hand closer to her body.

Jessica let out a loud cry of relief once her arm was released from its imprisonment.

Jessica had to work at getting the key to her right hand. Being stretched so far away from her left, she had to twist herself at the waist and shoulders. This caused another bout between the vibrator and her vulva. Another pressing of the vibrators base against her sore and well over-stimulated clitoris resulted in her body stiffening and having to fightback another dry, and no longer pleasurable, attempt at orgasm. No orgasm was available to be released however. Instead of an orgasm, Jessica was treated to painful shudders without the pleasure of orgasmic release.

Jessica stretched her left hand as hard as she could to place the key in her waiting right hand, ignoring the painful pressure against her clit.

Jessica finally passed the key from her left to right hand and begun working at getting the key into the lock after returning her body back to a flat position on the bed. She could have unlocked the cuff with her left hand after turning as far as she had, but she could not withstand the pressure being exerted upon her pussy and clit due to the twist she had put her body in. The pain was too intense.

After several attempts, Jessica got the key in the hole of the lock. She remembered she had to turn the key both directions after her fight with her left cuff. Two quick turns in opposite directions and the cuff holding her right wrist captive, opened and fell away. Jessica cried loudly with her arms release. Now she had to stop that damn vibrator from its insufferable tormenting of her pussy.

Jessica bent at her waist, causing the vibrator to torment new regions as she had not bent this direction since beginning her lock-up. Jessica realized she had not unlocked the collar from around her neck as the bar came up with her when she tried to sit up. She fit the key in the keyhole on the collar behind her neck. She unlocked the collar and folded the collar and arm spreaders and set it beside her. She freed the belt holding the vibrator in her; and, though unplanned, against the spreader-bar holding her legs in a complete split. After unbuckling the belt and working the base of the vibrator away from the spreader, she turned the vibrator off. Though her body still felt as if it were still buzzing inside her, there was relief from its falling still.

Jessica took the belts around her thighs and the spreader off, freeing her knees to bend ever so slightly. She began unscrewing the nut to shorten the spreader from its extremely long length. As she turned the nut, Jessica could feel the push against her ankles ease and her legs slowly allowed to leave their extreme split.

Once her legs were at a comfortable ‘V’ spread, Jessica reached to each ankle and released them from the cuffs. Jessica’s hips began to cramp as she pulled her, finally free, legs towards one another. Jessica turned her hips from right to left trying to ease the cramp. After several tries, the cramp receded.

Jessica reached down to the dildo still stuck inside her. She felt it had slid out a couple of inches after being freed from the belt and spreader holding it in her aching pussy. She slowly pulled it the rest of the way out. The head left her pussy with a low, but audible, popping sound. Herself and the phallus, with its simulated veins and circumcised head, were completely dry. She could feel each of the simulated veins and the ring of the glans as they slid past her inner lips. Being dry, the dildo hurt as she pulled it out of herself, friction being an unfamiliar feeling against her soft, sensitive vaginal skin.

Once out, Jessica’s vagina gapped; her vaginal muscles stretched and needing time to return to their normal tension and size. The lower portion of Jessica’s ass could feel the dampness which had left her pussy and soaked into the bedspread. The spot was cool on her butt cheeks.

Jessica, free of her bonds and intruder, could only lay there; her body racked from the intense frenzy of orgasmic reactions it had undergone. She still felt a vibration in her nether-region from the long vibrating sensation it had received.

Jessica looked at the clock now that she could lift her head high enough to see the digital alarm clock on the nightstand. She knew she had started her escapade around 7 pm. The clock read 4:22 am.

“Nine hours?!” Jessica said in a questioning statement.

Though she could not comprehend that so much time had passed, her body agreed with the clock. Any part of her body she tried to move shook convulsively from being complete zapped of any energy or strength. Jessica just lay there, legs laying atop the spreader and ignored the coolness and hardness of the stainless steel under them. She didn’t care. She had to allow her body time to recover as far as it could while lying there.

As she rested, Jessica’s bladder started telling her it was time to try to stand. Jessica lifted her legs, thigh muscles complaining about the usage by shaking. Jessica pulled the spreader from under them and set it beside the restraints which had held her neck and arms imprisoned. She slid to the side of the bed. When she tried to stand for the first time, she fell back to bed almost immediately; her legs revolting against their abuse. Jessica took her feet the second time she attempted, but every muscle in her body buzzed with lack of energy.

Walking to the bathroom was an effort. Jessica was utterly and totally worn out, her muscles barely responding to the messages her brain sent to them. She made it to the bathroom despite the revolt her body was attempting against her brain. Had someone watched Jessica’s amble to the bathroom, they would have been reminded of Frankenstein walking for the first time, though Jessica didn’t have her arms straight out in front of her.

When she finally sat on the toilet she had to concentrate to allow her full bladder relief. Her muscles down in her lower region seemed as if they forgot how to work. However, once her brain found the correct muscle set to allow a few drops of urine to be expelled, the stream became strong and steady until her bladder was emptied.

Jessica wiped herself and lifted herself off the toilet. Standing on unsteady legs, she ambled back to her bed. She fell face first onto her bed. She left her legs dangling off the edge of the bed for several minutes before crawling up closer to the head of the bed.

After settling her head on, and wrapping her arms around, her pillow, Jessica fell asleep quickly.

Her dreams were filled with nightmares of being unable to escape the bondage she managed to release herself from. There were several variations of her dreams as they played out. Some, she was unable to release herself and her employees found her. In her dreams, it seemed as if her employees did like her as much as she believed they did. They used the opportunity to rape and torture her while teasing her for doing this to herself for them. In other dreams, she died of dehydration after dropping the second key to the floor and well out of her reach or recovery.

Jessica had a very fitful and unrestful sleep.

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