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Jessie in Jail

by Iron Daisies

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© Copyright 2012 - Iron Daisies - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; naked; collar; shackles; cuffs; chain; cell; computer; stuck; cons; X

My name is Jessie. I am five foot four inches tall, sandy blonde hair, and icy blue eyes. I am slightly overweight, but I have never had any complaints about that. I love bondage. The whole idea of giving up control to someone who knows how to push all the right buttons. There is no one to date who knows what they are doing. So I do for myself.

My house, yes I own my home along with the bank, has a cool old stone basement. Lets just say its perfectly gloomy for a dungeon. The basement has several small rooms that were probably for cold storage of food many years ago. Now they are just empty cold rooms. The dirt floor is perfect.

After quite a few trips to the local big box home supply store, I finally had enough pipe to build my own cell door. A quick coat of black paint completes the look. Damn this thing is heavy. Once set into the hinge, it clangs shut just like an old school jail cell door. The room in particular has no windows or wired for lights. When the lights go out in the basement, it gets pretty scary in there.

I found the time lock electromagnetic lock assembly on-line. Guaranteed to hold fifteen hundred pounds. No way, I can push that door open even if I had three of me. A trip to the local metal works shop with the crude diagram of the steel collar I want and my plans are slowly coming together. I told the guy I am wanting a funnel for my rain water collection tank. He eyed me suspiciously, but took my money and picture and said it would be ready in a week. I am wanting a no lick dog collar like you see on injured dogs. Except mine will be heavy steel, not cheap plastic.

I already have the chains and shackles laying in my cell. Time to get some more supplies. A trip to the pet food store yields some jumbo dog biscuits, some cute little bells to decorate my soon to be collar, and an automatic watering system. It hooks up to a garden hose and dispenses a preset amount of water at a preset time. Hooking the water dispenser to the ceiling in the cell is fairly easy. Running the garden hose to feed it takes a little work. Who knew that the hose could be so heavy and unruly?

My only food source for the next three days will be the jumbo dog biscuits. Those get dumped into a pail and left in the corner. Yes I am planning on three days in the cell. My computer will not cut the power to the cell door for 72 hours once I close the door initially. Pretty brutal, I agree, but one needs to go big or go home.

* * * *

The big day has finally arrived. I have an entire week off from work, so nothing to worry about there. Its really hard to sleep knowing whats coming next. A quick shower and a good breakfast before heading to the basement. Its cool down here, not too cold, but just enough to raise the bumps on my skin. I step into the cell and pick up the shackles for my ankles, right one first, then the left. These give me barely fourteen inches in between each step.

Wrists are next. About two feet of chain between my wrists mean I won't have a whole lot of freedom. The keys for the shackles are laying on the kitchen table upstairs. Once the door is shut there is no way for me to get free from the shackles. Watering system in place and hose turned on, check. Computer fired up and program awaiting the signal for the door, check. Dog biscuits in the pail, check. Pail to at least attempt to do my business in, check. The steel collar and funnel are a bit bulky, but the soft leather padding I added to the inside around my neck is not so bad. It does make it a little hard to see where I am going, but it does not stop me from moving about. All padlocks secured, here goes nothing.

CLANG! The cell door slams shut with an ominous bang. The computer screen turns bright red and the timer starts its count down. I pace around my cell for a minute or so trying to find a comfy place to lay down. I walk over to the cell door and rattle the door to no avail. A quick glance at the computer screen makes me sick. Are my eyes lying to me? Does that really say 719 hours 57 minutes 32 seconds? Oh fuck, why didn't I recheck my program before I closed the door?

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