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by Jim_of_Oz

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Greetings from the land of Oz. I've really been enjoying your page and the stories on it. Here's one for your files if you'd like.

Since moving into my apartment, I had been busily building all kinds of bondage toys. I'd built or modified some furniture for bondage use and was in the process of building more. I had a pretty complex set of stocks setup and was also experimenting with timer locks and remote operated vibrators and things.
Creativeness is a must for good bondage.

It was a quiet Saturday morning and I decided to try out one of my newest ideas. I have a weight bench in the front room that I use for lifting and tying. I brought my bag of toys out and picked out some stuff to use. I grabbed several nylon straps, a well worn cock harness, and a set of handcuffs. I also took out a ball gag and some dark brown panty hose and a vibrator. Last but not least, I set up a timer that would release a key at a pre-determined time. The timer was as failsafe as I could make it. It ran from two timers and was set so loss of power would release the key. The next step was to get out of my clothes.
Nudeness is a must for good bondage.

First to go on was a cock harness that was a simple two strap setup. One strap went around my balls and the other went around my cock and balls together. It had shiny chrome roller buckles so it could be strictly tightened and thick black leather straps for strength and security. I put it on and cinched up the straps. My cock immediately started to pulse and darken.
Sexual teasing is a must for good bondage.

I next pulled on the panty hose. I don't have a desire to dress in any other feminine clothing, just panty hose or nylons. I love the synthetic slithery feel as they go on and embrace me and the sound as they rub together. They also make a premium binding material - strong and elastic. Having finished, I moved over to the bench and got things ready for my session. I needed to make sure all things were handy since I would soon be limited in my travels.
Preparation is a must for good bondage.

I set up the key release so it would hold the key up out of my reach and then drop it on a string within reach of my hands. I fastened a cross bar to the uprights of the bench so it would be about two feet above my chest when I laid down. The key would drop near the bar. The next step was to plug in a small but powerful vibrator. The cuffs were draped over the bar, all the straps were handy and the key release was set for a forty-five minute delay and turned on.
Contemplation is a must for good bondage.

I sat down on the bench and started to strap down my legs. I first strapped my crossed ankles together, then a strap above and below my knees and one at mid-thigh. Naturally all were tightly pulled and buckled. I bent my knees and strapped my ankles to the bottom of the bench. My knees were now bent at a ninety degree angle. I took the vibrator and snugged it between my thighs, resting it against my by now dark and sensitive cock and strapped it down with two more straps. The straps went around my thighs, holding the vibrator down and finally under the bench to keep me down, at least part of me. I laid down and a final strap went around my chest and the bench leaving only my arms free.
Immobility is a must for good bondage.

There were only three things left to do to complete my bondage. First, I strapped in the ball gag. It isn't that I really felt a need to quiet myself, but it always felt good. The next step was to turn on the vibrator and set it humming away. The last step was to quickly snap the cuffs on over the bar. I could still move my arms and hands quite a bit, but the bar kept me from reaching any of the straps or more importantly, the vibrator. I tried to leave enough movement to make sure I could reach the key when it dropped down.
Foresight is a must for good bondage.

The way I was strapped and nyloned, the vibrator didn't take long to do it work. I did a good job strapping myself down. All my struggling as I came, moved me not a bit. I could move my arms, but the rest of me was immobile. Now, the bondage became intense. The vibrator against my now flaccid cock kept up its actions. I've always found that once I've cum, the bondage has to come off. This time I made quite sure it wouldn't. I struggled to try and get free, but had done a good job and was stuck where I was for at least another twenty minutes or so. It doesn't sound all that long, but with the vibrator humming madly and the tight bonds, it would go very slowly. And there was always that thought, even with all my precautions, will I get loose or will something go wrong?
Apprehension is a must for good bondage.

A vibrator gets almost painful after a while and I struggled and twisted and chewed on the gag. A knock at the door. Panic. Massive struggles and strains, but to no avail. I was well bound. The unimaginable happens and the door opens. My feelings at the time were unbelievable, I could only think it was the maintenance man and what would he think. In my position I was facing away from the door and could only look upside down to see who it was. I strained to see and could make out it was the manager's new receptionist with a pass key. She took one glance, began to smile and reached for more straps...


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