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Jim’s Selfbondage 2

by Jim_of_Oz

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© Copyright 2001 - Jim_of_Oz - Used by permission

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Yes, I've heard all the warnings about the risks of self bondage and how dangerous it is, etc. etc. But let's face it, if I had a partner I wouldn't be doing it to myself, would I? Needless to say, there have been a couple of times when I tied myself up and things didn't go quite as planned as far as getting loose. Sometimes, no matter how well you plan or test, something doesn't quite work. Here's one of the goofs I made. Obviously, I've yet to really screw it up, since I'm here to write about them, but that time could come.

We all have our routines to get ready to be bound. In my case, it's usually being naked, though sometimes I'd put on nylons or perhaps some rubber odds and ends. I don't know how common or not, but any cross dressing I tried ends with nylons - dark brown, silky-smooth nylons - but that's another fetish for another time.

For this particular time, which took place in a military dorm room by the way, I was naked. I made sure the door was jammed shut from the inside - many people had the keys to get in, so it often took some ingenuity to be able to secure the door without doing any damage to the door. I'd usually use a pair of padded vise-grips to keep the interior lock knob from moving.

For this particular scenario, I used some nylon cord about 3/16" in diameter. This is pretty much my favorite material for bondage. I know its small diameter can cause problems, but I always untie myself before any permanent damage is done. I just the love the security and its appearance when tied tightly into the skin. It has a nice clean white high-tech look. I take a length about three feet long and make a slip noose in one end. This noose slips around my balls and is snugged up. Then I use a piece a few feet long to tie my ankles together side-by-side. Not overly tight, but snug.

The next item to be added is a length of wooden dowel about one inch diameter and three feet long. This goes behind my knees as I sit down on the floor and bend my knees, bringing my feet towards my balls. The cord from the balls then gets tied to the cord around my ankles keeping my knees bent and the dowel caught up in the crook of my knees. For added security, especially if doing this to someone else, the dowel should be tied to the legs.

To finish this off, I put my arms under the dowel and then use a nylon strap with buckle to secure my wrists together in front of my legs. It's a little tricky to tighten the strap. I make a loop with the buckle and then holding the free end in my teeth slip my wrists in. With some judicious tugging and pulling and fidgeting, the strap can be pulled tight. Once the strap is dropped from the teeth, you're tied. The only way to loosen the strap is to reach the buckle and your knees are in the way of that.

The end result is a neat little ball with everything trapped together - the dowel is behind the knees which keeps the arms from slipping off, and even if the ankles weren't tied to the balls with a slip noose, the wrists tied would keep the legs from straightening out. I've read this is a common torture tie, especially if the dowel is then raised in the air with the body hanging from it. I've never heard of the ball tie added though.

Obviously, there's a way out. After struggling for awhile - enjoying the feel of the cord pulling against my balls - and the overall tightness of the tie, its soon time to get loose. Sometimes, but very rarely, I'll come while tied. I find that I usually need some physical manipulation of my cock first, which isn't going to happen in this tie. The way to get out is to fall over on your side and then push the wooden dowel loose from under your legs by pushing it against the floor. Once the dowel is free, the arms are free and everything else is easy. I'd done exactly that dozens of times in the past with no problems. This time there was a problem.

As near as I could figure it out later, my ankles were tied too close to my balls and there wasn't enough slack for the dowel to slide loose. The bend of my knees was firmly gripping it and skin against wood isn't very slippery. I struggled for all I was worth, but the dowel wasn't coming out. Don't forget that my ankles were tied firmly by a slip noose to my balls. My struggles were very limited by that. The feeling were getting truly intense and extraordinary.

Oh, remember I mentioned I was in a military dorm room? A friend was in the hallway just now calling for me. He called, knocked, and jiggled the door handle, but it stayed locked. Talk about an adrenaline rush. The feelings of panic built up into one of the few truly "oh shit, I'm really tied now" episodes of my life.

I guess the adrenaline rush did it, but I actually bent the buckle of the nylon strap in my struggles which gave me enough slack to get my wrists free. The backs of both wrists where I pulled against the strap were bruised, and the black and blue marks stayed for over a week afterwards. I'd look down at my wrists and wonder if anyone was looking and if they'd figure out what I'd been doing.

While I wouldn't want to be in that particular situation again, I sure would like to be in the particular situation again. Even being bound by someone else can't match the rush you get at the exact second when you realize you can't get loose. The happiness and confidence and sexual glow you feel while bound knowing you can get out eventually - even if it's hours in the future by your release mechanism or by your partner's hand - is suddenly and intensely replaced by a feeling of panic of being stuck forever. And the fear of dying, while strong, is still overlaid by such a sexual rush, that it's amazing - practically indescribable with words.


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