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Jinni’s Day of Training

by Mikel

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Jinni had been adept in self bondage for years, enjoying her forced silence, only using the most severe gags she could find, to ensure she had her quiet time by herself. Relying either on her skill of moving her bound body to her release or on one of the several timed released methods she had come to trust. After the only time she ever had a release fail completely and had to be saved by her downstairs neighbor did Jinni find out how nice it could be to have another like minded person involved in her bondage.

Mark had come to see what all the noise coming from his attractive upstairs neighbor was all about, he had been hearing thumping noises for over an hour and got no answer when he had banged on the ceiling. Jinni had decided to use her small electromagnet release because she wanted to be freed as soon as she got near it so she could meet her friends at the nearby bar and didn’t want to be late. The release was simple when she came in range of the magnet it would release dropping her needed keys onto the floor, she had gotten the idea and the parts from the small company she worked for when they had the automatic cabinet door locks replaced.

Each had its own “key card” and when the teller sat next to the cabinet it would release its grip on the striker and allow the drawer to be opened, but when the teller walked away it would hold the drawer closed firmly. As the men were changing the locks they were tossing the old magnets and strikers in a box to be thrown away and Jinni had talked them into giving her the box of old parts. Jinni had also asked how to set them up herself, it was simple, one power cord to each magnet and one card for each lock.

Jinni had used them frequently always making sure the card could be read from where she would be restrained. Sometimes submerging the card in water and freezing it. Then tying the ice block to something thus making her wait until it melted before she could pull the card to herself and activate the magnet and get her keys. She had tested them well and had placed them all over the house when she had used them deciding to just leave most of them in place for later use.

This particular time Jinni had thoroughly tied herself to the only heavy wooden chair in her apartment. She had bought the old chair strictly for her play times and as soon as she saw it she knew it would be perfect. With its multiple slats across the back and along the sides and the heavy cross bars she would have no chance of breaking the chair when she struggled to get free of the bonds she would place on herself. Jinni had used the chair many times with both ice and magnet releases having to force her bond body to move the chair into range of the card reader and then to wherever the keys would be left hanging for her.

This night Jinni would use both ice and a magnet, freezing the card inside a large ice block then tying it to the leg of the heavy coffee table. She would need to reel the thin rope to her then scoot the chair into the kitchen until she got close enough for the card to be read and the magnet released the keys. The difference was the key ring would drop to the floor and Jinni would need to work herself onto her side, or fall over, to be able to reach them.

Jinni had “fallen” over before and liked the added challenge of jerking and twisting to the keys and being particularly horny from wearing her latex panties with attached dual vibrators all day at work and wanted it to be more challenging. The panties had been exchanged for the leather chastity belt that would hold a large vibrating plug in her firm ass and a vibrating cock with her butterfly vibrator sitting right on her clit tightly on to her. All the vibrators would be running on their lowest settings to make Jinni’s poor body desperately try to come as she fought her restraints but only tease her for the three to four hours until the ice melted. Then the struggles would really start and if Jinni struggled hard enough she might have a mind blowing orgasm. Jinni also knew if not then she would be left gasping around the large ball held tightly under the thick panel over her mouth extremely frustrated and in need of further stimulation to achieve her prize.

Jinni was already wearing the large ball gag and had pulled all the buckles for the panel tight. The ball was so big for her that it almost perfectly sealed her mouth and once the panel was pulled tight no sound or air would escape it. The straps for the head harness were also cinched so tight that her skin bulged over them guaranteeing she could not rub it off or remove it without her hands. Since she had been getting more comfortable with her bondage Jinni had started to add more restraints to make it increasingly difficult to free herself.

Tonight in her highly aroused state she smiled as she thought of her blindfold and how much more interesting she thought bondage was when done blind. Carefully she worked the twin straps of it under her head harness and left the blindfold on her forehead for now. Wrapping the stiff collar around her thin neck Jinni buckled the posture collar until she could hear her heartbeat in her ears and locked both buckles. She enjoyed the slightly titled back position it held her head in making her look up and keeping her from turning or twisting her head at all making her have to use other parts of her body to move herself.

The knee high six inch heeled boots forced her small feet almost to an en-point position making her almost walk on her toes. The six straps on each made sure she could not kick them off leaving her feet to ache and throb until she could free herself and take them off. Usually after needing to walk in them for awhile to retrieve the keys to the straps either from her mail box or car that she would park on the furthest side of the complex. Tonight was no different the keys to the boots and belt were locked in the trunk and she had actually parked it in the neighboring complexes parking lot meaning she would have to walk across both complexes to get to her car and then walk back. Since the car key would not be available until it she received the envelope from her friend whom she had asked to bring it to the club tonight. Jinni would get changed still wearing her chastity belt, plugs and boots and take a cab to meet her friends hoping Angie had brought the envelope she had asked her to bring. With it she could open the lock box at home to get the keys to her car taking the long walk before she could remove the tormentors she had locked on herself.

Jinni smiled at the complexity of her plan and how much she was going to enjoy her bondage and being locked tightly into the belt all night and in her aroused state was glad she had put the spare keys to her car in the envelope as well. Jinni was now ready to start her bondage preparations. Standing in front of the large mirror Jinni slipped one clamp over her left nipple, the strong spring inside making it immediately bite hard on her tender bud. Gasping after each bite Jinni started turning the outer ring tightening the biting teeth of the clamp until she could take no more. Letting go of the device she smiled behind the gag as she watched the weight pull her nipple downwards and felt the pain increase. Jinni had found these clamps on line advertised as the most intense anyone had ever used and she agreed. The dual clamping made for intense sensations and if you tightened them to tight made them extremely painful. The thing she liked best was once they were on they completely covered her nipples and areolas so no other stimulation could get through. If the small padlocks were added like she always did, the clamps could not be removed without yanking them off. At the tension level Jinni wore them at now it would damage her to just pull them off meaning they were there to stay until she unlocked them.

After getting the right nipple clamped and tightened she slipped the tiny locks through the adjuster rings and snapped them closed suddenly thinking she had left the key on the ring that was now locked in her car! Struggling with what to do for a minute Jinni smiled behind the panel covering her mouth as she realized she had inadvertently forced herself to wear the clamps until she received the key from Angie. Now with her pussy, nipples and feet locked securely Jinni sat carefully on the chair purring as the strap and hard seat forced the plug deeper into her. Leaning over to bind her ankles made her gasp as the belt pulled into her deeper but Jinni continued to wrap the chains around her ankles. Jinni then hooked the heels of her boots over the cross bar leaving her toes barely touching the ground and wrapped more chain around them and the chair adding several locks. When she was finished she could not pull her feet away from the chair at all nor could she separate her ankles.

Happy with her ankle bonds Julie took more chain and wrapped it around her thighs just above her knees making a wide band of chain before winding several more around them and under the chairs seat before locking them in place. Jinni could not move her legs at all and sat back smiling at how tightly she had bound herself, her over heated arousal driving her to make everything extremely tight. Jinni started pulling lengths of chain from the pile next to her, glancing every few minutes at the clock knowing that at any moment her vibrators were going to start and wanted to be done before then. After wrapping her hips and upper thighs in chains making sure each wrap was tighter than the one before it locking herself to the chair with multiple locks. Jinni began to wrap around her waist feeding the chain in and out of the slats behind her until she had covered her waist in the heavy chain.

Now that she was almost out of chain and locks Jinni wrapped the remaining chains over her shoulders through the back of the chair in an X pattern between her pinched breasts. Making them as tight as the rest and increasing her difficulty in taking a deep breath until she had no more left and had used all the locks. Jinni was now welded to the chair, she had never used this much chain or this many locks before. Smiling as she had thought about purchasing twice as many of each on her last visit to the hardware store and how she had planned to use them all. Jinni was utterly helpless and completely aroused as she sat mock struggling for the small camera sitting on the table across from her recording everything she had done to herself. Jinni was gasping as she pushed the ear plugs deep into her ears blocking out almost all sound when she felt the vibrators come on. The butterfly remained silent and she grunted behind her gag wondering why as she took the long leather gloves from the table and worked them up her arms. Her hands were shaking with anxiety as she tugged and pulled them up to her shoulders. Now ready she locked the wide steel cuffs around her wrists, the cuffs were simple in design but very effective and strong only being about a quarter of an inch thick of polished steel and about five inches long. Each having one permanent d-ring welded on the outside of the wrist and latching in two places.

The cuffs held her wrists comfortably and permanently until she could unlock them. She had worn them once for twelve days, glad it had been colder outside so she could use her coat and long sleeve sweaters to cover them because she had lost the only remaining key and had to order a new set. For those few days she had gotten a taste of what it would be like to have someone controlling her and had been turned on the entire time. From the left cuff hung a short chain already locked to the cuff, once the cuffs were locked on both wrists Jinni glanced around hoping she hadn’t forgot anything before working her blindfold down over her eyes then reached behind her and carefully pulled the last chain out from under her ass cheek.

This chain ran down to the cross bar and once she locked it would force her arms straight down behind her and finish her bondage. Jinni carefully locked the chain from her cuff to the chain on the chair twisting her wrist so the D-ring faced in and down. Stretching her arms back and downward until she was just able to lock the short chain to the other cuff sealing her fate for the evening.  Jinni sighed and relaxed letting the chains pull her wrists so her palms were facing out, the new tension on her body had made her shoulders shift downward slightly. Now her nipples were throbbing again and Jinni sat reveling in the subdued pain letting the vibrations take her to her special place as she struggled slightly in the chair.

While Jinni was thoroughly bound in her chair Mark had come home early from work to indulge himself in a little fantasy bondage activity. He was not really into self bondage but since he hadn’t had a partner to indulge him in some time he had started playing by himself. Using some of the gear he had acquired when he had shared his passion with past girlfriends thinking about each session as he selected his gear. Mark was getting ready when he heard the first thumping from above him but it had quieted so he continued with his preparations. Being new to self bondage Mark’s preparations took longer than the actual event so he was still getting ready when he heard some bumping and scuffing over head. Mark sat for a moment dreaming about his beautiful neighbor tied and wiggling under his control pleading with him to let her cum.

While Mark sat dreaming Jinni was now thrashing and twisting in her bonds, the pain in her nipples and the slight vibration in her pussy and ass were making her fight the chains. Jinni was desperately hoping she could find a weakness and free herself early as she had done a few times in the past and vibrate herself to a wonderful orgasm. During her struggles the chains over her shoulders shifted slightly making the ones that had been placed over the others loosen as they slipped off. Now as Jinni continued to rock and twist the chains had slid off her shoulders and were slowly sliding down towards her elbows. The locks she had placed on the chains above her breasts stopped them from dropping all the way down making the sliding chains snug around her elbows. As Jinni continued to twist and fight her bonds the chain pinned her elbows to the back of the chair and her sides.

The more she fought the more the chains that had shifted loosened under the locks allowing those chains to slip slightly and begin to press sideways on the nipple clamps. Jinni was so engrossed by feelings of her struggles she hadn’t noticed the extra pressure on her nipples. Once she stopped and sat panting through her nose she could feel the extra pressure and shook and wiggled trying to ease the extra pain only making it much worse. Now the chains full weight was pressing on the clamps making her whine and twist harder as the pain radiated through her. The more Jinni fought the more she could tell she was in trouble, the pain was increasing and she could tell something had happened that was making moving her arms more difficult. Renewing her struggles and shaking her shoulders and arms tightening the chains around her arms and making the chains tug on her clamps even harder. Jinni was now worried as the extra pain made her arousal start to fade and now she had very limited movement in her arms. She needed her arms, even the limited amount of movement she had with her hands cuffed behind her she would be able to shift and move. Jinni knew she was unable to shift her weight enough to move the chair much less turn it over. Panicking Jinni thrashed and twisted, whining loudly through her nose as the pain increased in her nipples hoping to begin to move the chair towards the key drop. Jinni quickly realizing that not being able to see was a much bigger hindrance than she had thought it would be and whined again as she knew she had let her aroused state get her into this.

When the banging above him started again Mark was snapped out of his day dreams of Jinni and banged on the ceiling again but this time it didn’t stop. Mark tried to concentrate as he locked his ankle cuffs together then filled his mouth with the ball gag but the thumping continued distracting him and he started to get mad. Jinni was thrashing and twisting wildly, she had no idea if she was actually moving or not and if she was she didn’t know what direction. All Jinni could think about was she had to fight or she would be stuck since nobody would be coming to look for her for days. Just as Mark got his ankles uncuffed the noises stopped, he sat looking up at the ceiling for a few minutes then locked them back together and pulled the blindfold over his eyes before turning on the cock and ball vibrator and ratcheted the cuffs closed behind his back.

The small ice cube holding dangling from the ceiling keeping his keys out of reach for at least an hour. Jinni had stopped struggling and sat slumped in the chains moaning. The ear plugs had not let her hear Mark’s banging on the ceiling so she thought she was all alone and began to cry thinking she had really screwed up this time and it might just be the end of her. Mark on the other hand was getting a good workout as he rolled and twisted his way around the room fighting the cuffs and enjoying himself as the vibrator continued to help him get nearer his orgasm. While he was struggling he began to hear the thumping again and started dreaming that Jinni had tied him up and was teasing him, his struggles eased slightly as he lay dreaming of her, the thumping now helping him dream about her even though she was bound helplessly almost directly over him needing him to find her.

Mark and Jinni struggled for the next hour, Mark was able to cum just before his key dropped but Jinni was a sweating gasping mess. Not only had she not been able to cum her desperation had turned to panic and she had thrashed and pulled until she blacked out. Both were quiet, Mark as he let the orgasm fade and Jinni slumped lifeless in her bonds. Mark had begun to free himself when he heard Jinni making noise again and smiled and finished freeing himself. Mark cleaned up and left to go out to eat listening to her noises while he dressed. A few hours later Mark returned to the complex, as he walked to the apartment building he could see her lights were out and figured she had gone out again. When he walked into his apartment he heard the thumping and banging and stopped in the doorway thinking something’s not right.

Going upstairs he stood by her door and listened then when he turned his head so he could press his ear to the door he noticed her keys in the lock and held his breath and listened. Faintly he could hear banging and grunting then he heard her whine and started knocking on the door. Jinni had been fighting her bonds for hours first using her toes to turn the chair and her bound body to shift her weight making it move slightly. She hadn’t been able to pull the key card to her yet because before it had been freed she had hooked the cord with the legs of the chair and pinched it so when she had tried to pull on it still felt like it was tied to the table. After a few hours Jinni knew it was past time for it have melted and began yanking on the thin cord. She felt it give and reeled up the frayed end where she had broken it off under the leg of the chair.

Realizing she was really in trouble Jinni fought savagely, twisting and throwing her weight every way she could while she pushed with her toes until she felt the chair tip sideways and she fell onto her side. The different angle making her scream behind the gag from the pain in her nipples and as her body weight shifted in the chains it tightened everything up especially the chains around her arms. Jinni continued to fight the chains, her ear plugs kept her from hearing Mark knocking on the door or hearing him unlock and enter her apartment. Mark stood above the almost naked woman he had dreamed about having in this exact position for months and carefully took in the scene noting the long string and followed it to the card picking it up. Mark started looking around seeing the camera and moving it so it was still recording Jinni before moving to the kitchen.

When he walked into the kitchen he heard the key ring drop to the floor and spun around to watch Jinni. When she didn’t move he picked up the keys and went to her and looked through her tussled hair and could make out the end of her ear plugs and smiled. Mark knew she couldn’t see him or hear him and left her struggling in the chair to go have a look around her apartment. Looking in her bedroom he found her stash of bondage equipment and smiled thinking she was just what he had been looking for and got mad he hadn’t asked her out sooner. Hearing her moaning again he started to leave her room and noticed the remotes for her vibrators and scooped them up with a grin and went back into the kitchen. Mark sat down to watch the struggling girl for awhile thinking maybe they both could have some fun.

Back in the kitchen Jinni had turned the chair around from all her kicking and thrashing giving Mark a good show and allowing him to see her firm body. Mark got down on his hands and knees and studied the leather belts pulled tightly around her waist and deep through her pussy and smiled. He studied all the chains and locks holding her to the chair and shook his head trying to figure out how she had planned to get herself out of this. Mark watched her struggle for another hour, when she stopped struggling he eased the vibrators up a little higher and listened to see if he could hear them humming or not.

Jinni was exhausted she had been bound for almost seven hours and was more aroused than she had ever felt and was so frustrated she thought she would burst. Mark turned the vibrators up a little more and watched as Jinni struggled and seemed like she was trying to look around her head fighting the stiff collar. Jinni felt the vibrators speed up and tried to hear if anyone was there and then started whining, hoping someone was there and would release her. After a few minutes she got caught up in the vibrations and started twisting her hips and thrusting them forward as far as she was allowed forgetting her predicament beginning to enjoy herself again.

Mark was amazed at her strength and raised the vibrations again noticing that one of them was off and flipped it on. Jinni felt the butterfly suddenly come on, the increased tension on the belt splitting her pussy and ass had pushed the butterfly tightly against her clit and now was buzzing on medium. She knew something was going on but no longer cared as her orgasm was building quickly and all she could think about was cumming. Jinni began moaning and thrashing again amusing her audience greatly as his cock grew larger. Mark watched her gasp and whine for fifteen minutes then slowly turned down the first two until they were almost off. Jinni went crazy thinking that the batteries were dying and she would be denied after all her struggles and being so close. The butterfly was still humming and she concentrated on that but soon felt it slowing and knew she was going to die frustrated and alone and slumped in her bonds whining.

Mark decided it had been long enough and watched the sweating girl lay on her side panting. Mark grabbed the chair and quickly lifted it up sitting her back up right. Jinni felt herself being hoisted up and squealed loudly and started thrashing as the pain from her nipples made her scream and her fear of being caught helpless engulfed her. Jinni desperately tried to wiggle out of the chains finally stopping when she heard a voice taking to her. Jinni tried to pull away from the hand touching her ear but the stiff posture collar held her head firm and she felt her ear plug being carefully removed. Mark had readjusted the camera and sat in front of her waiting for her to react to his presence. Jinni sat panting thinking about all the possible outcomes and hoping no matter what happened to her she would at least be able to cum and sat moaning and whining until Mark finally spoke. “I am not here to rob you or hurt you, but I haven’t decided yet if I will release you or not”. Jinni was relieved then worried whining and pulling on her trapped arms making the chains around her breasts shift again causing her to squeal. Mark saw the chains move and reached up and pulled them back up onto her shoulders then leaned in close and studied the clamps with their tiny locks.

Jinni could feel his breath on her breasts and whined when she heard, “Interesting clamps, I don’t think I have ever seen any like them”. Mark looked at the key ring and found the smallest key on it and inserted it into one of the locks. It wouldn’t open so Mark tried the other one and started trying to figure out how the locks were holding the clamps worked. When Mark touched her breasts Jinni whined loudly through her nose and he said, “Oh be quiet, you couldn’t stop me from doing anything I wanted so just sit there and shut up.” Jinni quieted but was now very nervous. Mark continued to twist and turn the clamps making her whine until he figured out the clamps. Mark twisted them both making Jinni arch her back and moan deeply behind the gag and start shaking her head and chest violently. Mark sat back down and watched her struggle until she calmed down and sat whining.

Mark laughed and said “Well we know what to do if you get loud again don’t we?” Jinni had never had the clamps twisted and pulled on before and attempted to nod in agreement hoping he would twist the clamps some more. Mark started again saying “I too am an enthusiast and I appreciate being left to finish a challenge so I will give you two options, one, I will hand you the keys and leave, after teasing you for awhile of course or I will make you cum… eventually then I will release some of your bonds and you will make me cum. Both options may take awhile but one will be a lot more fun” Mark said with a smile in his voice. Jinni was exhausted but had been trying to achieve an orgasm for hours and quickly hummed twice. Mark smiled and asked “Option two?” Jinni hummed again “Ok just so I understand correctly you want me to make you cum then you agree you will make me cum?” Jinni hummed again.

Mark spent the next two hours making Jinni orgasm until finally the batteries ran down and Jinni sat gasping and whining still chained to the chair but very happy to have been allowed to cum and also glad it was over. Mark sat watching her pant, smiling knowing anyone who could take all that and still be awake was someone he wanted to get to know better. Mark moved behind her and unlocked the chain to her cuffs letting her hands drop to the sides of the chair. Mark slipped the key ring into her gloved hand and said “You owe me one” and walked out of the apartment.

Jinni sat gasping for several more minutes before she reached up and raised the blindfold and glanced around with her eyes then unlocked her collar and head harness and removed it. Jinni sat stretching her neck and looking around before unlocking the chains around her chest and waist. Jinni sat rubbing her nipples for several minutes before spitting out the gag wondering where Angie might be and if she could get her keys back now or not. Unlocking herself from the chair took much longer than she thought it would but finally she was free and crawled to her bed still wearing her boots, clamps and belt. Jinni did not know how long it would be before she would be able to get with Angie again since she lived out of the city and only came into town occasionally and could only hope Angie wasn’t mad at her.

Jinni awoke a few hours later whining from the pain in her nipples and feet carefully going to the bathroom making a mess as she relieved herself around the vibrator and belt. The walk to the kitchen was painful even holding the heavy chain she could still feel the weight of the clamps with each step she took. Jinni sat drinking some water wondering how she was going to get her keys back, Angie would not bring her keys to her even if she told her it was an emergency without a very good explanation. Jinni knew she couldn’t drive her car not having any keys to it so she had no idea what she would do. As she sat flexing her arched and aching feet finding her hand was rubbing her covered pussy when she jumped to her feet thinking “Mark!”  

Jinni quickly got dressed and shuffled to his apartment knocking several times getting no answer, deciding she would leave him a note she shuffled back to her apartment writing a note asking him to come see her as soon as he got home. The walking in the steep heels reminded her of her predicament making her pussy dampen as she thought about being trapped and controlled by a stranger. She had seen Mark many times in the building always wanting him to ask her out but now her immediate fate was in his hands. Getting back to apartment she called Angie apologizing for her not showing up begging her to forgive her. Angie was irritated but forgave Jinni but told her she couldn’t come back to town for a few days agreeing to leave the envelope on her porch for her to come get herself.

Jinni thanked her and waited for Mark to return slipping a large bra on over the clamps to help keep them from pulling on her sore nipples as much. Jinni smiled as she thought about why she had purchased the bra wanting to use it to hide one of the torments she had come up with wanting to wear breast bondage at work regretting trying it having to leave work early so she could free them. A long skirt covered the tops of the boots making her accept it would have to be good enough to make the trip to Angie’s. Jinni spent the day waiting for Mark pacing impatiently for hours, they had been the most uncomfortable and erotic hours of her life and once the belt and boots were off she had planned to vibrate herself to a massive orgasm.

Mark found the note going to her apartment and knocking hearing the sound of her high heels clicking as she walked to the door.  Jinni was blushing as she opened the door smiling meekly at him asking him to come in. Mark smiled as he walked through the door noticing her boots as he sat down watching her shuffle to the fridge watching the tight dress limit her steps. The two chatted for awhile before Jinni told Mark what she needed and why telling him she would repay him for all he had done in any way he wanted. Mark thought about it for a few minutes making Jinni sit uncomfortably in her chastity belt and plugs before saying he would drive her if she would let him dress her for the ride there and back. Jinni smiled quickly agreeing excited about what he might ask her to do. The duo went to her closet Jinni leaving Mark alone while she went to get ready and undressed. Mark had already seen what he wanted her to wear when he had searched her apartment and pulled the long leather dress from its hanger picking up the collar half hood as he left the closet.

Jinni came out ready for him to dress her smiling when she saw the dress having always wanted to wear it in public without going to a club. She shimmied her naked body into the tight leather letting Mark lace the back tight felling a slight breeze on her ass from where the dress left it uncovered in the back. The dress pressed the clamps tightly into her breasts making her hiss as it was pulled tighter. She expected the hem to be tight so she had little trouble walking and turned to see Mark holding the hood and stopped holding her hand up slowly shaking her head no. Mark was smiling as he nodded yes and began wrapping the collar around her head and neck. Mark carefully laced the collar and hood sealing her mouth and making her unable to move her head at all. The drive took several hours with Jinni sitting uncomfortably with her legs forced tightly together and her hands cuffed behind her back. Mark made Jinni get the envelope still cuffed and gagged enjoying her struggling in the tight dress and having to manipulate the flower pot it was under with her cuffed hands and stiffened neck. The drive home seemed much longer for Jinni having been very aroused during the whole trip but being completely unable to do anything about it.

Reaching the apartment complex Mark parked in his usual spot helping Jinni out of the car uncuffing her hands then saying, “Call me when you’re able so I know you made it ok and we can set up how you can repay me”. With that he left the panting woman standing in the parking lot gagged, encased in the tight leather hobble dress to make the long walk to her car to get her keys. Jinni was mad at being left alone but couldn’t help but feel aroused at her situation and began the long walk to her car. It took Jinni almost two hours to get back to her apartment and was about to climax as she slammed the door but could no longer take the pain from the clamps and wrestled the dress off her and quickly unlocking the clamps, twisting the screws until she could remove them screaming into the mask grateful she was wearing it to muffle her screams as she rubbed her sore nipples. Jinni unlocked her belt and boots removing them and running herself a hot bath before removing the hood and soaking for hours before going to bed smiling at how she planned to repay Mark for helping her hoping it would mean they could be together.  Sending him a text inviting him to a special dinner just for him tomorrow night planning what she would wear and do.

Mark had accepted her invitation and Jinni was starting to get dressed, the latex catsuit was first, she struggled into the tight rubber leaving her breasts exposed through the tight rings on her chest then slipped her clamps on and tightening them until her eyes started to water, then slipped the locks through them. The boots with six inch heels were next, then the posture collar and long gloves with the steel cuffs went on. Jinni locked her chastity belt over the latex, then locked her ankle cuffs on and rushed to the kitchen with her chains, gag and blind fold and sat down.  Locking her ankles to the chair legs, then wrapping more chain around her waist leaving the keys on a small plate next to his place setting. Before pulling the blind fold down Jinni inserted her largest ring gag into her mouth and stuffed the large leather phallus from her hood into it, just to keep from drooling on herself. Jinni made sure the note was on his plate and pulled down her blindfold before reaching behind her back and locked her hands together.

Jinni hoped she was right interpreting his response to her request for dinner. Just in case she was wrong she had left a key to her cuffs frozen in a large cup under the chair with a small string attached to the lock holding her wrists together. Jinni sat for two hours before hearing her door open, her butt had gone numb and she had started to get nervous but now knew she had been right and sat up straight and waited for him to say something. Mark had been debating with himself if he should go up or not, then when he thought she might be stuck, so he got dressed and went up hoping he would find a beautiful woman bound and gagged to be used for his enjoyment.

Seeing her sitting there in her latex he was stunned all over again by her beauty and her enthusiasm, seeing the note he opened it and read, “I owe you one, remember? If you would like you could release my hands and I’ll serve you dinner, then when you are finished I will make you cum and if you want after that you can do… almost anything with me you want, Jinni”. Mark smiled at the almost part and unlocked her hands pulling them in front and locked them together again, then unlocked her waist and ankle chains from the chair reconnecting her ankle cuffs with about four inches of the chain wrapping the remainder around her ankles securing them. Jinni sat quietly waiting until he was finished and sat down to try and raise her blind fold. She started to remove it having Mark reach over and stop her saying “I didn’t remove this nor did I give you permission to”.

Jinni lowered her hands and stood on her high heels, the latex and leather creaking as she moved carefully to the refrigerator and groped with her bound hands to find the bottle of wine, glad she had already opened it. Returning to the table she rubbed his shoulder setting the bottle on the table then straightened up and stood next to him. Mark sat watching her breasts heave under the tight clamps and said, “I would like a glass of wine please” holding the glass up.

Jinni reached forward almost knocking over the bottle and picked it up and leaned it forward waiting to hear or feel his glass. Mark held his glass up and let her touch it with the bottle and watched her pour the wine saying, “Thank you” when it got near the rim. Jinni stopped pouring and set the bottle back down and stood next to him as he began his meal, occasionally asking for something making Jinni struggle to find it and serve it to him. Jinni was very frustrated at being treated like a servant, she had planned to help him eat his meal and be seductive and try to make him more aroused. Being left bound and blind all she could do was what he ordered her to do, and it seemed to be taking forever and her feet, nipples and jaw was beginning to hurt, and she was starting to get annoyed. Mark was enjoying having her serve him and could tell she was getting restless and continued to push her ordering her to clean up the mess she had made before he allowed her to service him further.

Jinni was done she reached up to remove her blindfold again but this time Mark snatched her hands down and opened the lock holding them close together and slipped the end of the last chain he had removed from the chair onto the hasp of the lock and snapped it shut again. Jinni was starting to moan and tried to pull away but her bonds would not let her move much, so Mark was able to stuff the free end of the chain under the belt she had run between her legs. Mark yanked her hands down to just below her dangling breasts snapping the last lock closed. Jinni pulled away and took a few steps back realizing quickly she was stuck as she pulled on the chain yanking on her crotch strap, then trying to bend forward to reach her blindfold but having the posture collar kept her face just out of reach of her captured hands.

Mark watched as Jinni struggled then calmed and eased back to his side, her pinched breasts rising and falling next to his face as she gasped for air. Mark reached over and began stroking her firm ass under the tight rubber messaging it roughly. Jinni calmed as she felt his hand on her body realizing she was no longer in control, “My keys are probably in his pocket by now”, she thought. She could not even see to run even if she was able to and now her hands were tethered to her chastity belt and cuffed closely together. As these thoughts ran through her mind and his hand continued to stroke her ass she became aroused at the idea of him controlling her and could feel her pussy dampen.

Mark stroked her more moving up her back and slowly moving to her breasts nudging her clamped nipples making her arch her back slightly and moan again. Quickly he stood and swatted her rubber covered ass and said “Get moving, no fooling around I can see you are in desperate need of training!” Jinni squealed as she jumped forward and listened to him get up and walk to the living room leaving her alone and blind to clean up. Jinni suddenly felt the need to show him she could do it, and tried to remember where she had set everything and began to pick up the plates and other items and shuffle back and forth to the sink trying to set them in the sink and not break anything. During her trips her determination turned into desire to please him and she worked quicker and within twenty minutes had the table cleared off.

Jinni moved towards the living room not sure where he was but entered the room and stood panting as her arousal increased. Mark had moved back to the kitchen and had been watching her rubber covered body move around fighting the bonds he had put on it trying to decide if she could handle his training or not. After watching her stand in the living room he called her back to the table and turned his chair back towards it and told her it was time if she thought she could handle it. Jinni had shuffled into the room and grunted indicating she needed the leather phallus removed and felt Mark grab her hips and turn her towards him and begin to explain what he expected. “If I allow you to service me you must agree to submit to me and my ways, I will not interfere in your daily life but ANY free time you will be mine to do with as I please, when I please”. Jinni listened getting more aroused as he spoke about her “new life” telling her she would remain bound at all times when she was with him and she would never speak unless told to. Jinni was told she would always do as he asked no matter what she wanted to do. By the time Mark had finished Jinni was very horny at the thought of being his play thing and nodded slightly in agreement.

Mark continued, “Oh you do not get to answer tonight, you will crawl to me and service my cock with your gagged mouth then after spending the night bound as you are I will give you the opportunity to give me your answer tomorrow”. Jinni heard all his conditions but all she could think about was her growing desire to please him. Jinni carefully shuffled to the side of the table and lowered herself to her knees then bending over the fell on to her stretched out hands and began to slowly crawl towards him. Mark watched as she figured out that with her hands held so closely to her that it was much more difficult to hold herself up but she managed to still get on her hands and knees and move very slowly to him.

When she was getting close Mark pulled his swollen cock from his pants and watched her drag her knees to her wrists, then push her hands the few inches forward she could then repeat the process until she was hovering over his knees. Jinni felt him pull the plug from the o-ring gag holding her mouth open, her nipples were screaming with pain from the short crawl and the new position she was in. With the heavy chain swinging side to side tugging and twisting her nipples, she made no noise as she eased forward until he guided her up slightly and then lowered her onto his cock. Jinni’s mouth was now impaled on his cock, her finger tips were just touching the floor so her back was supporting most of her weight as she let his cock slide down her throat and began sucking on it, trying to move up and down on his shaft. Mark was so horny from his evening of watching and tormenting her he had to concentrate very hard on not cumming immediately just to make her work for it.

Jinni was starting to sweat profusely in the tight rubber as she continued to work on his cock wondering if he was enjoying himself or not since it was taking so long for him to cum. Jinni fought off the pains from her body continuing to stroke and rub his cock with her tongue. Twenty minutes later Mark grabbed her hair and began moving her head up and down faster almost choking her as he shoved her further onto him each time. Jinni felt him tense as he forced her head tight into his crotch and shot his sperm down her throat making her gag slightly as she tried to keep up with the amount he was releasing into her. Mark let go of her head and leaned back sighing as Jinni continued to suck on his quickly softening cock, until she pulled off and sat back on her folded legs purring as she licked her lips through o-ring of the gag. Mark sat admiring her for several minutes before zipping up his pants and saying, “I’ll be by tomorrow for your answer”. Mark stuffed the leather phallus back into her mouth seating it much deeper than before.

As he was leaving he checked her apartment for any fire hazards and turned off any lights and then left locking the door behind him leaving Jinni still bound and gagged kneeling on the floor in her tight rubber. Jinni sat for several minutes before realizing he had really left her like this and crawled to the chair and forced herself up into it. Jinni was stunned he would really leave her like this but also extremely frustrated that he would only take advantage of her mouth and not let her cum. Jinni sat for an hour before moving carefully on her sore feet towards her bedroom fighting her bonds and cursing herself for getting herself into this situation. The more she thought about Mark and her helplessness the hornier she became and the more she struggled.

Finding her bed she sat down desperately trying to reach her head harness and blindfold and finding out that no matter how she bent or twisted herself she couldn’t reach either. After her brief struggles Jinni lay back and tried to get comfortable quickly falling to sleep after her long evening of bondage and frustration dreaming about tomorrow and what her training will include. Mark watched Jinni sleep for an hour, he had come over early in the morning and now sat next to his captive watching her heaving breasts and admiring her beautiful body. Mark began stroking the rubber encasing her making the sleeping girl moan as he did raising her hands to the limit of the chain before lowering them to her damp pussy. Before waking her he had set up her training for the day and found what he wanted her to wear along with what he had brought ought to make for an interesting day for her. If she agrees to it and can take it, hoping he hadn’t pushed her too far already.

Mark had plans to make Jinni truly submit to him giving herself completely to him and wanted to start now, so he shook her rubberized body until she woke startled and confused fighting her bonds as she tried to sit up. Jinni was whining and thrashing so Mark calmed her by holding her face in his hands and whispering for her to be calm, once Jinni calmed he explained what her options were. “If you really want to be involved with me, you must prove yourself to me, so only if you want this to happen we will start your training today”. “Or you can say no and I will unlock your cuffs and leave you alone, but remember once we start we will continue to the end, and when we are finished you will be mine to use as I see fit and your opinion will no longer be of any concern to me”.

 Jinni listened intently to what he said even though her bladder was pounding that it wanted release and her nipples were screaming in pain while Mark continued, “If you want to be mine then you will get cleaned up and return to your room naked except for the blindfold and accept your fate in one hour, if not shake your head and I will release you now.” Jinni sat thinking then held out her hands and let him unlock them and slowly stood and eased her way to the bathroom to get ready. Her night of helplessness and total arousal had already broken her and was guiding her to be a true submissive.

An hour later Jinni was standing naked and clean in her blindfold waiting for her orders from him, for the last hour she had been thinking of what to do and had fully accepted her destiny of being under his control and found the idea of it very stimulating. Mark walked around Jinni’s naked body resisting the urge to take her right then and whispered, “Very nice” as he walked around her again. Mark handed her the clamps and told her to put them on and to make them tight, Jinni had never installed them blind before, so she fumbled some before getting them correct and adjusting them until they were making her closed eyes water and stood with her arms to her sides. Mark smiled as he readjusted the clamps even tighter causing Jinni to gasp and flinch but he held the clamps firmly forcing her to stay where she was.

After making sure the clamps were extremely tight he slipped the locks through them and snapped them closed making Jinni shudder at the permanence of the sound. Next Mark forced her to step into a transparent latex cat suit, this suit had zippers over her breasts, pussy and ass and was much thicker than ones she had worn in the past. Mark worked the rubber up her legs making sure her feet were settled into the bottoms of the attached socks. Pulling the latex up to her chest Mark massaged her breasts into the cups making her moan from the added pain, before feeding her arms into the sleeves. Mark made sure each finger went into the gloves before pulling the shoulders up and over her and closing the back with the heavy zipper.

Jinni stood feeling the suit warm to her body and enjoying the compression of it, even starting to like the pressure of the suit on her clamps when she felt him pull something over her head and say, “Hold your breath until I say”.  Jinni took a deep breath and felt the latex being pulled over her face and him adjusting it around her head. Jinni heard the zipper being pulled and felt the latex tighten onto her face. Jinni could feel the latex over her mouth and since she was already blindfolded she could not tell if the eyes were open or not but stood holding her breath until he said, “Ok”.

Exhaling Jinni tried to take a deep breath only to find she was inhaling her own expelled air and quickly reached up, only to have him hold her arms down and watch her struggle to take another breath sucking the latex tight to her face. She heard him say, “Breathe through your nose only” Jinni panted hard through her nose feeling the restricted airflow through the tiny holes over her nose but was glad to get the fresh air and soon calmed herself. Mark continued her preparations slipping her latex covered feet into a pair of boots he had used on his last servant. The boots had thick wedge heels and forced the wearer to her toes keeping her on them until they were removed. Mark laced each tightly as Jinni kept her balance by holding on to his shoulders then he stood and led the blind woman around the room to familiarize her with them.

Jinni struggled to stand and walk in the steep and incredibly tight shoes, her latex mask was expanding and sucking back to her face as she panted under it no longer enjoying the pain from the tight latex over her nipple clamps. Standing still again Jinni felt him slide something up one of her arms and could feel it tighten onto it. Mark pulled the long leather sleeve up her arm, then laced it tight before taking the closed end with four long straps dangling from it and folding her fingers over her palm. He begin wrapping the two straps from the sides of the mitten around her hand trapping her fingers and thumb tightly under them before lacing them up her wrist. The two straps from the end of the mitten were pulled tightly and wrapped again making it impossible for Jinni to open her hand and once he squeezed her wide cuff closed over the laces they could not be untied.

Mark repeated the process on the other arm and soon Jinni found that both of her hands were totally useless and even though she wasn’t tied yet she was helpless to stop anything he wanted to do to her from happing. Mark stepped back and watched Jinni twist and flex her arms slightly admiring her body under the tight rubber. Mark watched the pockets of sweat form and move under her rubber skin knowing she was at his mercy in her steep boots and trapped hands. Jinni’s pussy was dripping with excitement as she stood shifting her weight back and forth swaying slightly as she waited for what was next, the anticipation of him training her and her not knowing exactly what that meant arousing her greatly. Mark moved in front of her stroking her body gently and started to unzip her mouth. Jinni was purring as she felt him touching her but stopped when she felt a tug at her face then felt cool air on her lips, “Open wide” was whispered and Jinni complied letting him force the large ball behind her teeth.

Mark wrapped the straps of the harness around her head pulling the latex even tighter around it. Jinni felt the straps get pulled extremely tight forcing the ball deeper into her mouth and began purring again as he continued to tighten them and was just able to hear the small clicks of the locks as he closed them. Jinni shook her head feeling the locks jingling on the buckles feeling more aroused knowing she could not remove them even if her hands were freed. Mark adjusted the buckles on one side of the wide panel to their last notches then pulled it across her mouth and started buckling the six buckles over the ball. Jinni could feel the panel tightening over her lips as Mark pulled each to their last notch making Jinni moan. The overly tight panel shoved the ball in further spreading her lips tightly across the ball in her mouth and sealed off the little bit of air she was getting around it. After Mark struggled to get the panel as tight as he could noticing the shape of her lips and the slight outline of them and the ball between them and smiled knowing Jinni was a keeper because anyone else would be complaining by now.

Mark let her adjust her breathing before wrapping her thick posture collar around her neck and pulling it as tight as he had done wi th the gag before locking the buckles closed. The locks were only for her benefit since she had absolutely no chance of unbuckling anything with her hands bound the way they were but he knew in her mind it would add to her helplessness feelings. Jinni felt the collar tighten around her throat and twisted her neck and head to let it settle but as it continued to get tighter she began to whine slightly.  When he stopped and she could hear the locks snap shut she became nervous at the pounding of her heart beat in her ears, she liked things tight but she felt like she was being strangled and tried to pull away and reach up with her trapped hands.

Mark smiled and took her hands and snapped a lock between her cuffs behind her making her struggle more and wobble on her toes. Jinni could feel him doing something near her shoulder as Mark pulled the straps from the leather sleeves up pulling them tight making sure they would not slip down and wrapped the ends around the collar and tied them off. Now Jinni was gasping for air through her nose only, her head was tilted back and the overly tight gag and harness felt like it was cutting into her head and face. With her hands bound the way they were behind her she could do nothing to help herself and even when she tried to back away from her tormentor the steep boots and blindfold made her almost fall from the lack of balance. Jinni felt the zipper being opened letting cool air splash across her pussy and ass then was forced to bend over the foot of her bed.

Mark roughly stuffed a plug that was bigger than she had ever felt into her ass making her scream from behind her gag. Mark patted her back as he stood her up and turned her around and quickly stuffed an even larger vibrator into her dripping pussy. Jinni had been struggling with Mark but when the vibrator started in she stopped struggling and let him insert it and close the zipper. As Jinni stood twisting and bending getting used to the intruders she felt Mark pull something very tight around her waist squeezing the air from her lungs as he continued to pull it tight. Jinni was still gasping from the waist belt when she felt him pull another strap up in between her legs and knew it was her leather chastity belt. Mark pulled the crotch strap tighter than he had the belt and locked it closed, Jinni felt the vibrator and plug being forced deep inside her and whined loudly. Mark finished locking the belt letting her know it was there to stay.

Jinni was squirming and whining, her muffled noises making Mark smile as he watched her wiggle in small circles squealing each time she leaned too far and had to correct her balance. Jinni was more uncomfortable and horny than she had ever been and was debating in her head if she was enjoying the attention or if she should put a stop to this. Jinni remembered he had said there was no stopping once they had started and realized they had not set up any safety signals. The idea that there was no way to stop this made a small shudder go through her body leaving her unable to determine if she was excited or scared but knew she had no choice either way.

Mark was finished binding her for now and sat down watching her balance on her toes and struggling under the tight rubber and leather thinking about how this was only the beginning and how she would never be the same when he was done. Jinni’s body was getting accustomed to her restraints and Jinni was getting more aroused as she stood sweating in the rubber. Jinni wondered if she would be allowed to go to work or if she would even be able to by the end of the weekend. Her desire to please Mark was starting to swell again as he paced around her telling her how well she was doing and rubbed his hands all over her body. Mark asked if she was ready to begin.  Jinni screamed in her head BEGIN! What have we been doing and started walking where he was nudging her to go stumbling once squealing as he caught her and set her back on her toes.

Reaching the living room Mark told her to continue walking and he would tell her when to turn so Jinni kept shuffling around the room turning whatever way she was told being careful not to stumble knowing he was not there to catch her. After almost an hour she was feeling light headed and was dragging her feet when he said stop. Mark moved next to her asking if she was tired and wanted to lie down. She moaned into the gag she did and he helped her to her knees. Releasing her breasts from under the rubber and messaging them out from under it made Jinni moan louder as she felt him kneading her pinched breasts out of the openings. Mark then zipped the rubber tight around the bases of each continuing to pull of the zippers until her breasts were bulging and starting to turn red.

Jinni loved breast bondage but between the overly tight clamps and now the tight zippers she was in over load and started whining.  Mark leaned her forward, laying her on her pinched nipples making her squirm and scream as the pressure from her own body weight crushed her tortured breasts. Jinni tried to roll over but Mark held her by sitting on her stomach and ass slapping her divided cheeks making her whine louder and telling her to calm down. Jinni stopped struggling and lay on her breasts as she felt him pull her legs up to her ass and knew he was tying them there. Mark adjusted his position and Jinni felt him pulling on her ankle cuffs, the tension continued to increase as Mark pulled her knees off the floor.

Mark finally stopped pulling when she could feel the thick heels digging into her back. Jinni pulled and twisted so she could tell just how far he had pulled them up realizing he had pulled her into a tight arch by chaining her ankles to the cross straps of the arm sleeves. Her toes were now almost touching her shoulders between her arms making Jinni moan loud and deep as she tried to pull them back. Jinni heard Mark moving around then felt him attach something to her cuffs and slowly she felt her arms rising. Mark continued to pull until her arms were pulled straight up from her holding her in a tight strappedo and forcing her body harder onto her trapped and pinched breasts.

Jinni was screaming in pain, the noise was very muffled through the thick panel and the rubber over her head with the zipper starting to dig into the edges of her stretched lips. She desperately tried to move forward but found she could not move at all. The strap Mark had tied to the large table was wrapped around her knees keeping her from moving forward while the tension on her arms pulled so far forward kept her from moving back. Mark sat down to watch her struggle, this was his favorite part learning how much she could take and how long she could fight before she gave in. Jinni twisted and thrashed for an hour before her struggles slowed and she lay whining continuously. She had gone through several emotions, scared, frustrated, mad, and confused now she was starting to surrender and wondered if he was still there. She hadn’t been able to hear anything except her heart beat and her screams for the past two hours and lay gasping for air.

Jinni was no longer struggling and now not even wanting release as her arousal had grown from being totally helpless with no end in sight for the first time in her life. Mark waited until her breathing evened out then took his sturdy riding crop and held it above her ass asking her if she wanted more. Every time she moaned or whined he would slap her ass firmly leaving a whelp and making her squeal and start thrashing again. This went on for thirty minutes until Jinni lay silent only nodding, by moving her shoulders up and down, yes. Jinni was getting confused again she wanted out but her body was enjoying the conflict of pain and pleasure and he hadn’t turned the vibrators on yet. Jinni moaned and whined causing Mark to continue to slap her ass and now her thighs more. Jinni stopped making noise for a few minutes as her mind decided what she wanted next and started making noises again.

Jinni’s lower body was bright red before she started begging under the gag for him to stop. Mark began stroking her welt covered ass and legs making her hum and purr under his hand. Even though it felt like someone was dragging something very hot across her skin she was enjoying his touch and his whispers on how well she was doing too much to want it to stop. As Jinni’s body adjusted to her position Mark would retention her bonds keeping her taunt and utterly helpless. During each session Mark would change the whip he was using and sometimes rest his feet on the back of her neck pressing her breasts even harder into the floor. After ten hours of being abused and teased Jinni was now only responding when she was told to. No other sounds came from her even when Mark tightened her arms, the last time pulling them well past her shoulders and forcing the toes of her boots to touch the base of her neck. The deep red welts could be seen all over Jinni’s body through the latex and still Jinni would ask for more when he explained it was what he thought she needed to truly be free of her inhibitions and to be able to serve him correctly and completely.

Mark was starting to get tired and needed to sleep soon, Jinni had been lying quietly for an hour only being slapped by the whip to make sure she hadn’t gone to sleep or passed out. When Mark asked her if she was ready to cum for him, Jinni hadn’t even thought of herself for the last few hours but now suddenly she was allowed to and hummed she was. Mark smiled as he stroked her warm rubber body and told her that if she could wait until he told her to cum then he would be very proud and she would have completed her training for the day, if not then he would leave her where she was and return tomorrow and start all over again. Jinni thought about being left in the uncomfortable position and was torn between wanting to stay warm and secure or being free and alone and agreed she would wait for him to give her permission to cum. During the next hour Mark used her vibrators and his whips to tease and torture her until she thought she would explode. She wanted to but his words to her about being proud if she could wait kept ringing in her ears and now matter how hard she tried she couldn’t cum. Jinni lay whining and twisting as her body responded to him and his teasing until finally he leaned close and said. “My dearest you have exceeded my expectations, please cum for me” and with those words she exploded in multiple orgasm’s and with his help continued to orgasm until she blacked out from her pleasure.

Jinni awoke staring at the ceiling, she groaned as she raised her arms finding they were cuffed together in front of her. She was wearing latex still but it felt much different and her feet were now strapped into her six inch heels with her ankles cuffed with a short chain between them. Jinni lay back and rubbed her face and jaw, the gag was gone and so was the blindfold but even through the rubber gloves she could feel the strap marks on her face and smiled as she rolled over and swung her sore feet onto the floor. Sitting up she moaned as the aches returned making her stretch her body noticing she was now wearing her long sleeve hobble dress and her own cat suit. Jinni moaned even louder as she continued stretching before standing and slowly walking into the living room.

Peeking around the corner, almost afraid of what she would find and seeing nothing out of the ordinary Jinni continued to the kitchen. Reaching the kitchen she drank two large bottles of water before sitting down with a third whining as her sore and still filled ass touched the chair. Looking down at her welded together thighs she noticed little bumps and when she touched them she squealed with pain. Jinni was trying to figure out if what she had been through was real or a dream and after a few minutes her full bladder demanded attention, so she started looking for the keys or a note of some kind. Jinni found her keys where she always kept them and unlocked her wrists as she headed towards the bathroom. Leaving the cuffs in her bedroom she was working on the long zipper of her dress when she found the chastity belt was still on her but unlocked thankfully. She unbuckled it and dropped both the dress and the belt to the floor, and unzipped the cat suit squirming out of it down to her ankles and relieved herself whining again from the odd pain it caused.  Sitting on the toilet she unbuckled the shoes and kicked them away feeling her legs cramp when she tried to set her feet flat. Jinni pulled the remaining latex off her body and climbed into the shower grateful for the hot water but squealing again as it hit the welts on the back of her body.

Easing the plug from herself gritting her teeth as she worked it out she found it was her medium plug and cleaned it, then herself and reached for a towel. Drying off she inspected her face and hoped that the strap marks would fade by tomorrow morning but when the towel dropped past her waist she froze at what she saw. Turning slightly Jinni couldn’t believe that each side of the back of her body was covered in welts, “Then it was real” she said out loud to herself staring in disbelief at the marks, having almost convinced herself it had all been a dream. Jinni’s legs got weak as all the memories came flooding back. The scary but wonderful helplessness, the pain and the pride she had for making him happy and the wonderful orgasm’s he gave her all hit her at once making her head spin. Jinni got herself calmed and found some loose clothing to wear and walked to Mark’s apartment and knocked several times getting no answer. Jinni turned to go home when an older man across the hall came out and said, “Mark won’t be home for at least two more weeks, so you’ll have to come back then” Jinni smiled and nodded ok wondering why he would have left so quickly without saying anything to her.

About a week later Jinni was just starting to get over her day of training, she still caught herself lowering her eyes and head instinctively around her bosses. She still had to keep her smallest plug inserted since her ass hadn’t fully recovered from the monster she had been impaled with for so long, but other than feeling the need to wear her steepest high heels and tightest skirts she felt fine. She missed her trainer and wondered if she would ever be allowed to feel what she had that special day again, and felt she needed to keep herself locked up for him. Jinni had ordered one of the finest steel chastity belts and bra sets so she could only be used by him, her way of showing him how much he meant to her.

During the next week Jinni was still wearing her high heels and tight skirts but had also locked her clamps and leather chastity belt on, inserting her medium plug thinking he had put that in her and wanted it there. At night she would blindfold and gag herself after getting dressed in her latex, then chain herself to the chair in front of the door waiting and hoping he would return. When the chastity belt and bra arrived Jinni quickly locked it around herself leaving it at its smallest settings and using both of the hollow plugs attached to it. After grunting to close the belt and crotch strap she wrapped the steel cups over her firm breasts and locked it around her chest, pulling the chains taunt to the collar and locking it around her throat. Jinni felt a strange peace flow over her as she locked the final chains from the bra to the belt sealing her inside the steel underwear. She quickly slipped into the latex hobble dress and shimmied in her tall heels down to Mark’s apartment, this time after getting no answer from her knocking she carefully bent over and slipped an envelope under his door.

On it she had written, “This envelope holds the keys to everything I have, I freely give them to you and cannot wait to be yours again”. Jinni continued her day and night struggles while she waited for Mark to come home. Every week she would slither to his door in her latex and steel and every week she got no answer. After two months of waiting for him to come to her she was a wreck, the chastity belt had kept her unable to satisfy herself and the constant dreaming about Mark and being under his control was distracting her even at work. Arriving home and getting dressed in her latex and the tall boots he had given her she went to his apartment and knocked on the door. A young woman answered gasping at the beautiful woman encased in latex then asked, “What do you want?” Jinni was shocked and stuttering said “Mark?”

“There’s no Mark here, was he living here before me?”

Jinni could only nod “Yes” and was told “I was told he had moved out two months ago”.

The lady closed the door leaving a stunned and confused Jinni standing alone in the hall teetering on her tall high heels. Jinni staggered back to her apartment in shock, calling the manager’s office and asking about Mark. After being told he had moved she asked if anyone had found an envelope in his apartment. The manager said he didn’t know but would ask the maintenance man in the morning. Jinni explained that it was very important to get it back and the manager asked her if she had asked Mark’s friend about it. “Friend?” she asked puzzled.

“The young man that stayed in his apartment the last month of his lease, I didn’t get his name but maybe he found it when he was moving Mark’s belongings out?”

Jinni said “No, she didn’t know his friend”.

“Well maybe I’ll see him again, he told me he thought the people here were very friendly and he might move into the complex”.

Jinni sat shocked thanking the manager and asked if the man should return if he would let her know and he said he would and hung up the phone. Jinni was now trapped in a steel chastity belt and tight bra without any way of removing it, her only hope was a stranger that had abused her and might return with the keys and free her. As the idea of being trapped excited her as she dreamed about the stranger returning and taking her as his bondage slave like he had promised, while her hands rubbed the steel encasing her. Across town a man sat looking at the unopened envelope that had been slipped under a door wishing he had told her the truth and wondering if he could ever go and see her again dreaming she would allow the stranger to continue her training.             

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