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Joanne's Self-Bondage

by Nighthawk

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© Copyright 2002 - Nighthawk - Used by permission

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Joanne's Self-Bondage
Chapter One

Joanne and I continued our relationship with plenty of bondage-related sex; very much to my delight. She really and honestly enjoyed our games with a passion akin to a child with a new toy. What made it all the better was her willingness, indeed enthusiasm, to experiment and try out new ideas, fantasies and scenarios.

Over time I had learnt an awful lot from my self-bondage experiences and that seemed the area that interested Jo the most. Over the weeks following her introductions to self-bondage, I had taught Jo many different restraint methods and release mechanisms. We had also played out various 'discovery' scenarios, her current favourite being to get to my place before I got back from work and leave me a 'surprise' upstairs. I certainly found a naked, horny female, all self-bound and 'available' was a very nice way to wind down after a hard day at work !!

Jo always called me at work prior to binding herself but she enjoyed the thrill of the 'find' so much that one day I came back to find her panties at the bottom of the stairs. A quick check found Jo naked, O-ring gagged and hog-tied on my bed. Never one to say no, I accepted the offer of a blow-job - shot my load into her mouth then changed out of my clothes, showered and returned soon after for 'seconds' by way of her welcoming pussy.

As well as thanking her for the 'present' I gave her a bit of a lecture about not having a "safety", in that I may not have come straight home, or worse. I know we've all done it, but that doesn't make it any safer, and I explained she was too precious to get hurt if something went wrong. I therefore informed Jo that a suitable punishment was in order. I replaced her ring-gag with a large ballgag, added a padded leather blindfold and made her much less comfortable by binding her elbows together with a long leather strap. Then rolling her onto her side, towards me, I eased her protests by fingering her to orgasm.

As Jo strained in her bonds, riding out her orgasm, I thought it only fair to keep her fully satisfied by quickly getting the vibrator from the bedside cabinet and placing it against her clitoris. On full power, it certainly had the desired effect, bringing Jo almost instantly to another climax - then another, - then another...

Soon poor Jo was snorting and panting round her ballgag, drool was running down her chin and her whole body was glistening with sweat. Unable to stop me or to move away, Jo was mmmphing, pleading and begging me to stop. No way - this was punishment remember. Holding Jo's top shoulder with one hand, I used the vibrator to alternately stimulate her clitoris for a while then to fuck her pussy. As Jo crashed to yet another climax, her final humiliation occurred - unable to stop herself, her bladder emptied as she pissed herself. 

The towel from my shower at hand, I held it between her thighs to soak up the mess. As Jo recovered I removed her blindfold to see her eyes. She looked so beautiful. Holding her, I undid her ballgag and kissed her deeply. As we both relaxed, I undid her elbow and ankle bonds, then her handcuffs, so she could stretch out. Now it was Jo's turn for a shower, and another entertaining evening came pleasantly to an end.


We agree a good compromise to the 'surprise'. Jo would always phone me before she started but I would only confirm I would definitely be back soon, but not give her a time. One particularly enjoyable scene we had soon after this went as follows. It was mid-week and just after lunch I got call at work from Jo saying she was off work today and tomorrow and was out shopping. She told me she'd bought me a present and that it would be wrapped up and waiting for me when I got home. I confirmed I'd be home after work and Jo ended the call. I knew by what she'd said that Jo would be doing some form of self-bondage for me to find her in when I got home. What I now wanted to arrange was a surprise for her too !!

I told my boss I had a family emergency and needed the rest of the day off, which as we weren't too busy was never going to be a problem. I quickly re-scheduled my afternoon appointments then headed straight home. I arrived at my house just after 3pm, a good three hours before Joanne expected me. Fortunately her car was nowhere to be seen so I quickly let myself in and confirmed that she hadn't yet arrived.  I made myself a flask of coffee, grabbed some biscuits and fruit along with a book from my bookcase and headed upstairs. I took the step-ladder out of the walk in closet in the second bedroom and set it up on the landing underneath the loft hatch. I then took my flask, food, book and my sleeping-bag up into the loft, (attic) - my new 'home' for the next few hours.

About 4pm I heard what sounded like the front door being opened then closed. I made sure I was comfortable, kept still and listened. Over the next hour I could Jo, (I assumed), moving about downstairs then coming upstairs to the bedroom directly underneath my position. I was quite surprised how much I could hear below in the bedroom. As well as the general noise of her moving around I could occasionally hear the metallic clink of either a chain or buckle rattling and I heard distinct sound of handcuffs ratchets closing clearly. 

By now it was just past five o'clock and I knew Jo would probably be ready by now, assuming I'd be home by 5.30pm. Just to make sure I waited until just after 5.30pm before very slowly and quietly lowering myself down from the loft, onto the banister rail on the landing and then onto the floor. Jo had thoughtfully left the bedroom door open, so keeping low to the floor I carefully looked into the bedroom.

Initially all I could see was ropes running from the bed corners up onto the bed where Jo was obviously laying with her legs spread-eagled. Crawling into the room and to the foot of the bed I slowly lifted my head up so I could see onto the bed. The first view I was greeted with was of Joanne's legs, clad in black stockings and high heeled black leather sandals on her feet, with leather ankle cuffs holding them spread wide. Then right in the centre of my view her naked pussy, wet and just waiting to be fucked.... 

Jo was also wearing what appeared to be a white shirt, but what I really wanted to see, and was not disappointed with, was a ballgag and blindfold in place. Now safely able to look more closely, I could see Jo was wearing her white Police shirt with her black & white chequered cravat and shoulder epaulettes. She had my harness ballgag buckled tightly into her mouth. The straps running up vertically from the red ballgag either side of her nose and meeting in the centre of her forehead served to hold the padded leather blindfold even tighter in place. Her wrists were locked into leather wrist cuffs, joined and held securely above her head by a chain padlocked to their 'D'-rings and then attached to one of the horizontal bars making up the headboard. 
Joanne had certainly done a good job of tying herself to my bed and an even better one of making me want to fuck her right there and then !!! 

I calmed myself down and looked for where she had placed the padlock keys so she could release herself. There was no ice on a string or thread around a lit candle, so they had to be somewhere in reach. Looking carefully and quietly, I noticed a thin piece of twine running from the chain above her wrist-cuffs up alongside it and trailing over the top of the bed. Looking underneath the bed I could see a key-ring and keys dangling from it, just off the floor. 

I got a spare length of rope and a pair of nipple clamps from my open store box. The clamps were of the type that had an arched spring closing them and by squeezing the middle of each clamp you opened the ''jaws'. A chain connected them both. I tied the rope around one end of the chain, up by one of the clamps and then quietly lay down next to my bed. Reaching underneath I carefully fixed the nipple clamp to the key-ring holding Jo's padlock keys. The trailing rope I tied off around the bed leg leaving about 6" of slack - just enough for Jo to find frustrating rather than useful! Now for the next part of the plan. 

Chapter Two

I went to spare bedroom and retrieved my camcorder and tripod from the closet. I ran a power lead from the bedroom across the landing and set up the tripod just inside the door, out of the way and raised high enough to get a good view of the bed from the bottom right corner. The scene was set - 'action'.  This was going to be truly magnificent home video. I knew it, but Joanne had no idea whatsoever ! 

Leaving the bedroom door open, I quietly made my way downstairs and into the lounge where I closed the door behind me. By now Jo would be wondering when I'd be home. Using my cell-phone I dialled my home number. The telephone in the hall sprang into life and after four rings the answer-phone kicked in. I then listened to myself telling me I wasn't in (!), and to leave a message. Knowing that by now Jo would be listening intently, I said "Jo, pick up if you can, it's important". After a pause, I continued, "look Jo, I'm stranded at work. we've had a security alert and my jacket, wallet and keys are all in the building, with my stuck outside. I don't know how much longer I'll be but it could be some time yet, so free yourself and I'll make it up to you when I get back. Give me a call when you're free. Love you". I hung up and raced upstairs as quietly as I could.

Looking into the bedroom from the open door, there was my delightful, sexy Joanne, desperately pulling on her release rope - all to no avail. Jo was tilting her head as if to look above her, pointless really with her blindfold securely in place. After an enchanting five minutes of watching Jo pulling fruitlessly at her release rope, her leather ankle and wrist cuffs, and straining to free herself of her ballgag, it was was time to move on to phase two !! 

From the bedroom doorway I again called my home phone from my cell-phone. After four rings the answer-phone picked up and I watched as Jo suddenly stopped struggling and appeared to be listening intently.As the recorded message played on I quietly I went back downstairs to the lounge and closed the door. 
After the tone I said, "Jo, please pick up the call", and paused a few seconds for effect. "Jo, it looks like I'm going to be badly delayed," I continued, "and as you haven't called me back, I'm assuming you must somehow be stuck or in trouble. I can't risk you hurting yourself so I'm going to get my mate Brad to pop round. He's only five minutes down the road, has a spare key and he's the only bloke I could trust in the circumstances. Sorry but I promise I'll really make this up to my love. I'll be back just as soon as I can".  I hung up and dashed back upstairs to the bedroom to see Joanne now really putting on a good show - mmmphing and struggling for all her might !! 

I was already looking forward to watching this on video...... But I could only imagine Jo's thoughts at being found 'dressed for sex', legs spread wide, available and completely helpless, by a male she barely knew. In fact she'd only met Brad twice, both briefly and both down in the pub with me. All I did know was that my cock was aching to fuck her. Right now, and very, very badly.  Keeping my urge to fuck her barely under control, I watched Joanne's increasingly desperate struggles as she tried to free herself from her self-bondage. Having repeatedly tried to free her release key, unsuccessfully, Jo resorted to trying to pull her arms and legs free. She was well built and strong, but no match for the leather cuffs and chains, not that it seemed to stop her trying. After another minute or so of that, I watched as Jo yet again tried to retrieve the 'stuck' key. 

One thing I always enjoy watching, is a blindfolded female trying to see what she's doing through a blindfold. Pointless as it is, they all try !! 

With my cock straining at my zipper, I crept out of the bedroom, downstairs and quietly opened the front door. I would have to wait to watch the home-video to see Jo's reaction as I rung the doorbell. After a pause followed by another long ring on the bell I made a deliberately noisy effort using my door key then closed the front door loudly behind me. 
If Joanne only knew what I intended next !!

I knocked on the open bedroom door for her benefit, as I peered into the room. Jo lifted her and 'looked' at me making desperate mmmphing pleas to free her. I took hold of her nearest ankle cuff and Jo stilled. The cuff was buckled comfortably tight, but there was some slack in the rope holding it to the corner bed post. When I tightened this Jo got really quite loud in her protests. She was pulling at her wrist cuffs, begging me to release her.  With the other ankle now also tightened down, I climbed up onto the bed to kneel between her spread thighs. From my trouser pocket I removed a condom and holding it near Jo's head I unwrapped it then ran it up her cheek and under her nose. There was no mistaking Jo's recognition as she started pleading through her gag, pulling frantically at her wrist cuffs and now bucking her hips violently too !! 

Freeing my aching cock from my trousers, I rolled the condom onto it, lowered myself between her thighs and thrust my cock deep into her pussy. I knew I'd not last long in the circumstances anyway, so I thrust hard and fast, back and forth into her, until my climax erupted into the top of condom, deep inside her. 

Leaning down over her, I whispered into her ear, "I bet Brad would have fucked you too". 
Jo's mmmphed "you bastard" was both loud and clear !!.
"Having fucked you as 'Brad', I think I should really fuck you as 'myself' now", I laughed. Jo once more pulled at her wrist cuffs, and mmmphed more 'release me' pleas. 
"No, you're staying just where you are", I replied, "but this time, if you're good, I might just let you come too !". I climbed off the bed and stripped off. Retrieving both a ribbed dildo and small vibrator from my store I joined Jo back on the bed. 
Kneeling once more between Jo's wide spread thighs, I slid the dildo into her wet pussy and said "Ready or not, time to come", the began to slowly fuck her with the dildo. 

As Jo's breathing got deeper and her climax started to build, I made sure I was not blocking the view from the camcorder. Then picking up the vibrator, I turned it to 'high' and held it against her clit while I continued to fuck her with the dildo. Within seconds Jo started to climax. Using my two 'toys' I then kept her coming until she was a pleading, squirming, panting, sweat-soaked little slut. Just when she thought I'd let her stop, I replaced the two 'toys' with my cock and fucked us both to one more orgasm. 

Having rolled off her and got my breath back, I unbuckled Jo's harness ballgag and eased the red ball out from behind her teeth. As Jo eased off her jaw, I said, "Let me get you a drink, you look like you need one". I got off the bed and removed the tripod, camcorder and power lead back into the back bedroom closet.  I returned with a cold drink for each of us and couldn't resist laying the can on Jo's thigh and watching her jump in surprise. I removed the leather blindfold and held the can for Jo to drink from.
After a few gulps, Jo asked "I don't suppose you were planning on untying me?". 
"You should know the usual forfeit by now", I replied shifting myself up the bed so my cock was within reach of her mouth. My ever-obliging Police Woman then used her wonderful lips and tongue to get me rock hard again. Mind you looking at her sexy body tied spread out on the bed in front of me helped too !! 

It was a perfect way to build up my appetite for dinner, one good, long, slow screw.  After finishing, I fetched Jo's "lost" keys and released her leather wrist and ankle cuffs, letting her stretch herself out on the bed. Jo admitted that although, worried, embarrassed and slightly scared she'd enjoyed her little mind-fucking, especially as a prelude to a good real-fucking. Our chat led to a shower then a good restaurant, followed by some night-time 'vanilla'. 
Unknown to Joanne, our earlier evening session had given me another idea for a great trick - this one definitely less to her liking than mine !! 



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