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Joe has Ideas

by King Ollie

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© Copyright 2016 - King Ollie - Used by permission

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Joe has Ideas - Part 1

It was Wednesday night and my wife was away. Some time ago we had moved to be closer to our children and grandchildren. As a result my wife went and stayed overnight to help the one furthest away out.

I should say that I have for many years been into bondage of all kinds, and while practising self bondage I liked to pretend I was a damsel in distress.

To this end I had been collecting various household items for use when she was away.

I hurried home from work leaving an hour earlier than usual. Once in the house I went to the garage and got my bag with my clothes and the items I had acquired for my bondage, I left all the keys bar one in the garage, it would be a long struggle to get back here when I was ready to free myself, but I didn't want it to be easy.

I went up to our bedroom, I am now in my sixties so like a bit more comfort, and laid everything on the bed before undressing and taking a shower.

I dried, running my hands over my body making sure I was nice and smooth, and picked up the first item of clothing I was to wear. I am a uk size 16 in a skirt so had got myself a size 12 pantie girdle, which I had modified with a hole at the back, this I pulled up my legs with my cock tucked between them. Once fully up there was no way my ‘bits’ showed, they were firmly tucked between my legs and even when excited they would not show, in fact an erection could get quite painful.

Next came the suspended belt and black lace top stockings which I smoothed up my legs enjoying the silkiness, a stirring in my groin reminding me why I loved to dress.

I sat at the dressing table, did my makeup, a bit tarty with the rouge to my cheeks and bright red lipstick, next was my blonde wig, short and bobbed, it never got in the way when I was giving oral, not that that was on the agenda today.

Next was the black bra with red trimming  and my silicone boobs, a nice c cup, before putting on my transparent blouse, white and see through showing off my bra and ‘assets’.

Finally it was my mini skirt, shows off my legs which my wife always said was my best asset, and my red high heels, 5 inch with a strap that I had modified to take a small padlock to each ankle making sure I could not take them off. Click, click, that was my first bit of bondage.

I stood and walked in front of the full length mirror, and saw a tart looking back at me, quite convincing if I say so myself.

I grabbed the mop handle that I had acquired, it was one of those telescopic ones, and fitted the toilet cleaning brush handle to it, this was metal and had a nice ball on the end, about one and a half inch diameter, I then bent over and inserted it into my ass, gasping as I pushed it in but once passed my sphincter it felt nice and full inside me.

I laid on the bed and got the broom handle that I had bought, having added eyes to each end I locked my ankle cuffs to it effectively spreading my legs wide, I then adjusted the telescopic handle forcing the metal handle deep as it would go into me. I knew in time this would become very uncomfortable, but I was a captured tart after all.

That was my bottom half secured now for the rest of me. First I got the matching knickers to my bra and stuffed them into my mouth and tied a silk scarf round my head with my mouth open so that it kept the knickers inside my mouth while still showing my red lips.

Then I hung the keys to my handcuffs on my old clock and set it at 2 o’clock so that the keys would drop next to my hands by about 3.30 to 4, leaving the helpless for at least 90 minutes. Then the silk blindfold and having tied it tight I reached up to the headboard to find my handcuffs. Click, click no escape.

It’s funny when you are bound helpless all kinds of thoughts come into your mind, would I be discovered, would I be able to get out, how long would I be here if I couldn’t get out, but none of this worried me as I  was used to being in this position. I did some struggling and when I moved my legs I found that the object inside me started to stimulate me to the extent that my cock tried to grow inside my pantie girdle, but sadly without any success.

I don’t know how long I lay there when I heard “Joe, Joe are you there?”. I froze. It was my neighbour. I frantically tried to think how he had got in. I didn't struggle as firstly it would make noise and alert him, and secondly there was no point as I could not reach my keys anyway.

Then I realised in my excitement I had not locked the back door when I got in from work.
Then I heard him on the stairs.                               

Joe had lived next to us since we had moved in, he seem to be a nice guy in his early 40s well dressed and well presented, he lived alone and we had never seen him with a girlfriend or partner.         

Closer and closer I heard his footsteps and then the slight creak as the bedroom door opened. “Well well what do we have here” he chuckled as he saw me on the bed. He had to know it was me from my size, my wife is much shorter than I am.

I heard him move around the bed obviously viewing me from all angles. Then he sat on the bed next to me the same side as my clock and he rattled the keys to make it obvious that he was now in control.

I felt his hands start to roam over me, feeling my breasts, moving down my stomach, lifting my skirt and squeezing my crutch. “Let me tell you a story, all my life I have been both bisexual and dominant, there is nothing better than a submissive crossdresser, and now I have found you like this you are MINE.” I then heard what I assumed was his phone clicking as he took pictures, then my blindfold was removed, “smile for the camera” he said making sure there was no doubt who I was.

He waved the camera and said “ if you don’t want the whole world to know what you are do exactly as I tell you”

“When is your wife back”

I mumbled "tomorrow" through the gag.

He smiled “you got work in the morning?”

I nodded.

“Good then we have plenty of time”

He then looked at how I was secured and noticed the hole in my pantie girdle with the dildo in my ass.

“You like things in your ass then. Goodie I have something you will love.”

I am sure I blushed bright red, at least it felt like it.

I watched as he got up off the bed and head towards the door “don't go anywhere I just need a couple of things”

How was I going to go anywhere, here I was tied up, secured by my own hand and helpless to his desires.

To be continued ………

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