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The Joy Of Glue

by Lacey Sexton

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© Copyright 2002 - Lacey Sexton - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; stuck; FM/f; slave; cons/reluct; X

Hi. My name is KellyAnn and I stand 5ft. 4inches tall., I have long straight bright red hair, my measurements are 34c-24-34, and I am white as a sheet. I work as a research assistant at a glue company. You might not think that this is very exciting but it is. I am responsible for keeping up with the notes for the different types of glue we design and being a woman who likes to tie herself up I have been forming an idea. My idea is to use glue to trap myself in bondage.

How, you might ask. Well it is simple we have been studying glues that upon reaching a certain temperature will lose their bond and come apart. I have been watching very closely for a glue that when reaching a little above body temperature will lose its bond. After a couple of months of waiting  and watching it finally happened. We got this glue that when it hit about 100 degrees will come apart. Now I can finally have some fun.

So I waited until Friday afternoon and snuck some of the glue out. I got home and by the looks of my pants you would have thought I pissed in them, boy was I wet. The glue needed to be prepared by mixing it with a hardening agent. This agent will determine how fast the glue breaks down, not enough and the glue never lets go and too much in the fun never starts. I have decided to experiment on myself. No risk and no fun, right.

I started by taking a cold bath, I wanted to lower my body temperature. I also had turned the AC down as far as it would go. I got out of the bath and dried off as fast as I could. I slipped on my 7 inch heeled boots and went to the kitchen. I mixed up what I thought would be the right mixture for the glue to release me when it got to 100 degrees. I  then went into the living room and got my vibrating butt plug and dildo and shoved them in and turned them on. I tied a rope around my waist and through my legs so that my little friend would stay in place. I then spread the glue on my hands and placed them in the preopened plastic bag and was trapped. It took the glue only a second to become hard enough for me not to be able to break free.

After about ten minutes of being in my bondage my pussy exploded with an orgasm. I thought that was the best but wait my little friend in my ass was getting me off as well. It seemed that about every five minutes I was being racked by one orgasm after another. This went on for over three hours and I was so weak. I was wishing that the glue would break free but it did not seem to getting any weaker but I was. I was now well into my fifth hour and long ago lost track of how many orgasms I have had, it seem like one long nonstop orgasm. I was fading in and out and knew I would pass out soon.

Nothing I tried would help so I very slowly got to my feet and went to the kitchen. I bumped into the wall, table, and anything else that was around but I made it to the kitchen. I found the sample of glue and noticed that there were two labels on it. I looked real close and there in very small type was a note to me. It said:

Dear KellyAnn or should I say slut I have replaced the sample of glue with one that you do not know about. I know of your little self bondage games. I have heard you talk about them as if they were fantasies and well if you want out of this one you will have to call me. Have fun signed your boss or should I say your MISTRESS.

That bitch ! I have been set up but good. I collapsed on the floor and started to cry but instead had another orgasm. I slid on the floor over to phone and called her and got her machine. "Hello KellyAnn my little slut I am out of the house for the weekend have fun." That bitch left that on her machine so everyone would know, how am I ever going to live this one down. As I was trying to figure out what I was going to do I passed out in the middle of another orgasm and all went black.

When I came to there above me totally naked was my boss. All she said was if I wanted free I had to start eating her out. She brought her dripping snatch closer to my face and I got a good smell and thought it smells good I hope it tastes good. I licked and bit and nibbled and stuck my tongue up that pussy as far as I could and she screamed with her first orgasm of the weekend. She helped me up and said that I now had to go down on everyone in my house and that I had no choice. I looked in the livingroom and saw men and women and the worst part was that they all worked with me.

I had no choice and went and started my task. I was led over to a guy who I never dreamed would see me naked and now I was going to suck his cock, he although had another idea, he stood and grabbed two handfuls of hair and fucked my mouth like it was a pussy. When he was done I was pushed on my back and a pussy was placed on my mouth. This went on for the rest of the day and into the night, cock, pussy, cock, pussy, sperm, pussy juice, and even a little piss thrown in for good behavior. The whole time this was, unknown to me, being filmed. When it was all over my new MISTRESS led me into the bathroom and had me lie down in the tub and she tore off the bag and pissed on the glue and it came free.

We spent at least an hour in the shower together and then all day Sunday having fun. I still am the research assistant at work, my work attire has changed it mostly is me naked except for ballet boots. I am constantly being smacked on the ass, tits, and pussy with whatever they have handy. I am happier than I have ever been and hope it never ends.


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