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Joyce and Shawna

by MaypoleWalker

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© Copyright 2021 - MaypoleWalker - Used by permission

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The Hotel

With her heart racing, Joyce opened the door to the Houston Galleria hotel suite. It was time for her adventure to begin.

She had a solid love relationship with Shawna, who she had met in France during a summer holiday a year ago. Over a dinner followed by plenty of local Chateau produce, they found out they both harbored the same desires both in life and the realm of kink. Shawna being only happy to usually top the usually more submissive Joyce, they found themselves drawn to each other in a loving BDSM relationship. While appearing prim and proper to the outside world, Joyce had a vivid imagination and seldom held any limits once a chance presented itself to outlive a scenario together with Shawna.

As chances were, this time Shawna was in Houston for a job already and Joyce had flown in this Friday morning, taking a day off from work. They had emailed back and forth about the details and Shawna had promised to set everything up in advance for the weekend. She had prepared everything for Joyce, with a key waiting for her at the reception when she arrived in the late morning.

While Shawna was a stunning 6’ blonde trans woman, with green eyes and a face to die for, Joyce was a beautiful slim 5’8 woman of East African lineage, medium length straight hair and deep dark brown eyes. She slid out of her heels and business jacket and surveyed the suite. It had an entryway with a dresser, a large living room area with an adjoining bedroom through a set of French double doors. On the dresser she spotted an envelope with a large J on the front. Joyce read the note from Shawna:

“Dear Joyce, can’t wait to see you. Everything has been arranged in the bedroom as we’ve discussed. I won’t be back from the client site until around dinner time, so you will have plenty of time to yourself. Enjoy! –S”

Already at this point, Joyce started getting wet by the thought: it was a few minutes past 10 in the morning, by the time she got herself ready, probably another hour. Shawna wouldn’t be at the hotel before 7pm earliest. That meant about 6 hours of uninterrupted play time before the grand finale. Both Shawna and Joyce were smart and practical girls. Soon after they became a steady couple, they went together for screening, allowing worry-free sex. Joyce until then had been an anal virgin, but with Shawna as a gentle teacher, she immensely enjoyed the intimacy of having Shawna fill out her behind.

Joyce undressed from her dark wool skirt, and white silk blouse and removed her white silk panties and bra along with the garter holding up her white stockings. Joyce was a classic girl when it came to regular “civilian” clothing. If only people knew what she preferred to wear to bed… Being somewhat of a neat freak, she folded everything up and put it aside before heading naked over to the suite’s kitchenette to grab some food from the fridge, recalling once doing self-bondage on a growling stomach. Not very fun. After finishing her meal, Joyce padded out to the bathroom to shower and freshen up, wash off the day’s travel and brush her teeth. As she walked by the full-length mirror in the bathroom, she casually checked out her body:

A beautiful shade of dark skin, her body was flawless on a petite frame, a cute round butt, slim waist and a pair of small but firm breasts with large black nipples which already now were standing to attention. Her sex was shaven completely smooth, save for a thin one-inch landing strip of dark patch above.

Joyce relieved herself, then lathered up and showered. While under the shower she took the opportunity to use a water squeeze-bulb to clean herself out, as she wanted to be ready for her lover inside out – besides, an enema turned her kink on in a big way. Having dried her body and blow-dried her straight hair, she spotted a couple of mineral water bottles near the sink. Thinking it might be some hours before she would be able to drink again, she took them with her as she left the bathroom. In the living room she stopped to turn on the TV; not that she wanted to watch anything, she just preferred that there was some background noise, especially since she expected she’d soon be making interesting noises of her own.

Her sex was tingling with excitement, having saved the best for last, opening the bedroom door. She closed the double doors behind her and took a look around. Her heart skipped a beat – everything was there, just as she and Shawna had planned! The darkening curtains were pulled shut, keeping out every ray of the hot Houston sun. On the bed stand, however, was a small gift wrapped package that she did not expect. She squealed with delight as she opened it, finding a bottle of her (and Shawna’s) favorite Lancôme perfume.

The bed was king-size with a nightstand on each side. The mattress, pillows and duvet were covered in silky smooth black satin sheets and covers. Obviously not part of the hotel’s package… On each nightstand sat one of those mechanical sleep-noise generators, which looked like a cream-white can with slits on the side. Each of them emitted a soft whirring white noise, which almost dampened out the sound of the TV in the living room.

On the bed, two strong bungee cords were attached: One centered at the foot of the bed and one likewise at the top. Joyce suspected they were firmly anchored to the bed-frame, somewhere below the mattress. Each cord ended in a closed eyelet.

Besides the cords, several items of clothing and restraints were laid out on the bed and Joyce smiled to herself at Shawna’s attention to detail, as she started dressing:

First on, a pair of crotchless leggings with feet. The leggings were made of shiny stretchy black spandex and the narrow crotch opening went from front to back. Putting them on, she smoothed out the leggings all the way out to the toes and picked up the next item: A matching black long-sleeved leotard with a mock turtleneck, zipping up the back it went on next. It was a small number as it hugged her body tightly. The end of the sleeves had stirrups going between the thumb and index finger, so the sleeves couldn’t roll back. Before she slid her arms into the leotard, Joyce sprayed herself with the new perfume. The collar of the leotard had two rings sewn in at the back. Joyce picked a small padlock off the bed, threaded it through one ring, then the eye of the zipper, then the last ring. The leotard wasn’t coming off anytime soon as Shawna held all the keys.

Joyce sat on the bed as she prepared to lace on a pair of knee-length black patent ballet boots. She knew these were hard on her toes if she had to stay on her feet, yet she couldn’t resist twirling around on them a bit, standing in front of the closet doors full length mirror while rubbing her crotch. As her toes started to protest, she returned to the bed and wrapped a pair of ankle cuffs around each leg. The cuffs had a leather strap on the side, which went under the heel of the boot and was tightened with a buckle on the other side of the cuff. Both straps were padlocked shut on each foot. Joyce padlocked a 6-inch hobble chain between her ankle cuffs, just for good measure.

The next item took her a bit longer to put on; a ball gag harness with a large shiny 2-inch black silicone ball and a one-inch wide strap that went around and buckled in the back of her neck. Before she put it on, she took a big drink from the water bottles she brought in from the bathroom; it would be a while before she would have anything else in her mouth again.

Joyce loved the jaw stretching feeling when she licked the big ball and popped it behind her teeth. She bent her neck forward, held her hair back and tightened the strap to a snug fit. Before she brushed her hair back, a padlock was applied to the gag strap at the nape of her neck. The thinner Y-straps went over her hair and were connected to the two anchor straps that she had positioned behind each of her ears. The chin strap was tightened as well, clamping her lips tight around the ball. 3 additional padlocks went on these straps to prevent any second thoughts of removing the gag harness. She knew the ball was going to make her jaw hurt some, yet Joyce was willing to accept this as part of the experience; “no gag, no gain”, she smiled wryly behind the ball.

There she sat on the bed tightly gagged, dressed in figure-hugging black spandex, wearing the shiny ballet boots. Already here Joyce was ready to get herself off, but thought better of it and continued to make herself ready. Joyce added a three-inch-wide leather waist belt around her slender waist and tightened it up. The belt had a large D-ring in the back and a thinner 3/4" crotch strap hanging down from the front, which she left unbuckled for now.

It was time to add the in-flight entertainment for the day: Joyce opened a box where two vibrators resided, one was a black cone-shaped butt plug and the other was a regular vibrator, also black. Both devices were remote controlled. She lubed up both vibrators and held the bottom of the leotard aside and slid both toys home and covered up again. If Joyce hadn’t properly gagged herself, she would have bit her tongue to distract herself from cumming hard, instead she hummed tunelessly to herself and tried to recall the most boring TV show she could think of (EastEnders) while inserting them. Successfully, she bucked the crotch strap firmly in the back, holding in the toys and added the obligatory padlock to the strap.

Reaching over on the nightstand, she picked up what looked like two connected little black pouches, made of shiny tough PVC. Each of them was the size of a clenched fist, which was exactly what they were made to contain. These were one-way bondage mittens as they each had an elastic opening, which contained a black sturdy zip tie inside the rim. Each zip tie end was connected to the end of the other, so all Joyce had to do was to slip them on and pull her wrists about 2 inches apart and both mittens would be irreversibly attached to her fists. For added safety, Shawna had epoxied a stop on each zip tie, preventing Joyce from accidentally over-tightening the zip ties, endangering her circulation. For now, Joyce stuck the two mittens under the crotch strap at her rear, so they would be within reach later.

Joyce added a tall Sinvention posture collar to her neck. The collar had two stud posts on the side, which were both padlocked shut. Her neck was now fairly rigid and unmoving. The collar being very stiff, had a soft leather rim to ensure her relative comfort. The collar had two large d-rings on each side and one in front. These would be useful later.

To secure her privacy and complete sensory deprivation, Joyce plugged both her ears with industrial foam earplugs. Before she inserted them, she dabbed each plug end with a liberal coating of Vaseline. The effect was astounding: Not only was the TV noise completely gone, even the white-noise generators went silent as the coated earplugs expanded inside her ear canals. Satisfied and even hornier, Joyce wiped the excess Vaseline from her fingers with a napkin and prepared the blindfold next: She slid a half inch leather strap underneath the gag harness Y-strap on her forehead. Onto this strap she slid two padded leather disks, which would keep her blindfolded later once she was ready. For now, she loosely fastened the strap in the back, letting the discs sit on her forehead until she was ready for them.

Next, she added a set of black PVC opera gloves which covered her arms almost all the way up to her armpits. Each glove had an elastic strap attached to its opening, which Joyce attached to the D-rings on each side of her posture collar. This would prevent the gloves from sliding down her arms during her ordeal. A set of sturdy black leather cuffs were added to her wrists and each padlocked on as well. Each wrist cuff had a large D ring. She hooked a larger padlock underneath her left cuff, left open for later.

Having crossed the first point of no return from where she could not undress or ungag herself, Joyce took one last stilted and hobbled walk around the hotel suite on her ballet heels, ensuring the door bolt was disengaged. She peeked through the door spy to check the hallway was clear, then quickly opened the door to check the Do-Not-Disturb sign was indeed on the door knob. Satisfied, she closed the door again and looked herself over in one of the suite mirrors. She felt as great as she looked: A hot slender ebony lady, all encased in tight black spandex, wearing a severe gag harness on her face, forcing her to drool slightly. Her neck encased in a high collar and her arms and legs wrapped in tight shiny PVC, elevated on high ballet heels, hobbled together by a chain. Her pussy was involuntarily throbbing with the currently dormant vibrators held in place by the spandex and tight crotch strap. Before things got out of hand, she minced back to the bedroom on her towering heels.

Joyce sat on the side of the bed. As she was wearing sharp-heeled boots to bed, she slipped a couple of round black rubber balls with a pre-drilled hole onto the heels. This was to protect Shawna’s satin bed covers. She folded the black satin duvet to the opposite side of the bed. She wanted to cover herself completely later, as she liked the heat and to sweat in her bondage. For Joyce, the thought of the silky smoothness of the satin sheets sliding against her spandex suit was an immense turn-on.

She knelt on the bed with her ballet heels towards the foot of the bed, facing the top of the bed. Leaning back, she reached for the bungee cord, coming from the center of the foot of the bed. She pulled the bungee between her ankles and threaded a medium sized padlock through the eyelet and through the D-rings on the ankle cuffs. The hobble chain didn’t matter much at this point. Closing the padlock, she gasped slightly around her gag, as she realized she had now crossed the second point of no return: She could no longer get off the bed, let alone leave the suite. Joyce savored the moment, feeling her already large nipples grow rock-hard under the spandex leotard as she rubbed herself.

Snapping out of it, and reaching over to the nightstand, Joyce picked up the remote controls for her vibrators and an extra padlock. At the same time, she reached out and turned off the nightstand light, leaving the bedroom in relative darkness except for the soft dimmed light coming through the opaque glass of the bedroom doors. Even though she was going to blindfold herself, there was something comforting for her, being bound in darkness and for her lover to find her like this.

In the dark Joyce laid down on her side and stretched out, pulling the black satin duvet up to her collared neck. She reached for the bungee cord from the headboard. Stretching the elastic cord, Joyce padlocked the end to a D-ring riveted to the top of her gag-harness. The effect was immediate; she was gently, but firmly stretched out on the bed. She could tug against the bungees but they would eventually win and pull her body straight again. Sitting up was now out of the question.

Knowing she might soon lose her nerve, Joyce knew it was time to finish up, so she forced herself to calm down, closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths around the ball strapped in her mouth. She pulled the blindfold discs down over her eyes, tightened the strap and verified that she was indeed completely blacked out: She could not see a glimmer of light at all, anywhere she turned. She tried rubbing her head against the pillow, but since she fed the blindfold strap under the forehead strap of the gag-harness, the blindfold was not budging. Satisfied and feeling around on the bed, she found the two vibrator remotes and pushed the top button on each. This started a timer of about 10 minutes, before they each would kick in at a random setting. She resolutely tossed both remotes over the side of the bed. With her body now fixed to the bed, even with her hands free, there would be no more control of the vibes.

The last thing Joyce did was to slowly place her hands behind her back and feel for the padlock, which she slid behind one of her wrist cuffs earlier. With a pounding heart and heavy breathing, she guided the padlock hinge through her left wrist cuff D-ring, then through the D-ring on the backside of her belt and finally through the right cuff. This would effectively pin her hands in the small of her back, where she could not reach anything. She held the padlock in place ready to snap shut and savored her predicament, if she closed the lock. She knew she had already crossed several points of no return as her leotard was locked on at the neck, the ballet boots, her posture collar and gag harness were now impossible to remove and she was effectively tethered to the bed. Joyce thought: Well, at least I could rub myself off, remove the blindfold and if I can reach the remote on the nightstand, maybe watch some TV until Shawna shows up… Yet she knew deep down that wasn’t what she wanted at all. Joyce wanted the struggle, the sweating, the uncertainty and the futile sensation of being completely restrained and helpless, until her lover returned sometime later in the evening. Even if the unthinkable happened that Shawna didn’t come for some reason, she would eventually be “saved” by room service, although that would be highly embarrassing and something she didn’t want unless it was a matter of life and death. All these thoughts flashed through Joyce’s mind as the minutes ticked by. She didn’t want to chicken out, yet at the same time she held back on squeezing that last padlock shut. Joyce was slowly gyrating her hips, feeling the plugs in her slide slightly back and forth.

Just then, the vibrator in her pussy kicked in at full steam! Joyce spasmed involuntarily and clenched her hands without thinking, still gripping the padlock. The padlock immediately clicked shut with a small inaudible ‘tink, which sounded like a thunderclap in Joyce’s mind; Oh. My. God. I’ve done it! I’ve put myself in bondage for the rest of the day! I’m completely trapped and… Ohmygodomgomg!

A few moments later, her butt plug started it’s cycle too. Still lying on her side Joyce went ballistic; she moaned into her gag, while bucking and thrashing wildly against the bungee cords holding her body restrained to the bed. However, the cords held their captive securely under the duvet, even if she could almost pull her knees up to her chest, the great elastic bands pulled them back down the second she relaxed. Joyce could feel her body encased in the tight spandex suit slide easily back and forth between the satin sheets. While initially cool to the touch, she could feel the heat building up under the sheets and the scent of her perfume mingled with her sweat, grew more intense. Plugged in almost every hole, Joyce quickly lost all sense of time in her self-inflicted captivity and dived deep into subspace. She whined and shook her head as much as her posture collar would allow and bit down hard on the large black silicone ball, tightly strapped between her lips. Her legs shook and her booted feet kicked on their tether, her hands fidgeted in their cuffs as she built towards the peak. Pulling on her waist belt with her cuffed hands, Joyce found she could rub her clit slightly with the crotch strap, but not enough to get her off.

As traffic went by outside the hotel and people went about their business during the hot Houston day, a lonely struggle continued in the hotel suite bedroom where a lovely black woman had submitted to her own darkest fantasy and was experiencing a near-overload of bondage. Had one listened carefully with an ear to a certain hotel room door on a certain floor at exactly the right time, one may perhaps have heard a muffled long howl, as the first orgasm of the day hit Joyce like a speeding freight train.

Joyce couldn’t tell if she had blacked out for a few moments as all sense of time and space was lost to her. She was still restrained in her warm satin and spandex cocoon and all around her was the scent of her sex, girl sweat and heavy perfume. The vibrators apparently had hit a pause. She shifted her body as much as possible so she laid on her back and crossed her arms as much as her wrist cuffs would allow. The bungee cords once again stretched her out and pulled her head back slightly. As she laid there Joyce tried to listen for any sign of life outside her self-inflicted prison. The earplugs combined with the white noise generators in the room effectively masked anything from the outside, even the TV next door was silent to her. All Joyce could hear was the sound of her own breathing. She tried shifting the ball in her mouth, but when she bent her head while tightening the strap earlier, this ensured there was no slack and the ball and strap effectively pressed down on her tongue and pulled back her lips at the corners of her mouth. Together with the strap under her chin this sealed the ball tightly in her mouth. All she could do was suck on it, while pushing the ball a few fractions of an inch in and out of her mouth.

Time seemed to stand still as Joyce had absolutely no point of reference, so she rolled back onto her side and tried to grab the crotch strap with her hands to exert some attention to her throbbing clit, but she had tightened the strap too well, she could hardly get more than a finger underneath it. Then she felt something there; the mittens! She had almost forgotten all about them in the excitement and instantly felt the smoldering fire reignite in her pussy. These would be the final act of sensory self-deprivation and gave her a delicious tingle down her spine, knowing that with these on and even if the keys to all her locks had been right next to her hands (and not safely stored in Shawna’s handbag), Joyce would be powerless to use them, the mittens would not let her grab on to anything.

With her gloved hands cuffed to the small of her back, Joyce carefully worked the first mitten on, which balled her left hand into a neat fist inside. She felt the elastic band snap in place around her wrist next to the leather cuff. The mitten was tight yet allowed a slight movement of her thumb against her index finger if she strained it really hard. This was just enough to allow her to pinch the other mitten, as she carefully worked it over her right hand. Working slowly, she took great care to avoid inadvertently pulling the zip ties prematurely, before she had both her hands inside the mittens. There would be no re-doing them, short of cutting and replacing the zip ties. As she felt the elastic snap around her right wrist, she relaxed her grip and knew it was time to implement the final act of bondage. By turning her wrists in opposite directions while pulling them as far apart as the cuffs would allow, Joyce was rewarded by the silent zzzzzt-vibration of the two closing zip tie loops. As the zip ties hit the safety stops, the mittens were now completely un-removable and Joyce found that her hands were now even more useless than before. She could not even grab the crotch strap with both her balled up fists sealed into the two tightfitting PVC pouches ziplocked around her wrists.

Joyce reveled in the complete and utter helplessness and rolled onto her back again. She spread her knees as much as her tied booted feet would allow and started humping the air to little avail and much frustration. Fortunately, the plug in Joyce’s behind started up again and the larger one in her pussy followed shortly after. It didn’t take Joyce long to reach high orbit again, fighting the bungees, biting the gag, feeling the grip of the collar, cuffs and mittens. This pattern repeated throughout the afternoon although as far as Joyce was concerned a century might have passed in sheer bliss and sexual torment. At some point the ball in her mouth almost felt like it had grown to the size of a bowling ball, although Joyce knew from experience it was her jaw muscles getting tired from the stretching. At a point the ache in her jaw muscles became so unbearable for Joyce that she cried softly into her ball-gag which made it sound like soft humming. Even if someone had been looking at her directly it would not have been apparent she was crying, as not a single tear escaped her tight blindfold. If only she hadn’t tightened the gag strap around her neck so much! And it was padlocked shut too, so even if she had her hands free she would be completely unable to do anything about it. She imagined how she must look to someone watching her slim body tightly dressed, booted, collared, gagged and bound to the bed. Sliding around in her spandex between heavy satin sheets, she was unable to do anything but change what side she was lying on.

After a few hours, her predicament had drained Joyce of energy and she was starting to feel the effects of the red-eye flight into Houston. She had turned onto her belly and was still softly dry-humping the bed, thinking of what she should have done differently. Should she have strapped her knees together? Should she have strapped her Hitachi wand to her crotch on an on/off timer? Nipple clamps? As she was contemplating different scenarios, her eyes - while already closed behind the tight blindfold - grew heavy and she drifted off to a snooze with her chin resting on the pillow and her gagged mouth leaking a thin stream of drool, but Joyce was too tired and half way asleep to care at this point.

Several hours later Joyce woke up to a very intense experience. This is the time where you are neither asleep nor fully awake and not sure what’s real or not. She had intense bondage dreams about Shawna and herself, but when she awoke blind, deaf, and unable to move, with a large round object wedged into her mouth, she had a short panic attack whining and thrashing against her restraints, until the events of the day recollected themselves in her mind. She groaned as she turned around on her back. Surprisingly the ballgag didn’t hurt as much as she had expected, it was just reduced to a dull pain. She missed Shawna’s gentle touch and to her dismay she had no idea how much time had passed. The vibes had apparently taken a break as only a dull throbbing in Joyce’s sex reminded her of their presence.

Time had slowed to a crawl. After what had felt like millennia, still on her back, Joyce suddenly felt movement at the foot of the mattress. Before she knew it, someone pinned her shoulders to the bed laying on top of her on the satin duvet. Just as she was about to utter a muffled yelp, a pair of warm lips met hers around the ball in her mouth and she picked up the scent of Shawna’s perfume. Shawna was gag-kissing her! Thrilled that her lover had come back, Joyce submitted completely, letting out a long moan and pushed the ball the few fractions she was able to, as if to offer it. Shawna took the cue and bit into the ball, shaking it and Joyce’s head gently, while letting out a low loving snarl. Joyce, not as much hearing it as feeling, moaned in her gag trying to express how much she had missed Shawna. Shawna in turn slipped naked under the duvet and it was the beginning of a hot love session. Shawna without a word hugged her bound lover tightly and caressed her spandex clad body all over.

They laid like this for a while, when Shawna - already rapidly growing a hard-on - removed the duvet and gently flipped Joyce over on her belly and spread her knees. Shawna then unlocked the cuffs on Joyce’s booted feet from the bungee cord’s eyelet and lifted her butt in the air. She strapped a short spreader bar between Joyce’s knees. Shawna quickly unlocked the crotch strap between Joyce’s legs and pulled the bottom of her leotard aside. She gently eased out the butt plug and unceremoniously tossed it over the side of the bed, but left the vibrator in Joyce’s pussy. Joyce squirmed in anticipation of what was to come and didn’t have to wait long. She felt a long and slender finger applying a generous amount of lubrication deep into her rear hole. She was used to this and did her best to relax, when she felt the tip of Shawna’s cock pressing gently, yet firmly into her. Shawna effortlessly slid in all 8 inches of her warm hard “extended womanhood”, as Joyce lovingly referred to Shawna’s cock.

Several things happened almost at once: Shawna must have grabbed the vibrator remote off the floor earlier, as the vibe in Joyce’s pussy came on full throttle and remained on. Joyce clenched all her muscles in her abdomen, closing tight around Shawna, already extended deep into her rear, feeling her cock grow harder with the vibration coming through the vaginal wall. At the same time Shawna grabbed hold of Joyce’s cuffed wrists with one hand, holding the bottom of her leotard to the side with the other and started riding her, first slow and thorough then steadily increasing the tempo.

Despite the stiff posture collar, Joyce had managed to turn her head to the side. Under her blindfold Joyce was immersed in subspace – she certainly saw stars and moaned into her gag as Shawna was riding her. Joyce imagined how she must look wearing the tight leo and leggings, feet laced into pointed black leather ballet boots, legs held apart by a knee spreader, arms and fingers covered in long PVC gloves held in place by the elastic straps connected to her high leather collar, hands balled up in useless fists in their tight little pouches, ears deafened by plugs, eyes covered by black tightfitting leather discs and finally a ball strapped into her mouth by a harness, attached to a bungee cord at the headboard of the bed. Everything locked on, all while having a vibrator going MACH-3 in her pussy and her loving Shawna deep in her butt. It did not take long to push Joyce over the edge. With a muffled howl, Joyce felt like every muscle in her body tensed all at once. Even solidly bound she arched her back up, leaning hard into Shawna’s crotch, only to be pulled down again by the bungee cord attached to her headgear. Shawna came a few moments later; she reached out with both hands and held on tightly to Joyce’s mittened fists while emptying her load in Joyce’s rear. Joyce in turn felt the warm surge spreading up in her backside and it was enough to trigger a secondary detonation; her legs spasmed as she came a second time.

They both collapsed forward with Shawna laying on top of Joyce, both of them lying ear to ear with heads turned to the side. Joyce could feel both Shawna’s rapid pulse slowing down through her chest and Shawna’s cock slowly going soft inside of her. Even tightly restrained as Joyce was, she wished for nothing more than to remain that way in her lover's embrace. As they had laid for several minutes without moving, Shawna stirred and slowly pulled out of Joyce. She spoke softly, mostly to herself as Joyce was unable to hear her anyway; “Let’s get you cleaned up and sorted out hon. It’s been a long day for you”

Shawna unlocked the bungee cord from Joyce’s head harness. However, before she removed the spreader bar, Shawna reached into the nightstand drawer and retrieved a small object which Joyce hadn’t noticed. It was a small stainless steel buttplug with an ornate jewel end. As Joyce was already well lubricated it went in fairly easily. “I must have dumped a gallon in you, at least it feels that way”, Shawna grinned, “We can’t have you leaking all over the bed covers - While we’re at it, let’s get that vibrator out of your cooch”.

After the plugs had been changed, Shawna helped Joyce roll around to sit on the side of the bed, where she removed the blindfold and looked into her lovers’ beautiful brown eyes for the first time in days. Joyce looking back saw the love of her life sitting next to her only wearing a white silk top. Shawna could immediately see some urgency in Joyce’s eyes and asked with a raised voice; “Okay, looks like you need a pee and a drink, am I right?”, motioning as she spoke. Joyce couldn’t hear clearly what Shawna said, but got the meaning and nodded urgently, looking in the direction of the French doors. “Right, let’s get you to the bathroom first”, Shawna replied. She removed the protective balls from Joyce’s heeled boots and helped her to her feet, holding her elbows for balance. Walking the short distance to the bathroom was no easy feat for Joyce with her feet still hobbled and hands locked securely on her back.

In the bathroom, Shawna guided Joyce down on the toilet seat and held the bottom of her leotard aside, while taking care to keep the crotch strap out of the bowl. “Ok, ready – let’er rip”, Shawna nodded to Joyce. She immediately let her bladder go, and Shawna cleaned her tenderly with a wet wipe and flushed the toilet afterwards. She drew the leotard’s bottom back over Joyce’s pussy and gave her a loving rub. “Okay, let me get a soda for you. Knowing Joyce couldn’t hear very well, Shawna pointed towards the door and the made a drinking gesture with her hand, to which Joyce nodded. “Before I go, I better make sure you don’t go anywhere and hurt yourself”, Shawna said pulling a bag out which until then had sat unnoticed behind the toilet. She took out several nylon tie-down straps. One went around the back of the toilet and over Joyce’s lap, pinning her to the seat. Another went around her upper arms and across her chest, pinning her already bound arms to her back. Two more straps were cinched tight over her ankle cuffs and one more over her knees. A last strap went around the base of the toilet and was looped through the strap around her ankles. “Now you sit and behave yourself, while I go get some beverages”, Shawna said as she slipped into a pair of jeans and some sandals and closed the bathroom door, leaving Joyce to herself.

The bathroom walls and the door were mostly covered in mirrors, so Joyce could see herself from both the front and sides. She could not move her legs as the strap around the base of the toilet pinned her boots to the tiled floor where she was sitting. Her butt was firmly held in the seat by the long strap around the toilet and her arms and legs were held tightly together by the rest of the straps. She could move her knees about 10 inches to either side and twist her upper body somewhat. Joyce only wished that Shawna had left her with the vibrator in her pussy to keep her company. She looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. A sexy black girl all clad in black spandex and ballet heels, ballgagged, high collared and strapped to the toilet with her arms locked behind her back. Joyce was getting horny again and thought about if she could just pull on the bottom of her leotard from behind to give her aching pussy some attention. Her hopes were dashed immediately by the fist mittens as the shiny PVC pouches just slipped uselessly over her backside without offering her any kind of grip. Joyce sighed into her gag, resigned to sitting and posing from side to side for her own audience of one, pretending to be a pretty little bondage model.

Shawna knew very well that Joyce would be enjoying the alone-time, so she took a slow leisurely stroll down to the pool area’s vending machine instead of the one on their own floor. She purchased a couple of cans of club soda and headed back. Joyce probably really needed to quench her thirst by now.

Meanwhile Joyce had worked herself into a horny frenzy, strapped to the toilet but with the toilet seat up and the crotch strap undone, there was nothing for her to rub her pussy against. When Shawna opened the bathroom door again, Joyce was sweating and panting through her nose, fidgeting uselessly with her balled up wrists on her back. “Whoa, looks like someone has had a little workout while I was gone. Let’s get you something to drink”, Shawna said. She knew Joyce couldn’t get a drop in without help, still having her mouth filled with the large silicone ball. Shawna produced a thin hard plastic straw about a foot long. The straw had rounded ends and a smooth surface, which allowed Shawna to gently pry it into the corner of Joyce’s mouth between the ball and her lower lip. “Here’s your patented drinking straw for the orally challenged, tah-dah!” Shawna grinned and said it loud enough for Joyce to hear it. She rolled her eyes but nodded that she was ready. Shawna opened a can of club soda and put the other end of the pipe into the can. Joyce slurped up half a can, took a short pause then drank the rest of the can. “You want one more?”, Shawna asked pointing to the other can, to which Joyce shook her head as much as her tall posture collar would allow, she was good for now.

“Okay, you sit tight, while I get the bedroom ready. It’s almost time for bed and I have one more surprise for you my dear”. Joyce squirmed in her seat, wondering what she had in store. Shawna left the bathroom and went to retrieve another sports bag from the bedroom closet. She quickly hopped out of her clothes and changed into her own items, returning later to the bathroom. When Shawna re-entered the bathroom, Joyce’s eyes almost popped out of her head; here was her love, dressed almost exactly like herself: Black spandex leggings and locked leotard, posture collar, gloves and ballet boots, cuffs and hobble chain. She was even wearing a ballgag trainer harness, padlocked shut just like her own. The only thing Shawna wasn’t wearing was mittens, also her waist belt did not have a crotch strap, as there was no mistaken Shawna’s hard-on beneath the spandex leotard. She pirouetted around for Joyce on her own ballet heels and bent over showing her butt to Joyce that she had an identical steel buttplug mounted in her rear. She held aside her long blonde mane of blond hair to show Joyce that her ears were plugged too. Joyce hummed approvingly in her gag and gave Shawna a naughty wink.

Shawna went over and knelt in front of her love and untied her legs at both ankles and knees, spreading them. She moved close in to hug Joyce, still strapped by the waist to the toilet. Joyce purred happily wishing she could hug her back and kiss her but her restraints prevented her from any such display of affection. Shawna looked up and deep into Joyce’s eyes and rubbed her own ball-gag against the one lodged in Joyce’s mouth. It was such an intimate and loving moment that tears started to well up in Joyce’s eyes. Shawna purred, stroking Joyce’s hair and wiped her eyes with her gloved hands. They spent another tender moment like this, after which Shawna got up and released Joyce from the remainder of the straps. Shawna guided Joyce to stand up again and put a supporting arm under her still bound arms. They shuffled slowly back to the bedroom together on their hobbled heels.

Looking around the bedroom, Joyce could see Shawna had made a few changes. Instead of one bungee coming down from the headboard, there now were two, likely originating from the same point under the bed. There was still only one bungee in the foot end. A pair of steel handcuffs, several 2” straps of different lengths laid next to some padlocks on one side of the bed along some smaller straps and pieces of chain she couldn’t identify a need for. There were also two curved pieces of clear plastic hose, each with a couple of protrusions on, which Joyce wasn’t sure of either. Next to the bed Shawna had set up the old trusty ice cube, ring and sock key-release. Gauging from the size of the lump of ice that had to melt before letting the sock slip through the ring, there was at least 6-8 hours before it would release. “Well this looks promising!”, Joyce thought and winked to Shawna, who in turn led Joyce over to the bed and laid her down on her side. She proceeded to padlock Joyce’s ankle cuffs together with the foot end bungee and locked the top of her head harness to one of the headboard bungees. Joyce was once again stretched out like she had been most of the afternoon and early evening, with the exception of not being blindfolded. Shawna then attached a long loose piece of nylon string to the keys hanging from the ice cube release to the padlock holding Joyce’s mittened hands together. She added one handcuff to one of Joyce’s wrists and double locked it, but left the other cuff open. Joyce raised a questioning eyebrow as she was wondering “How am I going to deal with that, with these mittens on?” It was now Shawna’s turn to wink to Joyce to let her understand without words there was indeed a plan.

Shawna crawled onto the bed next to her bound lover with a set of spare keys in hand for safety. She first popped the protective rubber balls back on Joyce’s heels and added a set to her own. Shawna then aligned her booted feet front-to-front with Joyce’s boots, allowing her to padlock her own ankle cuffs to the bungee already holding Joyce’s feet. A 2” leather strap was cinched around all 4 ankles to hold everything secure and a padlock was added to the strap as well. Shawna tightened and padlocked another strap below their knees. One went around the top of their thighs and another went around their waists, right underneath where Joyce’s mittened fists were attached to her own waist belt. Joyce could feel Shawna’s hard cock up against her, but there was hardly any room for movement. She laid still and marveled at Shawna’s attention to detail, getting them prepared for the night. Having secured their bodies together from the waist down, Shawna reached for the heavy black satin duvet and covered herself and Joyce from the waist and down with it. She then added the last belt going over and around their chests, pressing their breasts against each other.

After locking the last belt, Shawna paused and put her gagged mouth close to Joyce’s plugged ear. Around the large black ball wedged in her own mouth Shawna managed to utter “anh ouh”? Shawna moved back to look Joyce in the eyes to make sure she had understood if she wanted out. Joyce had understood, and thought for a moment; Here she was, helplessly bound and gagged together with the love of her life, both of them to be restrained to each other until the morning when the keys would come down. The overwhelming emotions of love and passion welled up all at once in Joyce’s eyes and a single tear rolled down her cheek while she slowly shook her head as much as her posture collar would allow. She wanted this more than anything. Shawna stroked her cheek, wiping Joyce’s eyes with her gloved hand and then hugged her while nuzzling her cheek with her own. Moving her head in front of Joyce's, she gently rubbed her ball-gag against Joyce’s ball and they laid like that for a few minutes in the dim light of the room, savoring the last moments of limited physical freedom together.

It was time to finish up though; Shawna reached for a 2-foot length of chain and attached one end to the wrist cuff of her left hand. Joyce’s eyebrow went up in anticipation, but Shawna left her guessing and continued her preparations as she turned Joyce’s head slightly and attached 4 short adjustable elastic straps; two went through each of the rings on the side of Joyce’s gag harness, one attached to the D-ring on top of her head harness where the bed-bungee was locked on. The last was attached to the large D-ring on the front of her posture collar.

The penny dropped for Joyce. “Oh my god, we are going to be strapped together face to face!”, she thought and her nipples hardened almost instantly at the thought. “But how are we going to breathe that close to each other?”, she laid still and watched Shawna answer the question:

Shawna first fitted herself with one of those strange plastic hoses Joyce had noticed before. The hose was about 10 inches long, half an inch in diameter and closed off at one end. Close to that end, it had two hollow rubber protrusions of about 3/4 inch length, attached on the side. Shawna fitted the hose underneath the right side of her gag harness, so it was held in place by one side of the inverted Y-strap and the open end protruded behind the strap behind her right ear. She then applied a thin layer of Vaseline to the rubber protrusions and guided them up her nostrils. “Neat -”, Joyce thought “A sleeping snorkel! Lady’s thought of everything!”. She waited patiently while Shawna finished adjusting her own tube and then fitted Joyce with the other on her left side. Once Shawna was done, Joyce tried drawing a deep breath through her nose and found the tube wasn’t restrictive at all. This would prevent them both from re-breathing stale air, faces being close to each other.

Moving her head close to Joyce’s, Shawna began attaching the end of the four straps to her own harness and collar, gradually tightening each one to the point where their ball gags touched and they were nose to nose. Joyce looked deep into Shawna’s blue eyes and was aroused feeling her hot breath around the ball gag on her own face.

Reaching up above her head, Shawna found the extra bungee cord and locked it to the top of her own head harness. It stretched her out pleasantly firm next to Joyce. They now laid with their heads on a wide black satin pillow, looking into each other’s eyes. It was time for the last steps:

Shawna slid her left arm with the 2-foot chain attached, through the space between Joyce’s neck and the pillow, wrapping her arm gently around Joyce’s neck. Shawna pulled the chain through as well and attached the other end to the D-ring back on the right side of her own posture collar. This way Shawna would hold Joyce in a loving, comfortably tight embrace all through the night, without her arm going numb. Shawna then reached behind her and felt for something else. She found it and held it close to her face so Joyce could see it out of the corner of her eye. It was another remote, she guessed for the metal buttplugs. Apparently, these were vibrators too! Shawna pushed a button and tossed the remote over the side of the bed. These vibes had no timer and started immediately. They delivered a nice pleasant buzzing inside both Shawna and Joyce. They both hummed in chorus into their gags and squirmed against each other, but Shawna put her free right hand on Joyce’s shoulder to calm her a bit. She wasn’t completely done.

Reaching behind her with her free right arm, she pulled out a little black PVC pouch, identical to the ones Joyce was wearing on both her hands behind her back. Shawna figured that with her left arm wrapped around Joyce, there would be little she could do with that hand anyway – might as well tie it down and share that experience with Joyce. She used her right hand to pry the tight little pouch around her left fist and grabbed the zip tie around her wrist to secure it with that satisfying little zzzzzt sound.

Up until now Shawna could have backed all the way out at any moment, as she had the extra keychain lying next to her. But the last point of no return was coming up, so she held the keychain in her right hand and tossed it over the side of the bed. With her sealed ear canals, she didn’t even hear the keys hitting the floor. A small shudder went through Shawna as she knew even with one free hand it would now be impossible for her to free herself and Joyce, before the ice melted second set of keys would drop.

With her free hand Shawna reached down for the satin duvet and pulled it up to their necks. Both Joyce and herself loved the feeling of baking in hot bondage and the temperature would soon get nice and toasty underneath the sheets, where the couple would spend the rest of the night bound together.

Only thing left to do was to reach over behind Joyce’s back with her right arm and find the open handcuff and secure her free hand. It was a bit of a struggle to ensure the keyhole was facing the right way and close the cuff, but Shawna was soon rewarded with the silent >tnk< vibration in her hand as the cuff closed around her gloved wrist.

That was it, Joyce and Shawna were packaged, sealed and restrained together on their bound journey into the night. With the limited movement they had left in their common restraints, they squirmed against each other and moaned into the ball gags filling their mouths. Each of them was exactly where they wanted to be: Tightly bound together with their lover in a restrained embrace, which none of them could break free of, until the ice lock melted and released their keys.

As the hours ticked away, they both tried to become as comfortable as they could. Being bound closely face to face posed no challenge as the breathing tubes pulled fresh air in from the back of their heads. The heat between Shawna and Joyce started to build under the satin sheets and they slowly ground their hips against one another, gradually increasing speed as much as their bonds allowed. It did not take long for each of them to cum seconds apart: Enveloped in a bound embrace of spandex, girl sweat and perfume Joyce was in heaven, her entire body shook and her hands fidgeted inside their tight little PVC mittens to no avail behind her back. She felt Shawna’s body stiffen with a long moan and her embrace around Joyce’s head momentarily tightened, crushing their ball gags hard together, pushing the balls deep into both their mouths. They both slowly settled into the warm afterglow of an intense orgasm and relaxed. If one could have looked through the French doors at that moment one would have seen the outline of two female bodies lying in an embrace, close to each other under a duvet. The only clue giving the game away, would have been the web of leather straps holding their faces close together and the bungee cords pinning their heads to the pillow. Both Shawna and Joyce were soon overwhelmed by exhaustion and drifted slowly to sleep.

Sometime in the early morning Joyce woke up to Shawna stirring. They were still very bound and gagged together. By the look in Shawna’s eyes, something was worrying her. She was fidgeting with something behind Joyce’s back and it dawned on Joyce: The key for some reason hadn’t dropped yet!?! They more or less simultaneously launched into a mutual panic attack, thrashing in their bonds, yet to no avail as they had bound themselves too well. They struggled and heaved against their bonds and worked themselves into another frenzy which gradually turned sexual. Before long they both came hard and gradually settled down. The emotional toll was high and they settled down having a long silent cry together. Although their ears were plugged they could both feel the others distress. As they both wept, tears rolled down their noses and mixed. They both wanted out, their gags were hurting and there was nothing they could do.

Another hour went by and a tug on the key string alerted Shawna that something had happened. Finally! The key bundle had dropped from the ice release. She had obviously under-estimated the time the ice would take to melt in the air-conditioned bedroom. With her right hand behind Joyce she started pulling the string in under the duvet and was rewarded with a handful of keys. Wearing leather gloves, it was not easy to single out the handcuff key which would release her right wrist from Joyce’s back. Eventually she got the right key in the keyhole and the steel cuff snapped open. With her free hand Shawna gently tapped her lover on her forehead, and Joyce breathed a sigh of relief that they were getting free. Slowly Shawna undid their bonds in reverse, first unlocking her left arm, wrapped around Joyce’s neck and chained back to her own posture collar. She could not use her left hand yet as it was still encased in a tight zip-tied PVC mitten and the cutters were on the sofa table next door. Instead she started releasing the 4 straps holding their heads tightly together, as well as unlocking the bungee cords from the top of their gag harnesses. She proceeded to unlock and remove the straps holding their bodies together as well as unlocking their feet from the bungee cord at the bottom of the bed. Shawna herself, almost free with the exception of her mittened hand, gently rolled Joyce over on her belly and unlocked her hands from the back of her waist belt. Joyce’s arms were however still held together behind her back by the joined ziptied mittens.

To get out of their remaining restraints, Shawna helped Joyce to her feet. Still unable to use her fingers or speak, Joyce leaned onto Shawna’s shoulder for a hug. Shawna supported her, moving into the living room, both still restrained to short 6-inch steps by their ankle hobble chains. They sat down on the sofa, where Shawna had organized some items on the table the night before. First, picking up a pair of wire cutters, which she used to cut the zip tie holding the mitten on her left hand. She reached over and cut the zip ties on Joyce’s mittens too. Joyce brought her gloved hands up and flexed her fingers. On the table two bottles of orange juice were sitting in a small cooler and Shawna picked them up, along with a couple of plastic straws, the same as the one Joyce had used in the bathroom last night. She handed a straw and bottle to Joyce and they both proceeded to jam the straw into their mouths around their gag straps and balls, eagerly slurping up the still cold juice, quenching their thirst. Looking at the mirror across from the sofa table, they couldn’t help giggling as they were both quite a sight, sitting in their sexy spandex suits, gagged and still half bound, slurping OJ. Satisfied though, Joyce and Shawna proceeded to unlock their ankle cuffs and remove the ballet boots. They also removed their waist belts and wrist cuffs along with the posture collars and gloves. Having taken the gloves off allowed them to gently remove the earplugs using a pair of tweezers.

Shawna unlocked their leotard zippers and gag harnesses, and was about to remove her own, as Joyce put a gentle hand on hers and motioned to the shower. Catching the drift Shawna followed Joyce out into the spacious shower cabin, leaving the ball-gag harnesses and spandex suits on, for a long sensual shower together. Their leotards were already soaked with sweat and it felt great to lather up with soap and let the warm water rinse everything out. They rubbed their bodies together and both grew hornier by the second, as Shawna gently pressed Joyce up against the shower wall while rubbing her ball-gag against Joyce’s gag. Joyce responded in kind by circling Shawna’s waist with one arm, drawing her close, while reaching under Shawna’s leotard and gently stroking her already erect cock. Shawna moaned with pleasure, continued to gag-kiss Joyce with one arm around her neck and the other reaching under Joyce’s leotard, sliding her middle finger into her wet pussy. Within a few minutes the ladies worked themselves into a mutual frenzy under the shower and once again came hard together under the warm shower.

As the waves of pleasure subsided, they unzipped and stepped out of the soaked leotards and leggings, hanging them on the side of the shower cabin wall to drip dry. Last they unbuckled their gag harnesses. Joyce took her time as she had been gagged the longest, and let out a moan of relief when she pried the ball out of her mouth. She sat silently for a few moments, working her jaw; “Wow, that was amazing hon…”, she said to Shawna who had also just removed her own harness; “…but dammit my jaw muscles are sore!”. Shawna smiled, reaching up to Joyce’s face with both her hands and massaged her jawbone from her chin all the way up to her ears, replying “Yeah, that was pretty wild, I loved every bit too though. Dunno about you, but I’m famished. Want to go get breakfast downstairs?”. Joyce nodded and reached out for one of the thick hotel towels and began to dry herself off. Shawna watched intensely from behind. One of her turn-ons was watching the water droplets run off the smooth dark skin of her lover. Joyce turned in time to catch Shawna’s stare and smiled; “Yeah, if you can pop your eyeballs back in your skull before they close the kitchen my dear”. Both girls laughed, got dressed, fixed hair and makeup and went down to the hotel’s restaurant to get breakfast.

After the meal, Joyce and Shawna went back to the room and started packing for their flight. Later that day somewhere 35,000ft over Nevada, Joyce slid her hand into Shawna’s and she squeezed gently in return. “It’s time to pop the big question soon”, Joyce thought…


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