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June’s Self Bondage Mistake

by ChgoBinder

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Storycodes: Solo-F; sleepsack; machine; gag; enclosed; stuck; toys; F/f; tease; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

June woke to find her release mechanism for the zipper on her skin tight custom made sleepsack moving away from her, taking her freedom with it. Her falling asleep was the reason it failed. She always desired to feel trapped inescapably. This time it was for real!

June thought back to the many weeks spent devising a plan to be trapped in the sleepsack, bound until the timer activated the release system and freed her. Knowing full well how intoxicating it felt to be trapped until released by someone, or in this case, something, drove her to create this foolproof system.

June’s plan started with her sleepsack. Designed with a zipper from her ankles to the back of her neck, this sleepsack was the most restrictive she had ever worn. The zipper was heavy duty, with a very strong zipper pull shaped like a “T” to give her years of playtime without failing. The internal sleeves went from her armpits to just past her fingertips with the ends of the sleeves sewn all the way around, forcing her fingertips together as if in a bondage mitten. She could wiggle her fingers a little, but spreading her fingers or making a fist was impossible, June’s hands were completely useless.

The shoulders of the sack were tailored to June’s measurements exactly, curving up to her neck without wrinkles or gaps. The top of the sack had a built-in collar, 2 inches wide, so when the sack was zipped up fully, it prevented the leather from rolling down her neck and possibly strangling her. The collar fit snugly without choking her, leaving no gaps. Even if June could get her arms out of the sleeves, which June had not accomplished in all her struggles in the sleepsack, she would never be able to reach the zipper at the top of the collar and release herself. Once in this sack, June was in forever, or until released, whichever came first.

Mary was June’s safety net. Whenever Jane played self-bondage games, she made sure Mary was available to release her if she failed to escape, which was more often than not. Mary was not always available for playtime, and June’s new toys gave her the freedom to choose when she could be inescapably bound. Mary knew the game well, releasing June only when Mary was ready, and not a minute before. June’s plan took Mary out of the picture, but still gave June the thrill of being inescapably bound until the timer released her, just like Mary kept her, a win-win situation for June.

June was quite the little engineer when she wanted to be, especially when it came to her bondage games. She remembered reading somewhere that a clothesline type of zipper closing and release system could be strung up over her bed, with the clothesline in reach of the mouth of the self-bondage enthusiast. By pulling on the string, stretched tightly between two pulleys just like the old time clotheslines, the person could close the zipper and be trapped until they pulled the other way and released themselves.

This presented two problems for June. One, June loved large, mouth-filling gags during her self-bondage games, and two, June’s sleepsack had its zipper in the back. Lying face down trying to close a zipper with your mouth while gagged using a clothesline was impossible.

Her solution, albeit a little pricey, was not elegant but strong enough to pull the zipper all the way to the top of her collar. She decided on a garage door opener. June calculated the lightest duty one would work well for her plans. When June carried the opener into her apartment, she remembered the store assistant doing his best to sell her an installation package. “What would they have said when I told them it was going over my bondage bed?” June thought, and giggled furiously while moving the box into the playroom.

Mounting the opener was easy once June modified her bondage bed to accept the machine. Making a bracing system integrated with her bed, with the power end of the opener over the headboard made the most sense to June, since the outlet she needed to use was on that wall. June also liked the idea of the light coming on over her head whenever the opener was running. It would serve as June’s reminder to roll over and allow the opener to pull the zipper open when the time was up.

Using some thin rope to attach the opener slide to the zipper pull was very effective at closing the zipper, but was unforgiving if June wanted to lie on her back. Since rope did not stretch, rolling over would put extreme stress on her neck, possibly choking her. Not a good situation! June found a great solution; rubber tie-down straps.

Removing the hook from one end of the strap, she put that end into the opener slide, just as if the metal arm was there pulling the garage door. The other end was a little trickier because having a strong connection was necessary. If just the hook was used, it was possible that the hook would slip off the zipper pull. This would trap her inside the sack indefinitely, especially if she struggled a lot, which June loved to do!

June found a chain link with a threaded closure that solved her problem. After removing the other metal hook, June slipped the chain link around the zipper pull and then pushed the threaded end of the link through the hole of the rubber strap. Once the nut was tightened, closing the link, there was no way the strap could slip off the zipper pull, thus ensuring her eventual freedom.

Borrowing a mannequin from work that was just a little smaller than she was, June placed the sleepsack front down on the bed with the top of the sack facing the headboard. Sliding the mannequin into the sack, June moved the zipper up to a mid-thigh position, which she thought would allow slipping her arms into the sleeves without great difficulty. Pulling the shoulders of the sack over her victim’s shoulders, June looked over the whole layout one last time.

Believing she had everything correct, June pushed the button on the remote and watched in amazement as the opener slid along its track, pulling the zipper along without effort until it was pulled tight at the top of the collar. The opener continued moving though, pulling the sleepsack with it until the head of the mannequin was shoved severely into the headboard of the bed. Not having anticipated this, June had to make adjustments to the travel stops. June opened and closed the sack several more times with the opener, adjusting the endpoints of the opener slide until it was perfect.

When June pushed the remote button for her final test run, the opener pulled the zipper closed and stopped right where she needed it to be. Satisfied that her adjustments were correct, June released the zipper with the opener, pulled the mannequin out, and prepared herself for her first live trial.

First, she placed the remote into her release timer mechanism. June was equally proud of herself for inventing this machine, too! A digital appliance timer would control the machine. When the timer powered on, the mechanism would cause the plunger to depress the button, closing her zipper. Powering off the mechanism, which would happen when the timer turned off, activated the plunger again, thus releasing her.

This mechanism required many trials to be sure that it would not fail. At first, the plunger did not press down hard enough to activate the opener. After the downward pressure was adjusted, June then made sure that both a power on and a power off would activate the plunger and press the remote button. She created a simple circuit that would activate when power was supplied, then activate again when power was removed. This was accomplished by using two relays.

The first relay, a double pole, double throw type, would be her activation relay. The second relay, a .1 to 5 second delay relay with a separate power supply, would stay closed only for as long as its internal timer was on. June found the “sweet spot” of this timer relay was 1.5 seconds, which allowed for the initial movement of the plunger towards the remote and the complete travel of the mechanism. June had to be sure it pushed down all the way before releasing.

When the appliance timer powered on the circuit, the first relay closed, simultaneously closing the normally open contacts, activating the time delay relay, causing the plunger to push down on the button. When the appliance timer was turned off, the first relay opened, closing the normally closed contacts, activating the time delay relay again, depressing the plunger and ensuring her freedom. Her system worked flawlessly, never failing in over 100 trials.

Now that the remote was in the release mechanism, June set the appliance timer to come on in five minutes, wait 5 minutes and turn off. Very excited, June climbed onto the bed, positioning herself face down and slid her feet into the sack as far as they would go. Satisfied that her legs were in a good position, she pulled the zipper up to her thighs.

June then stretched the sack up as far as she could and started working her hands into the internal sleeves, finding it challenging but not impossible. Moving her hands into the sleeves as far down as the sleeves allowed and feeling her fingers touching the bottom of the sleeves, June shrugged her shoulders and wiggled a little and was rewarded with both of her shoulders slipping into the sack.

Placing herself into the sleepsack did not take as long as June thought it would. As June waited for the timer to start, she began wondering if the timer would go off at all. Just as she gave up on the timer and was about to pull herself out of the sack, the opener light came on, pulling the zipper up her back with total efficiency. She rolled back and forth a little to assist the opener in its task of closing the zipper, allowing the leather to tighten around her body. June felt the zipper climbing, being pulled steadily and evenly, never slowing or speeding up, as if a very diabolical person was savoring every little bit of freedom the zipper was taking away from her.

With a final quick little zip sound, the zipper pull moved past her shoulders and into the collar area, going right to the top of the collar, trapping her inside. As designed, the opener stopped. The garage door opener worked better than June had imagined, completing its operation and encasing her in the tight leather sleepsack without difficulty.

June rolled over onto her back and looked down at herself. She was trapped in her sleepsack until the timer reversed the opener and released her. Struggling with all her might, and quite a bit of adrenaline, the best June could do was wiggle a little bit and roll around from one side to another. June stopped struggling, coming to rest on her back just as the timer shut off.

The garage door opener light came on again, and the opener slide began its trek back down towards her feet. June rolled onto her tummy and the zipper was pulled down her back to her thighs, just as she had designed. With a little effort, June was able to get the sack off her shoulders and pulled her arms free. Her first live trial was a success. This weekend was going to be a great journey into self bondage. Little did she know it might be her last!

June never played without having safety measures in place. Her final safety measure was her friend, Mary. Mary was also a self-bondage enthusiast, and played with June many times before. June said she had a surprise for Mary and asked Mary to come over Saturday morning so June could show her the wonderful new toy she had built. Mary agreed readily. June’s plan was set!

Friday evening had arrived none too soon. Work was behind her. So were her worries, she thought, as June stepped into the hot shower. Lathering up with her favorite shower gel, June scrubbed thoroughly, knowing she was going to be in and out of her sleepsack all night until morning. After washing her hair, June stepped out of the shower refreshed and ready for a night of repeated bondage fantasies.

Drying off well, June gave herself one last look in the full length mirror. She was pleased with her body. Not skin and bones, but slim and trim, June was a perfect 5’2” tall 110 pound athletic and vibrant woman. June did not have large breasts. Her 34B chest was firm and sat up high, showing no signs of the effects of gravity. Not needing a bra, June regularly went without, wearing tight shirts which enhanced her bust line and her lovely large nipples. June stroked and lightly pinched her already hard nipples, reveling in her caress. However, June’s butt was her main attraction. Turning so she could see, June smiled knowing full well that her perfectly shaped butt was coveted by many women.

Moving to the bondage playroom, June gave everything the once-over again to be sure it was ready and all safety measures were in place. She texted Mary to be sure that Mary would be here on Saturday morning. Mary replied immediately that she would be there no later than 9 AM. June was ready as she would ever be.

June set the timer for 2 hours with the start time 10 minutes away. This gave her ample time to prepare. Placing her favorite 2” ball gag with the extra wide strap in her mouth, June pushed it past her teeth with a little resistance. June tightened the strap as far as she could pull, loving the feeling as the wide strap forced her lips against the ball, further silencing her.

Next was her new vibrator, given to her by her friend Mary. This one was made for remote use. It was waterproof and purple, June’s favorite color. June’s favorite feature, as she read the box, was that it was silent. No noisy vibrators anymore! The packaging said that this vibrator could run for up to 6 hours if lithium AA batteries were used. June bought the highest milliamp rated batteries she could find, knowing the higher the rating the longer they would last.

This vibrator was designed differently than any she had used before. Tonight was her first night using it, and June had no idea the effect it would have on her. The base of the vibrator was mostly flat, curving slightly to follow the shape of her sex, with a slightly raised and textured area designed to press against her clit. Near the back of the base, the vibrator had a neck with a large egg shaped end that was designed to fit up into her and press directly on her G-spot. Lubing up the vibrator, she slid it in with some difficulty, remembering that her vaginal opening was small. Once past her tight opening, the egg seated itself against her G-spot simultaneously pulling the base of the vibrator up against her sex snugly.

Past boyfriends had told her how tight she was and how much of a turn-on that was for them, but she only felt pain. Her past boyfriends were never gentle with her. She has not had a boyfriend in over two years because of that. Vibrators became her boyfriends, and she felt better knowing she was gentle with herself using her vibrators, never allowing herself to be hurt by boyfriends again. Jane had the added advantage of pleasing herself whenever she wanted, and not on someone else’s schedule.

The remote for the vibrator had three buttons. The first two set the minimum and maximum vibration levels, with 12 levels of intensity available. June set the minimum as one dot above the lowest setting, but she paused before setting the highest limit. She did not know the power of this vibrator, but wanted to keep the mystery going. June decided on three levels below the highest setting, and locked it in. She had all night to experiment, right?

The third button chose the mode. There were four modes available: 1) On high all the time, all stimulators, 2) Rolling, which she knew from reading the package as moving from the low setpoint to the high setpoint and back down again with random stimulators, 3) Variable timing, which gave her different levels of vibration within the setpoints and at different intervals with different stimulators, 4) Complete randomization. June, not one for reading owner’s manuals, picked complete randomization, not realizing that it would override her minimum and maximum settings, and she would be at the mercy of the device’s internal circuitry.

Once any mode is started, the vibrator will not cease its program until the stop button is pressed on the remote. All modes have a variable 3 minute delay built in, minimum delay 15 seconds, to give the user no warning when the programmed mode will start. “Part of the mystery”, the box explained.

After setting the vibrator remote on the table by the playroom door, June checked her last modification to the sleepsack. Her sack came with two D-rings at the base, one at each side of her ankles. June wanted complete bondage, with no chance of escape until released.

While going over her live trial in her head, June realized that she could have escaped at any time by simply spinning around, pushing her feet against the headboard and unzipping herself that way. June added two more rubber tie down straps, one at each side of her ankles, in the same way that she attached the one for the zipper pull. Hooking the straps into the footboard frame, June made it impossible to spin around and gain release.

June crawled onto the bed carefully, taking care to not dislodge the vibrator and inserted her feet into the sack. Just as before, she pushed her feet all the way in until her toes touched. Reaching back, June pulled the zipper up to her thighs and moved back down flat while pulling the sleep sack up as far as it would go. June slid her arms into the internal sleeves, wiggling her shoulders and pushing her fingers as deep into the sleeves as she could, feeling the sack slip over her shoulders as planned.

June was breathing hard. Her excitement increased as she realized the point of no return, when she would be trapped until released by the timer, was nearly here. Right then, the first sensations came from her purple vibrator. She felt only the base vibrating on her clit. She shuddered as the waves of pleasure rose, lapping at her senses, while the intensity of the vibrations on June’s clit steadily increased.

The excitement of her predicament, coupled with her adrenaline level, conspired with the ever increasing vibrations she was receiving to push June over the edge harder and faster than she ever experienced before.

This was no light breeze pushing her; it was a tornado, throwing her violently into orgasm. June screamed into her gag, thankful this gag made her screams sound like dull moans, keeping her from being heard.

Just as June was returning from her first escape into oblivion, the garage door opener came to life, pulling the zipper up to the top of the collar, slowly and deliberately like before, stopping as designed. June savored the feeling of the zipper as it wrapped the sleepsack tightly around her, trapping June until she was released by something no longer in her control.

June rolled over and looked down at herself just like in her first live trial. June saw that her ankle straps were right where they were supposed to be, so she tested them, pulling with all her might to get her ankles free. The only thing June accomplished was to move away from the headboard which in turn tightened the pull on her sleepsack collar. Uncomfortable, June wiggled up a little, relieving the pressure on her neck, but pulling the straps at her feet tight again. June was truly trapped with no way out until the reliable machine released her in two hours. Until then, she had her new vibrator to keep her company.

June’s vibrator came to life again, this time only stimulating her G-spot. June had never experienced direct G-spot stimulation before. Combined with her previous experience, it quickly became much more intense than she anticipated.

If June’s first orgasm was a tornado, this one was a full-on hurricane, throwing June so deep into orgasm that she started to lose her sense of reality. June no longer remembered she was tied up on her bondage bed by her own doing. June believed she was being tortured by an evil mistress whose only method of torture was orgasms. On and on the vibrator went, pulling her further and further from reality.

Each change in the vibrator’s internal settings made for a different experience. She felt ramping vibrations, first separately in each of the stimulator areas, then together. This was more of a tease, keeping her all hot and bothered, but never taking her to orgasm.

June was surprised when the vibrator started alternating between each of the stimulators, fully on, taking her into another stormy sea of orgasms.

Nearing the end of June’s orgasmic trip, when the vibrator was assaulting her with vibration from every stimulator continuously, June passed out continuing to orgasm in her sleep.

June never felt the vibrator stop or realized that the garage door opener light came on. Nor did she feel the opener trying to pull the zipper on her sleepsack.

June woke with pain in her shoulder. She realized the opener was pulling as hard as it could making the rubber strap cut into her. She was still on her back preventing the opener from releasing her!

June started rolling over so the zipper could be opened, but, just like all garage door openers, when something is blocking the door, the opener will return to the fully open position. June saw the rubber strap draw away from her shoulder, and watched her freedom go with it.

As she looked up, June realized her mistake. The power end was over her head. If jammed while trying to close, the opener will return to the fully open position. Her head was at the fully open position!

Realizing she was trapped without possibility of escape, June screamed into her gag for help. No one could have heard June’s muffled screams through her tight gag, but she tried anyway. June struggled with all her might, working herself into a panic, franticly bouncing on the bed, trying to get the foot straps to break. June doesn’t buy cheap anything, and the straps held her easily.

June never heard the door to her apartment open. June did not hear Mary come into her apartment, nor did she hear Mary enter the playroom. A playroom Mary knew all too well. June never knew that it was Mary who turned June’s vibrator on because the remote was placed on the table near the door, far away from June and her frantic struggling. June’s struggles masked any noise Mary might have made, giving Mary all the stealth she needed to go from playmate to torturer. June’s vibrator came to life in the middle of her struggles, full on with everything that the vibrator could give, more intense than anything June had experienced so far. Her hurricane was back, turning June’s struggling into writhing as the orgasmic storm enveloped her again

Mary watched with enthusiasm as the orgasmic waves rolled through June. Mary looked over the device that June had created and wished that it was she, not June that was trapped.

Remembering where her favorite vibrator was, Mary retrieved it from the storage area. Lying down on the bed next to June, with her head at the foot of the bed, Mary turned her vibrator on high and went to work. Listening to June’s heavy and labored nose breathing, the creaking of the leather from June’s struggles, and knowing that she was the only one who could end June’s orgasmic fury, Mary launched herself into a mind-blowing screaming orgasm of pleasure.

June barely heard Mary’s first orgasmic scream, but Mary’s second one pulled June back into reality, if only for a moment.

June looked down her bondage sack, breathing heavily through her nose, trying to focus on the person lying next to her on the bed. When June finally pulled focus, she saw Mary lying next to her experiencing her own mind blowing orgasm. June spied the vibrator remote in Mary’s hand and realized Mary was in control of her vibrator, not the program.

Trying with all her might, June nearly managed to bump Mary, but after more than 2 hours of orgasms, screaming, and struggling, June was spent. Mary was just a few inches away, but farther than June could ever have reached. June gave up and flopped back down, but June’s vibrator never stopped. Seeing her freedom just inches away, knowing full well Mary would release her only when Mary was ready; June was ripped from reality once more as her hurricane returned with a vengeance.

Mary was just coming down from her climax when she heard June start her latest orgasmic run to the stars. She sat up and watched June slowly go from a vibrating mass of tightly bound orgasmic delight to a barely moving, softly sleeping beauty. Mary reached over and touched June, moving her hands up and down along June’s body from her feet to her breasts, slowly taking in all the sensations. Everywhere Mary touched June’s body, Mary could feel the gentle vibrations of June’s muscles rippling, rolling through her extended orgasm as she slept. Mary knew that the only way June would stop her orgasmic flight is if she turned off the vibrator. Looking over her sleeping lover, Mary sighed and set the control to off.

Mary went to the kitchen to make some hot tea. As Mary returned with two cups of tea, June was coming around. At first, June did not see Mary. The room was fairly dark and it was well past sunset. Mary set the cups of tea on the nightstand, turned on the little light by the bed, smiled, and said “Welcome Back!”

June, confused and still gagged, pleaded to the best of her ability to have Mary remove her gag. Mary figured out what June wanted, and pulled the huge rubber ball from June’s mouth. Gushing thanks, June flexed her jaw while licking her lips to moisten them again.

“Is it 9 AM already?” June asked, wondering how long she had spent in her self-made prison.

“Nope,” Mary replied, “it is just past 11:30!”

June replied. “Wow, you are never late. Why so late today?”

I don’t think you understand,” said Mary, “I mean 11:30 PM, Friday night!”

June couldn’t believe it! It wasn’t even midnight yet? She laid there dumfounded thinking of what would have happened if she had been trapped in this diabolical contraption until 9 AM tomorrow.

June asked if Mary would release her and Mary replied “Not just yet. I want you to tell me what it feels like to be in that thing first!”

As Mary helped June sip her tea, June and Mary began talking about the machines June had designed to give her the experiences she just faced, and how they worked. June also explained the mistake she had made, and why the machine did not release her. When Mary asked June what it was like being in the sack with no way to get out, June blushed.

“What?” Mary asked.

June blushed even deeper and told Mary how she imagined being trapped by a mistress torturing her with endless orgasms, and Mary was that mistress. A certain gleam came to Mary’s eye, but June never saw it.

When Mary was satisfied with all of June’s answers, Mary asked June a final series of questions. “What if I did not come over early? What would you be doing right now?”

June replied, “What I experienced tonight was far beyond what I was prepared for. I thought I had everything under control and had thought of every possible scenario and solution. My answer is I would still have a large tightly strapped gag in my mouth, experiencing never ending multiple orgasms until the batteries died in my vibrator, being rode hard and put away wet with no hope of escape until you showed up tomorrow morning.”

Mary smiled, gently caressing June’s face and said “Your wish is my command!”

As Mary stood up, June realized Mary’s intentions, and began pleading with Mary to release her. She attempted to struggle in her bonds, but they were just too tight. Mary took the ball gag still lying on the bed and pushed it back into June’s mouth with little resistance from June, strapping just as tight as it was before. Mary noticed there was still one more notch the strap could be tightened to. Pulling a little harder, Mary took the gag to its tightest possible position, making June grunt in dissatisfaction and deeply satisfying Mary.

June tried to plead with Mary, but all Mary heard was a series of muffled sounds. Shaking her head furiously “NO!” June did everything she could to get Mary to release her. Mary smiled again, telling June, “Puppy dog eyes never work on me!” June was in for a night she would never forget and June knew Mary would be the reason why.

Savoring the moment, Mary reached for the vibrator control. Mary fondled the remote, knowing full well the vibrator’s capabilities since she had one just like it! Without another thought, Mary set the control to full vibration, all stimulators, and dropped the remote next to June’s head. Mary watched and waited until the delay timer of the vibrator counted down to June’s oblivion. When the vibrator sprang to life, June’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as the intense vibrations hit June without warning. Mary smiled deeply, quite satisfied that June was heading down the path Mary intended for her.

June was already moaning loudly unable to prevent the impending hurricane brewing inside her when Mary bent over and kissed June on the forehead, pausing to savor the moment, then saying “Sleep tight, my love! I’ll see you in the morning!”

Hearing those words, June realized her fate was sealed. No longer having any hope of escape until Mary’s return, June was thrown headlong into her next hurricane, screaming and bucking wildly as she was ravaged by another orgasmic storm.

June never saw Mary walk away. June never heard Mary close the playroom door. June was out of touch with everything around her except for the intense vibrations taking her out of reality and into a state of total, blissful, oblivion. As Mary closed the front door to June’s apartment, she could very faintly hear June’s orgasmic screams. She smiled knowing that once this door was closed, no one would hear June.

Locking the door, Mary headed for home, thinking of what it would be like to have her own turn in the sleepsack. Mary could feel the butterflies in her tummy swarm hungrily at the idea of being trapped without possibility of release, tortured with orgasms until she passed out only to wake up and have it start all over again. “What a ride that will be!” Mary thought, as she got into her car and drove away.

To be continued…

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