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Just Good Friends

by Jay Jansen

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© Copyright 2006 - Jay Jansen - Used by permission

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So I’ll start off by saying that I’m not just a closet bondage enthusiast. Not at all. I’m to the point where I can barely say the words “tied” and “up” even when referring to a sporting event. Believe me, if I could make my own way out, I would, and I am trying. Sometimes it’s baby steps, sometimes it’s a BIG leap.

Take the time with Janine for example. I pretty much should’ve just sat her down, looked her in the eye, and said, “Janine, I am a complete raving fanatic when it comes to bondage being tied in (excuse the pun) to sex.” But, instead, it was much, much less straightforward at least in my attitude and much, much… much more intense in my actions. Let’s start with Janine.

I like Janine. She’s absolutely adorable, standing at about 5’ 7” and weighing what I guess is around 120, though I would never ask. She’s got brown hair that has been dyed jet black to about her neck, contrasting nicely with her milky skin. Her bright blue eyes finish off the perfect look of a girl who could easily be Goth, but she isn’t… she’s much more practical of a girl. Cute. Happy. Not that I know much about her in bed, though. Maybe (hopefully) she’s into the whole Goth thing there.

How else do you want me to put it? I’m hot for her. Not that I’ve ever acted on that in the couple years we’ve known each other. Friends, that’s what we are. Good friends. One of whom is a really hot girl that’s extremely playful.

“I wouldn’t do that, Janine.”

She had found a pair of handcuffs in my room, which was really careless of me and made my heart race. But, I wrote them off as a souvenir from Cancun and Spring Break. To that she laughed and clicked one of them onto her left wrist.

“Wouldn’t do what?”


“I just wouldn’t do that.”

She laughs. It’s such a cute little laugh! Her nose does one of those things where it scrunches up a bit and her eyes smile and she puts her wrists behind her back and I hear a “click click click click” and it’s everything I have in my to keep watching the TV and pretending that she’s not giving me THE biggest hard on of my life right now. And she walks over to the couch and sits next to me, turning her attention back to “Lost” and looks behind her back at the handcuffs.

“I’ve done it this time,” she laughs a bit again and pulls on the chain that connects the cuffs like she’s gonna do anything. She knows she’s not gonna break it. That makes the situation even hotter.

“Yes. You did. You did it. You want a prize?” It’s taking everything I have to feign not being interested. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done because here’s a girl doing literally the one thing that I’d give just about any body part to have her do, and I’m shucking interest because I’m afraid she’ll think I’m some sort of freak. YOU ARE A FREAK, JAY! BECAUSE ONLY A COMPLETE FREAK WOULD NOT BE JUMPING ON THIS OPPORTUNITY, DUMBASS!!!

I look over to my left. She’s been looking at me and smiles, waving at me with one of her hands that are behind her back. She could be on the beach eating ice cream with that smile… so innocent. That’s what makes the situation funny.

With eyes half open and half closed, I keep up the charade. “You’re obnoxious, you know that Janine?”

“If bad girls get spanked, what do obnoxious girls get?” I know she’s not serious, but that doesn’t make it any less hot.

“Ignored.” I turn back to the TV and fake like I’m scratching my leg. I’m not scratching my leg. Every man out there knows I’m not scratching my leg. I’m hiding what’s in my pants right now.

I can almost see her overacted pouting face, and in a couple seconds I can hear the clicking of her playing with her cuffs. Looking at them. Tugging at them. Probably wondering where the release switch is.

“Where’s the release switch?”

Good girl.

“There isn’t one.”

Her eyebrows rise. Ooooh, she wasn’t expecting that, was she?

“There isn’t one? What do you mean?”

“I told you I wouldn’t do that when you put them on. But no. You went and put them on. And they’re not fake, they’re real. And there’s no release switch, there’s just a key.”

I can tell it’s taking her a minute to digest all that. Maybe she’s a little turned on too. I mean, a lot of people are into bondage… especially people who could very easily be Goth girls in hiding during the daytime. Maybe she didn’t just slip them on out of curiosity. But if she’s faking, she’s faking very well. As am I.

There’s silence for a minute while she waits for me to offer her the key before she finally says, “Can I have the key please?”

Sigh. Roll the eyes. Get up off the couch and walk to my room. Pretty much as soon as she can’t see me, the grin on my face is out of this world and I feel like I could explode in my pants right then and there. I go to my room and look in the top drawer of the dresser, and there’s the key. I have it on a small chain necklace for a couple reasons. First, it’s a lot harder to lose the key by accident if it’s on a large metal loop. Second, if you don’t want to be in a serious self bondage situation for a prolonged period of time, a good way to allow quick escape is to put the handcuff key on a looped string or necklace and cuff that in one of the cuffs along with your wrist, so that the key’s always within reach of your hand. Anyway, I grab the key, take a quick breath, and head back into the living room.

I come in and she’s looking right at me and she’s so cute! I want to just keep that look on her absolutely forever! And the look that she has on her face next makes priceless seem worthless. I walk right up to her and put the necklace over her head, then tighten it so that it’s almost like a choker, with the key resting right between her neck and her breasts. I smile a winner’s smile and she looks up at me with un-amused, gorgeous blue eyes and tries once to reach the key with her hands. She gets a fingertip on the key itself, but there’s no way she’s getting it off her neck. She shakes her head back and forth a couple times, but since I tightened it, the necklace is now smaller than her head and isn’t going anywhere. She looks back at me for a couple seconds while I’m holding back a laugh.

“You’re hilarious. Did I ever tell you that, Jay?”

“I told you not to put them on. Then I told you that you were being obnoxious. Now I give you the key, and you’re sarcastic to me. Do I deserve this?”

She sighs. “Sorry. Now can you please let me out of these?”

“No. You were in such a big hurry to get into them, I think you should enjoy them to their fullest. That way, you won’t be bothering me at a later date to try them on again. Let’s just get this out of the way right now.”

She still looks a little on the angry side as I take two steps out of the room and open up my toolbox. Of course, my toolbox doubles as my self-bondage kit, but she doesn’t know that and doesn’t need to know that. Inside are a bunch of coils of rope and I grab a couple. I go back to her on the couch and she’s testing the cuffs again as I start looping rope around her ankles.

“The hell are you doing?”

“Tying your feet together.”

“Why are you tying my feet together?”

“I don’t know. Because you can’t?”

“As I said. Absolutely hi-larious. Wanna stop?”

“Not particularly.”

She sighs again as I finish up cinching her feet together and I can’t imagine they’re uncomfortable, but they’re not coming apart. And she’s the one looking at me with half open eyes now as I grab another rope. I double it up and reach behind her, placing the looped end at her elbows and threading the other end through, then start wrapping them together just as I did her ankles. I’m not looking at her eyes, but I can still see them widen.

“Whoa. What in the hell are you doing now?”

In as innocent a voice as I can, “Hey, you’re the one that put your hands behind your back. I just don’t want your slipping them over your feet and bringing them back in front of you. Because, as I said, then you won’t get the full effect that those cuffs give and you’ll bug me with them again in the future.”

“So my feet and elbows are tied because I need to get the full effect of something that cuffs my hands.”


“You’re an ass, Jay.”

I can live with that. I finish cinching her elbows and I haven’t made them touch, though I’d like to. I mean, if she’s at all into this, I sure as hell don’t want to scare her off from it. Figure I’ll stay relatively gentle, though restraining, and if God, who indeed does exist and all of this is just proof of that, blesses me with this situation again, we can take it further. Besides, her elbows aren’t moving and her arms are now ten times more restrained and while elbows that touch are sexy, this is plenty good enough from her end of the spectrum.

Besides, it’s not like I’m gonna use the ball gag or anything. Gotta save something for next time. I do reach for some gauze, a white strip of cloth (cut a T-shirt into strips going across, they make great strips of cloth for various this and that’s), and a couple other surprises. She doesn’t see any of them.

“I may be an ass… but at least I’m not obnoxious.”

“Uh huh… you done yet?”

“Janine, I lied about what obnoxious girls get.”

“What do obnoxious girls get, Jay?”

I simply hold up the gauze and her half open eyes shoot wide. She could think that this is the hottest thing on the planet, but there’s a chance she’s in the same boat as me. Wanting what’s going on, but having to pretend that either you don’t want it or that it’s no big deal. For Chrissake I’ve got a really hot girl on my couch handcuffed and tied and the elbows and ankles and she’s about to get her mouth stopped up and because I’m afraid of my closet I’m acting like it’s just an innocent action between two platonic friends. But right now, I think it’s safe to say that I’m not thinking clearly because there’s not a lot of blood in my brain.

“Jay, please I UHHHHH!”

I’m careful not to be rough. I’m also extremely careful of her teeth. But it’s swift and quick and the gauze makes its way in. Then some more. Then a little more until her mouth is more or less stuffed. Janine’s grunts are constant and she’s trying to push it out, but one hand covers her mouth softly but firmly while the other gets the cloth. Then that goes through, threaded twice between her lips and tied in the back. There’s something so incredibly hot about tying it underneath her hair… just something about how I had to take the time to lift up her hair and tie it underneath so that she would look just perfect…

Janine’s starting to talking into her gag and it’s not the most effective thing in the world. That’s when the duct tape comes into play. And if you thought her eyes were wide when I showed her the gauze, you haven’t seen anything yet. She’s turning her head from side to side and starts to actually scream a bit, but there’s absolutely nothing she can do as the tape gets laid across her lips and them goes all the way around her head, again under her hair in the back, over the cloth, and back over her lips. I lay down a good six layers: one right over her lips, one right below her nose, one right above her chin, and repeat. When I’m done her somewhat unintelligible yells have turned into grunts and mmmmmfs that make me pop a boner like no one could believe. Lucky for me, she’s not concentrating on my crotch right about now.

“One more thing for that…”


“Was that ‘let me out?’ Not bad, considering all the tape, Janine. That’s what this is for.”

The Ace Bandage wrap goes around her head in much the same way as the tape, but anyone who’s ever worn that stuff over a gag knows exactly what it does. It stretches all the way when you pull it, and I wrap it tight, but as soon as it settles it tightens and contracts, putting constant pressure on her face. The entire roll is gone by the time I’m done and I can’t even hope to understand anything she’s trying to say anymore. That’s when I lay her on the couch.

The entire time Janine’s been struggling. But I’ve been behind her and haven’t noticed much, since I’ve been concerned about her mouth. Now I can take a second and see the beauty of it all. Her arching back. Her fingers that are flailing but firm, looking for anything that could let her out. Her eyes are huge. Her lips are completely hidden. And, a personal favorite, her hair flows over her gag that I took the extra time to put under her hair. I love that part.

Her eyes are so incredibly burning hot right now. Looking at me narrowly and there’s no wonder she’s mad. So far, I don’t think I’ve done anything that really screams “BONDAGE ENTHUSIAST” to her. Maybe the gag is a little severe, but it’s all household items and they all kind of make sense. In fact, the only one that’s looking like a pervert right now is Janine. Going around, putting on people’s handcuffs. What would the neighbors think? Keep telling yourself that, Jay.

I hum a little bit to myself as she continues struggling and she pauses as I start tying her thighs together. It’s more loops of rope than anything else so far, and I’m really, really careful not to touch her butt or groin area for two reasons. One, I feel like I need to keep up the charade that I’m not exactly head over heels for bondage. Two, it’s funnier if it frustrates her and she actually wants me to touch there. Anyway, her thighs are soon tied and I put a couple loops around her arms, securing them to her body. She’s taken a minute to breathe steady and looks at me with angry eyes and I take a minute and ask her a serious question.

“Can you breathe alright?”

She breathes heavily for a second, still a little winded from her struggling, before nodding her head. And in that moment, I think we both tell each other something special. I’m not sure exactly what it is… but I think it’s along the lines of me telling her that I know I’ve just tied her up quite severely and gagged her even more severely, but that I care about her and honestly want to know if she wants to continue. And she has basically told me that she does. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. Not that it matters. Or that she has a choice.

“I wasn’t completely honest. Obnoxious girls don’t just get gagged. They get gagged and ignored at the same time. Namely by getting put into my hockey bag.”

Her. Eyes. Shoot. Open.

For a moment, I’m actually afraid that Janine’s going to hurt herself, she’s struggling so hard. Pulling on her cuffs, pulling on her ropes, yelling completely unintelligible words into her gag… and I’m lost in it. It’s like watching every fantasy I’ve ever had come true right on my couch. Every model I’ve ever seen and every video I’ve ever watched come nowhere near to living up to this.

I’m in heaven.

I suppose now’s the time to point out how much a hockey bag smells and smells bad. I mean it reeks. You could be one of those players that always washes their equipment, which I am quite a far thing from, and it’ll still be a very unpleasant place to stick your nose. Never mind getting put into one. And it was almost painful to tear myself away from her for all of five minutes while I got the bag and emptied it of equipment. If you’ve never seen a hockey bag, they can easily fit a person inside of them. Especially someone her size.

I figured she’d exhaust herself by the time I got back, but I underestimated her. Her struggles had taken on a new zeal and she was actually standing up, twisting back and forth, trying so hard to get out of what she’d started and what I was about to finish.

“I told you, Janine, that I wouldn’t put those on. And you haven’t minded anything I’ve done so far, so now I’ve got to do something to make sure you feel the full effect of what those handcuffs do.”

She’s shaking her head and even though I can’t understand a word she’s saying, I know she’s trying to say, “Jay! Jay! Jay, listen to me! Seriously!” Not that it matters. It doesn’t take much to lay her down next to the hockey bag and then I stand there for a second.

“Hmm… you won’t fit. You’re a little too tall.”

She looks at me for a second and breathes a sigh of relief, having dodged that bullet. I just shrug and turn her onto her stomach. For a second she thinks I’m untying her. That is, until she feels her ankles going up to her thighs and I can feel her start kicking and bucking and yelling into the gauze and cloth and tape and bandage and I almost orgasm in my pants right then and there. In two seconds her ankles are at her thighs and she’s a perfect fit! I hoist her up and place her in. And immediately she’s on her back and looking up at me as I start to zip it shut.

“Breathe deep, Janine. It’s like a day at the beach once you get used to it.”

And the last thing I see before it’s zipped shut is her perfect blue eyes shooting up at me, pleading with me to let her out of the hockey bag and that gag that goes under her hair. I zip it and I can feel her moving and I sit on the couch and turn the TV up. I prop my feet on the hockey bag and relax. She’s got plenty of air, since the bag isn’t airtight. And I figure I’ll give her some fresh air every couple minutes or so, just so she doesn’t get used to the smell in there.

And sitting there, I realize that I pretty much just told her everything about my bondage fetish. And she just told me everything about hers. Maybe it’s time the two of us… aren’t just good friends any more.



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