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Just Something New

by Turbo Bruin

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© Copyright 2009 - Turbo Bruin - Used by permission

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Living in a small town where everyone knows everyone can be good and bad at the same time. Your neighbors always keep their eyes on you to try to keep you from danger. The bad side is you have almost no privacy. If you walk through your house in a towel because your laundry room is on the other side of your house they know. I hate not having any privacy which means no fun playing games. I just want to try something new. I got into bondage when I was a preteen. I also was a sailors daughter so I knew how to tie knots. I just wanted to do some self bondage and try it out. With no privacy I couldn’t even get some toys without a neighbor seeing. And even if I had the toys to add to the mood I had no place to do it.

My name is Allison and I am just that small town girl in everyone’s eyes. I was that pretty girl that all the boys loved, and wanted to get their filthy hands on. I was about 5 ft. 7 and was very petite. I had light brown hair that was just below my shoulders, but I always kept it up in a pony tail. I was very tan an almost light brown skin color, and had a few freckles on my face that could only be seen up close. Then what all you boys love, those nice perky breasts. All year long I wore tight denim pants and a couple of short skirts, I wore belly shirts until school started then I had to cover that up. Every once in a while I pulled a country girl look (or what I see as a country girl) and wore a button up shirt and tied a knot to make it a belly shirt. The one thing I loved about being this pretty at my school is that I could choose from any one I wanted to go out with.

My best friend Elexa, who I’ve known since preschool, was an actual country girl. Her dad owned a large corn farm and a small field with a couple horses. Every weekend during the summer I went to her house to ride horses with her and swim in her pool, so I didn’t have to worry about every boy in my school staring at me. We almost looked like twins except she had a darker brown hair.

I was now eighteen and I was one month away from being a senior at high school. Elexa asked me, "Can you do me a favor? We are taking the horses to a show and the local kennel is full and we can’t board Shelly (their dog). I was wondering if you could come over and feed her and let her out?"

"Maybe, when is the show?" I responded.

"Two weeks from now. Can you do it? Please." and she did a puppy dog look, even though she knew I would say yes.

"Of course I can, is there anything else you would like me to do?"

"All I can think of is to feed and walk Shelly. You can do what every you want as long as there is no party."

That night I had another fantasy of being bound and helpless. I was getting horny, then my fantasy was interrupted by a brilliant thought. I have two weeks to plan my first bondage session. I then got online and decided to order a couple of toys. I was now eighteen, had my credit card, and was to the point where I didn’t care if the neighbors saw me get bondage gear in the mail. So I got on my computer to nose around at bondage gear. I found a site with a lot of different stuff, latex, leather, for guys, and girls. I spent almost an hour looking at stuff. I ended up buying leather wrist, ankle, and thigh cuffs, a 1 inch diameter vibrator with remote, a small butt plug, a latex thong with a belt to hold my plugs in place. Then the last thing I bought was a medium sized ball gag, everything I bought was black.

A couple days later a package came in the mail, it was small so I thought that maybe they split into two boxes. I opened it to find everything fitted to be as small as possible. I then went to my room to look at everything. Then I got on my computer to look at some position I would like to try. I eventually decided on the hog tie, then I remembered I didn’t order any locks. So that night, my parents left to go to dinner with some friends of the family, I went out to a hardware store a town over. I didn’t want to see anyone I knew, so once I was there I kept a low profile and bought six padlocks and a mini lock for my gag. While I was there I thought of a better release than to crawl to the key and I bought a clock with small pieces of wire for hands. I brought all of it to the counter and got a weird look form the clerk. I am glad I didn’t know him or it would have been embarrassing.

I then waited another week, working out all the possible flaws in my head. It was the day before they were going to leave and I helped them get packed. Once they left the next day I ran home and grabbed all my stuff. Once at Elexa’s house I went out to their barn to find some pliers. I took my clock and cut off the minute and second hands, so not the tangle up the key. Then I took the hour hand and bent it sideways, facing counter clockwise. I then put the clock at six and watched TV until the key dropped. The clock dropped the key a little after nine. I was then getting everything ready for my first bondage session. I didn’t have to worry about privacy, the house was outside of town were no one could see and the corn was still high. I went into their guest bedroom and set things up. I put the clock on the edge of the dresser and set it to three and put the key to my wrist on the hook. I put the rest of the keys in the closet which I couldn’t open unless I could use my hands. I took off all of my clothes and folded them and put them in the closet.

Now my fun can begin as I put lube on my plugs. I tested the vibrator to make sure the remote was working. I sat on the butt plug to get it in and then slipped my vibrator straight in. My juices added to the lube to get it all the way in. I slipped on my panties and tightened the belt, it held both plugs in nicely. I then took the remote and set it on medium with a five minute delay. I quickly locked my thighs and ankles together, and put my wrist cuffs on. I put my gag in my mouth and locked the strap with the mini lock. I was very hesitant to lock my wrists together, then have to lock them to my ankles. I had that moment where everything comes together in your mind, you want this but you don’t, kind of thing. Then my life was at a stop and restarted with a ‘click.’ I was at the point of no return but had one more lock to get. I went to my knees and bent my body back, hooking the last lock to my wrist then my ankles then another ‘click.’ I was now totally helpless.

I started to fantasize about one of the boys at my school who I didn’t want to date coming and putting me in this situation. Then my vibrator kicked to life, and I had a shock since I forgot about it. Then I went back to my fantasy, the boy was wearing a mask to hide himself. He was playing with my crotch until I came. I started to moan in my gag, I was getting hotter by the second. He kept playing with me until I finally had my first orgasm.

I was panting in my gag as I tried to relax my body. Then I heard my cell phone ringing in the closet. All I could think about now was, "Who is it and why did I not turn in off?" It rang two more times and went silent. Now I could go back to my fantasy. I just dreaming and reached my second and third climax. I just got lost in my dreams and when I was about to my third climax I heard the front door open. My body stopped at the thought of someone finding me. I heard feet on the stairs, only one set. My body was still on the edge of climax. I then heard the person talking, it was Elexa.

"Dad she didn’t answer her cell phone and her parents said she hadn’t come home yet. I am going to try her again. Bye." she said on her cell phone. Then I heard my cell phone ring as my body finally reached its third climax. I heard her walking this way slowly, as if hesitant. My cell stopped ringing and the door knob turned. She walked in and screamed.. "Are you okay? What happened? Who did this to you?" is all she could say. "Let me get some pliers, or something."

She stood and turned and noticed the clock on the dresser, she paused. "You did this to yourself didn’t you? I've heard of this stuff." I nodded, "You're one of those weird people who likes to be tied up."

That made me look at myself for a second and hurt that she thought I was weird.

"Well one of the horses broke it’s leg and my uncle brought it and me home.. Don’t worry my uncle left but our veterinarian is coming tomorrow to look at the horse. So where are the keys at?"

I tried to say "closet" but instead said, " mmmph ffttt."

"Wow! That keeps you quiet. Point your head to the keys." I looked straight at the closet and she opened the door and grabbed the keys. She grabbed the mini lock key and removed my gag. "So you having fun?"

"Yeah I was having a lot of fun." I just blurted out.

"How...What exactly is going on and what is that buzzing noise?"

"Umm... uh." is all I was able to put to words.

"Come on out with it!" she demanded.

"I have a vibrator in my pussy."

She got shocked and stepped back, "So anything else I should know?"

I tried to hold back but I just told her that much why not tell her everything. "Well, I have a butt plug in, the vibrator has a remote that is on the dresser behind the clock, and I am not to be released until that clock drops my wrist key for almost another five hours."

"Wow!" she stepped back again. "So you want me to leave you or do anyth..." then I saw an evil grin come to her face, "I have a better idea. Why don’t we play a game? I saw a thing about this online where people get someone to tie them up. That person is the dominator.. or something like that, they do what ever they want to their slave."

I was shocked by what she said. Then she came back with my gag and all I said was "oh no." then she forced it into my mouth.

"Looks like you’ll be my slave for the weekend, until my parents get home. You will do what ever I say and address me as master!" she said with a now assertive tone.

She grabbed all the keys and locked my gag back on tighter than it was before. Then she left the room and came back with a leather collar from her last dog and a leash. She tightened it around my neck and hooked the leash on, tying the other end to the bed post. She fumbled with the keys and unlocked my hog tie, ankles and my thighs. She left all my clothes in the closet. She untied my leash and grabbed the vibrator remote, I felt the intensity lower. Then she ordered, "Follow me slave!" she walked out of the room with all the cuffs in hand. I was forced to follow her, she walked out of the house and pulled my half naked body outside. We walked to the barn, I saw one horse lying down in a stall.

We stopped in the middle of the barn and she put my ankle and thigh cuffs on. She then unlocked my wrist and told me to put my hands out in front of me. I did and she locked my wrist together again. I just sat there as she went over to a switch panel on the wall. They had a lift system to help them move large amounts of hay faster or to load up a truck with hay. She brought it over to right above me and lowered it down to my face. She smiled at me and hooked my wrist into the latch. Going back to the panel she raised it up taking me from my knees until I was on my tip toes.

"Bad girls like you always get caught," she whispered into my ear, "You know what has to happen to bad girls? They get punished for everything they do."

She walked over to a closet and grabbed a ridding crop. She smacked it once in her hand as she walked back over to me. She grabbed a key out of her pocket and unlocked my gag. "I want to hear you beg, I want to her you scream!" she put the gag to hang around my neck.

"Please Elexa don’t do this to me. What do I have to do, please let me go. I just wanted to try something new, I didn’t want this to happen. Please let me go..." as I started to cry.

"Promise to be my slave for life and I will think about it."

My head started to spin, either I became her slave or she would give me the spanking of my life. I was in a hard choice, "I will be your slave, Mistress." is what came out of my mouth.

"What a good slave. So lets talk about the terms of our relationship."

For the next ten minutes we talked while I hung there. She didn’t know much about this stuff so I filled her in on some details. We also set some limits for my safety, like no spanking and no being in a position for longer than six hours, unless otherwise instructed. She agreed to these limits and then she asked about how I got into this stuff.

"Well it was back right before I turned thirteen when I saw this stuff. I was in the attic looking for an old box of photos. I was looking through boxes when I came across a sealed up box with my dad’s name on it. I opened it up to see some old magazines. I just left it there and got the actual box of photos down for my mom. After a little while those images were in my head, so I went back up then and looked at a few of them for a little while. They were all porno mags and a couple were bondage mags. After a few more years I looked at that stuff on my computer, learning many different things. I wanted to try all of that stuff so badly but my house has no privacy with all the neighbors keeping an eye on everything I did. Then when you let me use your house I knew this was my chance to finally try it out."

She was very interested in what I had to say. Then I asked her to let me down. "Na I am going to leave you here for a while."

She walked out of the barn and right before she closed the door my vibrator came to life on full blast. She left me there for so long I lost track of time and lost count of my orgasms. I eventually passed out from exhaustion, and didn’t wake up until about noon when Elexa came back for me.

"Have a nice nap? It's lunch time lets get you down from there." she lowered the lift until I was on my knees again. She unhooked my cuffs, and I fell forward, then unlocked all my cuffs.

"Thank you mistress." I said with a tear in my eye.

"No problem Allie." she said as she fixed her eyes on mine. My eyes closed as our lips met, this wasn’t like me kissing a boy I liked, I actually had feelings for this one. We parted and looked at each other. "I love you Allie, and now you are mine." I couldn’t help but smile. "While you were out here enjoying yourself I was on the computer looking up some fun stuff we can do. All kinds of positions, and games we can play around with."

"Can we get lunch first, I have no energy to spare for anything right now."

"Yes, I have sandwiches in the house already made."

We walked inside and started to eat our lunch. I was half way through my sandwich when she turned on my vibrator to annoy me while I ate. She just kept eating with a big smile on her face.


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