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Karen Discovers Her True Nature

by West Coast Comet

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© Copyright 2013 - West Coast Comet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; rope; laces; tape; bond; gag; stuck; caught; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

Karen, now an adult recalls her discovery of what was to be her strongest influence of her sexual life.

Karen was your typical teenage girl. She stood about 5’6” tall, and looked fairly cute. She had a turned up nose and a quick smile. She had grown into a nice figure, but kept it disguised beneath layers of clothing. About a year ago, Karen started to video blog. She would post stuff on YouTube, doing this or that. It was mostly scatter-brained ramblings and such. One time she decided to try the “Duct Tape Challenge”. This involved being tied up with Duct Tape and trying to get loose. These “challenges” can be found all over YouTube and Daily Motion.

She needed an accomplice to actually wind the duct tape around her wrists. She enlisted Colin to help. Colin was her new step brother. He seemed overly eager, but she figured he just wanted to be friendly. Her dad had remarried after her mother died, so why not? He was a year younger that Karen, but was already taller than her by a couple inches.

She put her blond hair into a pony tail while talking to the camcorder, and wrapped her own ankles with tape, then her knees. She initially wanted Colin to wrap her wrists in front, but he insisted that they follow the other “Duct Tape Challenges” on YouTube, and tape her wrists behind her back. He wrapped the tape around her wrists about 5 times, fairly tightly, and laughed, “I bet you won’t get out of that!”

In less than 3 minutes, Karen had stretched the tape and pulled her hands out of the sticky mess. It hurt! Colin was disappointed that his work was so easily foiled. On the other hand, Karen found that being tied up was somewhat exciting. She thought that she kind of liked that helpless feeling, and wanted to do more, however, not with the sticky tape. They looked through more videos and found someone doing a shoelace challenge. Once again Colin tied her hands behind her back, this time with shoelaces.

The shoelace challenge proved to be too much for Karen. She could not get free. Colin let her roll around for a while. He was in no hurry to let her loose. He started tickling her and pretty soon they were both aroused. To Colin’s credit, he decided they had gone far enough, and he let her out of the shoelaces. However, she was not as ready to be let go, as he was to let her go. She was disappointed that her little adventure was over. She gave him a pouty bottom lip and he just laughed at her. She would have to find a way to do some more of this activity because she found that it deeply aroused her. She really liked to be helpless, and to be handled by someone else.

She asked Colin why it was so hard to get out of the shoelace tie. His reply was that the shoelaces did not stretch, and that he had pulled the shoelace ends through, between her hands and that made it extra tight. He had cinched the wrist loops. He showed her with her hands in front, and then untied the laces. It was a lesson well learned by Karen.

At night, in the privacy of her room she soon began to tie herself with those same shoelaces. At first she experimented with slip knots to fasten her hands. Sometimes she tied them to her bedhead, and sometimes behind her back. Her favorite position was to tie her ankles crossed. Then tie another lace to the ankle bindings with a loop of shoelace that she would slip around her wrist loops, as a cinch. She used a third shoelace for this cinch, giving her enough slack to get it around her hands. A quick tug of her legs would set the wrist bonds.

After rolling around bound for a while, she would wiggle her hands until the cinch loop loosened. After that she would finger herself to amazing orgasms. It seemed the more she did it, the more she wanted to do it. Very soon it became a habit that she did whenever she had enough energy to stay up a little while past her bedtime. After a while, just being tied up didn’t have the same thrill. She had to up the game. She began to remove her PJ’s before binding herself. She would imagine she had been kidnapped, stripped naked, and would soon be molested. The turn on was so strong, that she soon fixated on this way to get turned on.

She found shoelaces didn’t slip open very well. Once she really trapped herself and needed help. She had been feeling particularly randy that night. It was a Saturday night when her parents went out to dinner and a movie. Colin and she had played a bit with some ropes they had found in the garage. They were old jump ropes. Colin had removed the handles. The ropes were soft cotton with a stronger core. They worked very well, and did not give her those nasty rope burns the shoelaces did. She found out that Colin could tie a pretty good knot. He had kept her tied up all evening while their parents were out. She had received several ferocious tickling sessions that had left her highly aroused. He let her out of the rope just before their parents came home.

That night, after everyone had gone to bed, she pulled off her PJ’s and applied her usual shoelace bondage. However, that night she had tied herself a little differently. She shortened the cinch lace so that she would be in more of a tight hogtie. She wanted to feel that same tight binding that Colin had done to her when she did the shoelace challenge. She put a pillow under her thighs and under her chest to help her bend back enough to catch the cinch loop at her ankles. When she slide off the pillows, the cinch pulled very tightly against her wrist bonds. She had miscalculated the length of the cinch lace, and was really tied up. No easy escape this time.

She struggled and fought, trying to get the cinch to slide open, the friction arousing her further. She began to realize that she might be really tied up, and unable to get loose. That thought seem to trigger another level of arousal. As she thrashed in her bed, she could feel the heat building. She began to shudder and jerk. Pumping her pelvis, she attempted to fuck something not there. She went over the emotional edge and started cuming uncontrollably. She pulled at her bonds, straining and tightening them further. The orgasm was so intense that she thought momentarily that maybe she had damaged something inside her. Her pussy continued to spasm for some time, and she could not catch her breath. All she could do was pump her pelvis uncontrollably and moan, a sound that came from deep, deep inside her. Her conscious mind was out of control and her biology had taken compete control.

She lay there afterward for some time, confused and exhausted. This was a real revelation that she was able to climax while still in her bondage. This was a first. Every time before this, she had to wait until she could release her bonds before fingering herself to a climax. Those earlier times were nothing like this time. She liked this, and wondered how to repeat the intensity of this experience.

She didn’t realize it at the time, but she had made considerable noise, moaning and grunting. Thank goodness her parents had fallen into a deep sleep and didn’t hear her. Colin knocked on her door. “Are you alright Karen?” He had heard her moaning in his room. Karen told him to go away. She had locked her door, but Colin had shown her how he could open any of the house doors with a small nail. She hoped he was not that curious. She could see his feet near the door. “Go away!” she whispered hoarsely, but in a loud whisper. All the while she was frantically trying to get out of her shoelace bondage. She was relieved when he finally walked away.

Karen continued to fiddle and work on her bonds, but nothing was giving. She struggled for another hour before giving up. The slip knot on her wrist cinch had been pulled into a hard little bump on the shoelace and it was not going to slide anywhere. She was tired and sore, but still aroused. She called quietly for Colin. No answer.

Being hogtied can really restrict your movement as Karen found out. Her only hope was to wake Colin up, get him to unlock her door, and untie her. It would be embarrassing as hell, but it was better than being discovered by her parents in the morning, after spending an entire night in the bindings. At least Colin might understand. She carefully wiggled off her bed and onto the floor, gradually slipping down the side of the bed onto a pillow she had coaxed onto the floor using her teeth.

It was 12 feet over to her closet. The trip to the closet seemed to inflame her arousal rather than quiet it down. Deep inside her she was excited about being discovered naked and bound. No, she had to suppress these feeling. She had to focus and get across the floor. The closet door stood ajar, with a pile of dirty closes holding it open. Colin’s bed was on the other side of the back wall of her closet. She wiggled into the closet and started to bang her head on the wall, quietly saying Colin’s name.

“What do you want?” Colin sounded angry through the wall. She had waked him and he was not in a mood to be nice to her. She asked him to unlock her door and untie her. He didn’t ask any questions after that statement. “Just a minute” was all he said after that.

He came into her room and couldn’t see her for a moment. He flipped on the lights.

“Close the door and turn off the lights. I am over here”, she said. There was no mistaking what he was looking at. She concocted some story like “I was just practicing for the next challenge”.

His response was, “Right. Naked and horny, and all tied up”. He said, “I’ll be right back. I have to get my flashlight”, and left the room. He didn’t turn out the lights. She started to wiggle back out of the closet.

He came back with his camcorder and quizzed her. She was furious, but he threatened to go back to bed if she didn’t answer his questions for the camera. She was at a loss as to what to do. Yes, she admitted to doing this to herself. She also admitted to liking tie-up games, as Colin put it. He said no one else would see this footage anyway; it was just to protect him in case they were discovered and he was accused of tying her up naked. Besides, he wanted a reminder of this event.

He began to pick at the knots. He decided to make this as embarrassing as possible. He liked the roundness of her butt, and he stared at it for a while. He also quickly checked out her little pussy, looking at her with her legs bent and spread. She quickly closed her legs when she realized that not only was he looking at her, but he still had his camcorder running.

“Stop it. Pay attention or you will wake up mom and dad.” She could tell she was a mess. Her hair was all sweaty. Her juices all were all over her backside.

“Ha! Mom and dad had way too much to drink tonight. I don’t think you could wake them if you were to have the fits right now and start screaming at the top of your lungs”. Colin said, then he was quiet for a moment. Then he said, “I think you and I need to experiment with gagging you, so you will know how to do it”. Karen said nothing but it started her thinking.

“Man, you smell, and you are all gooey back here”, he smacked her cute ass. She was heavily blushing and was getting more turned on by the minute. Some combination of being bound and humiliated, and being helpless to do anything about was turning her on. She tried to fight back any of those feelings, but was not really successful.

Once Colin had freed the cinch lace, she told him to never speak of this to anyone, and to get out of her room. She told him he had better erase the camera footage. He said he would the next day. He was too tired to do any more tonight. She continued to lie on her stomach until Colin had left the room. Only then did she turn over and untie her ankles. That way all he could see was her butt.

The next day neither Colin nor she said anything about what happened last night. Karen wore a long sleeved shirt that day, to hide her rope burns. Those damned shoelaces were so small they abraded her wrists while she had tried to free herself. She swore to never tie herself up again. That resolution lasted about a week.

March, 2013-New House

Karen spotted the odd hook hanging from the ceiling in her room almost immediately when she first saw her room, during her initial inspection of the new house. Her parents were moving to this new house, and she got to pick out her room. She was trying to adjust to having a new step mother, step brother, Colin, and a new house. Their old house was too small, and besides, it had too many sad things associated with it. Her Mom had passed away in the bedroom from cancer only a couple years back, so it was time to move on.

The real estate agent said the hook had been installed long ago to hang a very large plant. Evidently the husband had drilled clear through the ceiling joist and bolted the 3/8” steel hook in place. She said they could have it removed at the seller’s expense if they wanted. Karen protested, “I want it. I could make a swing, or have a hanging chair over there. Let’s leave it”. Her father had no issue with this, so the hook stayed. The hook had a single extended rectangular chain link hanging from it. The link was made of steel almost as thick as the hook, and it was about 4” long and 1” wide, with a peaked top, and a square bottom. Pretty soon, Karen had a rope pulled through the link, and would swing on it with one foot in the rope loop.

Karen had been tying herself up for almost a year now. Every once in a while she would enlist her step brother, or he would want to play “tie up games”. She enjoyed this activity and found it to be a terrific turn on. Colin knew she liked this, but he was not predisposed to take advantage of her. He liked to tie her up and tickle her; however there had not been too many chances to play this game. The parents were home most weekends, and weekdays were for homework and getting ready for school.

Sometimes at night, in her room, she would strip naked and tie herself with a couple slip knots using some old shoelaces. After getting stuck the one time, she always kept a little knife within reach. That one time, she had to be rescued by Colin. That was an embarrassing event that she did not want to repeat. Most nights she masturbated, thinking about being tied up, and often about how she must have looked to Colin when he rescued her. She did not want actually to do her solo tie-up with the parents in the house, so she had to wait. The itch had been growing in Karen to do some more. She kept asking them to go out for the night.

Of course, moving into a new home takes time and energy, so her parents did not do as much dining out as before, and that was crimping Karen’s style. She had been studying the hook and link in the ceiling and was eager to try out a few scenarios. Finally, they decided to away for the weekend. Colin and Karen smiled at each other in anticipation.

to be continued...



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