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Karen’s Delight

by Master7402

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Karen became wet as she began walking out of the fancy building where she met with her editor. Mmm, she moaned slightly as she was walking to her car. Karen had always been into bondage since she was 12 years old. Now being 33, living on her own in a quiet farm town where everyone minded their business. She loved being out in the country, the smell of fresh air and open space, compared to working in the city. She couldn't stand all the traffic, noise and rude people. Luckily for her she was a free lance writer and only checked in for one week every two months.

Now to go home and celebrate with a few days of my devilish indulgence. No not chocolate or food related, more like steel, rope, tubes, electricity. What! You ask yourself could this beautiful single 33 year old brunette be into. Self bondage. Karen's drive took her approximately 2 hours to get home. The road turned from city to suburbs to the open wilderness. She loved it and loved all the animals she had on her private ranch. As she pulled up to her driveway, she looked upon her huge 12 foot gates that surrounded the property.

These gates kept her safe as well as her animals that she had on property. She got in and the gate closed behind, locking itself until it was time for her to leave. Karen got inside her house and just stripped down naked. She loved how the air felt against her bare skin, how the breeze and chill would make her nipples erect. Karen went upstairs and took a long hot shower, drying herself off she walked into her bedroom where she opened her fun closet as she called it. Inside was an assortment of catsuits made of leather, latex, lycra, spandex, and heavy canvas. However she had her eye on a new suit that she had custom made of chamois material. It was a full suit with hood, feet, mitten hands and holes for her breasts, crotch, mouth, and nostrils.

Holding and picking up the suit gave her chills, making her pussy become wetter by the second. 'Hmm, I better get things rolling before I cum all over the place'.

Karen picked up the suit and a small black bag and walked out to the barn which was 200 yards away from the house. As she was walking to the barn, she could hear all her animals in the barn and out in the ranch. It was peaceful outside, nice warm breeze flowing over her skin, caressing her nipples. She loved the freedom she had walking around nude on her property. She had many times rode naked on her horse Tom. She loved how his hair felt rubbing against her pussy, stroking her clitoris and labia. She was now standing in front of the barn door, opening it slowly. The lights went on automatically. Everything on the ranch was automated, even the feeding of her animals. They were even washed with sprinklers in their stalls.

Once inside, Karen walked over to the end of the barn where there was a smaller than average stall. She opened the door to the stall and closed the door behind her. This stall however was a modified for severely dangerous animals. The stall had electric cattle prods that were activated by motion, timer or manually. Once Karen closed the door, only a verbal password would enable the door to be unlocked from inside. Inside the stall the floor was covered in hay and dirt. In the middle of the stall was a modified stock and pillory. In the back of the stall was a large milking machine which she modified for her own personal use.

Karen's heart began to race quickly as she gazed upon her prison for the weekend. Karen began to slip on her new full catsuit starting with her left leg. She could feel how tight the suit was. It stretched just a little but still compressed her body. Karen then placed her right leg in the suit and began to pull it up over her legs, thighs, waist, and then her breasts. She bent over and pulled her breasts through the two holes in the suit which made them protrude like round melons. Slowly she placed her arms in the sleeves and up to her neck. Karen then pulled the zipper up as far as she could go, stopping at the base of the neck.

Karen walked over to the stock and set the timer for 72 hours. She couldn't believe she was going to lock herself in for three days. She then programmed the cattle prods to activated upon motion and timer, She set the timer to wake her up at 0550 hours every day. Next, Karen walked over to the milking machine and set the timer for normal cycle, 5 minutes every 2 hours. Karen opened her black bag and got out a special gag that had a hose running from the mouth. The hose was approximately 5 feet in length. She connected the hose that was running from the fridge. Next she set the timer on a pump that was in a modified refrigerator that contained a glass jar that was intended to capture the milk from her breasts using the milking machine.

She then placed a large metal pan beneath her that had a drain in the middle. This pan was attached to a large glass jar that had a pump inside. The pump had a hose leading to the refrigerator also. The tray was meant to catch all of Karen’s cum and recycle it along with her urine to the jar in the fridge. The pump ran along the same time as the milking machine and a few minutes after or when any fluid was detected.

Karen started to sweat from the chamois catsuit causing the suit to become softer and loosening its grip on her body. Karen also set the automatic sprinklers that were located overhead, infront, on both side and behind. These were installed to cool down her animals in the hot summer. The stall was also equipped with heat lamps to keep the animals warm in the winter. She set the heat lamps for 3 hours but not until the following day at 6 am. It was now 7 pm and Karen knew she needed to be ready by 8pm.

Karen finally walked to the stock and pillory where she grabbed a harness off the floor. This harness held her milking cups which would be locked on via the roller buckle in the back. She placed the harness around her breasts that were already sticking out and strapped the buckle tight and locked it in place. Next she took a step and place her feet in the bottom stocks. The stocks spread her legs 3 feet. She placed them in the cuff and both metal ends locked in placed via the electric magnets.

Next she bent over and grabbed a pole that was in the center below her pussy. She pulled the steel shaft upwards and inserted the 2 inch diameter pole deep in her pussy until it hit her cervix. She moaned with pleasure and the sound of the ratchet meant she was impaled for 72 hours until she could get free. On the front of the pole, was a vibrator that pressed tightly against her clitoris. This vibrator was set at random intervals and lengths of time and speed.

Karen was almost finished with her bondage. She pulled the hood over her head and zipped it up, turning her world dark. Karen felt for the gag and tightly buckled it behind her head. The gag itself was a combination penis and ball gag. This ensured her mouth was full and the penis went to the back of her throat forcing her to swallow her own milk without throwing it up or spitting it out. This was very important since she was going to be her only source of nourishment for the next 3 days.

Now was the moment of truth. Karen placed her neck in the head cuff and held the top half of the stock. As she aligned her hands with the bottom stock the weight of the steel caused her hands to drop and the stock lock in place magnetically. Karen was now a prisoner by her own hand. She was now locked, imprisoned with no signs of escape for the next 3 days.

She could feel her pussy slipping on the pole, making her clitoris rub against the head of the vibrator. She was in heaven, locked in her bondage, not able to escape, forced to drink her milk in order to sustain her life. She wondered how long she could last like this. Karen began to imagine being held captive for life, held in permanent bondage and being self sustained. Her mind kept wondering and calculating the possibilities when she was awakened by the cold wet sprinkler that showered her whole body.

The water sprayed all over her body soaking every inch of her specially made chamois suit. Her body became heavy from the weight of the water, pulling her body down arching her back. Karen's mind imagined she was being pissed on by a bunch of drunken frat boys that locked her in some dingy local bar. Karen's pussy became wetter as she imagined them forcing their dicks in her mouth making her suck and swallow all of their cum. She thought she could make this other fantasy a reality but first she needed to survive her current predicament. A light breeze came through her stall cooling off her body making her shiver. Karen began to get goose bumps all over her body, her breasts looked like tight round globes of chicken skin.

Karen was now soaked in her new suit. She loved how it felt against her skin. Karen was enjoying her bonds when the vibrator turned on. Karen’s pussy immediately began to leak her fluid. She squirmed in her bondage, her ass was wriggling more profoundly when ZZZZZAAAPPPP!!!!!! MMMMNNNPPPHHHH, Karen’s ass was shocked by the cattle prod. 'Fuck, I totally forgot about the damn cattle prods. How am I supposed to cum'. Karen’s ass had a mind of it’s own, moving and shaking. She endured several more shocks, the last one sending her into orgasm. Karen slumped in her bondage and fell asleep.

Karen was zapped out her slumber by a shock to her ass. The cattle prod made her jump out of her skin. 'Shit is it already morning'. Karen could smell the moist air and feel the dew on her body. Karen began to feel warm and could feel the air around her become comfortable. The heat lamps were activated and began to warm her stall. She was relieved to feel the warmth as her shivering began to subside but she felt her breathing starting to become labored.

'Oh shit, my suit is starting to shrink', Karen could feel her Chamois suit starting to dry and shrink. Her body felt like it was being clamped in a vise. An overall tightness made Karen felt like she was shrinking in size. She began to climax in her bondage, her pussy slipping and sliding on the pole. Karen loved the feeling, she couldn't believe how much she enjoyed this feeling of inescapable bondage where she could possibly die. Karen knew she found her nirvana in timed bondage release.

Karen's body became immobile, she couldn't even flex or twitch a muscle or bend her legs. Karen imagined herself placed in the center of a courtyard of a township locked in her stocks being punished for sex crimes. Her punishment was to be tortured and tormented by all in the town as they pleased. Her sentence was two weeks in her stocks and wrapped in plaster with only her buttocks, vagina and mouth exposed. Karen's pussy began to quiver again as she imagined herself as the spectacle of her town, her privates open to anyone willing to use them.

Karen was snapped out of her dream as she heard a loud whining, then she felt a sharp pain on her nipples. The milking machine was activated and began supplying pressure on her nipples. Karen moaned in ecstasy as her breasts were being milked. Oh how she climaxed and came, dripping her juices into the pan and her breast milk being collected. She was milked for five minutes then the machine stopped. Karen would have collapsed if she was not held up by her bondage.

As she began to relax, Karen heard another sound but could not figure out what it was. She then felt a warm liquid with sour taste enter her mouth. 'Oh my god' she yelled in her head. 'I am drinking myself, god I taste so wonderful, I hope there is enough'.

Karen had no choice but to swallow all her fluids, both vaginal and breast milk. The pump steadily pushed fluids into her mouth, filling her with sustenance. Karen fell into a dark tight void. With the last shot of vagimilk as she called it, Karen collapsed in her tight bondage and fell asleep like a baby after suckling on her mothers breast.

To be continued....

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