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Kate's Early Experiments

by KatieK

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Storycodes: Solo-F; Sbf; fpov; bedtie; cuffs; toys; climax; X

I'm Kate. I’m 20, tiny at 5’0”, slender, medium length jet-black hair. Small-ish boobs, but on my little frame they catch the eyes. As a kid I played tie-up games with friends. While innocent at first, in my mind the games took a sexual turn as I hit puberty. By my late teens I had frequent fantasies about being tied up naked. Mostly these were images of vulnerability rather than tied sex, but that would change as well.

I got a good job right out of high school and by 19 I moved out of my childhood home and into my own apartment.

I shopped for mostly inexpensive furniture, but when looking at bedroom items I saw a substantial Sleigh Bed. Large wooden headboard and footboard, sturdy horizontal beams and legs. I immediately had ideas of how I could tie myself to that bed! The bed was my top purchase that day and I could barely wait until it was in my bedroom.

Delivered and installed, I began plans for how to tie myself. I had an idea for a delayed release device. Two short lengths of rope folded over, a loop on one end and loose on the other end. Lay the loose ends on each other, immerse them in water and freeze them. When frozen it would act as a single rope with loops at the far ends, but when the ice melted the rope ends would just slide apart. I experimented and found an amount of ice that would hold securely for about fifteen minutes. I also figured that I could extend that later with some aluminum foil wrap around the ice. I’d bookmark that for later. I made two sets, one release for each wrist. Why two? Eh, felt safer.

I bought padded wrist and ankle cuffs with Velcro closures and adjustable straps with snap hooks. I would tie short loops of rope to each of the four feet of the bed. The snap hooks would connect to the ropes at the four corners. For the wrist straps I’d place the ice releases in line so they would release me as they melted. I’d lay the straps and the pull-to-tighten adjustment ends so they wouldn’t fall off the bed as I tied myself. With the in-line releases the wrist straps were long enough that I could use both hands to clip-in to the wrist cuffs, but I could still pull myself into the tied-spread-eagle position.

First test! When I removed the releases from the freezer the clock would begin ticking. I stripped, put on a robe, applied the wrist & ankle cuffs, mentally double-checked everything, went out and retrieved the releases from the freezer. At that point I began to move quickly. In the bedroom I put the two releases in line with the wrist straps, double checking to be sure I had it right, no mistakes. I dropped my robe, now naked, slipped into bed, cuffed my ankles, scootched my ass to a good spot, stretched my legs toward the corners of the bed and pulled out the slack on the straps. It felt delicious!

Pausing, I looked to the full length mirror on the wall and realized I had a perfect view of my half-tied naked bod. Yikes! I hadn’t planned on that, but well done! Seeing my reflection I thought I looked hot as hell like this. I wanted to touch myself but thought about the melt time ticking away and went back to action. I snapped both wrists in, holding the adjustment straps in both hands. Just pull to finish the job! I imagined my tie-up playmates watching as I gradually pulled the slack out. A bit on the left, a bit on the right, getting more aroused each time I felt the straps move, losing slack I couldn’t get back, not sure where the no-escape point was.

I liked the strap adjustment sound. Tug left, then right, staring at the ceiling. It seemed to go on for quite a while until I tugged and felt one wrist cuff pull back securely. I tugged the other adjuster to get it even and it was done!

I looked to the mirror. There I was, spread, naked, helpless. I pulled against the ice releases and got a satisfying denial. In my head I played with fantasy scenes - tied up by my friends, except this time they had pulled my clothes off, a fantasy scene with a boyfriend playing with my naked body, and other mental images that I made up as I lay there. I wiggled and pulled, watching myself, turned on by how useless my attempts were. After several minutes one of the ice releases popped, I pulled hard to get the other loose and I fingered myself to orgasm.

I played out this scenario several times over a few weeks. Eventually it was time to go further.

I began searching the internet for spread-eagle bondage vids and images. Lots that I liked, but one video that really triggered me. A lady was tied to the corners of the bed, naked, being sexually played with by a guy. He had a dildo and a vibrator attached to a short rod. As the dildo went into her pussy, the vibrator went against her clit. She wiggled around, but as she moved the vibrator moved with her. Her own twat was keeping the vibrator right on her clit! Stretched out, forced to cum while tied. I wanted it!

OK, how? I searched for vibrators and quickly found rabbit vibrators. Two in one! The inserted dildo portion guided the clit vibrator. Hmm, if I could attach something to keep it in place I could be like the girl in the video, tied and unable to get away from the vibrator.

Still shopping rabbits online, I chose a style with a smaller inserted portion and a bigger clit tickler. It also allowed remote control via a phone app. Sweet! Next I shopped for a way to mount it. After some false starts I happened across a “tension” curtain rod. Rubber ends designed to press against opposing walls, adjustable length with an internal spring. I ordered them and in a few days I had my new toys in hand.

It didn’t take long to make my idea work. Picture this. I attached one end of the rod to the rabbit. Once in position on my bed, I’d slip the rabbit into/onto me with the rod adjusted so the far end would contact the footboard of my bed. When I tied my legs and tugged the adjusting straps I would be drawn against the rabbit. The rod’s spring would compress a bit and would press the rabbit back into me. With everything under tension the rod wouldn’t move, the rabbit wouldn’t move and I couldn’t escape the vibrator on my clit. Bingo!

Next I played with the vibrator’s remote control app on my phone. The dildo and rabbit’s head had separate controls. Four levels of vibration each with timers. A devious thought popped into my head: The girl I’d watched in the video was out of control, and I wanted that to be my first experience. No test runs. I wanted to tie myself and let the rabbit have its way with me for my first time!

All my gear was ready. I arranged everything, got naked, slipped on the robe, applied the wrist & ankle cuffs, checked things again. Before removing the releases from the freezer I programmed the app. Four levels. I set the dildo and clit tickler levels the same: a three minute delay, followed by one minute on level 1, two on 2, three on 3 and four minutes on level 4. All I had to do was press ‘start’ and it would go. I placed the phone on the bed and paused.

Ready? I was indecisive. I told myself to check one last time and then just do it.

I looked at everything. All set. Ready. Still just sitting there. Ready? Dammit, do this!

I went to the freezer and retrieved my ice releases. In the bedroom I quickly put them in line, dropped my robe and climbed into bed. I attached the leg straps to the ankle cuffs, positioned myself and slipped the rabbit home. With the rod against the footboard I scootched down onto the rabbit a bit, feeling my rig press back into me. Final pulls on the leg straps made sure that until I had a free hand the rabbit wasn’t going anywhere.

I attached the arm straps to the wrist cuffs. I still wasn’t committed until I pulled out the slack. I grabbed my phone with my left hand, pressed the start button and set it by my hip. I grabbed both adjusters and began pulling bit by bit with my arms stretched out to the corners of the bed. I didn’t want to know when I’d gone beyond the point of no return. It felt so hot! Tugging, tugging until I felt resistance. I pulled the adjusters to be even and dropped them. At this point I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Oh, have I done it now!

I looked to the phone, wanting to see the countdown, but the screen had gone blank. I guessed at least a minute before the rabbit would kick on. I played with my predicament, trying to move myself away from the rabbit. Digging with my heels to push, rolling my hips. Nope, the ankle straps allowed nothing. I tried lifting my hips. I felt a momentary lightening of the rabbit’s push, but then the spring in the rod extended! I’d done my work well and I wasn’t getting away from my new toy. Just then, the rabbit came to life!

Mmm, nice! I felt a bit of internal vibration, but the clit tickler was the focus of my attention. It was a gentle buzz, enough to get me off if it ran for long enough. I looked to the mirror, admiring my handiwork and picturing myself as the girl in the video. I rolled and lifted my hips as the rabbit toyed with me. It followed my movements and kept everything in constant contact. I giggled at my helplessness and exposure. Right then the rabbit jumped to the next level!

Woah! Wooooah!! This was just level 2? The gentle buzz was gone, replaced by an intense, insistent vibration. I pulled uselessly at my wrist restraints, realizing I was only moments from cumming. The rabbit wasn’t going to stop and I wasn’t getting away from it. As I built toward orgasm I turned my attention to my reflection in the mirror. Watching as I tensed up, my breath quickening. I tried to sit up, the restraints denying the move. I watched as my stomach muscles became taut. I pulled at my restraints, no escape. My face reddened as an orgasm hit, helpless to stop it!

After climaxing I looked to the ceiling, amazed at having watched myself cum like that. I relaxed, tried to ignore the post-cum sensitivity, tried not to think ahead. “Click!” Level three!

Aack! I was in the deep end now. Not knowing what was coming was the point of my no-test-runs decision, but I now was just keeping it together. The girl I’d watched in the video was out of control, and that sure was me now! After cumming I was hyper-sensitive, and since I’d never continued after masturbating to orgasm I’d never had these sensations. It didn’t hurt, exactly, just too much. That changed quickly as I looked at my reflection again. I saw myself in the helpless spot I’d fantasized about and immediately felt another orgasm build. I tried one more time pulling against the ice releases, but it was still too soon. Tied, naked, a vibrator in me, another on me, nothing I could do until released. Nothing but cum, that is. Another climax rushed over me. “Click!”

Level four was so much that the two vibrators joined in one vibrational blur. I was no longer struggling. I closed my eyes and let it wash over me. Orgasm, hyper-sensitivity, orgasm, I lost track of how many times. Eventually the rabbit stopped. I was so spent that I didn’t move for a few minutes. When I finally pulled against the wrist cuffs they came loose easily.


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