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Kathie’s Mistake

by Sutton

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© Copyright 2011 - Sutton - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; rope; cuffs; gag; caught; M/f; bond; tease; toys; climax; cons/reluct; X

Kathie was a 23 year old blonde with a secret. As a teenager, she’d developed an interest in bondage. It was probably due to her father’s love of westerns and detective shows which usually had scenes of someone tied helplessly and held captive. She had no idea why these scenes interested her so much until curiosity got the best of her and she began experimenting with tying herself up.

Her first attempts were awkward and easy to escape from. The only things she had to use were bathrobe sashes and a belt or two. But, by the time she’d entered college, she had collected various cords and ropes to use. Her ability to free herself easily was still frustrating to her. It wasn’t until a stroll off campus in her freshman year (when she found some handcuffs at a small sex boutique) that things changed. Now she could bind her ankles and cuff her hands to be helpless until the keys would free her.

She would wait until her roommate was out and securely bind her ankles, slip on the cuffs and struggle across the room for the keys. For the time being it was satisfying but there was a feeling that something was missing. She needed to be helpless under someone else’s control. Often, she’d thought of bringing up the subject of bondage with the guys she dated but was afraid things would get out of control or that she would be marked as weird. So she kept her secret.

After college, she moved back in with her parents. Her father’s job suddenly required him to relocate so they decided to let her have the house for a small monthly rent. Glad that she wouldn’t need to move, Kathie eagerly accepted their offer. She would have her own place and save tons of money on rent. Her job as a paralegal paid well enough but it would have been hard to find a place as nice as her parents’ house.

The first weekend after her parent’s left Kathie decided to relax and spend some time in self bondage. She’d been searching through the internet and found some ideas to help her achieve the feeling of total helplessness that she was looking for. She woke up in the morning and showered before laying out the items she needed for her session.

The previous night, she placed the keys to her handcuffs in a container of water in the freezer. This was one of the ideas she’d found online. It would keep her locked in the cuffs until the ice melted; she didn’t know how long it would take. She didn’t bother to dress after her shower and went naked to the kitchen to have a light breakfast and retrieve the frozen keys. Her nudity in itself was exciting because she’d never walked around the house like that before. She enjoyed the feeling of freedom and made a note to do it more often.

Kathie placed the ice containing the keys in a bowl on the coffee table within easy reach. She went upstairs and began her session by tying her ankles together with some rope. Next, she wadded up a scarf and stuffed it into her mouth, securing it in place with another scarf. Now it was time for the cuffs. She hesitated for a few moments, trying to decide if her hands should be in front or in back of her. This was something she’d thought about before but had never done. The websites she’d looked at usually showed women with their hands bound behind them. She threw caution to the wind and snapped the cuffs shut behind her back. All she had to do was sit on the end of the coffee table and reach into the bowl to get the keys. It wouldn’t be hard to do.

Getting off the bed, Kathie grabbed the small bag containing her vibrator and some extra ropes. She knew she wouldn’t be able to pleasure herself until she was free but didn’t want to waste time returning to her room for the vibrator. Slowly, she worked her way to the stairs in short hops. Kathie had to lean against the wall and slide down until her bottom was on the floor so she could scoop down the stairs on her ass. She hopped into the living room and dropped the bag onto the floor. Then, one more idea from the internet popped into her head.

One of the sites had mentioned the possibility of being discovered sometimes added to the experience. This had an exciting appeal to it so Kathie hopped to the front door and, with her back to it, fumbled for the latch and unlocked it. Her hand turned the knob and she pulled the door wide open. There was actually little chance that anyone would find her. The mail wasn’t delivered until the afternoon and she wasn’t expecting any visitors. Still, the open door did add to her excitement.

A few more hops and she was lying on the couch, fantasizing about being discovered by a delivery man or a neighbor coming to borrow something. Lost in her daydreams, she reveled in her bondage. Kathie squirmed in her bonds and wiggled around to increase her pleasure. After an hour had passed, she glanced at the bowl and saw that the ice hadn’t melted enough to release the handcuff keys. She would be helpless for at least a couple of hours. She had only planned on the session lasting a short time, but had neglected to do a trial run to see how long the ice would last. Now she was truly a captive by her own hand.

Suddenly, she heard a vehicle pull into the driveway. Who could be coming to the house and why this early? It was only 11:00 so it couldn’t possibly be the mail carrier. Then she remembered the note on the refrigerator! Her father had scheduled a repairman to come and service the furnace today! Kathie had totally forgotten about it!

Footsteps on the porch and a knock on the door announced his arrival. A voice called through the screen door, “Hello, is anyone here?” Kathie couldn’t respond, gagged as she was. Again the voice called out and she heard the door open. Panic overcame her as she heard the man step through the door into the foyer.

”Holy shit!  Are you okay?” A tall, dark haired man stood in the doorway staring at her. Kathie nodded her head and closed her eyes in embarrassment. “I’ll untie you and call the police.”

Kathie opened her eyes wide and screamed into her gag, shaking her head “no”. The man stepped over to her and saw the keys still frozen in the ice. He rolled her onto her side and saw the cuffs on her wrists. “You did this to yourself, didn’t you?” he asked. She timidly nodded her head. “Well, this isn’t something that usually happens to me and I’m not quite sure how to handle it. I can get you out of this predicament and get on to my work or I can make sure you stay like this until I’m finished and have some fun myself.”

Moaning into her gag, Kathie gave up all hope of being set free by this stranger. The tone of his voice told her he had already decided on his course of action. She knew he was going to keep her bound until he satisfied any twisted urges he had. Her suspicions were confirmed when he dug into her bag and pulled out the extra ropes and her vibrator.

The stranger slipped the vibrator into her slit, commenting on how wet she was. He wrapped one piece of rope around her waist and secured it behind her. The rope then was passed between her thighs and tied off in front, securing the vibrator in place. Next, he took another length of rope and used it to connect her bound ankles to the cuffs on her wrists, firmly hogtying her.

“That should hold you until I’m done,” he said as he picked up the container of ice. “I’ll just put this back into the freezer for later. Maybe I’ll thaw it out and let you loose when we’re done playing.”

She heard the freezer door shut and the man’s footsteps on the basement stairs. Kathie struggled to free herself even though she knew it wouldn’t do any good. If she could release the hogtie and free her ankles, she would still be naked and cuffed with no way to free her hands. Both of the handcuff keys were frozen in the ice and there was no way for her to reach into the freezer for them. Her intended fun was turned into a nightmare by her simple mistake. If she hadn’t opened the front door the repairman would have left without ever discovering her.

Half an hour later, the repairman returned from the basement. He sat on the coffee table directly in front of her. “I’ve finished with the furnace so now we can get to know each other. My name’s Frank and you must be Kathie. Your dad said you’d be here but I never dreamed you’d be all tied up like this. I hope I didn’t scare you too much when I walked in but he gave me permission to come in if you didn’t answer the door. Did he know you were going to do this?” Kathie shook her head violently, no one knew about her kinky side, especially her family. “I never really thought he did but I wanted to be sure,” Frank said as he pulled out his cell phone and snapped a few pictures with its camera. ”Now I have a proposition for you. I’m going to give you a sample of what this can be like with a partner to tie you. Then, I’ll put the keys here, along with my phone number, and leave. If you enjoy what I do you can call and let me know if you’d like more. If you don’t call, I’ll take that as a no and won’t bother you again. The pictures are only for my own enjoyment.”

With that said, he released her from the hogtie and began gently running his hands along her body. He massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples. Kathie moaned into her gag as he touched her. The excitement of her situation and the vibrator humming inside her had her on the edge from the start. It seemed like only seconds before she exploded in the most violent orgasm of her life. She bucked against his hand bringing wave after wave of pleasure crashing over her. Frank finally pulled his hands away and let her calm down. He stood up and pulled the keys and a note from his pocket and placed them on the table. He smiled at her and left without another word.

Kathie’s body ached from sexual tension and her bondage but, after several long minutes, was able to free herself. She pulled the vibrator out of her dripping pussy and slumped back onto the sofa exhausted. When her strength returned, she walked to the kitchen for some water. She had Frank’s note with her and picked up the phone. “Frank, this is Kathie. I called to thank you for today. When can we get together so I can return the favor?”

I guess not all mistakes turn out bad.



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