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Katie’s Surprise

by R G Bargy

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© Copyright 2006 - R G Bargy - Used by permission

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I had been interested in bondage since I was a teenager, I do not know why. At first it was curiosity. Why should anyone want to be tied up? What did it feel like? Why did I get excited at the thought of it? Of course I did not have anyone to ask, neither did I have any one to help me. I began my journey into self bondage.

I started simply, using my dressing gown belt to tie my hands and tights to tie my legs. I progressed to buying rope. Then one day I got stuck. I had used slip knots to tighten the loops, pulling against doors or the bed. This time I used it to cinch my wrists. I reckoned that pulling my hands apart would release the knot. Unfortunately there was too much friction in the rope to be loosened. The knife I had kept handy was blunt as anything. It took most of the night to get free, fortunately I had my own bedroom and nobody disturbed me.

From then on I resolved to be more careful. I elected to use leather straps. They were easier to put on and left virtually no tell tail marks. There were D rings and buckles to make more elaborate bindings. The only question was how to secure my wrists and still be able to free myself. I came up with the perfect solution. I had a pair of leather cuffs, one with a spring loaded clasp and the other an open double spiral. When I pushed the clasp it locked onto the spiral. I could pull and struggle as much as I wanted without success. Only by carefully twisting the clasp off the spiral could I remove it. Simple yet foolproof.

I soon started to include sexual stimulation in my games and discovered which positions gave me the most enjoyment. As I researched what other people did I learnt of the delayed release mechanisms. My system had no built in lock but I realised that with a short chain wrapped through the spiral I could prevent my release yet the padlock was easily accessible in any position, even the strictest hog-tie. I loved the tight restrictions and the different ways I could stimulate or frustrate myself. I tried nipple clamps, enemas, breast torture, unstoppable vibrators, the works. Then I met my husband to be.

Tom was everything I could have wanted. We shared interests in music, sport, travel even religion. He courted me like a gentleman and refused all carnal activities before wedlock. The subject of bondage never arose. I indulged myself sometimes when alone but he never knew and I could not work out how to bring the subject up.

Once married he was like a man possessed, and I was the possession. We made passionate love writhing in each others arms. It was all conventional sex although we varied the positions. He liked to take me from behind but not in the rectum, just “doggy style”. Then one day when we were watching a film the heroine got tied up. It was typical Hollywood, no real restriction, but I saw his eyes open wide and his breathing increase. I tested my theory by getting a video I knew included another bondage scene. His reaction was similar.

“Have you ever seen a real girl tied up?” I asked casually, trying desperately to keep calm..

“No, of course not,” he replied quickly. He seemed embarrassed by his reactions. “It will never happen.”

I sensed his mood and decided against pursuing it at that time.

A few days later during breakfast I confronted him.

“How would you react if you came home and found me all tied up?”

He floundered. I could see the idea had appeal but his love for me prevented him wishing me harm.

“I’d kill the man who did it,” he concluded dramatically.

“What if I did it to myself?” I said softly my heart in my mouth.

“I don’t know,” he floundered. There was a long silence. “It will never happen.”

“Be careful what you wish for.” I said quietly.

The subject was dropped. I just had to work out when to do it.

I decided on the anniversary of our engagement. Our wedding anniversary was still months away, and besides we had decide to go on a second honeymoon. As luck would have it he had a meeting scheduled for that evening. I was not sure he had remembered the significance of the day, you know what men are, nevertheless I made my plans. He would come home to find me bound and at his mercy.

How to do it? I did not want him to realise that I was experienced so the belts were out. I found a web site that explained rope bondage techniques and practised a couple of the ideas until I could do it successfully, then remembering my previous escapade decided that I would finish it by cinching my wrists with a slip knot. I did not want to be able to escape. I debated using a gag but decided it would look too well rehearsed. To be honest I am very wary of gagging myself, you hear so many stories about accidental choking. I am too careful to get caught out like that. I went out and bought 50 metre of bright white, soft nylon rope. It would look unused and spontaneous, and pretty! I then spent several hours cutting it and sealing the ends.

The evening arrived and I waived him goodbye without giving any indication of what I was planning. I had a couple of hours to prepare and started with a long soak in the bath. There would be no toys for me this time, any satisfaction would have to come from Tom. I dried myself and then dressed in the most sexy outfit I could think of: a red Basque that left my tits fully exposed, stockings and suspenders, but no knickers of course

First I bound my breasts making them bunch. I had seen a web site where a girl used a double spring clip attached to a door handle as a means of wrapping herself up in a shibari body harness. I have not had the practise she had so my efforts were not as elegant but by turning around and around I made a very effective body tie. It was tighter than my belts used to be. My arms were already tightly pulled against my body making movement more difficult. I tied my ankles to the corners of the bed so that I would be suitably exposed. This was quite a work of art pulling my legs apart by using the bed as a pulley. I started with a double length of rope caught on itself to secure then taken around the bedpost. As I pulled my ankle was forced in the direction of the post, it was than relatively simple to tie it off back to the ankle. I even took several turns before splitting the ropes to tie it. I then repeated the process for my knees, splaying myself wide. It took a great deal of advance thought and preparation to get the ropes in the right place before tying them off in turn, but I was very careful. I had thought this through and rehearsed it in my mind many times. Tonight was going to be perfect.

I had prepared a couple of pillows to make a mound to lean over. My hands were to be behind my back with the cinch rope attached to the bed head. The idea was to make several loops to put my hands through, the loops were already fairly tight for me to squeeze through.. I had run the rope around my waist to hold my hands to my back. The cinch rope was the master stroke. It ran under the body ropes down my spine making it impossible to loosen and also forced me to bend over. Once I jerked my arms down I was held. There would be no escape. I paused for a few minutes before making the final move. I had no back up release mechanism, I pulled my hands and felt the loops tighten. There was no going back.

My first reaction was to test my bondage. With my legs pulled apart I was not able to roll or fall over. I could not pull my hands loose or effect the cinch. There were no knots within my reach. I was bent over forward and the rope to the bed head stopped me lifting my torso at all. I was squeezed and held tight. My pussy felt vacant yet I knew I was very wet. I could not even see a clock to work out how long I would have to wait for freedom. I had remembered to empty my bladder and bowels. I was sure I had thought of everything. I was not unduly uncomfortable. I waited impatiently for Tom to come home and have his wicked way with me.

I heard the telephone ring. We do not have an answer phone as such. The automated system records messages if no one answers. I had no idea that Tom had just rung to say that he was unavoidably detained and would see me tomorrow night.



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