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Kelly Liu’s Adventures in Self-Bondage

by Kim Normunde

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© Copyright 2003 - Kim Normunde - Used by permission

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Hello I would like to tell you a story about a woman who decided to take her smarts and imagination and have some fun. This story will be told in first person because I like to put myself into the subjects place and more often than not I end up with a dripping pair of panties when I am done, so here we go.

My name is Kelly Liu, yes that is the same way that Lucy spells it but I am no relation. I stand 5’2” tall and if I dress right I can pass for a girl instead of the woman of 28 that I am. I have small very perky tits and a pair of the tightest legs that lead to an equally thigh pair of ass cheeks. I keep my hair waist length and due to my Asian background it is straight as an arrow. I work for an electronics developer whose specialty is A.I. (or Artificial Intelligence.) We have been working on making the home user friendly by having a computer do some of the basic chores. One thing we developed is a robotic arm that senses when you get out of bed and will make it up for you and determine all on its own when to put clean sheets on for you, things like that.

I first got interested in self-bondage when I was surfing the net and ran across a picture of a woman all trussed up and the caption said “Self Imposed Bondage.” I wondered why someone would do that to himself or herself and while I continued my studies in college for my degree I continued to research Self-Bondage and the more I found the more I liked. I started to dream of ways to tie myself up and on the weekends I would put these into practice, I did however find that the thought of someone else tying me up was so dreadful that I needed to find a way to do it better myself. I started to focus on robotics and ways for the robots to run themselves. I ended up getting my doctorate in robotic engineering with a minor in computer programming. 

Now lets move ahead from college to the present and tell you that I have had some success with getting robots thinking for themselves, in fact the company I work for has promoted me to Senior Vice-President in charge of Future Developments. I could not have dreamed of a better post for my ever-growing needs. I am able to study proposals on all sorts of new “toys.” I have also just bought a large ranch house in the country, which sits on 20 acres. The house has a 6’ fence all the way around which cannot be seen through. The house also has a large family room with a vaulted ceiling. I have started to do some personal renovations to this room. I have covered over the windows and installed soundproofing. I have also re-done the wiring system in this room so that it will support quite a lot machines, yet to be built. I have reinforced the ceiling so that it can support a car if I wanted to. Through out the house I have installed cameras that will be run by a central computer that I have yet to program fully for this job. I also have bought two Alaskan Malamutes to act as guard dogs.

Now in the Dungeon or Kelly’s Play Pen I have installed lockers to hold all sorts of toys. These lockers will be accessable by a robotic arm. In fact I have installed several robotic arms as well as pulleys, chains, ropes, hooks, posts, and all sort of thing that will make my Play Pen complete. I have also built a roaming robot that has full run of the yard, I plan to do a lot of outdoor adventures as well. 

Well not to run on too much but I would just like you to know that my house is the most up to date house in the county maybe even the country. I will need a couple of months to completely install the different systems that will run all of the robots, cameras, hoses, and anything else I can come up with. I will continue to work and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Part 2

Hi it’s me again. I have spent the last three months to finish up with my programming and along the way I have be assisted by the company I work for. During the course of my duties I got a proposal that was just what I needed, the proposal stated that it would be possible to take a program we already have and use this new program to make a computer program itself to do a job with a give set of boundaries but no specific instructions on how to accomplish the job. With this new program I have been able to program all of the different systems in my house and have them act on their own when performing a job. I have an extended vacation coming because I have not taken one in three years. I made a deal with my boss that I would work out of my house for the next couple of months and take time when something came up. 

On the first day of my vacation/homework I decided to test the system, I have programmed the system that runs the cameras to follow my every move in and out of the house, I started to do some chores and after this I went to the tapes, perfect the cameras did not miss a beat. I then tested the arms in my playroom, I have a love doll for testing and I told the computer what I wanted and then pushed the doll into the room and watched the fun unfold on TV. The arms and the computer did as I had hoped. Now all I had to do was to get enough courage up to step into the parlor and play the fly to my man-made spider.

I decided to start off slow I told to computer to simply tie me up for 2 hours, that’s all, I did not say when to start or nothing else. I went about by business that day and actually went into the playroom a couple of times and nothing happened, I was beginning to think that I had missed something when it happened. I had gone into the room to check on one of the arms, it was showing a problem, when I was grabbed. I was held by both arms like I was a doll; these arms I installed were going to do the trick. Out of nowhere another arm put some rope around first one wrist then the other and up I went. I was pulled off the floor so that I was just hanging in mid air. I thought that the program did just fine and I was prepared to just hang for 2 hours when something else happened, another arm came at me and tied my legs to some pulleys and pulled my legs so far apart that the dress I was wearing ripped. 

Wow was I getting wet, then another arm grabbed my dress and pulled until the cloth gave and I was hanging in just my bra and panties and heels. I was trying to think where this extra programming came from when it hit me, I had programmed the computer to do its own research into self-bondage and it must have set up some basics of its own. Then it happened again the arm came out and pulled my bra off and then it grabbed my panties and pulled up so that they were holding my weight, boy I was in heaven. Back and forth I swung so that my panties were rubbing me to an orgasm and when I came I was released. I looked at the timer on the wall and it read 2 hours, so no matter what else the program would release when I wanted. I was going to have fun.

Part 3

I have tested all systems and everything is working great. I have a million ideas on what I want to do so I have come up with an idea, and that is to give the computer several ideas to work on at once and when it is ready with one it will act on it. I have made some minor improvements to the system, one being I have put an arm in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. I now have fewer places to hide. I have ordered a whole new wardrobe and the whole time I am in the house I walk around dressed like the slut that I am. I have also put up microphones and speakers in my playroom, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. With the use of the microphones I will be able to change the programming during a session, I will be able to everything by voice including using a safe word to be released. 

I have been working out of my house for 2 weeks now and getting more done than when I went to the office so my boss has decided that I only need to come in on Mondays to attend meetings and to see to office duties, wow what possibilities. Monday came too fast for me I sure loved the freedom of being at home. I woke and decided to play it a little on the edge at work, I usually went to work in a pant suit that was conservative to say the least, but today I put on fishnet stockings, corset that attached to the stockings and also pushed up what little I had in the way of tits, on top of this I put on a silk tank top and a leather mini skirt and a matching leather jacket, to finish the outfit I wore 5 inch heels. 

When I got to the office my assistant had some papers for me to sign and my sectary had some reports for me to take home. I had a little meeting with the two of them and told them that I would be working from home and that my assistant would also be working from there. I then went to see my boss, as I walked into his office I undid my jacket and announced my presence, when he looked up from his desk his mouth went wide open and the look he gave me was priceless. He said I looked great, that he never thought he would see me dressed like this, I asked if he liked what he saw and he said yes he did. We talked about business and how it would work out with me working from home. I told him that I had it all under control and that I also had instructions for my assistant to make sure that a secure video feed was working between the conference room and my house. I told him that I have been through all the reports and that I would be scheduling video meetings through out the week. 

As I was leaving I made sure to drop something so I could bend over and pick it up, I did this by bending at the waist, this let my skirt ride up affording a view of my panties, I knew he was looking and was wishing he could have me. On my way out that afternoon I told my Pam my assistant to be at my house at 6 in the morning, with an early start we can finish early and I would treat her to dinner for all of her hard work. 

Now Pam is a year younger that me, she stands the same height and has just about the same measurements as me this is one reason I chose her, the other is her brains, she has degrees in subjects that complement mine so we make a good team. Pam arrived on time the next morning and I greeted her at the door wearing a pair of short tight shorts that let half of my ass hang out and a bikini top. The look on her face was priceless, she made the comment that she was over dressed and I said we could take care of that. I went upstairs and got a matching outfit, I handed it to her and said she could change in the downstairs bathroom. Little did she know I would be watching, she came out and modeled for me, boy I was getting hot. I showed her to the office I had set up and we got to work and while we were working I began to flirt with her. I told her how great she looked, how much I enjoyed her being around, and was even bold enough to brush up against her on more that one occasion. Along about lunchtime she was starting to feel the effects of what I was doing and started to flirt back. I then went to step 2. I started to talk about how I liked certain things when it came to sex. I managed to broach the subject about bondage and found out that she liked the thought of being tied up and helpless. 

At quitting time I said that it was time to go to dinner and that we should get ready, she once again said she had nothing to wear. I once again said that was okay that I had it covered, I had an outfit laid out in the spare bedroom and she could shower and change in there. I quickly left and went to shower myself. I was to watch her shower and put on the outfit because she had taken her time in deciding wether she wanted to put on the outfit or not. I watched her first pull on the lace boy shorts, these were the type that let you show off most of your ass, she then put on the matching push up bra, the dress was a tee shirt dress that was so short and tight that you see her panties if she bent over or even sat down, the shoes that I laid our were 5 inch heels. I dressed in a matching outfit and was waiting by the door when she came out. 

She asked me were we were going and I said that it was a secret. We pulled up in front of the club and she noticed right off that we were dressed exactly like all of the other women and only women were going in, I explained that this was a woman’s only club and that the outfit was standard club dress. When we got inside she spotted the stage show, it consisted of one woman tying up another. We sat and ate and watched one couple after another until they announced our names. She was beside herself. I led her to the stage and with the help of the spiked drink got her out of her dress. I had her put her arms behind her back and preceded to tie them together, I started at the wrist and slowly wrapped the rope around her arms, one coil after another. As I went up her arms her chest was pushed out, and by the time I was at her shoulders she was simply at the point of no return, a little more bondage and she was mine. I then took a rope and tied it over one shoulder down through her crotch and over the other shoulder, I did this a couple of times, and I then grabbed the rope and gave a few tugs and watched her go over the edge. After she calmed down I untied her and let her dress, on the way back to my place she asked me why? All I could say was I knew she was a bondage slut like me and in the coming months we were going to have a lot of fun.

The next day I called in to the office and said that I would be out for most of the day and that I would not be taking any calls. I waited for Pam to show up and waited. I was starting to get worried when she finally showed up, she said she almost did not come. She was concerned about what I had in mind but since she trusted me so here she was. Today she was dressed in jeans and a tee shirt per my instructions. We got started and about half way through the day I asked her to go into the room marked playroom and get a file, she did. As she entered the room the robotic arms came to life and before she could react she was grabbed. The arm grabbed her around the throat and held her firm enough so she could not get free. Another arm showed up with a knife and waived it in her face, I could see the look in her eyes and it was pure fear. 

The arm proceeded to cut her clothing off, after this was done cuffs were put on her wrists and she was hung from the ceiling. Then another arm came up and sprayed her down and waited a couple of minutes and then sprayed her with water and all of her hair except her eyebrows and the hair on her head was removed. She was the placed over the very large dildo and lowered down on it. I let her hang like this for a couple of hours. I entered the room and looked into the eyes of a woman who wanted to cum so very bad. I told her if she agreed to move in and be my play toy as well as my companion that I would get her off, she agreed. I then commanded the arm to pull her up so that I could stand and eat her pussy, I did this through 2 maybe even 3 orgasms. When she was released she recovered by eating me to some orgasms of my own and then she spent the rest of the day giving away all of her stuff and getting out of her lease, when the day was done I had a roommate.

Part 4

I have been at it with Pam for about a month now. Work is good, life is good. Pam has taken to her new life like a gift from the heavens. Pam does everything I say and I have yet to have to punish her, she seem to always be horny, as am I, and she knows if she does a good job she gets to play. We almost always walk around in some kind of bondage now, my favorite thing to wear is a super tight corset that has these eyelets on either side which I lock 6 inch chains to as well as my wrists. Pam likes to be naked except for a posture collar that is locked on. This collar also has chains that run down through her crotch and back up so that she has two chains against her pussy, she then puts chains from her wrist to these chains, so if she moves her arms too much the chains get pulled through her pussy. I love it when she is walking and an orgasm hits, she gets this look and then just stands and shakes. On certain days one or both of us will have on plain clothes so that the playroom can be put to good use.

Today is one of these days. I awoke before Pam, like always. I went to the control room and programmed the computer for today’s games. It took me about 20 minutes to explain what I wanted and to answer any questions that the computer had. When this was finished I went and woke Pam and we showered together. I just love an early morning ride on Pam’s face. When we were done I told her to just put on an oversized tee shirt so that the playroom would not ruin any good clothing. The computer had all day for its program to run seeing that it was Saturday and the office was closed.

After breakfast we started to clean the house and when this was done we went to the playroom to check on some things. As soon as we entered the room the door was locked behind us. One of the robotic arms came at us and it had a flogger in its hand. The computer then told us that from know on it was to be called Mistress and it asked us if we understood. Well Pam right away said, "Yes Mistress", but silly me, I had to wait too long to answer and the flogger came down hard on my ass. After the issue of who was boss was settled we were told to strip and go over to the locker that had our name on it. It seem that the computer had done some remodeling of its own. I opened the locker and saw my outfit for the day; it consisted of a pair of stockings and 6-inch heels, a ball gag with a hole in the middle, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, and a posture collar. Pam’s was the same except that her heels were 7 inches tall. We dressed and then an arm came down and grabbed each of us. I was put face down on an x-shaped table; Pam was put in a pillory.

I then felt something against my ass and saw on one of the monitors that it was a rather large dildo with a hose on it. This dildo was very harshly shoved up into my ass then ice cold water was pumped in, while this was going on Pam was getting a good ass whipping. I could hear the swish and smack of each hit and they must be hard because Pam was yelling at each stroke. The water was pumped for what seemed like an hour but was only 2 minutes, when it was done I looked 9 months pregnant. I was then stopped up with a butt plug and hung upside down from the ceiling while Pam was being placed face up on a table and then a gag with a funnel on it was fitted to her mouth, when this was done I was placed over this funnel and told to release the contents of my colon, which I did gladly Pam was forced to drink down this water and shit mixture. I have to tell you that this was quite thrilling for me until the next step, which was to reverse the process so that Pam was on top and I was drinking. Mistress then held each of us firmly around the waist and forced a 3-foot double-ended dildo up our pussies and started to move us away from each other and the slammed us back together making our ass cheeks hit with a loud smack, it was announced that this would go on until we each had a dozen orgasms. My first came almost as soon as the dildo was placed in my pussy but the last was 3 hours later, Pam was pretty much the same. 

After we were fucked silly in our pussies the dildo was forced in our Asses and the count started over, this time it only took us 2 hours to finish. When this was finished we were dropped to the floor and from every direction possible whips came flying, we were hit on every part of our bodies and nothing would stop this assault except for us begging for more, I took the easy way out and after the first hit was begging, but Pam held out for 20 minutes. Mistress then tied us together facing each other in a 69 position and we were told that we would remain this way until Mistress decided otherwise. Three hours later we were released and told to clean up Mistress’ Dungeon. 

That night after dinner Pam and I talked about what had happened and how we felt about it, we both decided that we liked it and wanted to spend everyday in bondage but how to pay our bills. Pam said that we should put the cameras to use and design an Internet site. I put her in charge of this while I went to the office and put in our notice. For my trip to the office I decided to wear only a knee length jacket and high heels, this was for my bosses going away present. I went early the next day to the office and went straight to his office and let myself in. I then went over to his desk and put my and Pam letters of resignation on his desk I then put a key on his desk and hid in his restroom. 

He came in read the letters and saw the key he asked his assistant in and asked her about the key and before she could answer I stepped out of the bathroom and explained that since the two of them had been so good to me I had a going away present. I walked over to them and showed them the locks that held the jacket closed and if they wanted their present they would have to unlock the jacket for it. It was funny how they fought over the key when my boss said that since he was boss he got to unlock the present and that she should strip. He unlocked the jacket and took it off of me and I dropped to my knees and pulled his dick out of his pants and started to suck and all too fast he shot his load in my mouth. I then proceeded to eat his assistant’s pussy until she screamed in pleasure and at this point my boss shoved his dick in my pussy and rode me like a whore, he filled my pussy with his load and I then put my jacket on and left. When I got back home I told Pam and asked how she was doing and she said she was done. I looked at the web site and was amazed. It had options for the viewer to suggest for a price things they would like us to do and boy the prices were going to pay a lot of bills.

Part 5

Hi I as said in part 4 Pam and I are going global, we are setting up an Internet site. She has been working on it for a couple of days and it looks like it is going to be a good one. People are going to be able to watch Pam and myself going through our daily routine as well as our bondage fun. They will even be able to suggest different things for us to do and, if the price is right we will do it. We are going to call the site Kelly’s Pain Palace. I have set up some of our previous sessions for the opening of our site, so people can see what we are willing to do. 

Opening day has arrived and I can’t wait. The time is noon and we have launched. Okay 30 minutes has passed and we have had a couple of thousand hits, this is making my pussy hot. We have also incorporated a chat room and a message board and both are getting used. People seem to be asking if we are for real, it seems that some of the guys think it is all staged, well till we go live. We have our live cams set up for tomorrow morning when we shower.

9 a.m. wake up time. I get out of bed and go take a shower and then put on my make up, which consists of red wet lipstick and dark eye shadow. It was decided that to make the site pay off we would take turns in the Pain Palace. I first go and check the programming for my session and then go into the room. Before I enter the room I remove my robe and go in naked. The first thing that Mistress tells me to do is to put on a garter belt and stockings, I do. Then She tells me to put on a pair of 6-inch heels, I do. Then I am to lock on the heels, I do. Then I put on ankle cuffs. Then I put on wrist cuffs. Then I put on a bright red corset with no cups for my tits, Mistress helps me to lace it up. After all of this is done I am told to stand in the center of the room and the lights go out. When they come back up I am hanging from the ceiling with my arms cuffed together. Mistress then says she has a surprise for me and before I knew it I was hit across the ass with a paddle. 

First one cheek then the other, this went on for 10 minutes, when it stopped I was really hot. At some point during the paddling two 9-inch dildos were mounted on poles, which are made to piston up and down, and positioned under me. As soon as the paddling was stopped the dildos took over. The first one homed in on my pussy and was shoved half way in, while the other one just sat there. In and out this plastic dick went and just when I was about to cum it stopped. Then nothing, then the other one was pushed against my ass and slowly forced in. Then the piston motion started. Along about the time I was ready to pop the other dildo was put to use, Mistress had one coming and one going, in and out for the next 20 minutes. I had two of the best orgasms at the ends of those dildos. 

I was hanging kind of of limp so Mistress put me on the x-frame and tied me down. Once I was on the frame a device was installed behind me, it had a spinning wheel and a dozen straps of different lengths and widths. The idea is to have the wheel start spinning and as it spun the subject would be hit at whatever point on the body chosen by the computer. The wheel started and I felt the first of many slaps on my ass, the straps hurt like hell and to keep my screams from being too loud Mistress put a ball gag in my mouth. The spanking went on for 10 minutes and then the spanking changed to my other cheek. After another 10 minutes the direction changed and the straps started moving towards my pussy, I was terrified because I had never been hit there, closer and closer they came until they struck, wow! I had the most mind blowing orgasm ever. This beating lasted for only 5 minutes but boy what 5 minutes they were, when this was over I was released and told to get out, I did.

Part 6

Its been a while since I last wrote and I am sorry I should be punished but I have been busy. As I told you in an earlier part I had Pam build a web site. Well this web site has kept us tied up a lot. The money is flowing in and the fun never stops. I have bought the land adjoining mine so that I have about 50 acres and it is all behind a 15 foot tall fence that you cannot see through. I have put arms in all of the rooms in the house now as well as making 6 roaming master bots for the yard. All of these are controlled by the A.I. That I have running my Master program, or should I say Mistress program. 

My days are spent pleasing all of the sick twisted perverts that subscribe to my web site and boy do they come up with a lot of stuff. I have had to put in a drop off building out front for when UPS or FedEx comes by so that they do not see what I am doing. Pam has found out that she has a higher level of tolerance than I so she goes out of her way to be bad and get whipped. 

This new life of mine has been going on about a year now and it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have turned over my life to an uncaring machine that has  only one reason for being and that is to carry out the wishes of the Web Site. I have also started putting together videos of our sessions and put them up for sale. I want to tell you about what happened the other day. 

My days start off the same I get up and check the web site for any messages that I have to respond to and then I ask Mistress for permission to clean up and get ready for the day. I start off by going into the bathroom and emptying myself of any fluids or solids that I have inside. This morning however when I stepped into the bathroom I was grabbed and held off the floor. My legs were spread apart by a 18 in. spreader bar and I was forced into a squatting position. I was held this way while I took a shit and pissed, then I was turned over and an enema was inserted into my ass. I was filled with what I thought was gallons of cold water but was only 2 quarts. I was put back into the squat and a rather large dildo was stuck up my ass and I was ass fucked through an orgasm and then allowed to release the contents of my bowels. 

While this was going on I heard water running and thought that I might get a warm bath but no the water was as could as could be. I was dunked and washed and dunked again, this went on for a while when it was done I was told to dry off and fix my hair into two pony tails. I did as I was told and went back into the bedroom and saw my outfit, it consisted of a sheer white button up shirt that you tied at the belly, a plaid ultra short mini skirt, knee high white stockings, and 6 in. black shoes. I got dressed and was told to go to the study as the principle wanted to see me. 

As I walked into the den I could see that it had been turned into an office and who did I see behind the desk, Principal Pam. Pam was dressed in a knee length latex skirt that had a slit up to the belt line on both sides, she had on a latex red latex corset with a black latex jacket, and she had on 7 in. heels, wow she looked so fucking hot. I walk up the desk and was instructed to sit, the only chair that was there had a 12 in. dildo sticking up and this is what I had to sit in, I slowly lowered my pussy down onto this monster and once down Pam said get up. So up I went then she said to sit on the chair using the back as the front so I sat again, when all the way down Pam tied my hands and produced a bag. She said that they had done a locker search and this is what they found in mine. It was the dildo I was sitting on, an O gag, clamps of different sizes, different paddles, and a picture of my beloved Principal naked.

She looked quite mad and said that she was going to use each clamp and each paddle on me and there was nothing I could do. She proceeded to use the O ring gag on me so that I could not protest. She then got out this paddle that had to be a foot long by 8 inches wide and it had hole in it, she said that the holes were to let the wind not cushion the blow. The first blow was on both ass cheeks and boy it hurt, she kept up a good steady rhythm right cheek, left cheek, and then both cheeks. Whenever she hit both it was twice as hard. This went on for a good 10 minutes and I thought I was going to go mad. I was getting sore on my ass but because I was riding a big 12in. Dildo I was getting off on this whole thing. Just as I was about to cum she stopped. She had me get up and stand with my ass against the corner of the desk. She then proceeded to tie my ankles to the corners of the desk and the tied my hand with the help of a long rope to the opposite corner. Because of my height this let the corner of the desk hit me on my anus and dig in a little wow did that hurt. This also had me bending backwards slightly and thrusting out what little tits I had to thrust out.

She ripped off my blouse and started to put these little clamps on my tits. She started with 4 on each nipple and then surrounded these with 12 on my areoles. I thought that this was bad what she did next was worse. She produced a 6 inch flogger and started on one tit and smacked the flogger down hard I almost passed out from the pain. She kept this up for 20 minutes and when she stopped I was soaking wet from sweat and cum. She then ran a string through all of the clamps and yanked them off all at once. I exploded and pulled and tugged but could not get free. She had this look of pure lust in her eyes.

I was then tied down on top of the desk with my ass up in the air and my head down tight on the desk. She got on top and unknown to me had put that 12in. Dildo into a strap on harness. She also had 2 ping pong paddles in her hands. She lined that big plastic dick up with my pussy and all at once plunged it home. With each downward thrust my right cheek got a hit with every upward thrust my left cheek got a hit. On and On this went and every time I almost came she stopped and waited for the need to pass. After almost 30 minutes of this she tired and let me have some relief. She got down and came around front and shoved the big ass plastic dick down my throat and left. She came back a few minutes later with a look of satisfaction 

She told me that I had one more whipping coming and that this would simply be 10 lashes. But what I did not know was that she had gone and got a teachers pointer to apply them. Swish 1, swish 2, swish 3, swish 4, swish 5, swish 6, swish 7, swish 8, shish 9. And swish 10. It was over she untied me and helped me off the desk and down on the floor. I lay there unable to move when I look up and saw her dripping snatch descending on my face, I hungrily ate her to an orgasm and we both retired to a warm soak in the tub. 

Later we got a couple of 100 massages saying it was our best performance. I would need a week to recoup. Revenge was going to be sweet.



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