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Kelly is Parked at the Mall

by Kelly Selfbound

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© Copyright 2007 - Kelly Selfbound - Used by permission

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One day, I decided to go on a little adventure, and add an element of psychological torment.  As you know, my biggest fear is being discovered while in one of my self-induced predicaments.  Well, I found a way to take that fear and bring myself to a whole new level of excitement.

I pulled my SUV into the empty parking garage at a large shopping mall.  There weren’t too many people around, as the mall doesn’t open up for another hour.  My SUV has a cargo cover in the back that pulls out to hide whatever packages are in the back hold of the truck.  When they built this car, I’ll bet they never expected the hidden cargo to be me.

Well, I had all of my gear in the back, and I was ready to proceed.  I opened all four windows about an 1” to make sure I get enough air circulating in the truck.  I then climbed into the back and stripped down, tossing my clothes onto the floor in the rear seat area.  At this point, I need to move fast.  I was naked in the rear trunk of my SUV parked in the middle of a mall parking lot.  There may not have been many people around, but someone may drive by and see more that they expected.  I could feel the excitement building inside my pussy, as the anticipation of being caught gets to me.

The first thing I did was to make sure my source of “fun” was all set and ready.  I slide my vibrator, also called “Kelly’s Tormentor”, into my wet and hot pussy.  The vibrator is attached to a small control box which I tape to my thigh.  This box is devious, as it randomly selects the speed and frequency for the vibrator.  I never know when it will turn on or off, and what intensity.  Kelly’s Tormentor has forced me into submission many times before.  Today, I’m hoping will be no different.  I secure the vibrator in place with a tightly applied crotch rope.

Now for my legs, I simply love the feeling of having my legs tightly bound with soft rope.  I like the way they look with the bonds wrapped around them.  I secure my legs at the ankles, as well as above and below the knees.  As I cinch all the ropes in place, I can fell the vibrator’s presence inside of me.  My heart starts to beat a little faster.  I need to finish this before I explode.

I put on a 4” training collar and secure it around my neck.  My body fills with excitement as the collar forces my head to be poised high.  I especially love it when there is nothing I can do about it.  Tied to the back of the collar is a pair of handcuffs that drop down to about the middle of my back.

My release will be controlled by a small block of ice embracing the handcuff key. This is hung to the inside roof of the truck, just above where I was going to lay down for some sexual torment.

I pressed the on button on the vibrator’s control box, and laid face down on the carpeted trunk area.  I pulled the cargo cover in place to conceal a beautiful, naked, and helplessly bound captive.  One more step to go.

I place both hands behind my back, and reached for the cuffs.  I had to struggle a bit as the tether between the cuffs and my collar was a bit shorter than I had planned.  No worries, I’ve tied myself up even tighter than this before.  I secure the cuffs in place with a couple of clicks.

Now I’m done.  This is great.  I writhe about, enthralled in all my helplessness.  With no means of escape, my fantasy starts to take over my body.  The vibrator kicks in a few minutes later, and I’m in heaven.  I try to move my legs, but there isn’t much room in the cargo hold.  I try and shift my body around, but again, I realize just how cramped my prison really is.  At this point, Kelly’s Tormentor has already brought on several wonderful orgasms.  What a great idea this is turning out to be.

As I’m lying there in all my glory, being toyed with by my vibrator, I hear voices outside in the distance.  This is working out better than I had imagined.  I was hoping to add another dimension to my self-bondage experiences by tying myself up in public, and being very cognizant of how much “in public” I really was.  There was nothing preventing my discovery other than that very thin vinyl cargo cover.  If that cover were ever to pop out of the hooks that held it in place, it would spring back like a window blind and reveal a tightly bound woman being helplessly fucked.  As I start to hear move voices, I start to get more excited and muffled moans start to come out of my tightly gagged mouth.  This is absolutely fantastic!

I felt like such a horny self-bound slut.  As passersby rub their jackets on the side of the truck, chills run up and down my spine.  As voices become clear as day, I know that they are within a yard of me.  Did I mention that I was in heaven?  It is quite fascinating that people were totally oblivious to what was going on inside here, and it excites me to the point where my orgasms are hitting closer and closer together.

Just as I thought things couldn’t get any better, I’m suddenly brought back to my senses as I hear a loud thump.  I remain frozen and struggle not no move a muscle.  Then the truck starts to move from side to side, and I start to hear more voices.  It’s a man and a woman outside of my truck.  One of them struck the side of my truck with their door, and was trying to rub the scuff mark off it.  I hear them talking about the small dent that is left on the door.  She tells him to write a note and to leave it on my windshield.

I know that they were peering into the car.  I know I would.  I was safely enjoying myself underneath the cover of the sheath.  Then I started to think about what they would see?  All of my discarded clothes were lying on the floor in plain sight.  Did I happen to leave the keys in the ignition?  Did I even lock the doors?  A bit of panic starts to set in.  This may be it.  In my haste to get bound and concealed, I forgot to run through my checks.  How stupid could I have been.  Needless to say, I helplessly succumbed to the vibrator as it teamed up with my paranoia and pummeled me with huge waves of pleasure.
I didn’t hear the hear the voices any longer, so I assume they’ve left.  I really do hope that I locked the doors.  My shoulders started to ache, and so was my jaw.  I’m drooling all over the place as the ball gag feels like it ripping my jaw wider and wider.  The vibrator kicks in again, but at a very low speed.  I can feel my body warming up, and my mind starts to drift.  I’m trying to concentrate on what’s going on outside, but the damn vibrator wouldn’t let me.  Suddenly without warning, the vibrator shifts into high speed and drives me wild.  I’m tossing about in the back, and I know the truck is starting to rock, but I can’t stop myself.  So close to being caught, and I’m having one of the largest orgasmic experiences of my life.  Voices outside, car sounds, laughing, shopping cart rolling about, all this is driving my senses wild!  This must be one of the longest orgasms I have ever had.  It just won’t stop.  Was it just the one, or a multitude of them right after another?  My world was getting rocked, and I was loving every helpless minute of it.

As my pussy starts to calm down, I start to wonder how much longer will I be imprisoned.  I look up at the block of ice…  Oh shit!  The block of ice.  I just realized what I’ve done.  Do you ever get that “sick in the pit of your stomach” type of feeling?  Well, magnify that by a thousand, and you’ll be close to how I felt at that moment.  I can’t see the block of ice, because the cargo cover is shielding me.  How the hell am I going to get that damn key and free myself?

Now, I’m really freaking out.  I’m out in one of the most public places, bound with a hungry vibrator shoved deep in my pussy, and I can’t see a way out of my predicament.  I can release the cargo cover and let it spring open, the retrieve the key as it drops down behind the cover.  Yes, I can do that.  But I need to be sure that the key has dropped from the ice.  I need to do this as quick as possible.  Once the cover draws back, I’ll be exposed to anyone passing by (and there were quite a lot of people.  I chose a busy part of the parking garage).

The vibrator is having a field day in my pussy.  I knew this session would be intense, but not like this!  Each orgasm has been powerful, strong enough to drive me absolutely mad.  Voices outside, keys in the ignition, doors unlocked, windows open too wide, truck rocking, moans are too loud, being seen, being fucked…  all of this is running through my mind and it’s great.  At the same time though, I’m feeling really worried, and truly starting to wonder if I’ll get out of this one.  When is that damn key going to drop?!?!

I hear something drop above me.  The key, it must have dropped.  I need to do this quickly.  I listen carefully, and I hear nothing.  I roll about trying to position my hands so that I can grab the cover and release it.  But my arms are pulled too high towards my neck.  I can’t get to it.  Shit.  I’ll use my feet.  I roll around to the other side, and place my right foot into the cover handle.  As I release it from the hooks, I slowly draw it back.  I realize that my legs are now stretched upward, and my bound ankles are in plain view.  The vibrator kicks in to let me know that it will not make this easy for me.  It taunts me, and brings me to a couple more orgasms.  Before long, I hear the key drop to the carpet, and I slowly get up on my knees.  I peer out of the windows, and don’t see anyone nearby.  I hurry to find the key, and start to feel around the carpeted area.  Where is the key?  I hear footsteps.  I tried to remain as still and silent as possible.  The humming of the vibrator is all I can hear.  The footsteps are getting closer, and the humming is resonating louder in my head.  My eyes start to close.  Kelly’s Tormentor has taken control my body and mind again.  I drift in and out of reality as the footsteps get closer.  Orgasm, whoa, that was a good one.  My eyes open, and I can see the back of a woman’s head.  She’s unlocking to door to the car parked right beside me!  How she didn’t see me is amazing.  She gets into her car without incident.  A huge sigh of relief sinks in.

I have now found the key.  Need to get these cuffs off.  It wasn’t easy, but I got them off.  I quickly untied my legs, and scurried into the front seat.  I quickly got myself dressed after I removed the drenched vibrator from my horny snatch.  Took a quick look around and drove off.  That was great.  I would definitely do that one again.

As I driving down the Interstate, I’m getting honks from other cars.  I look around, and notice nothing.  I keep driving, and soon realize that I still had my collar and ball gag!  Too funny!  How embarrassing!  Good thing nobody knows me around here.  I pull over and remove the last 2 pieces of my bondage.

The rest of the drive home was quiet.  I started to plan my next adventure.  Maybe I’ll do this again, but next time, I’ll make sure I UNLOCK the doors (if I can work up the nerve).  Hopefully someone will open up and find me bound and gagged for their pleasure…  and mine.



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