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Kelly’s Quest

by The Technician

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© Copyright 2008 - The Technician - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; barn; susp; caught; M/f; toys; electro; cons; X

Part 2

My name is Kelly. This is the story of my quest for what I call my golden cocoon. I have already told you how I realized I was different because after a spanking as a child it would sometimes be like I was enveloped in a warm cocoon. As an adult I am seeking how to recapture that wonderful, warm feeling.

I ended up on my Uncle Jack's ranch in Arizona. Actually, Uncle Jack is a writer and the ranch is what is left of the family ranch. It is out in the middle of nowhere 50 miles from a small town. While Uncle Jack was away for the weekend, I tried some self-bondage that went strangely wrong and I ended up hanging from a beam thirty feet in the air outside the hayloft door to the barn. I was naked. My hands were in leather cuffs chained together above my head. The middle of the chain was tied to two ropes which went up through a pulley on the beam and originally had been pulled tight by two bales of hay. Unfortunately, the two bales knocked over a whole bunch of other bales and the ropes got buried in a pile of hay bales and couldn't release like they were supposed to. Not only that, the additional weight pulled me out of the barn. Luckily, the two beams that my ankles were tied to were dragged out with me and so I ended up looking like some naked damsel in distress walking the plank out of the second story of my Uncle's barn.

That's when Uncle Jack got home.

Since I came to stay with Uncle Jack for the summer, I had been trying to figure out how to ask him about my special cocoon and why, on those few times that he spanked me, it always happened. But as I stared down at him from my precarious perch high above the barnyard, all I could say was, "I think I can explain this, Uncle Jack."

He laughed and replied, "There's no need to explain, Kelly. Your mother and I suspected that you had inherited the yearning. Let me come up there and see what you have done."

A few minutes later he was in the loft standing behind me. "I see you didn't use a gag. That was good. Alone out here, if your nose blocked up you could suffocate. But you didn't use a hood, which left your face exposed. If someone had come by and taken pictures, your face would be all over the internet. Speaking of pictures, I think your mother will want some record of this."

Suddenly there were a couple of bright flashes from behind me. Uncle Jack was taking pictures of me. I twisted my face around to see him and could see that he was inspecting the room. He soon found part of the release mechanism for the pulley that had been above my head still attached to the wall. It was supposed to be my safety. I had assumed that with the pulley released from the wall, the rope would go slack and I would be able to release the cuffs. I hadn't figured on being dragged out the loft door by a pile of fallen hay bales.

"What did you try to do, make a ramp rack with the beams? I assume there is some type of ice release mechanism buried under all that hay out there. Pretty inventive for an amateur, but I don't think you thought everything through or you wouldn't be hanging around waiting for me to get a good look at your boobs and ass. Well let's get things stabilized a bit."

Then he dragged the remaining beam over to the loft door and placed is sideways across the end of the two beams I was tied to and standing on. He added a couple of hay bales to the beam and then walked up beside me. He patted me on my bare ass and said, "Now you won't be going anywhere for a while. I've got some hay to stack."

I sputtered in surprise, "Uncle Jack, aren't you going to release me?"

"Well, you evidently wanted this. You wanted to put yourself on display. You wanted to cause yourself pain and embarrassment. I'm not going to interrupt that. You might as well just stay there while I clean things up. Hopefully I can get this done by myself and won't have to call over any of the neighbors to help."

With that, he left the barn and walked up to the house. A few minutes later he returned and began re-stacking the hay bales in the pile below me. "I guess I will have stack these more safely, but then I wasn't figuring on someone using two bales for bondage weights and rocking them out the door so that they would swing into my haybale windbreaker. You know it is a good thing that you used the leather cuffs. They aren't nearly as likely to cut off circulation. I am surprised that you didn't use a dildo or butt plug, though. Your mother used to enjoy sexual stimulation while she was doing her pain bondage."

For a moment my mouth just opened and closed in shock. What Uncle Jack said surprised me for two reasons. My prim, proper and reserved mother did pain bondage? And just how did Uncle Jack know that I had used two bales of hay for my weights?

"I see you've got some questions, Kelly. Yes, your mother is a pain slut. She went a little too far with it when she was younger and now she stays totally away from it. She says it is like being an alcoholic. Once she starts, she just can't stop, so she doesn't even start anymore except on special occasions. Oh, and the reason I know that you used two bales of hay is that I checked the security tapes while I was in the house. I probably should have told you that there are cameras all over this ranch. There are two on you right now. One from the front up there on that light pole, and one from the back in the loft. The other three cameras in the loft point the other way, so they don't show you right now, but there are some interesting images from last night."

The pile of hay bales beneath me was getting smaller as Uncle Jack re-stacked the jumbled bales back along side the barn. I was staring out across the ranch thinking about what he has just told me when I felt a tugging on my wrists. Uncle Jack was moving some of the bales which held the ropes from which my wrists hung. I was hoping that meant I would soon be free, but then he said, "Can't have you falling from up there, can we? I will just resecure these ropes here on the barn."

He then tied the ropes to something on the side of the barn and continued stacking hay bales. It took him another hour or so to finish and then he again came up to the loft. He walked over to the wall of the room in the loft and inserted something between two of the boards. A door I hadn't seen opened in the wall and he entered what looked like a large closet. When he came back out, he was carrying several items I didn't recognize and a couple that I did. I wasn't sure what all the leather straps were, but he was definitely holding a large black dildo and a smaller, but just as black, butt plug.

"Well, Kelly. I'm not sure whether this is punishing you for what you have done or testing you to see if you are truly the pain slut your mother thinks you are."

"Please Uncle Jack, just release me and we can go up to the house to talk."

"No need for talking right now, Kelly. We will talk in the morning when your mother and sister get here."

With that, he reached out and wrapped something around my face. "Open wide," he said as he slid what was evidently a ball gag in my mouth. It looked a lot like a horse's bridle except rather than a metal bit, it had a large red ball supported on a plastic rod of some sort.

"I don't know if ‘open wide,' is the right thing as I insert this, but don't fight this or it will hurt." With that, he pushed the lubricated butt plug into my ass. I didn't fight him. I don't know why I didn't, but I did nothing. Maybe I realized that I wanted it in me. It hurt a lot going in, and it hurt a little just being in there, but I wanted it in me.

"I guess I don't need to lubricate this one. You are already more than lubricated." He slid the dildo into my cunt. "We're going to need this or that will slide right back out of there." He held some very thin leather straps up in front of me. They looked a little like a garter belt, but were different somehow. He attached the belt portion above my hips and closed it with some type of velcro overlap. He then reached between my legs to pull the other strap through. It was about a 1/4 inch wide and pulled tightly into my cracks - both front and back.

"This will hold things in place. Can't have things slipping out, can we?" He then did something with the dildo and butt plug. Evidently they attached somehow to the strap. I didn't hear the click of a snap, so maybe they also had some sort of velcro attachment on them. He then opened a small case and took out three small, black clamps. I thought I knew where two of those were going, and my suspicions were confirmed when he began to roll one of my nipples in his fingers. My nipples were already sticking straight out, but got even harder under his touch. I cried out as the clamp closed on first one nipple, then the other. I then cried out in surprise and pain as the third clamp closed on my clit. "That one often falls off," he said. "But this strap helps keep it in place."

Uncle Jack then went back into the closet and returned with a small box with a bunch of wires hanging from it. "This is a very specialized piece of equipment," he said as he began attaching wires to the clamps and dildo and butt plug. There were even wires which attached to the sides of the ball gag.

"Almost finished, but before I blindfold you and leave you here for the night, I need to insert the control pieces." With that, he opened another small box and took out what looked like two hearing aids. "These are communications devices," he explained. They are basically two-way radios. Anything you say will be transmitted to the control box. And you will be able to hear anything I, or the control box, says to you. You actually only need one to make this work, but using two gives us a backup. Let's put these in and calibrate them."

He put both items in my ears and picked up something that looked like a small cell phone. "The control box needs to be calibrated to your voice. Say the word ‘pain.'"

"aain" was all that came out through the ball gag.

"Say that again."


"Now say more." We went through a series of word - pain, pleasure, more, less, stop, and oleo. "Oleo," explained Uncle Jack is your emergency word. "If you say it three times, the control box will shut down everything and trigger alarms in the house. You are in control. If you say ‘pain,' you get pain. If you say ‘pleasure,' you get pleasure. More, less and stop do exactly that. I'm going to test things manually so you know what to expect.."

"This is pleasure." The dildo and butt plug began to vibrate within me.

"This is pain." Small electric shocks hit me from the clamps on my nipples, the clamp on my clit, the ball gag, and surprisingly from the dildo and butt plug. "Those don't always come on at the same time."

"Now it is time for the hood. This hood has two purposes. First, it blinds you and removes any sound except what you hear through the control earpieces. And secondly, it hides your face. As soon as I get back to the house, the camera feeds which are focused on you are going live on the internet. I will send out some invitations to a few selected sites and within a few hours, thousands, if not millions of people will have watched you writhing in pleasure and in pain."

Uncle Jack pulled the hood over my face and strapped it in place. Then I heard him walking away. How long was he going to keep me like this? I tried to yell for help. It came out more like "ellb" with the ball gag in place. Then a soft mechanical voice spoke in my earpieces, "Command not understood. Please say pleasure, pain, more, less, or stop. If emergency release is required, please say oleo."

What the hell...., "eathur" The dildo and butt plug came alive. "orrr" They became stronger. "orrr" Stronger still, and the dildo somehow began to move and wiggle.


The mechanical voice replied, "Are you sure? Please repeat command to verify"

"ainn" Sharp stings of electricity jolted my mouth, my ass, my nipples and my pussy all at the same time. Then at random intervals the stings came to one or the other or all at the same time. I had never mixed pleasure and pain before. My mind was fogging. My body was in turmoil. The dildo and butt plug drove me upward toward orgasm, but the shocks kept me from peaking.


"Please specify pleasure or pain"

"orr ain" I screamed into the gag as again everything jolted at once. I knew that I was thrashing wildly in my bonds. I wasn't sure that even with the extra weight on the beams, they wouldn't rock off the loft floor and pull terribly on my ankles and legs - but I didn't care.

A soft voice that I recognized as my Uncle Jack's spoke quietly in my ears. "The hit counter indicates over a thousand and climbing. You are very popular."

A thousand people watching me! I felt myself suddenly rushing toward a tremendous orgasm. "Oh, and Tracey says you are definitely weirder than me. She also said that even knowing its her weird little sister she is watching, you are turning her on something fierce." With that I exploded. I lost track of time and space. I didn't care how lewdly I was thrashing. I didn't care how many people were watching.

And then, on the other side of the orgasm, I could see..., or was it hear..., or was it feel..., my precious golden cocoon waiting for me. But I couldn't reach it. Even in the midst of the most intensive orgasm I had ever experienced, I wasn't quite there yet.

"orr ain" "orr ain" "orr eathur" "orr eathur" "orr ain" "orr ain"

The combination of pain, pleasure - orgasm and electric shock seemed to drive me almost out of my mind and even out of my body. I was floating somewhere in darkness. I didn't know where I was, but at last, I was almost there.

"orr ain" "orr ain" "orr ain" "orr ain"

I thought I could feel urine running down my leg. I knew that I looked like a totally wanton slut and I knew that my mother and my sister were among the thousands who were watching me. My body continued to twitch and dance from the electrical onslaught, but it was worth it. I knew that the pain was the price of admission to the warm, golden cloud that was descending around me.

From miles away a familiar mechanical voice spoke. "Recommended safety threshold exceeded. Program shutting down. Emergency notification alarm activated."

Everything stopped. No pleasure. No pain. But I didn't care. I was already there. I knew that I was hanging by my arms naked for all the world to see, but I didn't care. I knew that my sister and my mother and thousands of horny men and women masturbating in front of their computer screens knew that I was a total pain slut. But I didn't care. I had found my golden cocoon at last.


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