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Kelly’s Torment in the Woods

by Kelly Selfbound

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© Copyright 2007 - Kelly Selfbound - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; toys; hum; outdoors; cons; X


Hi there.  My name is Kelly, and I would like to share with you a self-bondage session I went through last year.  I have practiced self bondage for quite a few years now, and have found it enjoyable and extremely exciting.  I really enjoy being bound and helpless, but my job stops me from sharing this secret with anyone.  I am a senior executive and I can’t risk compromising my business stature.  Could you imagine if my secret ever got out?  I would lose all credibility, and probably my job too.

Self-bondage has really allowed me to go to the edge, not really knowing for sure if my escape will happen before I go over.  My sessions have grown in intensity as well as risk.  As I mentioned, my fear of being discovered really motivates my escape.  It really is exhilarating.

One of the fantasies I usually try and fulfill during these sessions is one where I have been blackmailed to tie myself up in precarious situations by one of the employees I recently fired.  Somehow, she managed to snap some photos during one of my previous adventures, and has threatened to release them onto the Internet if I do not comply.  I am also told that this “game” will end once I free myself and make it back to the safe zone (which is usually my car, if this were done outdoors).  I always make it, and the game starts over the next time.

It was October, and I booked a couple of days off in the middle of the week.  The places I like to go are usually deserted during mid-week.  The time is 5am, as I drive to a secluded trail in a wooded park just outside of town.  I park my car roughly 100 feet from the main trail.  I grab my gear from the trunk, and make my way down the path.  This is really surreal, as there isn’t a soul in sight and the sun hasn’t risen yet, so I can barely see where I’m walking.  I can feel myself getting moist between my legs as I continue the long walk, which reminds me that I have been instructed to remove my overcoat and toss it into my gym bag.  What a sight I must have been.  Alone on a dark wooded trail, wearing the shortest and tightest mini skirt money can buy.  As I’m looking at the skirt, my eyes shift down further to my shoes.  I’ve got on 6” heeled black pumps with ankle straps to keep them in place (anyone out there know how difficult it is to walk in 6” heels through a path covered with small pebbles and stones?).

About 45 minutes down the path, I arrive at a point in the trail where I notice a tree with a note attached, “For Kelly”.  I can feel my heart pounding and my breathing getting faster.  My knees start to weaken as I reach for the note.  It says, “Dearest Kelly,  Follow these instructions and enjoy your time in the woods.  Today’s game will end soon enough.  Just do as you are told.  From this point forward, you will need to be totally naked, so strip now and place your clothes in your bag.  You may now proceed through the thick brush, past this tree.  I want your perfect breasts and bare ass to feel the harsh caresses from the bushes as you force your way into it’s womb.  Behind the bush, you will reach a small clearing.  I have left you your own dictation recorder with 2 tapes.  The first one will instruct you on how you are to tie yourself up today.  Start with that my slut.”

Obediently, I strip off my blouse and bra, and put them into the bag.  I slide the skirt and panties down my legs to my ankles, and step out of them.  Next I remove my shoes and place everything in my bag.  I struggle through the bush, what an ordeal that was!  The branches ware scratching and snapping onto my bare breasts, stomach and back.  It felt like I was getting whipped all sorts on my naked ass.

I finally emerged from the thickness of the woods to a small clearing, just as the note described.  There were fallen leaves everywhere.  This open area was encompassed by large trees and more dense bush.  I see my dictation recorder in the middle beside a back pack.  I pick up the recorder, and place the first tape in.

Out of the pack, I find small chains, rope, and a large vibrator which has been labeled “Kelly’s Tormentor” (hmmm, something tells me that this toy will be an integral part of my ordeal…  what ever gave me that idea, huh?).  As I finish emptying the back pack, I look around.  There is nobody around to rescue me.  I have this unseen, disgruntled woman seeking to humiliate me, and there is nothing I can do, but to help her achieve her goal.
Following my unseen captor’s orders, I take my bag, which has all of my clothes, and lock it shut with a padlock.  I then secure it around a tree with another length of chain and yet another lock.  At this point, I am destined to complete my adventure as I am now, naked.

As instructed, I take a foot long chain and secure it to my ankles using small padlocks for each ankle.  I then pick up the Tormentor (My Tormentor) and slide it inside my pussy.  I was already really wet from the anticipation that my Tormentor went in without any resistance at all.  I took a length of rope and wrapped it around my waist, drawing the loose end through and down the middle near my lower back.  I drew the ropes between my legs and back up to my flat stomach, creating a crotch rope securing the vibrator in place.  The Tormentor had a small box attached to it with a couple of electrical wires.  I was then instructed to tape this box to the inside of my right thigh.

Next came the big, bright red ball gag.  I hate ball gags.  I inserted the red silencer into my mouth, and secured the buckle behind my head.  There is a rope dangling from the buckle, which I then take and pass in between my legs, securing it to the crotch rope in the front.  My head is pulled back, as I secure the knot, and the Tormentor is driven deeper into me.

As my head is arched backwards, I can see a pair of handcuffs tied to the tree branch above with about 4 feet of rope.  I reach up and pull it down.  I follow the rope and it is tied to something held in place underneath a small bucket with holes in it.  I can see that the bucket is full of ice, as some of it has melted and the water is seeping through the holes.  Now, I see my full predicament.  I will gain my freedom once the bucket of ice has melted and becomes light enough.  It will then release the rope holding my cuffs.

I’m all set now.

I inserted the second tape, and pressed play.  I drop the recorder to the side, and follow the remaining orders.  I turn on the control box of the vibrator, pull the handcuffs down behind my back.  I secure the cuffs over my left and right wrists.  Suddenly, the vibrator surges to life and nearly knocks me off my feet!  The surprise caused me to let go of the rope tied to my cuffs, and the tree branch returns to position and violently yanks my arms up!  I am contemplating my situation and decision to do this as a wave of orgasms hit me… and they hit me hard.  After several minutes, the intensity of the vibrator subsides.

The sensations from the vibrator are replaced with the soreness from my shoulders and wrists.  My legs are trembling, struggling to keep my body upright to ease the strain on my shoulders.  My pussy juices are dripping down my legs, and the Tormentor is truly earning it’s name.  The control box doesn’t simply turn it on.  It actually has a computer chip that randomly turns the vibrator on and off, varying the intensity.  With each orgasm, I am driven closer and closer to the point of going mad. 

As I am weakening from my struggles with my precarious, self-induced bondage ordeal, I glance over to the bucket of ice.  I can’t see inside, so I have no idea how much time is left in this game, nor am I aware of how long I have endured this so far.  I have no idea of the time, but the sky is getting brighter.

I can hear joggers running down the path just beyond the brutal bush gauntlet I had to endure to get in here.  I didn’t realize so many people used this path.  I know the weekends are filled with couples and families taking strolls through the park.  It didn’t even dawn on me to consider the early morning joggers.

Although I’m gagged, I have exerted enormous amounts of energy holding back my screams.  Damn it… Don’t these people have anywhere else to be right now?!?!  Kelly’s Tormentor is going to town on me, and there is nothing I can do to stop it.  It’s driving me mad!

My mind phases in and out of reality during each orgasm.  I hear a faint voice.  My senses jolt up to attention, as I frantically try to look around to see who has discovered me.  As I jerk my forwards, I yanked on the crotch rope and drove the vibrator even deeper into my snatch.  Here I am, strung up and sexually defeated by a mechanical intruder.  I am in no state to argue, nor explain my predicament.  I would not even be able to fight off any pervert thinking he could have his way with me.  With my strength drained, and my will broken, I simply hung there with my head drawn back waiting for whatever abuse I was going to endure next.  All this time, the vibrator is still randomly bringing me to greater orgasms, one after another, after another.

I hear that voice again…  It’s the recorder.  I remember pressing play, then tossing it to the ground as instructed.  There must have been a pause where my abuser was waiting for the bondage to take its toll on me.  I could hear her voice a little clearer now.  I can still hear the people making their way down that path… my heart starts to pound… I’m really going to be discovered now.  As each person continues on their way, I realize that the volume on the recorder is faint enough that only I can hear it.

She’s taunting me.  She’s describing in great detail, what I look like right now.  She talks about my juices dripping all over my legs, and the drool running down my cheeks and breasts.  Did I tell you how much I hate ball gags?  She taunts me over and over.  Asking me if I still feel powerful while my head is pulled back, and my arms yanked up behind me.  She’s yelling out warnings that someone is coming through the bush.  It feels like he’s standing right in front of me, gazing at my strung up body with her glaring eyes.  Then I hear something out of the recorder.

“Today’s game, my Dear Kelly, has a new twist.  Instead of waiting for the ice to melt in order to win the game, you will need to escape before your colleagues arrive.  I have taken the liberty and created a posse of workers that you have wronged.  They each would love to see you like this, and some of them would really like to abuse you more.  They should be arriving here near the lunch hour.  I have provided detailed directions so I’m sure they won’t be late.  In case you’re wondering, the ice in the bucket should last you until about 2pm.  A little too late my Dear, sorry about that, Hon.

Just remember this, Kelly…  You did all of this to yourself.  You have nobody to blame but yourself.  Have fun, my beautiful slut.  Oh and by the way, Happy Orgasms!”  **click**

As the tape stops, an ice cold shiver runs down my spine.  I am feeling the humiliation of not only being discovered, but being caught by the very people I have tried so hard to hide this from.  That Bitch.  What did she do to me?  She was right.  I did do this to myself.  Self-Bondage  was the name of the game. 

I knew I was done for.  I was bound helpless by my own hand, humiliated and sexually dominated, and finally strung up on-display for my enemies to find.  I will be the center of their ridicule.  As I felt that all was lost, and that things could not get any worse, the Tormentor once again takes control of my body.  It brings me to one of the biggest orgasms I have ever had.  I abandon all fear and common sense, and I let out the biggest scream through my gag.  Frantically, I yank on my bonds to no avail.  I wail about and after several more orgasms my whole body goes limp in defeat.  My body is gleaming with sweat, and my hair is all disheveled and several clumps of my brown locks have stuck to my face.  All of my juices have expelled from within me.  Evidence that I have been defeated runs down my legs and pools on the ground at my feet.  Totally defenseless, I know that I will not be able to endure any more.  I also know that when my colleagues arrive, I am really going to get nailed.

Then, my arms release from the tree.  The ice had melted through.  I lay on the ground trying to piece everything together.  That’s when I came to my senses.  The note, the recordings, that was me (I had left the note and recordings here last night).  There was no posse looking to take me down.  It was all in my mind.  The sexual torment from the vibrator had stripped away all reality from my mind.  The fantasy became my reality.  Whoa, what a trip.

All of the keys were in the glove box of my car, and the car keys were under the car.  I just needed to make it back and a hot shower awaited me shortly after.  I need to go now.  No telling who heard that last scream I let out.  Someone would be showing up here soon.

The walk back to the car was a tough one. I was still nude with my wrists cuffed behind my back, and my ankles hobbled by the chain.  My head held firmly in place and yanked back, it was difficult to see where I was heading.  People still mewed about in the park, and this forced me to hobble along naked within the dense bush.  By the time I had read the end of the woods, I could see my car in the distance.  My entire body looked like crap.  I had all of my juices dried up on me.  I had scratches and bruises all over my defenseless body.  Saliva and sweat littered my once-proud breast and belly.  Then, all of a sudden, Kelly’s Tormentor sprang back to life, and took me down.  Suffering orgasm after orgasm after orgasm,  I broke down and cried.

I finally made a move for the car, when everything subsided.  There were still some people in the area, but I didn’t care.  I needed to get out of this.  That last thing I needed was for that damn vibrator to kick in when I’m out in the open.  I moved as fast as hobbled ankles would allow.

I made it.  I crawled into my car, and unlocked my cuffs.  As I pulled the vibrator out of my aching pussy, I glanced at it, and read “Kelly’s Tormentor”, and chuckled.  This was certainly going to be one of those great sessions to write about.



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