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Kens life in Self Bondage 1: The Formative Years

by Ken

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This is my story of self bondage. More specifically my story of cock and ball self bondage. It started over 60 years ago. In the beginning it was all so new and exciting. Today 60 plus years later it is not new but it is still exciting.

1: The Formative Years

When I was about five or six years old we lived in a house that had a lot of trees in the backyard. As a boy I spent many hours climbing in the trees and pretending all sorts of imaginary games. I remember one day trying to climb up one of the smaller trees. I had reached up and grabbed a hold of one of the branches and wrap my legs around the trunk of the tree and started to pull myself up. I remember as I was pulling I started to get this strange feeling in between my legs. I can remember how good it felt as I pulled myself up slid back down the tree. The more I did it the better it felt and I kept doing it until something happened and I thought I had peed my pants. I can remember the feeling of being paralyzed and just hanging there with my legs wrapped around the tree unable to move. After a couple of minutes I was able to climb down the tree and when I checked I had this gooie white stuff all over me and my pants.

Back then I had no idea what had happened all, all I knew was how exciting it felt. A few days later I was back in the trees and decided to see if I could get the same feeling again. Sure enough after three or four minutes of pulling myself up and sliding back down the tree I came again. Over the next three or four months I must have done it 15 or 20 times. The only problem was my clothes. One day I decided to try something different. I made sure there was no one around and took all my clothes off and then proceeded to climb the tree. This was the first time I can remember having my clothes off out side like this. It was a very different feeling as I climbed the tree. I could feel the smooth trunk of the tree rubbing against my skin. This time as I pulled myself up and down the tree I could watch what was happening with my cock and balls. It was very exciting to me to actually be able to see what was happening. I remember the feeling as it started to build again. This time when I came I was fascinated to see what was going on. I remember looking down and seeing this sticky stuff all over me into the tree. I can remember letting myself down so I was standing on a branch and rubbing the cum all over my stomach. Over the years I have tried very hard to re-create that excitement and feeling and have on many occasions succeeded.

When I was about 7 or 8 and I found myself alone in this vacant house. I don’t know why but I just wanted to see if I could suspend myself by my balls, as small as they were. I found this piece of rope and a small box. I took of my cloths off and climbed on the box. I tied one end of the rope around my balls put the other end of the rope over the rod then proceeded to wrap it around my balls until it was all used up. By this time I was standing on my tip toes because I had pulled the rope so much. I remember trying to keep my balance as my toes were getting tired and my balls were holding up my weight. All of a sudden my foot slipped and the box went spinning across the floor. There I was hanging several inches of the floor by my balls. It happened so quickly I was just able to grab the rope before I fell backwards. I was too short to reach the rod so there I hung.

I remember looking down and seeing how far my balls had stretched up from where they should be. It was both exciting and frightening at the same time. I was twisting around which made it hurt and the more it hurt the more frightened I was at the thought that I might actually pull them off of me. I was very frightened that I was not going to be able to get myself out and I started to panic. I eventually managed to hang onto the rope to keep myself from falling over and with the other hand I got the rope undone. I do not know how long I was hanging there but it seemed like forever. Once I was down I sat there on the floor as my balls slowly stopped hurting. I remember the feeling of absolute exhilaration at what I had just done, it was the best feeling I had ever had in my short life.

It was many weeks later when I again found myself alone in the house. It was a place that the kids on the block often played in. I remembered the feeling from the last time and wondered if I could get it again. This time I thought I would bring the rope up between bum. I had just finished tying the rope around my balls when one of the older girls from down the street came in and found me standing there naked with my ball already stretched up my crack. We just stood there looking at each other. I was very scared and was afraid that she was going to tell my parents what I was doing. I was even more afraid of her telling the kids on the block and the kids at school.

In just two steps she walked over and kicked the box out from under me. I was so surprised that it was all I could do to grab the rope behind me to keep from falling on my face. She just stood there with this big smile on her face watching me twisting around. My balls were stretching further up my crack and starting to hurt a lot. She gave me a push to watch me swing back and forth. By now the pain was almost too much to take and I was starting to beg her to get me down but all she did was spin me more and more. My hands slipped and I fell face first onto the floor. I managed to get my hands out so I didn’t hit my face to hard. Now I was hanging there with my balls stretched up behind me.

She just stood there with this big smile on her face as she watched me rolling around trying to get on my back so I could undo the rope. I got turned over and there I am hanging with my balls out in front of me. It was both very painful and exciting. I remember this feeling in my balls as I started to cum, there was nothing I could do to stop myself because I didn’t want to. When I did cum it shot all over my stomach it was that powerful. The girl just stood there looking at me for the longest time. I was so weak I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. All the time this was happening I kept watching her wondering what she was going do to me. Then she bent over me and rubbed my cum all over my face, gave my still hard little cock a hard slap as she laughed and walked out of the room leaving me hanging there.

I heard her going down the stairs and a minute later I heard her coming back up again. I thought that she had gone and found some of the other kids and was bringing them back to see me. When she walked in the room I could see she was carrying a small stick in her hand. She came over to where I was hanging and started telling me what a naughty boy I was and why naughty boys should be punished. Before I knew what happened she had swung the stick and just missed my balls. The next swing I was not so lucky because it connected and sent a wave of excruciating pain through my body. I jumped so hard that I thought for sure I would pull my balls off when I came down, but I didn't. She proceeded to keep telling me what a bad boy I was and why I should be punished as she kept smacking both my cock and my balls.

By now I was crying very hard and begging her to stop hitting me. She stopped hitting me and bent down beside me and took my little balls in her hands. She started to squeeze them and through all the pain I had I could feel them starting to hurt even more. She bent down to me and said that if she ever caught me doing this again she would pull my balls off. To prove her point as she stood up she kept hold of my balls and lifted me a bit higher off the floor then let go of me and I dropped back down. She simply turned around and walked out the door leaving me crying and in more pain than I had ever had in my life. I don’t know how much longer I hung there before I had the strength to get myself untied. I remember looking at my balls as I was getting untied wondering if they were still attached and I would ever be able to have children. Now that I was untied the blood that returned and I could see all the places she had hit me. It was several days before I could feel them again. It was about a week later when I saw the girl again and all she did was grin at me.

We eventually moved and were living in an area with a lot of trees around. In some places they were quite thick. I was in them one day when I had this idea that I would like to have my balls tied to a tree. I went and found some rope and made sure no one was around. I found this young tree that was growing beside this huge old dead log that was lying on the ground. I took my clothes of, climbed up onto the log and proceeded to tie my cock and balls to the tree. I was standing on my tip toes had planned to just stretch my cock and ball as far as my feet would settle. I had just managed to get my feet on the log when the side of it broke away and I was left hanging there about 3 feet of the ground. Every time I would try to get my feet back on the log more of it would break away. I was able to hold the tree and pull myself up so I was not hanging with all my weight on my cock and balls. The problem was I couldn’t hang on for very long and I slowly slipped down until I was hanging with all my weight on my balls again. It took me a while to get the rope undone and I slid down the tree as the rope came loose. It took pieces of skin of and left several slivers in my balls.

I continued hanging myself like this for a number of years. It was just as exciting years later as it was that first time in the house. We had moved into a new house and I was assigned to clean out the old garage. As I was cleaning things up I came across these old window weights and this strange box. The weights were about 2 inches in diameter about a foot long and weighed somewhere in the area of 5 pounds each. I put them in a hiding place for safe keeping. When I opened the box I found a handle, and two round cylinders with wires attached to them. After I looked at it for a while I realized that the handle would this go into the side of the box and when it was turned moved a generator. The wires were plugged into to metal clips on the inside of the box. When the handle was turned it produced a very strong electric shock through the two tubes. Looking back at it now it was a very early version of a TENS unit but of course I didn't know this. It too went into my hiding place.

Several weeks later I was at home by myself when I remembered the weights. I went out to the garage and got them out. I took my clothes of and climbed up on top of a couple of wooden boxes, my chest on one and my legs on the other. I first tied my feet to either side of the box, spread eagle like. I then tied two of the weights to my balls and set them on the boxes beside me. I then tied my hands to either side of the other box in front of me. Just as I got my hand tied I moved and one of the weights slid off the box. When it stopped it had stretched my ball half way to the floor, or so it would seem. Then without warning the other one slid off. There I was hands and feet tied spread eagle with 10 pounds hanging on my balls. I hadn’t really thought this one through very carefully as I had my hands tied in such a way that I was not able to get them untied quickly if someone should happen to come along.

This time I was very worried that someone WAS going to find me. By now my balls were starting to hurt a lot. The more I moved around trying to get my hands free the more the weights would swing and the more they would tighten around my balls. After a very long painful time I managed to get one hand free but I was not able to reach the ropes on the weights. I had to get my other hand free and then my feet before I was able to get of the boxes and rest the weights on the floor. The rope had pulled so tight from the drop that I had to cut it off. It was not easy as they hurt so much trying to get a knife under the rope was almost too much to take. By this time my balls were purple from not having any circulation for so long. I put the weights back in their hiding place for future uses.

One day I took this magic box out, as I wanted to see what I could use it for. It wasn't long before I had the two metal tubes tied one against each of my balls. I very carefully gave the handle to turn and the shock that went through my balls was both painful and pleasurable. So I tried turning it a little bit faster. This time the shock was quite painful and not nearly as pleasurable. I continued to experiment to see just how much of a shock I could take before it was too painful. I very quickly realized that by turning the handle myself I would stop whenever it hurt too much. So the idea came to me that if somebody else was turning the handle and they did not know what was happening the results could be very interesting. Some days later I took this magic unit to a place where I knew the local kids would be. I had extended the length of the wires so that I was now a considerable distance away from the unit where no one would see me. Again I tied the metal tubes to my balls and left the wooden box out where it could be seen by people as they went by. I then went and hid myself so no one could see me.

In order to keep myself from pulling the tubes off if someone came along I tied my hands together behind my back. The one problem was I had no way of seeing if anybody came along and found the box. I had been lying there for about 25 minutes when my balls exploded in pain. Some of the kids had come along and had found the box and seeing the handle on it had started to turn it. There was a little bell on the inside of the box that would sound whenever the handle was turned and this seemed to interest the kids. Because the faster a handle was turned the more sound the bell would make and of course the stronger the electricity going through my balls was. I can only imagine what was happening because the electricity would start go for a while and then stop.

It seemed that each of the kids was giving it a turn to see who could make the bell rang the loudest. Little did they know the intense pain they were causing in my balls. At one point someone was turning it as fast as they could and the pain that was going through me was so intense it was like being electrocuted, because basically that's what was happening to me. I remember arching myself up on my heels and my shoulders and shaking myself so violently that I was afraid I would hurt myself. Without warning it stopped and I fell back to the ground lying there absolutely motionless. As quick as possible I untied my hands and then removed the metal tubes from my balls before anyone else came along and found the box. This was my first introduction to the world of electro-torture something that I would continue to experiment with over the years.

I often went into the woods by our house, as it was the favorite play area for all the kids on the block. One day I went looking for someone to play with. I wandered around for a while without finding anyone. I had gone a long way from our normal spots and I found myself in an area we seldom went to. Feeling sorry for myself I decided that I would see if I could have some fun on my own. I went looking for some rope, my favorite play toy. It took a while but I managed to find a nice piece. I went back to the spot I had chosen and stripped my clothes of and hid them under a nearby log. I then proceeded to tie the rope around my balls and then climbed up a tree. I was about 25 ft of the ground when I put the rope over a sturdy branch and lowered myself down a bit where I tied the other end of the rope around the tree. Then I proceeded to climb down the tree until the rope just started to pull on my balls.

I was reaching down for another branch when the one I was standing on broke and I dropped about a foot. The rope of course stopped me from falling all the way down the tree but left me hanging by my balls. I managed to wrap my arms around the tree and pulled myself up a bit so I was no hanging completely by my balls. It was another foot and a half down to the next branch that was too far to reach. I could feel myself starting to slip as my arms started to wear out from holding myself up. I could feel my balls grinding against the rough bark as I slowly slid down.

Once again I was hanging there by my balls. This time I tried wrapping both my arms and legs around the tree in an attempt to climb up to where I could get hold of another branch that would allow me to get the rope off. I remember the feeling in my groin as I pulled myself up the tree. It was the same feeling I had nearly 11 years earlier. The harder I pulled the stronger the feeling got. I stopped trying to climb and just moved myself up and down on the tree. All of a sudden I came. It was so strong and such a surprised that I slid back down the tree so I was just hanging here by the rope. All I could do was hang there while I got my breath back.

Then I heard them coming through the trees, people. I froze there still hanging by my balls, to frighten to move. There were 3 couples of young people talking and laughing. I hoped that they would keep going, but to my horror they didn’t. They stopped and sat down on the log I had hidden my clothes under. After about 20 minutes they all stripped their clothes off and started having sex. This was the first time that I had ever seen anyone doing anything like that and it didn’t take my long to get a hard on just watching. I was so intent on them that I forgot about the pain in my balls. It didn’t take me long before I came again this time it was so intense that I almost cried out. I was afraid to move or make a sound for fear that they would fine me hanging there and more so what they would do to me if they did find me, so I just hung here in some of the worst pain I had ever had.

They were still going at it and one for the girls was laying on her back while her fellow pounded away in her. I was watching her when she looked up into the tree and saw me hanging there. I recognized her, she was the girl that found me in the house years before. She didn’t say anything, just got this big grin on her and went at it even harder knowing I was watching her and what it must be doing to me. I am not sure how long they went at it, it seemed like hours but it wasn’t. They eventually finished and got their clothes back on and left. I waited a couple of minutes to make sure that they were really gone.

By now my balls had swollen quite badly and I was in a lot of pain. I managed to pull myself up the tree to where I could get hold of a branch. After that I was able to climb up and untie the rope. I made my way done the tree and was standing at the bottom where I was trying to untie the rope from my balls. All of a sudden the three girls grabbed me. They had crept back and were waiting for me to come down. One grabbed the rope and pulled it up behind me, pulling me off my feet. I landed face down over the log my clothes were under. Before I knew what happened two of the girls were sitting on my back pinning me to the log. I could not see the other girl but I soon felt her as she started to put her finger in my ass. It hurt and I gave a scream that brought an instant pull on the rope that was around my balls. She kept sticking here finger in and pulling it out of my ass.

The next thing I knew she was wiping shit on my back and sides. Then she had two fingers in, then three. By then my ass had stretched and with the shit on it didn’t hurt as much. She went at me for a while and then changed places with one of the other girls. This one must have had smaller hands because it took her only a couple of minutes before she had her hand completely inside my ass. It both hurt and excited me as I felt her playing with the inside of my ass. I felt so excited that I could not stop myself from cuming again. They knew what I had done and quickly had me on my back as they rubbed my cum all over my stomach along with some of the shit. I just lay too afraid to move.

They just sat there talking as if this was just another afternoon chat. All the time one of them kept pulling on the rope making both my cock and balls bounce around like crazy. It took them a while to come up with a plan of what they were going to do with me. The next thing I knew I was jerked up with the rope and pulled over to the tree. They threw the rope up over a branch and then proceeded to lift and pull me up so I was about 5 ft off the ground. They tied the rope around both the tree and me and left me hanging there. They just stood there looking at me and laughing to themselves. One of them reached up and broke a branch of the tree and proceeded to start whipping my cock and balls. This time I could not keep myself from crying out, as it was so painful. The more I yelped the harder they whipped me. When one got tired another one would take over.

After all three had had their fun they seemed to tire of it and quit. They untied me and I dropped to the ground. I laid there mostly in pain but in fear of what they were going to do next. The next thing I knew I was on my feet and they were tying me up. They made me crouch down while they tied the rope from my balls to my feet then brought it back up behind me and tied my hands together. When I tried to stand up the rope pulled on my balls making me bend over again. They had found my clothes a long time ago and now put them along with my shoes into one of their bags and started to leave. As they went past me they took one last slap at my now very badly swollen and bloodied cock. The last I saw of them was as they strolled of chatting like they had just left the coffee shop.

There I was standing crouched over wondering what I was going to do and how I was going to get out of there. It was starting to get dark and in the woods it gets very dark very quickly. So I started walking. It only lasted a couple of steps when I fell over. Every time I took a step the rope pulled on my balls that were now so tender that the pain was unbearable. I managed to get up and this time I walked bent over almost in half. I was able to make a bit of progress until I came to the first log I had to get over. The first time I tried I caught the rope on a short branch and fell across the log. I got up and this time managed to get over it without any more problems. I could only take very short steps so I was not moving very fast.

It was starting to get quite dark now and hard to see where I was going. This time when I fell I just lay there crying. Every bit of me hurt so much. To keep the rope from pulling I pulled my knees up and this took the pull off my balls. I lay there for a while resting trying to get some strength back. Because the rope was not pulling I was able to get it off one foot then the other. Now the rope was loose I was able to untie it from my hands. I was at last free. Next I tried to untie my balls. They had swollen so badly and the rope was so tight it hurt so much that I thought I was going to pass out from the pain.

By now it was completely dark which made it utterly impossible to get the rope off. So I just picked it up and carried it. I was almost out of the trees when I started to worry how I was going to get home through the streets. How would I explain this if I meet someone? So I kept to the places where there were no streetlights. My next thought was what I would tell my parents. I could just tell them the part about the girls and what they did to me, but how would I explain being in the woods in the first place. To my relief they were not home. I managed to find a sharp knife in my father’s tool box and was able to carefully cut the rope on my balls. I stood in the shower for a very long time, it felt so good to get clean again. Little did I know how much this encounter would affect me in the future.



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