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Kept in the Dark

by Zack

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© Copyright 2002 - Zack - Used by permission

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Kept in the Dark
by Zack
Copyright© 2002 by Zack. All rights reserved.

Sally couldn't believe that she, a woman in her late thirties, (well, forty two), had become addicted to tying herself up.  She had experimented when she was a teenager, but she hadn't done it again until a few months ago, just after her latest unsatisfactory relationship had ended. 

At first she used loops of rope that she could just slip her hands out of, but she quickly moved on to more secure ties.  She had a close call during one of her early adventures, when she put her hands through a noose tied to a hook in the ceiling.  She'd misjudged the length of the rope; when she kicked away the chair her feet just touched the ground and her weight pulled the loop around her wrists so tight that she couldn't force it open.  If she hadn't been able to reach the chair with her foot she never would have been able to get herself loose.  This brush with a gruesome death had badly frightened her, but after a few weeks the compulsion returned.  Now she took safety seriously and used proper precautions. 

Yes, now she knew better.  She found more information on the Internet than she had ever imagined might exist and also found places to buy equipment that allowed her to retire the rope.  Sally had found that she liked the feeling of restraint, but she didn't like the discomfort that tight ropes inflicted.  She bought some genuine police handcuffs and the local hardware store supplied chain, padlocks, and other accessories. 

As Sally gained experience she increased the duration of her bondage.  Now it was Friday, and she planned to immobilize herself for the entire night.  She didn't trust mechanical timers, so she had come up with another idea; she would let the daylight release her.  She had a combination lock, and took it, her handcuffs, and a length of chain to her bedroom and cleared all of the furniture away from one corner.  She looped the chain tightly around her waist and held it closed with the hasp of the combination lock.  She put the handcuff chain in the hasp and closed the lock .  Then she locked her wrists in the cuffs and used a nail to double-lock them.  Her hands were now fastened to her waist in front of her body where they were conveniently close to her clit.  Even this rehearsal aroused her, but she resisted the temptation.  She didn't want to take the edge off. 

Now she made sure that she could escape her restraint.  She practiced opening the combination lock while she was handcuffed.  She had memorized the combination, but to be safe she wrote it on the back of her hand with a ballpoint pen.  When she was confident that she wouldn't be trapped she bolted the end of the chain to the floor.  She pulled on the chain with all her strength, but it didn't move. 

While she waited for darkness she prepared a frozen dinner and consumed it and a couple of beers.  She knew that even though she emptied her bladder now she would have to go again by morning.  This additional pressure always added to her arousal. 

Sally's bedroom window faced the east, and to keep the sunlight from awakening her at dawn she'd put up a heavy curtain.  It muted the glare to a glow, but enough sunlight penetrated to let her see the numbers on the combination lock's dial.  (She'd checked that morning.  Better safe than sorry.) There was a streetlight just outside her window so she closed the curtain to make the room dark. 

She took off all of her clothing and sat in the corner by the chain.  She had decided to use a gag, even though the apartment below her was vacant and no one was close enough to hear a scream.  She forced the ball into her mouth and buckled the strap behind her head. 

With the ease that is gained by practice she locked the chain around her waist and double-locked the handcuffs on her wrists.  The key was on the other side of the room, far beyond her reach.  Suddenly it was totally dark; the bedroom light had burned out.  No problem; she had set the timer to turn it off in a few minutes anyway.  Sally struggled against the chains until she was so aroused that a touch on her clit set off an intense orgasm.  She repeated this many times until she finally passed out. 

The pressure of her full bladder awakened her.  She couldn't see the time on her clock radio, but the window was just visible as a gray shape so she estimated that it was almost dawn.  She tried to make out the numbers on the lock's dial, but it was still too dark.   Her jaw hurt and she really had to pee, but she thought that she could hold on until sunrise.  Sally jumped when the radio came on.  She had forgotten to turn off the alarm last night.  She listened to the announcer with mounting horror: "Time for the eight a.m. weather report.  This storm really caught the weatherman by surprise, folks.  It moved in fast last night and it's a big one.  If you had planned to go to the beach this Labor Day weekend, forget it.  The forecast is for rain and clouds for quite a while.  Don't expect to see the sun for a week." 

Story copyright©  2002 by Zack.  All rights reserved. 
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