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The Key is in the Cum

by Tweak

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© Copyright 2002 - Tweak - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; zipties; cuffs; nipple; caught; F/m; D/s; forced; cons/reluct; X

For as long as I can remember I have always craved to be tied up and rendered immobile. I have been into self-bondage for several years now and recently I upped the stakes wanted to try something I had never done before. It was the most thrilling and embarrassing moment in my life.

Last Saturday, I knew that I had the whole day to myself and that I could indulge my favorite pastime. So I slept in and woke up around 10:00 a.m. I was so excited for this was “the day” I was going to try something I had never done before. I had been planning for this day for the past couple of months. I went into the basement and got all of the equipment that I would need. I then went to the refrigerator and removed the 6 plastic containers that I had placed there . They each were filled with about 2 ounces of my own cum. And at the bottom of one of these 6 containers was the key to the handcuffs I would need to later release myself, the other five also had handcuff keys but they were filed down and would not work The containers also had an inner lip around the top. I placed these 6 containers in 6 different holders, I had especially made, that were scattered throughout the basement. The holders were about 3’ off the ground and once I snapped the container in place it took 2 two hands to get it out. I forced myself not to peek and see which container had the key. It was easy to do this while I was horny, the trick would come after I came.

I was now ready to immobilize myself. I began by stripping off all of my clothes. I then bound my ankles with one of those heavy plastic cable ties that allow you to pull one end through the other and tighten it as far as you like. I took a smaller cable tie and did the same thing to my balls. I then took several cable ties and made a chain hooking one to the other. I then attached one through the tie around my feet and the other through the tie around my balls. I wanted to be sure there were no knots I could possibly undo. I was now forced to crawl around the room rather than walk. My balls being secured to my ankles made standing impossible. I next attached another heavy duty plastic cable tie through the one on my ankle. It was coming close to the moment of truth and I took a deep breath before I proceeded further for I was approaching the point of no return. I then put on nipple clamps and securely tied a blindfold around my head making sure I couldn’t get it off. I then picked up the handcuffs and placed my hands behind my back. I snapped one end onto my wrist and then ran the other end through the cable tie I had just placed on my ankles. There was only one thing left to do and this was by far the hardest.

I had always loved self- bondage but I also liked the idea of being “made” to do things I never wanted to do. One of things I always wanted to do was to drink my own cum. The problem was that it always sounded great while I was horny and I often shot my cum into a glass, but right after I came I lost all desire to drink it and ended up flushing it down the toilet. So I came up with this way to “force” myself to taste my own cum. For the past couple of months every time I came I shot it into one of the 6 containers and I saved these in the freezer and I thawed them out last night in the refrigerator. I had also brought down a cassette tape I had made which had me saying over and over “You will be forced to eat your own cum…” I pushed the play button on the tape recorder. And to make sure I did it even after I didn’t want to I had to make myself cum this one last time. So before I secured my other wrist I began to furiously pump him. It didn’t take long before I was ready to cum. As I began to explode I quickly, and almost without thought, threw my hand behind my back and locked my other wrist in place. I was now totally helpless and my only chance for escape was to find the key buried somewhere beneath my own cum.

I no longer relished the thought of drinking my own cum but the nipple clamps were prodding me along. I knew that I had to get those off before the pain became too great. I slowly began to crawl to where I thought one of the containers were. I didn’t realize how long it would take to me move around the basement. If tried to go too quickly my balls were given a sharp tug that quickly stopped all forward progress. I finally fumbled my way to one of the 6 containers. I tried in vain to back up to it and reach it with my hands but my hands didn’t even come close to the top. I was now forced to turn around and feel for the key with my tongue. I dipped my tongue into the container of cum and swished it around trying to find the key. This was the most disgusting thing I had ever done. I felt something hard but there was no way of telling if this was a good or bad key. I pushed the key up the side of the container with my tongue hoping to push it out but I had forgotten about the inner rim and the key slid back down. I tried again and again but the rim was too wide. I was now forced to try to “slurp” the key into my mouth. This meant, however, that I was forced to drink more of my own come. I finally got the key in my mouth and I then quickly dropped in on the floor in front of me. I fell on my side and groped for it with my hands. As I felt it I knew at once it wasn’t the right key.

My search continued. My nipples were killing me, I couldn’t get the taste of my own cum out of my mouth, and I had a hard time getting myself off the ground so I could continue my search. I couldn’t believe that I had done this to myself, but there was only one way out – the key! I crawled to the second container, after fumbling in the dark for five minutes and repeated the same procedure as before with the same results, no key! As I crawled to the third container I was mad at myself for having come up with this stupid idea and even shouted at myself on the tape recorder to shut up. The third and fourth containers also brought no relief. I imagine an hour had to have passed by now. I hoped and prayed that the fifth container would bring much needed relief. I did as before, but this time as I felt the key I knew that I had the right one. I smiled with joy and shouted, “Yes! I got it! Finally!!” But to my utter amazement I heard, “Here, I’ll take that!” and the key was ripped from my hand. I recognized at once the voice of my girlfriend Michelle.

“John, I didn’t know you liked this sort of thing.”

“Michelle, what are you doing here? How did you get in? How long have you been here? Let me out.” I fired these questions off in a rapid voice for I was still in shock. No one had ever discovered me before, much less my girlfriend.

“Slow down big boy, or should I say slave boy. I don’t think you are in any position to be asking questions or making demands. I have some questions for you. How long have you been down here doing this? Have you done it before? What makes you do it? Why are you drinking your own cum?”

“Come on Michelle, let me out. These nipple clamps really hurt!”

“John, as I said you are in no position to be making demands. If you won’t answer my questions then I’ll just leave you to your little ‘game’. Goodbye.”

“No! Michelle, please don’t leave. I’ll tell you anything you want to know.”

Michelle then removed my blindfold so I could look at her. It took me a minute to get use to the light and once I saw her sitting on the steps it was even worse. It was much more embarrassing having her look at me like this.

“How long have you been doing this?”

“Michelle, before we go further can you please do one thing for me? Take off these nipple clamps, they are killing me.”

“I guess I can do that much for you.” As Michelle took them off I began to scream in agony. “What’s wrong she asked?”

“It just really hurts like hell when they are taken off. As the blood rushes back into the nipple it feels like they are literally on fire. Do you want to know how long I have been down here today or how long I have been doing this in general?”

“Both” she replied.

“I have been down here since 10:00 this morning. But I have been doing stuff like this for the past several years, although today is the most elaborate and crazy thing I have ever done.”

“Why do you do it? And why do you do it by yourself?”

“I have always, for as long as I can remember, had a desire to be tied up and immobilized. And I do it by myself for I never had the courage to share it with anyone before. I always thought someone else would think I was crazy.”

“Why are you looking for keys in your own cum?”

“I rather not talk about all that. It’s too embarrassing.”

“No problem. I’ll just put these nipple clamps back on, place your blindfold on and leave you to your own demise.” Michelle began to move towards me.

“Please Michelle have mercy. Please let me go.”

“John, as I said you are in no position to ask for anything.”

With that said Michelle put the nipple clamps back in place even though I struggled against her, but with the handcuffs and my balls secured I was pretty helpless. She then put on the blindfold.

“Please Michelle” I cried “I am sorry. Please don’t go!”

“John you had your chance. I am going out to lunch. When I return I hope you are in a more talkative mood.” She then left me alone.

As I sat there in tremendous pain from the nipple clamps and no possibility of escape I was both terrified and excited. I was now truly in inescapable bondage and being “made” to do something against my will. It seemed like an eternity before Michelle returned.

“I’m back” she announced. I heard her walking around the room for a while before she removed my blindfold. “Are you ready to talk now?”

“Yes” I quickly responded. “But will you please remove the clamps again?”

“I think not, this time. I have a feeling that you will be much more cooperative if you have a little incentive. So what’s the deal about you searching for keys in your own cum?”

I had no choice to explain. “Michelle, I have always loved self-bondage, but I have also craved the opportunity to be made to do something I ordinarily would never do on my own.” I then explained in detail how I had been planning this particular day for the past couple of months.

“You really like this? You really like the idea of being made to do something you hate doing?”

“Yes, Michelle I do. It’s strange though. I love the idea of doing it while I am horny, but after I cum I usually lose all desire.”

“Tell me more about all this bondage stuff? What are some of your other fantasies?”

I talked at length about the Mistress/slave relationship and about all my other fantasies. I even told her about stories I had written and which were in my bedroom closet. I then begged Michelle to release me.

“In a moment , John. There is one more thing I must do.” She then put the blindfold back in place and said she would be back in a minute.

“Open your eyes, slave boy” Michelle ordered.

As I opened my eyes I saw Michelle standing in front of me dressed to kill. She had on a black bra, garter belt, stockings, panties and a pair of high heels. She also had one of my black belts in her hand.

“What are you doing?”

“Quiet, slave! You will address me as Mistress Michelle, is that clear?” She said as the belt landed on my back.

“Ouch! Yes, it’s clear.”

“Smack, Smack, Smack” three more hits found my back. “Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress Michelle.”

“I am going to make your dreams come true. I am going to be your Mistress from now on and I will MAKE you do all the things you have always fantasized about but couldn’t quite bring yourself to do. We will begin by finishing the fantasy you have started.”

Michelle then walked around the room and brought all six containers and put them on the floor in front of me. She then went to the corner and brought over a camcorder I had not previously seen. She could tell I was in shock.

“Don’t worry John, if you are a good slave no one but us will ever see this. But if you are bad who knows where this tape may end up. Instead of going to lunch before I went home to change and get my camcorder. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Michelle, please don’t do this.”

“Smack, Smack, Smack… First of all I am Mistress Michelle, secondly I’ll do anything I want, and thirdly slaves don’t talk unless spoken to first. Now let’s finish your fantasy.” She had me crawl over to the bottom of the steps as she sat in front of me with her legs wide open. She the picked up a spoon she had setting on the step.

“I am now going to finish giving you your own cum. I will spoon feed it to you. Open wide.”

“Please Michelle I can’t”

“You can’t or you won’t? I believe you can and you will. Let’s give you a little incentive.”

With that she took off my nipple clamps and quickly replaced them again. I was now screaming out in pain. My nipples had never been so sore and tender.

“Will you eat your cum now or will I have to keep changing these until you do? I have all day, what about you?”

“Yes, Mistress Michelle I will eat my own cum.”

“That’s better. Now open wide.” She picked up the first container and started to spoon feed me my own cum. It took about 10 spoonfuls to empty the container – and believe me, she got every last drop. I grimaced after each bite. She put down the first container and looked at me.

“Is this what you like?”

“No, Mistress. I don’t like my own cum.”

“I thought you said you did?”

“I do and I don’t. I'm sure I will look back on this and really be turned on but now I just want to get it over with.”

“Well let’s begin the second container. Oh wait! I forgot one thing. Didn’t you say something about eating your own cum without being the least bit horny? Let’s make sure you aren’t horny at all. I am going to milk him before we go any further.”

“Oh no! Not that. I’ll do anything!”

“Why are you talking back to me with that attitude? I am just helping you live out your fantasy. You will have to be punished for that outburst.” She once again changed the nipple clamps and I was dying from the pain.

“Please stop Mistress. Please milk me, but please don’t change the clamps again!”

“Very well.” With that Mistress Michelle began to stroke my cock and when I exploded she made sure to catch every drop in the container. “Tell me how you really feel now?”

“Mistress, I really, really don’t want my own cum but if you want me to I will eat it.” I had no other choice but to say that. I then remembered a quote I once read about nipple clamps. It said that, “nipple clamps can make a puppy dog out of the strongest man” and now I knew that was true.

“I do want you to. So let’s begin.” She then slowly and deliberately fed me the other 5 containers. “

“You have been so good. You have eaten about 16 ounces of your own cum. You now know what I feel like when I had to drink your cum before. But you know what, from now on I don’t think that I will be the cum drinker in this relationship. And besides, I think you have another gallon or two to make up before you catch up with me.”

Mistress Michelle finally removed the nipple clamps and massaged blood back into my nipples. That was the most painful experience of my life.

“John, I have one more thing to do before I release you. I have to take this tape and put it somewhere safe to make sure that you will never find it. Remember, only you and I will ever see it again, unless of course you are a bad slave. I will be back in a little bit to set you free. Don’t go anywhere.” With that she took the camcorder and went upstairs.

As I sat there bound on the floor I realized that my greatest dream and nightmare have come true on the same day.


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