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by Excalibur

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Kim looked at the ropes in the bag. She had gone through this a thousand times in her head, and in her dreams, but, until now, had never plucked up enough courage to try it.

Although she had been doing self bondage for a long time, she had always done it in the safety of her own home, hidden away from prying eyes. None of her family or friends knew she spent many weekends wearing self inflicted ropes. Often, she slept with her hands tied or cuffed. It always gave her a feeling nothing else had ever given. Fulfilment.

But now, she was on the verge of something new, exciting, and very frightening.

If she went through with this, she would be taking her bondage to new levels.

Where she was, she could not be seen, not from the road anyway. But if anyone decided to walk through the forest, then there was a chance they would see her, and she would be able to do nothing about it at all.

She wasn’t planning anything too drastic. Just a simple tie, walk around in the forest for an hour, and then go back home, dressed, but with the ropes still under her clothes.

She listened carefully to hear of there were any footsteps coming her way, but other than the natural sounds of the forest, there was nothing.

Late summer meant that there was still a lot of light, though she hoped that people would stay out of the woods, allowing her to roam around for a while.

She would have to make her way back to the starting point to release herself, as she would be leaving they cuff keys with her clothing.

Checking again that no-one was coming, she started to undress, this, too, was a first for her. Though she was more than happy with her body, she was not one to show it off in public. The only time she wore less than a full set of clothes in public, was when she went swimming. Her bikini was a little risqué for her, but she did look good in it.

Now, a she started folding her clothes, she felt strange, as though she were lifting a veil and allowing the world to see her hidden gems. That no-one would see, made no difference to her.

It took her ten minutes before she finally removed her panties, placing them under her other clothes. Now, she was totally naked. She listened again for encroaching footsteps, but still only the natural sound of the woods came to her.

Taking the ropes from the bag, she started. Two shorter pieces of rope were for her breasts. Making a slip knot loop in one end of the first rope, she placed it around the base of her left breast, pulling it tighter, forcing the breast to stand out from her chest. She pulled it as tight as she could, even though she knew her breast would turn purple before she released it again, when she got home.

Kim wrapped the rope around three times, before finally securing it. Looking at her breast she smiled. Who needs a bra when you have rope?

Within a few minutes, her other breast was tied the same way, both standing out loud and proud from her chest. Until she finally got home, these ropes would be staying on.

The next rope was a little thicker, and longer. She wrapped it around her waist and tied a good knot in it, making sure it would not slide down over her hips.  The loose end of the rope dangled down in front of her, and with practised fingers she began tying three knots in the rope.

The first of these would, when she had finished, rest directly on her clit. Slightly lower down she tied two other knots, equally spaced. Only then did she pull the rope between her legs and up her back, securing it to the rope around her waist.

Already she could feel the knots on her clit, and between her pussy lips. Every movement she made, would now bring a reaction from her already wet pussy.

Taking the last rope, she tied one end to her right ankle, and checked that the knot would not open by itself. Even bending down to tie that, had pulled the knot deeper into her pussy, and Kim could feel herself starting to squirm. Leaving about a foot of rope between her ankles. She tied the other end of the rope to her left ankle, so she could only take short steps.

This was not the most severe tie she had ever tried, but for a first time in a public place, it was more than enough.

Her heart was already racing, and her breathing in shorter gaps than usual.

Only the cuffs remained. She checked that the key was under her clothing, before placing the cold metal on her left wrist. Click after click echoed through the woods as she began closing it. She was sure someone would hear it, but still there were no sounds other than her own heavy breathing.

Placing her hands behind her she breathed deeply in, and quickly, before she changed her mind, snapped the other cuff around her remaining wrist. Now, only the key could release her.

Taking a few first steps, she now realised how little room she had left between her legs. Twelve inches had sounded good when she was at home planning this, but the physical reality of it, meant she could only take short steps, and if she came across any fallen trees, she would be forced to walk around them, being unable to step over them as she would normally do.

She had chosen a path that would take her close to the main road, but would still leave trees between her and it. This was the one real place she was dreading. If anyone passing looked into the woods as she passed that point, she may be seen.  It did worry her, but she was doing the whole thing as a challenge, to herself, and that was one added part of it.

She started to make her way slowly forwards, making sure she kept her feet on solid ground. If she stepped on some ground that was slick, she had the chance of falling, and with her hands behind her, no way to break the fall. It had rained the previous day, and she hoped that the carpet of leaves would be quite dry.

There was no real footpath for her to follow, as few people actually came up to these woods. The odd camper, occasional wood collectors, but other than that, few, which is why Kim had chosen the area for her first outdoor bondage session.

The trees to her left were heavy with leaves, and she knew that no-one could see her through them, as she began to walk a little faster, getting used to the hobble between her ankles. She had started slowly and gingerly, but she was now getting into the rhythm, and making better progress. Still, it would take her an good hour to get back to where her clothes were waiting for her.

Even though it was now early evening, she could still hear the odd bird calling out, perhaps telling the other birds that a naked woman was on her way. The breeze had started to move the leaves on the trees, and each rustle sent shivers down Kim’s spine, thinking someone was coming. Three times she stopped, listening for footsteps, but there were none. She laughed at herself and told herself to stop being so scared. It was only the breeze.

As she walked, she could see her breasts bouncing on her chest, and thought that perhaps she should have kept her bra on, but that would have defeated the object of the lesson. Naked meant naked, and the bouncing wasn’t as painful as she may have thought it was. If she had to run, that would be different. But with her ankles hobbled, running was not an option in the first place.

In her mind, as she had been planning this, things had been easier. There was no breeze, and certainly no broken twigs and small stones digging into the soles of her feet, as they were now. and the bushes didn’t scrape and scratch at her naked thighs.

She tried to keep as close to the trees as possible. Just in case someone did appear, so she could dive into them and hide, but in doing so, she was in close contact with branches that seemed to be growing everywhere she walked.

It felt strange to her that just a few yards away, on the other side of the trees, there was a thing called civilisation, where people went about their normal lives, eating their evening meal, getting ready for a night in front of the television, or getting ready to go out.

And there she was, naked, bound, and walking through the woods, defenceless.

As time progressed, Kim became more and more confident in herself. Though she still trembled every time the trees moved close by, she could now appreciate the knots between her legs. They were doing exactly what they were supposed to do, and she could feel her juices already flowing. She had to stop twice, or she would have fallen, the power of orgasm ripping through her.

She had often walked around the house in a crotch rope, but never before had she worn one outside. And now, it was having great effects on her. She knew she would even be driving home in it, and that thought, that she would be really in a public place. With the ropes still on, brought yet another flush of juices.

She had lost track of time, but she didn’t care. The exhilaration of what she was doing, the unknown feelings were more powerful than she could ever have imagined.

Her breasts were already dark under the ropes, and they had started to hurt more than she had expected, but there was nothing she could do about that until she got back to her clothes.

Suddenly she was at the spot where she had to be careful. The trees were thinner here, and anyone passing as she walked through them, could see her if they looked into the woods. There was no other alternative, unless she went back the way she had come, but the way back was now further than she still had to go.

She stopped and listened. She could hear the odd car going past, and she feared the worst. She tried to see if there was another way to get to her clothes, without having to pass this point, but unless she went backwards, this was the only way.

Without the hobble she could have run past the spot, and hoped  she did so unseen, but with the hobble, running was dangerous. If she fell, she would have no way of stopping herself, and if anyone were passing at the same time, they would undoubtedly hear her crash to the ground, and possibly scream out. They would certainly come to find out what was happening, and that was something she wanted to avoid at all costs.

Bending as low as she could, feeling the knots slide deeper into her pussy, she moved slowly forwards. It was only twenty yards or so, but it felt like a mile, as Kim made her way cautiously past the thin line of trees. Twice she stopped and held her breath, as a car went past. She waited for the screech of brakes that would indicate they had seen her, but none came.

As she reached the other end of the spot, she sank to her knees. Her heart was racing, her blood pounded in her ears, and her pussy was on fire from the extra pressure the rope had added

She was well over half way around, but still she couldn’t bring herself to get back to her feet and complete the course, it was as if her nerve had been shattered. She knew she couldn’t stay where she was, and yet, it was safe, now, no-one could see her from the street anymore, she had passed the worst part, but still she had to force herself to her feet, and make her way slowly forwards.

More stones and twigs cut into her bare feet, but she could no longer feel them. She could feel nothing. Not even the breeze that had got stronger as she had walked. Her mind was still racing, knowing she had put herself into a position where discovery was only a glance away.

When she finally arrived back to where her clothes were, she collapsed to her knees again. She was worn out, trembling like the leaves in the trees around her. Both excitement and fear. She had never felt anything like this before.

She couldn’t explain the feeling to herself, as she turned her back on her clothes and stood up again. This was too soon to end, and yet, she was so fearful of doing anything like it again.

You know from an early age that if you touch something hot, it will burn. And yet, you still touch it, to prove you are right. This was Kim. What she had done was so wrong, and yet, so right.

Sinking to her knees again she foraged under her clothes until she found the key. Twice she dropped it, her hands shaking badly, as she fumbled for the locks, finally hearing a click, and one of the cuffs fell open, releasing her hands.

Quickly, she released her other hand, and moved to unfasten the hobble. Her hands shook badly, and it took her over ten minutes to get the ropes off.

Sitting with her back to a tree, she couldn’t believe she had gone through with it. The mixed emotions brought tears to her eyes, as she realised exactly what she had done.

She had intended to go home with the ropes still on, but she knew that they had to come off. She couldn’t handle any more right now.

The crotch rope was first, feeling such relief as the knots finally left her sore and bruised pussy. Her ability to breathe increased as the rope came away from her stomach, where it had been tighter than she had planned. It had been deliberate, to stop the rope sliding down, but it was only as she removed it she realised how tight it had been.

She looked at her tits. Even in the failing light she could see how dark they now were. She knew that as soon as she removed the ropes, the blood would flood back in, and bring the pain she hated. Much as she loved the ropes, and needed them, the after effects could be hard to handle.

Slowly, she started to unfasten her left breast. At first she felt nothing, the ropes having been so tight. But as the last part of the rope fell from her breast, the pain came, bringing more tears to her eyes. Pins and needles shot through her chest, as the blood finally found a way to flow back into the area.

Through her tears, she began unfastening the other one, finally rid of ropes, but the pain was a little hard to handle.

She sat, cradling her breasts, rocking backwards and forwards for several minutes, until the pain finally started to diminish. Only then could she finds the effort required to dress.

Afterwards, she sat looking at the ropes and cuffs on the ground.  For a long time she had been planning this, dreaming about it, but unable to find the courage. And now she had. It would take her a few days to come to terms with what she had done. So many new levels in a single evening. So many new feelings and experiences.

Maybe, one day, she would try again. Maybe next time, she will go home still wearing the ropes. Only time will tell.


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