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The Kits

by Soloist

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© Copyright 2004 - Soloist - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; x-frame; display; hood; gag; naked; public; toys; FM/m; tease; cons; X

It all started with the velcro vibrator.  This is a device that I created for some really great sensations.  It consisted of a penis ring vibrator with velcro strips attached  to form a pouch just big enough to contain my cockhead.  Positioned in various ways, but always containing my cockhead, this rig produces some wild results.  They would be unbearable if I did not place myself in bondage thus forcing myself to endure. 

No one else seemed to have stumbled on this idea so my first thought was to manufacture and sell them. I quickly realized that the device was just too easy to make once someone saw one.  Then I came up with the idea of making up a kit and selling that.  Trouble was, how to market them.  It could not be an elaborate sales pitch again due to the simplicity of the device limiting how much I could charge.  While trying to come up with an answer an idea mixed with a fantasy grew on me. 

I am into self bondage.  And like many people with this interest, one of the fantasies I have is being exposed helpless in my bonds.  Of course the dream has a luscious female finding me and proceeding to tease and tantalize me, providing more pleasure than I can really give myself.  Also, having set up a web site and posting photos of my self bondage sessions, I have found anonymous exhibitionism to be exciting. 

Things came together when I saw an ad for a one day BDSM convention in town.  It advertised that equipment and toys for sale would be shown and demonstrated. I would make up some kits and have a stand at the convention.  I would demonstrate the use of the vibrator while in one type of self bondage.  I thus would be in bondage, helpless and on public display.  The more I thought about it, the wilder my excitement.  There was nothing for it but I had to do this thing! 

The easiest part was to make up a dozen kits.  I did not know, or at this point care, if I really would sell any.  Each kit contained: 

            One penis ring vibrator 
            A strip of Velcro long enough to make a pouch big enough for the largest cockhead 
            Instructions on how to construct the velcro vibrator 
            Instructions on how to replace the vibrator motor using a motor available at Radio Shack. 
            Instructions showing several ways of using the vibe 

As a bonus I included instructions on how to make some simple nipple vibrators.  I added these after I decided to incorporate them in my demonstration.  I figured the kit would be a fair value at $19.95. 

I made an appromimatyly 3 x 7 foot frame from 4 x 4 inch lumber.  This frame was mounted upright on a 4 foot square plywood base.  The whole assembly was bolted together for easy assembly and breakdown for transportation.  Eyebolts were installed at each corner of the frame.  I would padlock my wrist and ankle cuffs to these.  I had attached an alarm clock timer to hold the lock key out of reach.  At the set time the key would be released to in reach one hand. 

The morning of the show I set up my booth.  I assembled the framework and set up a VCR and TV to automatically run and rewind.  The tape playing showed how I did the self bondage with narration.  I also posted signs describing the kit and stating that they would go on sale at 4:00PM.  The reason for this was that I set my release timer for that time. 

Shortly before the noon opening time i 'set' myself up.  Everyone else was busy with their own booths, so no one really paid any attention to what I was doing.  I stood on the plywood base of my framework and padlocked my ankes to the two lower eyebolts so that my feet were held a yard apart.  I reached up and by stretching was able to padlock my wrist cuffs to the upper eyebolts.  Thus I was well and truly immobilized.  The floor of the booth was about three feet above the room floor so I was really on display. 

For demonstration purposes, I had the velcro vibrator hung by a length of twine tied around my waist.  The vibe hung down in front at about the level of my cock's base.  The head of my cock was captured in the Velcro pouch, holding my cock out horizontal when I had an erection.  For my added pleasure I also had on my nipple vibrators.  They were powered by a battery pack on my waist belt and would run continuously through the demonstration. 

The velcro vibrator was powered by a programmable power supply located between my feet on the plywood.  This power supply had a built in timer.  The timer was set to repeat power ON for 5 minutes, power OFF for 5 minutes continuously.  The power supply output was set to run the velcro vibe just too slow to give me an orgasm, even as excited as I was.  If my plan worked, I would be helpless and thoroughly teased while in plain. view.  The relase alarm was set for 4:00PM.  This would be a 4 hour session, longer that I had ever tried before.  I had never endured the vibrator tease for mucn over one hour in the past.. 

I put on my hood with the gag in place and blindfold on..So I was all set and reached up and snapped the padlocks securing my wrists to the frame upper eyebolts.  A few minutes later the doors opened and I could hear people coming in and spreading out on the show floor. Then it really hit me, I was trapped, helpless while completely naked and on display.  All I could do was stand there for the next 4 hours.  Thinking of this while the nipple vibrators were running and teasing me was really a turn on. 

I heard a male voice that sounded near me say, "Wonder just what this is all about.  Not much of a demo happening here." 

VCR sound:  "Good afternoon everyone.  This is to introduce the Velcro Vibrator, a male toy.  This is just one way it can be used in self bondage.  This video shows how the model places himself in this bondage.  For this demo the vibrator speed is set low enough to avoid climax.  After all (chuckle, chuckle) we don't want to mess up the floor.  This may be a little tough on the model, but he does enjoy his work even so." 

Just then the power supply turned on, starting the velcro vibe.  I could not help it, it felt like every muscle in my body jumped.  My excitement quickly built up approaching a climax, but of course this would not happen. 

A female voice then said, "Well just look at him now. Did you see him jump?  Wow! look at his cock grow?  Yum Yum." 

With the effects of the three vibrators, I was really heading for a peak and tending to squirm..  By managing to keep my movement slow I gave the appearance of merely moving to show off the velcro vibrator.  Just as I was starting to worry that maybe the vibe is running too fast and I would climax, the timer shut the power supply off. 

Of course I can only stand there on display.  I seem to feel the eyes looking me over, feeling almost like my skin is being lightly caressed, an all together wild feeling.  Also I can tell that even with my inner excitement my cock is softening up.  It can not hang down though as the velcro vibe and twine are like some form of jockstrap.  Or maybe more a cockstrap. 

Male voice:  "Well, I guess that is the end of that show." 

Female:  "Pity, I was hoping for more." 

Just then I felt something or someone touching the nipple vibes.  Again I almost jumped out of my skin. 

"Well these little darlings are sure running.  Must be wild.  I wish I had them on," said another female voice. 

More comments followed while I just stood there, frozen in place, with the nipple vibrators continuing to tease me.  Occasionally someone would touch the nipple vibes just to see what they were all about.  The consensus of opinion was that they were pretty neat. 

VCR sound, the scene has changed to me bound spread eagle on my bed with the vibrators working me over:  "Wouldn't you ladies love to have your man in this position while you controlled the vibrators?  Imagine playing him like a musical instrument while watching him dance." 

Then the velcro vibrator started again.  As excited as I was by this time I was experiencing frustration that was becoming torment.  All this time I had no idea how many watchful pairs of eyes or whose were on me.  Being blindfolded, it was like I was living in one of my fantasies. 

A female voice said,  "Looking at his cock, I was feeling sorry for the guy.  But wow, look at him now!" 

"Jesus, the needles of the velcro digging into his cockhead must be maddening", said a male.  "How the hell can he stand it?"

Another male answered that, "Well, looking at how he is gotten up, it looks like he can not escape.  He just has to stand it." 

"Yeah," said the first male.  "As they say, there is no such thing as unbearable when you are in bondage." 

The vibe shut down again.  I breathed deeply trying to calm myself a bit.  The nipple vibes were driving me crazy.  The were like itches you can not scratch.  I wanted desperately to be able to rub my nipples for some relief.  I felt completely helpless and vulnerable.  I was also starting to question the sanity of getting myself into this mess. 

So time passed, vibe on, vibe off.  I thought that I had counted at least six on/off cycles, so at least one hour had passed.    Three hours seemed like an eternity looming ahead. Judging by the voices and comments there seemed to be a steady stream of people stopping to watch.  Some seemed to stay for several cycles of the timer/vibe.  Mostly similar chit chat and comments. 

Some time during the second hour I heard a female voice, she must have been timing me, "Ok, It is about time for it to start again.  I wonder about his reactions, I'm going to check him out."  Then I did damn near jump out of my bonds.  I felt a soft hand gently press against my butt cheek. 

The vibe started and of course my muscles reacted.  The same female commented, "Hm, it sure seems to be for real.  Your should feel the action when that little jewel starts.  It feels like his bottom is dancing in my hand, all quiver and shake."  And well it was.  As my excitement increased, my muscles were jumping in anticipation of the climax that was not going to happen.  The hand lightly squeezed my flesh, the better to feel what was going on.  That just produced more of the same excitement. 

The I felt several more hands ands and finger tips on my butt cheeks and inner thighs.  I felt panic, I had not counted on audience participation.  I had no control of what could happen.  This was a heavy trip into helplessness.  Between those hands and the velcro vibe taking me slowly toward an orgasm that I knew would not happen, my muscles were indeed twitching.  Judging by the comments and giggles, I was providing fine entertainment for the ladies. 

A male voice said, "Hey, better not touch or his partner will have security down on us." 

"I don't think there is a partner." another man said.  "I am into self bondage myself and I think I know what this guy is up to.  One self bondage fantasy is being helpless and on display.  I think he is getting his kicks by having done this to himself.  I bet he is in fantasy heaven with you gals stroking him like that." 

He was so right!  I was really close to climax when, ugh, the vibe stopped again.  And all I could do was stand there while the ladies continued their touchy-feely.  They soon realized that they could get action out of me even with the vibe off.  Their finger tips gently explored all they could reach of my body.  My very skin was on fire! 

This became the pattern.  As new people stopped by, the earlier audience would brief them as to my situation before moving along.  This continued until I was sure of at least 12 on/off cycles, so I knew at least 2 hours had passed.  I was really smoking with excitement and frustration. 

Sometime into the third hour, I lost count about this time, I felt something sliding up my balls, then slide around and back down, then generally all over them.  This really snapped me to attention! 

Everybody seemed to be getting a laugh out of whatever was going on. 

"Hey, " a female said, " This feather thing really does work. Look at him move now." 

Listening to them, I learned that several booths over a gal was selling some kind of large, strong feathers. Some sort of tickle your partner to death promotion. 

The feather began branching out.  It traced its way up and down my inner thighs, then around my flanks and butt cheeks.  Several others joined in and soon I felt like one gigantic itch and no way to scratch any part.  This continued and I now lost complete track of time.  This was a giant fantasy gone amok and I was not sure how I was going to stand it.  I learned from the comments that the girl selling the feathers had heard of me and was suggesting her customers test out their nice new feathers on me. 

So the rest of my bondage was a lot of touchy-feely with the ladies feeling and stroking while the feathers played.  Of course the Velcro vibe kept turning on and taking me to the edge just to drop me there.  During the off periods the ladies worked at keeping me peaked.  It was like a competition to see who could get me squirming the most.  An squirm I certainly did. 

This was beyond my wildest fantasy.  I would not have believed that it was possible to feel so helpless and vulnerable while my frustration and excitement was greater than I had ever imagined I could experience.  So far as I could tell, it was the women who were playing with and teasing me.  Their comments and laughter gave me a whole new insight to the female mind.  They did not want to physically harm me but they were trying their best to blow my mind.  After almost two hours of their continuous play I thought they just might succeed. 

Finally the alarm clock went off and the padlock key dropped and I pulled the key up to my hand and unlocked my wrist cuffs.  I quickly removed the blindfold and gag from the hood and disconnected the vibrators.  I released my ankle cuffs and grabbed my robe from the back of the booth and put it on.  I received a fair amount of applause while getting loose. 

People, both male and female, were lined up in front of the booth waiting to buy the kits.  I sold out the dozen I had as fast as I could take in the money.  Fortunately I had about 50 of the printed instruction sheets with me.  I quickly sold these out at $5.00 apiece and there were still some disappointed people left. 

After I got out of the building and home and enjoyed one of the best orgasms ever I decided that there was a real future in these shows.  It was easy to make up the kits and the cost was very low.  I could both have a great time and make money at the same time..  Talk about loving your work! 

Starting with the third show I began to learn of the hazards in "show biz".  Some wit pulled the thread attached to my release key out of my hand.  This left me unable to recover the key when the alarm dropped it and because of the gag unable to ask for help.  I heard the alarm buzz and the key hit the floor and could do nothing.  A little after an hour later a security lady noticed me still standing their and saw the key on the floor of the booth.  After having herself a little fun at my expense she did put the key in my hand so I could free myself.  From then on I would slip one of the show security guys a twenty dollar bill to keep an  eye on me. 

Occasionally someone would have to try out their new crop or other kind of whip on my bare butt.  That I did not care for, I am not into pain in the least bit.  Mostly it was just a swat or two though, just enough to wake me up.  One show did turn out pretty bad though.  I did not realize it but that show was heavy on S&M stuff.  I did take quite a whacking about that time.  When I did get free and could look around me, I figured I had not been too badly abused compared to what I saw.  One female was fastened to a St. Andrew's cross in the booth next to mine.  She had a Venus Butterfly vibrator with a pocket with velcro-like bristles in it attached to her clit.  As she grew excited her clit swelled and filled the pocket and she had to be in sheer hell while that vibe ran.  Actually, volunteers from the visitors were waiting in line to replace the model for a while.  And the model would only give up her position for short periods.  All around the room were various torture and punishment setups.  Whipping mounts, electric shock equipment, etc.  A real wild crowd. 

At another show, sex was really the heavy theme.  One woman said that she could out do any machine ever built.  She then proceeded to  remove the vibrator from my cock and do an oral number on me.  She was really an expert; I have no idea how long she kept me on the edge of orgasm without permitting me relief.  After she had proven her point, she carefully put my cock back into the velcro vibe and left me hanging. 

Anyone interested in a franchise?



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