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Kittin’s Selfbondage Story 2

by Kittin

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© Copyright 2002 - Kittin - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; cuffs; straps; naked; ice; nipple; gag; cons; X

continued from part one

Part 2


It's been just a little over two years now, since that time when you fixed my old handcuffs and kept me for the night when I put them on for the first time. We've had other nights and weekends together since then, and I've always gotten the same tingles and chills I got that first time, and I hope I always will. Now it's time to celebrate that gift of what you did for me and helped my find by giving you something special in return. I hope it's what you want.

You should probably understand the arrangement of how I'm sending this. Our Spring Break holiday at school begins this weekend, and my roommate Karen is off to have fun in Florida for the next ten days, and the couple on the other side of our duplex will be gone too. Since most of the kids here at the university are gone, I'm off work for the next two weeks, so I'll be here all alone by myself- or maybe not.

I'm hoping that you check your e.mail at work Saturday when you get back in from lunch, or at least before you leave today. If not and you check it on your computer in your apartmentat after work, that'll be just as good, and there's a message to you from me on your telephone answering machine telling you to look for this message too.

The way I set it up to make certain I wouldn't chicken out and change my mind was to raise my computer keyboard about six inches on a pile of books at either end of it. There's a plastic bottle cap [it's off a bottle of nail polish remover, BTW- just the right size!] tacked to the "enter" key with a tiny wad of chewing gum just about the size of a pea, so it can't slip off or anything. And resting on top of that extension is a wooden ruler, also tacked on with a little ball of gum. The ruler's not quite heavy enough to depress the key of its own weight, since the other end is on another stack of books to keep it about horizontal, so I ran the ruler through the loop of the handle of a hefty ceramic coffee cup that's heavy enough to press that button and send the message out, if it weren't for the ice in the bowl it's resting on that's supporting it. But once that ice melts, the cup will press the key down and send the message, and you'll know. And by then, I won't be able to stop it from being sent, and it'll be too late to change my mind.

I thought about wearing a cute outfit for you but decided not to. Instead, if you come here to me, you'll find me completely naked and chained out helpless, gagged and waiting for you. I've got the old nylon straps that you used on my ankles that first time, that you said were strong enough to tow a truck with. Once they're locked on my ankles with the chains holding them open to the bedposts I won't be going anywhere for a while. That'll leave me just enough room to stretch up to the headboard and pass my wrists through the upright supports at the center and snap my handcuffs shut. Then I'll be yours for the next ten days.

I've got a key to the handcuffs frozen inside a block of ice frozen in a 10-quart stockpot, the biggest thing that'll fit inside my refrigerator's freezer. I tested one last weekend and set one out Friday evening to see how long it'd take to melt and get the key loose; it took until Sunday afternoon. If you don't come over here to me, I'm going to be like this until at least until Monday, so there's no hurry if you want me. You can let me worry a little and think about you if you want. I'll go nuts and I'll be horny as hell.

And if you want, you don't even have to come at all. It's all up to you, you can leave me here to suffer and squirm, and you don't have to lift a finger to do it. I've got my answering machine turned on with a message that I won't be available until after March 10th, and that you can leave a message with Karen if necessary, but her machine just has her usual message on it and she won't be back for two weeks. I'm in for it for the next three days, at least, unless you come and let me go before then... or unless you come and take away my key, the only way I have to get loose if you don't or can't come. Then there's nothing at all I can do, and it's all up to you.

If I do have to suffer like that for three days and I do finally manage to get loose, the next part should be interesting. I expect I'll need to use the toilet really bad by then, and I'll be stiff and sore and I'll want a really long hot shower. I'll enjoy that. Then we'll see just how serious I am about this.

In the freezer I've got another key inside another crockpot full of ice. We'll see if after I've taken three days like that I can stand the chance to get more of the same again. Of course, the second time, I bet I don't use the nipple clamps and gag again. You know how much I hate the damn things on my nipples, and I've never had a gag in this long before, though I've done some overnighters gagged, as you well know. You were the one who did me like that, and when you made me scream and cry into my gag, I loved it. Of course, you may find some other use for my mouth if you're here, and that'll be up to you too. Maybe if I do a really good job, you won't leave the nipple clamps on me, please? Please?

And I thought too about when I lay back down on the bed and fasten my handcuffs for the next few days whether I should be facing up or facing down for you. I decided I'd face up figuring you can turn me over easily enough if you want me that way, or you can undo my ankles and hook them up to my wrists with my bottom up in the air. Then you can do whatever you want with me like that, or do nothing at all if you want to drive me crazy. And of course there's a freezer full of ice that you can use, and the refrigerator's stocked with things I hope you'll like. By some great coincidence there happens to be about 10 days worth of stuff in there.

If you do keep me like this the whole time and do use me like you want, I figure I'll break on about the fourth day, maybe the fifth. That'll be when my mind snaps and adjusts to this and I accept this as the normal and usual way for me to be, chained and restrained instead of loose and free. Then I'll be yours for good, for whatever you like, however you want it.

I know how you've backed away from some things you wanted to do and wanted me to try. Some of them scared me, and some of them hurt. That doesn't matter now, that's what these next few days are for. If it hurts, it'll be okay, because you intend to hurt me, whether for my pleasure, or yours, or both of us. That's up to you, and I accepted that when I first decided to do this. And if you scare me, it's because I like being scared, and figure that if I'm going to be scared by anyone, I'd most rather have it be you that does it. But it doesn't matter what I want anyway, because for the next couple of weeks, I'm yours.
It's all up to you.

In the two years that I've known you, there've been times we've been together alone when I was so happy to be with you that I wanted to tell you and hug you and kiss you and all that. Some of those times I was in handcuffs or tied and sometimes I wasn't. I think you knew that.

Other times, we'd be with other people or friends, and some of them now don't even know my real name, just the name you gave me when I was first yours with my clothes off and my hands were in my cuffs behind my back. I knew what was going to happen and I wanted it but if I hadn't been helpless, I couldn't have gone through with it. You told me I was as cute as a Kitten that played with chain instead of string, and now I've got friends who only know me by the name you gave me.

Some of them are going to get copies of this e.mail and I'll send a copy to some of our favorite websites so that they can know about the fun you've got ahead of you for the next few days.

I'm your Kittin, and I'm waiting for whatever you want to do, and I'll wait very quietly and patiently, like a good girl. And for the next ten days, at least, I'm completely yours to use however you want.

I love you, Sandy.





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