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A Kneeling Afternoon

by Gstyle

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© Copyright 2011 - Gstyle - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; corset; cuffs; gag; bfold; nipple; frogtie; susp; torment; true; cons; X

This is a scenario I did recently, which is actually a repeat of one I did a few years ago. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to do it again, with a few additions. So for the sake of time, I’m doing this at work…shhhhhhh ;-) , I used my old write-up and added the additions.

Living by yourself certainly has its benefits, especially when you're an avid self-bondage enthusiast. So, that being the case for me, I took advantage of having so much of my own space by not only having free reign of a household to practice my activities, but also to build any kind of structure or "special" furniture.

In this particular case, I built a large frame out of metal pipes, two pipe columns about 4 feet apart standing upright, with another bar going across connecting the two. The entire thing stood about 6.5 feet off the ground and to those not aware of my "extra-curricular" activities, it is a chin-up bar for when I workout.

Moving along, on this particular day I decided I wanted to be a little uncomfortable during my hour to two hour wait for freedom, and having read a story on I had become inspired to do an upright frogtie complete with elbow cinch.

First off, I got dressed. Pulling on my fishnets first, I always like how they feel, then my corset which really does feel like a big warm hug... that sometimes makes you breathe a little faster. Then pulling on my boots and zipping up the sides followed by putting on my opera gloves and I'm good to go! Walking in the boots is a little difficult, so when I walk in them it feels like if I walk faster, there's less chance I'll fall.

I always put my gag on last. It's my favorite part for one and two, I always like to strap it so that it secures my blindfold straps as well. And, well, I can't tie myself up blindfolded now can I?

So anyway, I go to the room with my "chin up" bar having laid out everything I would need earlier. First I attach the Ice Timer Lock Device to the middle of the chin up bar, at the bottom hangs the Special Ring Device (SRD) with rope coil and pull cord setup.

Taking a long piece of rope I wrap it around my waist making a knot in the small of my back and pull it tightly between my legs with a few knots put in along the way. I pull it tighter than I probably should, in a short while I’m sure I’ll feel like I’m being split in half, but I’m already so wet I barely notice, receive a shudder of pleasure, and I know the rope is already soaked.

Moving along quickly while my heart is still racing, I sit down and bind each of my ankles to my thighs. I then tie my ankles together and add a slip knot for my wrist coil. I have measured out rope coils for both my wrists and my elbows. Next I put on my clover clamps, I love the initial biting pain that becomes a slow dull ache. I lock a padlock onto the chain for added weight/fun. Next comes the ear plugs and blindfold followed by my gag... and for whatever reason, putting on a harness gag when your blindfolded should be easier than it is.

Before starting the tricky part of my scenario, I lay out my EMT scissors to cut myself loose. I lay them off to the side within crawling distance.

Now the tricky part...

So here I am now, blindfolded, ear plugs in, and gagged. My legs are bound ankle to thigh, my ankles are tied together, my crotch rope feels like it’s actually getting tighter and I need to now tie my arms up while balancing on my knees... if this sounds easy, it's really not... at least not for me.

First I take the coil for my elbows and slide both my arms in making sure to center the noose from the SRD in the middle of the coil on my elbows. I'm pretty flexible when my arms are pushed together behind me, but I can't bring them together on my own. After that's done, I grab the coil for my wrists, slide my left in, followed by the hogtie cinch from ankles and then slide my right in.

Now the fun can begin...

Grabbing hold of the pull cord on the SRD, I yank the cord down (before my better judgement about whether or not I should tie myself up in a position like this for a couple hours is a good idea or not), pulling myself up onto my knees, cinching my elbows together and pulling my arms up, which in turn cinches my wrist coil and causes me to lean forward allowing the locks to swing and hang forward. This then causes my nipple clamps to tighten and cause me incredible pleasure/pain.

So now here I am, effectively in an upright frogtie with my hands bound to my ankles, my elbows cinched together and me leaning forward in an almost strappado position with all the weight on either my elbows or my knees.... sounds like heaven right?

At this point, I'm cursing myself for not having added a vibrator, butt plug, a movie to watch, etc. I forgot to add the same things the last time… why? Because I was so excited to tie myself up… again. Yes, I get over-zealous…

I stand, would you call that standing? It's not really kneeling... anyway, I'm there helplessly, my only pleasuring sensation coming from rubbing against my incredibly tight crotch rope. My nipples begin to switch between a dull ache and a sharp pain as I rock my hips back and forth against the rope between my legs. I can feel sensations building as I tug on my crotch rope with my hogtied hands, the light pleasure is outweighed by my frustration that it isn’t enough to bring me to orgasm.

Eventually, my nipples fade to a dull ache, which occasionally becomes a sharp pain as it's hard to stay still in that position, then the weight of the locks move, and then the clover clamps tighten and sometimes slide a little bit on my body which had begun to sweat... so that certainly kept me aware of things from time to time. Additionally, I'm drooling uncontrollably from my gag, this is another one of my favorite aspects... I just feel so dirty and submissive when I drool uncontrollably on to myself. And I've lost track of time completely because I'm blind and deaf.

After what seems like an eternity, I feel slack in the rope holding me up. This doesn't do me any good as my legs are stiff, my arms are stiff, in fact, my whole body is stiff and I'm ill-prepared for what happens next.

So remember how I'm tied in an upright frogtie/hogtie with a rope cinching my elbows together while simultaneously holding me in that upright position? Yeah, the ice in the time lock melted and let go of that SRD... what happened to me? You got it, gravity took over.

Once again, the same thing happened to me last time, and yep, you guessed it, the thought of falling uncontrollably again got me so excited, I let it happen again. The first time however, I went slightly forward to the left. In a more conscious effort this time, I attempted to fall more on my side so my nipples wouldn’t have to take the full brunt…

Nope… not a chance, I had zero control… again, so…

My home has really soft carpet everywhere and I knew, from experience that I was going to fall... anyone here know how much clover clamps hurt when they've been on for 2+ hours and you fall forward with all your weight on them.... GOOD GOD! I cried out into my gag and felt tears well up in my eyes... incidentally I think I almost came all over the floor at that moment… this was the exact reason I let it happen again, but like the time before, I ALMOST came… and further increased my own sexual frustration.

After a moment, I regained my composure and decided I needed to get free.

Oh wait... another problem.

So I'm now frogtied on the ground. My elbows are still cinched together, and my wrists are hogtied to my ankles... I'm still pretty helpless. Not to mention, I still have clover clamps attached to my nipples as I'm laying on the ground... yes, I wanted out bad and I desperately wanted my vibrator. I decided crawling wouldn't be the best decision, primarily because of my nipples and decided I could roll onto the EMT scissors... rolling to my side it took me just one and a half rolls to feel them and some more twisting and turning to get them in my hands, which surprisingly had not gone numb yet. I then cut my wrists, ankles, and legs free. Of course, in my rush, I had stupidly left the longer knife that i usually use to cut my elbows free in the other room. It's not really that sharp, can't cut skin unless you really try but if you work at rope long enough it cuts through just fine.

Unfortunately now, I'm still blind, deaf, and gagged. I've got 6" stiletto boots on, my elbows are still tied together and my nipple clamps are still doing their job torturing the hell out of me. And of course now that my legs are no longer held together, the crotch rope decides to slide deeper inside of me.

I slowly stand myself up, my legs regaining feeling ever so slightly. My nipples are constantly reminding me there are clamps with a large weight swinging from them and with every step, the knots slide against my now swollen crotch. Slowly walking to the other room, I retrieve the scissors cutting my elbows free.

Taking off my blindfold, I decide to leave my gag and crotch rope in my place, I have more important things to attend to, like finding my vibrator. Switching it on, I came almost immediately, hitting myself with a second orgasm as I pulled my clover clamps off mid-climax. To this day, I’m sure my neighbors had to have heard me.

I’m not sure how long my body continued to shake afterwards, but I was barely able to undo my crotch rope before my strength gave out and I fell asleep on the floor… still gagged.


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