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Kneeling Waiting

by Jeza

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© Copyright 2016 - Jeza - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; lingerie; maid; heel;s rope; cuffs; icelock; cockcage; M/m; D/s; bond; anal; climax; denial; tease; cons; X

My knees were hurting a lot now, carpet may be quite soft, but when you are stuck in one place for a few hours it gets very uncomfortable. But, the pain in my knees was taking my mind of the pain in the shoulders and lower back, I tugged again with my wrists and felt a little movement. My wrists were handcuffed behind me with a chain attached to an ice lock, which in itself was attached to one of the corner posts of my bed.

The ice lock was stainless steel tube 10” in length and 3” wide with a welded ring on one end, on the other end was a further ring attached to a hollow metal rod that fitted inside the tube, when filled with water and put in the freezer overnight it took 3-4hours to thaw out, a padlock through the rod end attached it to the handcuffs holding my hands behind my back. The ice lock was attached to the post 3ft from the base, this was causing me to have to raise my arms and lean forward, I couldn't stand up to relieve the pressure on my arms because my legs were tied at the knees and ankles with a further rope attached from my ankles to the bottom of the bed post, it was an uncomfortable position, one which I hoped would soon be over - as long as the ice lock melted soon.

It wasn't that warm in the bedroom so I knew it would be more like four hours plus before the ice lock melted sufficiently enough for me to release myself, I could see from the clock that it was 1.04 in the morning just over 4 hours since I took the ice lock out of the freezer. I wasn't that cold, I was dressed in my maids outfit, black stockings, 7” heeled strap on court shoes with padlocks, a black Basque, it was these clothes or the strain of being forced to stay in one position along with the 2 ½ “ squash-able ball lockable gag that was jammed in my mouth that was to keeping me warm.

I had originally put myself in this position just before 9pm that evening, after unlocking the door to my flat ready for my master to call.

My master had arrived promptly at 9pm, he always on time, he inspected my position pulling on the ice lock to see it was secure. He then undressed in front of me. He was 6ft, muscular, not hairy, probably mid 30s, he removed his jeans and underwear exposing his not insignificant equipment that was already starting to harden.

“Good Jessica” he said, “lets get you in position”. He first untied the rope from the ankles to the bed post, then retrieved the bunch of keys from the bed and undid the padlock connecting the handcuffs to the ice lock, he held me with one hand to stop me falling, then moving in front of me he grabbed both of my shoulders and hoisted me to my feet. I stood there swaying on the 7” heels, my legs tied tightly together were not helping my balance. He knelt down and untied the rope at my knees then untied my ankles, I was able to balance a little better, but the 7” heels were not easy to stand in never mind walk.

He stood up grabbed one arm and turned me to face the bed “now climb on the bed and lie on your back in the middle with you head touching the headboard” he commanded. I obeyed although it was difficult to climb onto the bed with my hands cuffed behind me. Lying down the weight of my body dug the cuffs into my wrists, I would have protested but knew the ball gag was very effective, and he wouldn't have cared anyway. My master picked up a couple of lengths of rope from the floor, kneeling on the bed he tied one around each ankle. He then lifted my short dress revealing my black lace panties, he pulled them down my legs and threw them on the floor.

“I am glad you are wearing the cock cage as instructed” he said tugging at the metal cage locked around my semi-erect cock, the metal cage prevented me from getting a proper erection it was uncomfortable when I was aroused (as I was now) but could be worn for days at time under clothing without anyone noticing. He grabbed one of the ropes and lifted my leg pulling it over my head bending my back and lifting my bottom up, as he tied the rope off to one of the corner post at the top of the bed. He swiftly moved around the bed and tied off the other leg. There I was with my bottom fully exposed, totally helpless my back pressing my arms into the bed, my legs spread over my head.

My master picked up the lube from the bedside table and started to smear the cold liquid on my bottom crack,working it in my hole with a finger. Then he knelt down and started to push his now enlarged cock into my hole. It was painful as he started to force his way in, I had not had much use recently and so it was very tight. Gradually, he forced his way in deeper, pushing past the muscle until he was fully inside me. He started to pump me vigorously as I lay back totally helpless with my legs splayed and my hands trapped, he pumped for what seem like ages, but was probably only a couple of minutes, then he let out a groan and started to slow down as he came inside me.

He withdrew, then got up and I heard him in the bathroom next door, running the shower. I lay on the bed used, my thighs were starting to ache from the strain of keeping them above my head, my back complaining, but there was nothing I could do, fortunately, having my bottom lifted at least kept the weight of the handcuffs, even if my arms were going dead fixed underneath my back. After a while the shower finished and he came back into the bedroom drying himself. He got dressed, ignoring me.

Once he was dressed he got up and looked at me - “I suppose I'd better release you from that position, perhaps I did think of leaving you like that and coming back and using you again, but I can't tonight, perhaps next time, eh?” He untied my legs, it was a relief to get them down from the strained position. He ordered me up from the bed and told me to kneel down as I was when he arrived. He retied my legs, and fastened them off to the bottom of the bedpost then lifted my arms and insert and locked the padlock so I was again attached to the ice lock.

He walked in front of me with the bunch of keys in front of him, the keys, to the handcuffs, shoe locks, cock cage and gag. “ I suppose you will want these” he smirked. “so what I am going to do is leave your front door open and I'm going to put the keys in the planter on the landing down stairs, hopefully you can get them without one of your neighbours finding you first!” I tried to say something in protest, but all that came out was some unintelligible mumbling.

He left I heard the door open and him walk out into the corridor, panic set in, I tugged at the ice lock but it held firm all I did was dig the cuffs into my wrists, after a few moments of fruitless panic I calmed down, breathing heavily through my nose, the ball gag left little room for air only be compressing it with my teeth could I breathe through the gag, but my jaw would quickly ache from the effort.

So there I am still waiting for the ice to melt, I tugged again and yes movement, tugging a few more times before finally getting the centre to break free, I fell forwards managing to get my shoulder out to break my fall, though it still hurt, and no doubt I would be bruised there tomorrow.

I lay there for a few moments to collect my self, with my hand still cuffed behind me I had to untie the rope attaching my ankles to the bed post, fortunately he had left a little bit of rope between my ankles and the post, and after a little fiddling found an end to work through and to my relief my legs came free. I reached under the bed blindly with my cuffed wrists, it took me a few moments to locate the bread knife, it was far easier to cut the ropes around my ankles than try and unpick the knots and I was by now quite tired. The serrated knife slid between my ankles and with half a dozen
thrusts cut through the ankle rope, reversing the knife I carefully located the rope around my knees, it took only a few strokes and I was able to separate my legs for the first time in over 3 hours.

I used the bed to help me climb to my feet, I was still a little bit shaky, I walked across to the bedroom door, not easy in the 7” heels then out to the front door that was slightly agar, fortunately no one had come to investigate the open door since my master left 3 hours before – as that would have been very embarrassing and difficult to explain. I turned my body and opened the door fully and peered out, the corridor was empty and dark, I could not hear any sounds of people moving about. The stair lights were on a sensor, once I moved a few feet from my front door the lights would come on. I didn't have much choice but put one foot in front of the other and walked carefully down the corridor, there was a clicking of my heels on the tiled surface, which seemed very loud, the lights came on removing the cloak of darkness that I would have preferred. Having to pass several neighbours front doors which could have been opened at any time.

I reached the landing at the top of the stairs there was a large window there and I was exposed to the outside, there were a few passing cars, but fortunately no-one at the bus stop – probably because it was nearly 2 am, hopefully there was no one coming and going in the flats! I hesitated at top of the stairs, feeling very exposed, then very carefully, as I did not have my hands free to help me stepped down the first step towards the landing below. Slow careful steps, trying not to over balance, it took a couple of minutes to get down to the landing below, the planter in the corner with a small rubber plant in the middle.

The keys I could see were at the back, I couldn't reach them with my hands from a standing position so had to kneel down with my back to the planter and feel around, with my fingers, success. I had to use the wall to slide myself to a standing position. Should I remove the handcuffs now or wait until I was back in my flat, twisting my body I was trying to see the handcuff key in the bunch so I could use it to release my hands, but then I heard the downstairs outer door open and footsteps.

Turning hurriedly, I dived up the stairs almost running, very difficult in the heels with my hands fasten behind me, at the top I tripped and fell against the wall, fortunately able to keep myself up-right as the footsteps got louder behind me. Moving as quickly as I could I moved down the corridor towards my own flat as I reached the safety of my front door and turned to close it with my shoulder I could see a woman pausing at the next flight of stairs to look at me, she was a neighbour from the floor above, a nurse I believe, she laughed a little to herself as I closed the door, my heart beating fit to burst.

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