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Krissy Bound in Public 2

by Chris Sands

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© Copyright 2006 - Chris Sands - Used by permission

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We drove. I tried to look out the windows, but the cuffs on my elbows plus being handcuffed to the chain around my waist behind my back made things very hard to do, in the end I just gave up and laid there. I listened to the radio station she was listening to. Not bad music I thought. My body was really starting to ache from all the bondage I was in. I had done it up real good this time. I had only intended to get a real thrill out of this little adventure, now I found myself in a bad position. Better than the police I thought.

She would turn and look at me from time to time. Each time with an evil grin. My heart was pumping hard. So began the rollercoaster of emotions. Thrill, fear, panic and arousal. Up and down I went. Bound and gagged on the floor of the van. Helpless.

After what seemed an eternity she stopped. At some store I guess. I could not see out to tell. Open went the side door and she peered in at me. I struggled to be able to see her in the cramped place I was in.

“Be right back” she said as she threw her coat over me and the door slide shut.

I could scream but the gag was far too tight for that. I could wiggle around but could not do a whole lot. If I moved wrong one cuff or the other would lock down another notch.

So all I did was wait. I was a true prisoner. This one little thought started me twitching.

I rubbed my crotch on the floor. My member was sliding around in the hose and slip and it felt good. Things started to grow. I was really getting turned on with prisoner thing.

The front door opened and she climbed in, started the engine and with out a word off we went.

I felt her slow down and then really slow, then a stop. Engine off. Out she went. I wanted to be touched so bad at this point. I was horny as hell.

She did not get me out of the van right away. I laid for 10 or 15 minutes. Then she came. Open went the door and off came the coat that was covering me. She pulled and slid me out of the van and helped me up.

“Come on in honey” she said and pulled my neck chain to lead me in. Slowly I went. The ankle cuffs were biting in now. Pain was getting greater. I love the pain of tight locked cuffs. I was hard as a rock. My chains where rattling

She was pulling me so hard I stumbled a few times. Each time she slowed and allowed me to catch up. She was grinning real big. I was beginning to wonder who was hornier.

She had placed a chair in the middle of the living room. A lone chair. Here she led me.

“Sit down you slave” and with that said she pushed me backwards. I hit hard in the chair. I was caught total by surprise. I looked up at her.

“Now you just sit there sweetheart, I’ll get back to you soon”

Away she went, down the hall. I heard doors open and close, the toilet flush, drawers open and close.

It’s amazing what you can hear if you listen.

After the shock of the chair thing I realized this was really turning out pretty well. This was a fantasy coming true. I hoped she would touch me. I wanted to feel her fingers on my body. I wanted her to stroke me. I wanted a lot of things but what could I do??

She came back into the room. She had freshened up, changed clothes, and had a drink in her hand. She walked around my chair in a very slow seductive walk. Rubbing her fingers over my chains and locks. I was throbbing.  The nylon held my cock tight against me when it was wanting to pop out.

She stopped in front of me.

She was wearing a short leather skirt and black hose. As she moved I could see the top of her stockings. She stood there in black heels and smiled.

I moaned as drool was running down my chin.

“You are not going anywhere. I am going to enjoy you for awhile.”

She was breathing heavily. I have seen this look before. A woman in heat, she wanted to pound me as bad as I her. “My name is Susan. I have your keys and I will not release you until I decide”

This was too much. I was about to cream in my hose.

I mumbled some sort of a version of my name and she just looked at me. Susan reached down and rubbed my leg. Slowly she slipped her nails on my leg. I looked down and saw the stain of arousal. I had soaked clean through the hose and slip. It was evident my cock was drooling. I flushed with embarrassment, I could not look up.

She grabbed my chain and jerked me to a standing position. Up went my slip and she was on my member. Rubbing it in long slow strokes. My eyes rolled back in my head.

She pulled and I had to follow. To the kitchen we went. I watched her legs as I hobbled along. She had great legs. We stopped and she turned and opened a drawer. Withdrew a knife and turned.

“I believe you need some relief.”

With that she pulled up my slip and tucked into the waist chain. There was my cock for her to see. She pulled the hose away from me and cut an opening. I was scared to death.

But soon it was over. I felt her cool touch as she pulled my throbbing cock free from the nylon.

She smiled and grabbed my chain again and led me back to the chair. It was funny looking down at my hard cock as I walked very slowly. She was watching also.

Finally back to the chair. This time I willingly sat. My cock standing tall. I was about to explode.

She stood there. Took her fingers and put them in the waist band of her skirt and slowly slid it down her thighs. My eyes where popping out of their sockets. She was clean shaven. No panties to hide her. She stepped out of the skirt. Slowly she unbuttoned her blouse. She was in a black corset. Her ample breasts spilled over the top. I could see half of her nipples. I was about to pop.

She rubbed my boobs. She looked over me slowly taking in every inch.

Her fingers slipped under the straps over my knees and I was pulled to the edge of the chair.

My cock was now standing tall. My legs locked together. My hands still cuffed behind my back. Drool was running down my chin from the tight gag.

This excited her more. She stepped to the sides of the chair. She was straddling me. I swear I could feel her dripping juices. Her breath was hard and fast.

She was holding the top of the chair and she slowly slipped her wetness on me. I throbbed in response. Her juices were indeed there. Up she thrust her hips and she had me in position. I was right at the opening. Her lips gripped me as I slipped into her. Down she pushed. She gasped. Up she pulled her body. Up on my now soaked cock.

She was slow at first, but the deeper I went in her, the faster she got. I thrust my hips up as hard as I could, but all the chains kept my movements to a minimum. It was enough.

Harder and faster we went. We hit a rhythm. Our bodies heaved as we pounded each other into sexual bliss.

Sweat was dripping from both of us as the climax was building. She was shuddering with every stroke and I was at my limit. With a last few strokes I mustered every ounce of energy I had and exploded. She shook with waves of pleasure. Her juices where all over me. The pounding stopped. We both where dripping wet from the hard thumping. She eased off of me. Her legs shook as she stood there . She wobbled in her heels. She stumbled behind me. I was totally wiped out.

A towel came around me and she carefully wiped away the combination of juices.

I wanted to be let go so bad now. I hurt every where the chains or cuffs touched my skin.

Especially the gag. I looked at her begging. It did no good.

She smiled as she turned and picked up my keys from the table.

“Nope, you are not going anywhere right now.”

Off she went down the hall, swaying her hips wildly. This has got to be a dream I thought as I admired her backside. Her sexy legs in those high heels looked so good. I wanted more.  

What was next?



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