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Kyle’s Bad Idea

by ElectroPainLover

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Kyle was always happy when Michelle asked him to come by her house and tend to her huge exotic salt-water fish aquarium. She had told him that it was 300 gallons and had a mixture of fish from around the world. Michelle said she had to be careful when picking new species to put in the tank and make sure her new additions were not predators to any of the species she currently had in the watery habitat. Kyle especially like the different Seahorses she had and was amazed by how much their heads actually looked like horse’s heads.

He really didn’t need to do much when he tended to the aquarium. Make sure the fish had food, which, there was an amazing array of food. There were five different types of food which needed to be doled out. Food for this species, food for that species. Kyle also found it amazing that no matter which order you put the food in, the species for which the food was for immediately darted to the falling flakes or granules and had a feast, yet the fish it wasn’t formulated for merely swum past it, not giving it a second glance. It fascinated Kyle how fast the odor, or whatever it was that fish sensed when seeking food, traveled through the water.

However, feeding the fish was not a long drawn-out task and he was done in just a few minutes. He could sit and watch the brightly colored fish swim around the large glass tank. He knew nothing about the different types of fish Michelle had living out what seemed to be a meaningless life. Kyle lamented about the fact that he knew only a little less about the fish as he did their keeper.

Kyle and Michelle had met in high school and he had attempted to woo her during their sophomore and junior years. That is not to say that he ever fully quit trying to vie for her affections. That’s one of the reasons he is here feeding her fish while she is almost a hundred miles away at a conference at the company’s headquarters she works for. There are generally three or four of these such conferences she attends throughout the year and she has always asked him to come over and make sure her aquarium and its inhabitants are looked after.

One time, in the middle of their junior year, Michelle let Kyle take her out on several dates. A couple had even led to parking the car on a bluff overlooking the vast ocean of lights below which made up the city. The bluff was known by the local kids as that infamous ‘Lover’s Lane’ and many of boys and girls, Kyle suspected, lost their virginity while the shimmering lights of the city illuminated their particular location and for their designated purpose. And Kyle wanted to be no different than any of those other boys who brought their dates up here and hit a Grand-slam. However, Michelle would have no part of it and the most that ever came out of it was a couple small, closed lip, kisses and a little over-the-clothing groping. No removing of a bra, no sliding a hand under her shirt, as, Michelle had never attempted to do to him either. Kyle thought it was almost like he had brought his sister up to Lover’s Lane. He still persisted for as long as he could.

Kyle had been on the high school football team until he realized that football just wasn’t his cup of tea. He dropped from the roster midway through the season. After he quit the football team, Michelle quit going out with him, though she still remained friendly with him. When Kyle asked Michelle why she wouldn’t go out with him anymore, Michelle would only tell him that she had her reasons.

Kyle became bored with watching the fish swim around, darting from one side of the huge tank to the other. He never thought he could get bored with it, but, his mind had drifted to thinking about Michelle. He loved her small slender build. Michelle stood 5’ 3” tall and weighed, in Kyle’s best estimate, about 105 to 110 pounds. She had raven black hair which stopped just short of her waist-line. Her soft olive toned skin laid waste to any doubts one might have about the Mediterranean heritage she claimed she had. Her dark eyes pierced through whatever or whomever they gazed, pupils nearly impossible to distinguish from their dark irises surrounding them. Her small nose set between her high and well defined cheekbones. Her soft lips hiding perfectly aligned and glowing white teeth when she had a stolid expression and glowed when she smiled. Her wide jaw line gave her oval face a hint of a Slavic ancestry being mixed in with her Mediterranean features, almost giving off a mismatched look to her fairly prominent cheekbones. Her chin line, smooth and not as distinctive as her cheeks and jowls.

It was Michelle’s body that had really caught his eye’s however. Her pert bust-line was defined by 34B breasts, at least to Kyles best guess as Michelle had never divulged her body measurements to him. Kyle never had been a fan of huge boobs and preferred girls with smaller but well defined breasts. Michelle’s fit his idea of perfection to a tee. She had a small waistline but was not so small it looked like she was anorexic. Her hips, he figured, were probably about the same 34 or maybe 35 inches as her bust and when she wore her skin tight blue jeans as she normally did, her perfect little ass showed no hint of a sag and is very well toned.

Though Michelle had never invited him in or gave him permission to her bedroom, Kyle figured a little look around could not hurt and she would never know as she would not be home for another two days. Kyle proceeded down the el-shaped hallway to the second door on the right, the first being the bathroom. He knew it was her room as he had met her in the hallway once while he came out of the bathroom after she had told him she needed to get out of her ‘monkey-suit’ she wore to work and terribly distained.

He stood for several seconds looking at the closed door which led to the place his dream-wish lay her head for sleep every night when she was not out of town. He tentatively placed his hand around the brass-colored knob protruding from the left side of the door about waist height, paused a little longer, and slowly turned. The door opened easily and quietly.

* * * * *

“Well, that was about a total fucking waste of time!” Michelle said angrily as she started her way back to the city she called home.

“A bunch of stupid morons who think nobody has anything better to do with their friggin’ time than attend a bunch of idiotic meetings and seminars, then get shit-faced plastered at the end of the night.” Michelle ranted to nobody within earshot as she was the sole occupant of her car.

“I hope that bastard Malovic thinks the price of a broken nose was worth is little brush of my ass cost him.” She said furiously. Michelle had studied the martial arts since she was five and, for her small stature, had quite a right hand when it needed to be unleased, and, to the spectators, she appeared to make the strike of a cobra look slow in comparison.

The only thing Michelle did like about the company meeting and seminars was the fact that they ended two days early, Malovic being the key-note speaker for the next two days and did not really feel up to speaking in a goose-honk due to the swelling from Michelle’s hand catching him square on the bridge of the nose, a crack resonating throughout his skull, which dropped him as if every bone in his body had suddenly disappeared.

Michelle drove fast up I-5, leaving San Diego behind as she wanted to get back to her home in Ventura as quickly as she could, without, however, bending the speed limit to the point that some highway patrolman could hear it snap. She made sure she still had some cars passing her, but, she passed many more.

* * * * *

Kyle entered the room where Michelle did everything he wanted to watch her do. In the middle of the large master bedroom was a king-size bed with huge Mahogany head and foot boards. The bed was made up in pastels, a side of Michelle which Kyle would’ve never guessed. He figured her to be more into earthen tones. At the foot of the bed was something that he had believed to be a long past tradition; a cedar hope chest. Kyle found himself curious to find out what Michelle hoped to drag along in the process of matrimony.

He tested the lid—it wasn’t locked. Even the half an inch it had opened, before he let it close again, filled the room with the smell of what he used to call ‘banana-wood’ when he was a decade and a half younger. He lifted the lid of the trunk again, listening to the slight squeak of the hinges and metal-on-metal rub of the arms which held the lid open once they engaged at they’re full extension. Once he had the lid open far enough to see what Michelle prized enough in her life to take with her into marriage, Kyle’s face was stricken of all color and his jaw became slack and dropped as far as its hinges would allow when he seen the contents the chest held.

* * * * *

Michelle was letting her rage over Malovic’s groping slip over into her driving. She began cursing the other drivers on the road. She was irritated at the driver’s that would cut around her at the exact time she needed to change lanes to get around the driver’s driving too slow which pissed her off even more. She hated the drive between Los Angeles county and San Diego county simply because Orange county lay between them. She hated the freeway layout and the numerous interchanges which seemed to cause her a never ending battle to remain on the freeway she needed to be on.

Michelle’s drive home was anything but peaceful and she was dying to get home, out of the traffic and away from the idiot’s she believed must have gotten their driver’s licenses out of a box of Cracker Jacks.

* * * * *

Kyle stood looking into the chest, gape-jawed and wide-eyed, for several minutes as is face regained its normal pallor slowly began to return. He could not believe what he was seeing.

Laying on the top of, what appeared to be a whole collection of bondage paraphernalia, was a pair of shiny, nickel-finished handcuffs and matching leg shackles. He could tell just by looking at them that these were not some dime-store imitations, but the real thing used by many cops in around the world. He touched the cold steel of the handcuffs with one finger, feeling how smooth and how high-quality the steel felt on the pad of his finger.

“I had no clue…” Kyle said to himself, ending his sentence before he had finished it with “she was into this kind of stuff.”

Most the items filling the chest was unfamiliar to Kyle and he had absolutely no idea of what they were for. He could only tell by the leather and steel items which obviously had rings for attaching different forms of restraint to them. He noticed what seemed to be three-dozen coils of soft, white rope; a couple of things that looked as if they must be hoods of some sort with zippers where the mouth and eyes would go; what appeared to be whips with several leather tassels ending in harsh knots; besides a whole slew of items he could not even imagine what their use might be for.

He picked up the set of handcuffs. Instead of a chain between them, they seemed to be hinged. As he picked them up he noticed that the hinge prevented the cuffs from twisting the way the handcuffs he had seen before did. He had never been in handcuffs before but he had a friend who was a cop and he had looked at his. As he looked at them more intently, he noticed the ‘S&W’ logo signifying they were manufactured by Smith & Wesson. Kyle also picked up the leg-shackles and was amused and amazed by their heft. He noticed these had the same logo as the handcuffs.

Looking in the chest a little closer, Kyle noticed there were several handcuff keys, some quite small and some longer, looking to him like a pen and even had the pocket clip like a pen. He pulled one of the pen-styled keys out of the small wooden tray of the chest. He put the key in the handcuffs and the single-barred part of the handcuff swung smoothly down making the cuff look like a ‘3’. He did the same with the other cuff which copied its mirrored twin. Kyle found himself intrigued by the restraints as he had always wondered what they felt like when closed around your wrist, but, was not so intrigued as to get arrested in order to find out. Now, however, he thought he might just find out.

He copied his test opening on the leg-shackles as he had on the handcuffs and found the same key opened both ankle and wrist cuffs. He looked closer at the handcuffs and wondered what the oblong hole on both sides of the cuff could be for when there was only a single keyhole on one side. Then he noticed a thin piece of metal in the slot and remembered his friend saying something about his cuffs being double-secured or something like that. He played with them for a little longer and figured out how the second lock worked and how the cuffs reacted when the little piece of metal was slid towards the keyhole. Once it was, he could not move the jaw of the handcuff tighter or open. He also noticed the key had to be turned in both directions before he could unlock the handcuff.

Satisfied that he had the basic operation of handcuffs figured out, Kyle thought it might be time to try them on.

“What could it hurt.” Kyle said to himself. “Mikki will never know after I put them back.” He finished, again to himself, as if trying to justify his actions of going through his ‘hopefully someday’ girl-friend’s private belongings.

He decided he would put the shackles on his ankles first as they seemed like they would be much easier to remove should he get spooked by the feel of them around his limbs. Kyle slowly closed one end of the cuffs around his right ankle, allowing the clicks to come at about a second for each one. He finally felt the metal lightly touch both sides of his ankle through his sock. He then slid the double-locking mechanism towards the key hole. He put the second cuff around his left ankle, and, closed it in the same methodical manner as the right side. Kyle felt weird with his ankles cuffed with an eighteen-inch chain leading between them.

Kyle decided he would go all out and lock his hands behind his back as he felt he knew how the cuffs operated and had the key to remove them should he get panicked. Kyle stood up and put both hands behind his back, cuffs in his right as it was his dominate hand, and listened as the jaw of the cuff ratcheted down around his left wrist. Using the tip of the long key he slid the double-lock home. He placed the empty cuff against his right wrist and slowly cinched it around his right wrist until he believed it to be as tight as it needed. It was more difficult than he thought but he got it. Noticing how the design of the hinged handcuffs made reaching the lock portion of the handcuff impossible to reach with his fingers, he knew why Michelle had the longer type of handcuff key. With plenty of effort and, some missed attempts, he finally was able to get the cuff on his right wrist double-locked.

Kyle tested the limits of both his wrists and his ankles. He found the length of the chain of the ankle-cuffs would allow him to take small steps, but, it was quite obvious he would get nowhere fast. The handcuffs allow very little movement and were quite uncomfortable. He decided he was not a fan of handcuffs and wanted them off.

Kyle started trying to fit the key into the keyhole and release himself from the unpleasant and unnerving feel of the steel around his wrists.

* * * * *

Michelle was relieved to finally be making the last couple of blocks towards her house. Her drive was miserable and she was still extremely pissed off about the free grope one of the corporate heads had thought he was entitled. She fumed the whole way home about it and had mentally written her formal complaint she would write as soon as got home. Two lefts and a right and Michelle was pulling into her driveway. She was shocked to see Kyle’s car in the drive.

Michelle head towards her front door, keys in hand, ready to unlock the door should Kyle have locked it when he entered.

* * * * *

Kyle didn’t hear the car pull into the driveway, but, he did hear the front door open.

“Who the fuck could that be?” He questioned while clearly agitated that he could not find the fucking hole for the key to enter.

“Kyle, where are you?” He heard call for him. Michelle’s voice calling for him.

“Fuck! She wasn’t supposed to be home for two more days!” He cursed under his breath.

“Kyle! Where are y…?” Michelle cutting off in the middle of her question.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing in my bedroom AND in my private fucking things!” She demanded.

Kyle stood there with a deer-in-the-headlight look and was complete dumbfounded and at a loss of words. No explanation’s he ran through in his mind, what little portion would actually engage any thought at all, made since to him as he thought them to himself.

He finally managed in the most pleading and pathetic voice Michelle had ever heard come out of a man’s mouth before, “Michelle, can you please help me out of these and we can talk about it?”

She walked over to him and half-walked and half-drug him over towards her bed.

“Give me the key.” Michelle said in an almost but not quite demand.

Kyle held the key up as far as he could reach.

Michelle took the key and looked at Kyle’s cuffed hands.

“You dumb-shit, you put them on upside down! You would’ve never been able to get them off yourself.” She said this, and, as she was completing the final few words of her second sentence, Michelle pushed Kyle face-down on her bed, harder than she needed to but not as hard as she wanted. Kyle let out an “Uummpphh” as he had been taken completely off guard and hadn’t had a chance to tighten his diaphragm before landing on his stomach.

“Why’d you do that?” Kyle asked in his shock of being somewhat violently pushed onto her bed.

“You want to be tight the fuck up? I’ll show you what it’s like to be tied up you prick!” Michelle spat her words venomously.

“No…please…let me explain.” He said in the same pathetic voice he used earlier, adding to Michelle’s already inflamed anger.

“Explain my ass!” She said coming up with and quickly shoving a black dildo gag in his mouth to silence his pleas.

Before he knew what the hell was happening, Kyle felt something quickly and forcefully shoved into his mouth and a buckle fastening a leather strap around his neck. pulling the gag deeper into his mouth. He heard a little click behind his head, and he come to the hard realization that Michelle had actually locked the gag in his mouth.

He then felt the chain between his ankles get pulled roughly up and heard the, now unmistakable, ratchet of handcuffs being closed, quickly followed by a second. She let go of his legs but found he could not lower them. She had hogtied him.

“Do you have the faintest fucking clue why I quit dating you back in school? No…No…don’t try to answer…it’ll just come out as gibberish anyway.” Michelle said, now almost in a taunt.

“I quit seeing you because you were, and are, a pussy!” She said, the venom back in her voice.

“Quit the fucking football team because you took a couple of hits.” Now almost spitting the words out as Kyle lay hogtied, face down on her bed.

“I quit seeing your sorry ass because you are too weak to handle any kind of relationship with me. As you have noticed by your bullshit snooping through my stuff, you pile of shit, that I play a little on the rough side… too rough for your limp-dick!” She paused for emphasis and to let her words sink in to him.

“You think you want to have sex with me? Well, I’m going to give you your shot big-boy!” The last two words said in a manner that was obvious sarcasm.

“But not here. Oh-no. The stuff I have here is much too mild for the kind of sex you want from me. I have much better toys at my cabin. Things I know you’re going to enjoy.” Michelle said, again in a taunting and cruel tone; which scared the hell out of him. As she was speaking she was on her way back to the cedar chest.

Kyle heard loose chain being lifted and wondered what Michelle was planning on doing.

She laid the chain next to his waist and pushed him over on his side. Kyle attempted to struggle away from her but she had a firm grip on his arm at the elbow. She pushed the chain partially under his stomach and rolled him back onto his stomach. She walked around the foot of the bed and to the other side. She again rolled him away from her so she could grab the chain which was halfway under him. She began to speak while she was pulling the chain fully under his waist.

“I just have to get you ready for a little trip. Can’t have you attempting to get free during the drive.” She said as she worked, pulling the chain around to his back, under his arms, and locking it tightly around his mid-section. She then took the two long ends of chain that were left over after being locked around him and looped both lengths over the handcuffs and between his arms, dropping the chain between his legs.

The whole time Michelle was working on chaining him, Kyle was screaming into the gag filling his mouth. He was sure she couldn’t understand what he was saying as Kyle couldn’t understand himself. But, he figured he might get his dissatisfaction of what she was doing to him across. He just wanted to apologize and be done with the whole messy misunderstanding. Though, Kyle knew there was no misunderstanding about it. He had deliberately entered her room, looked in her chest, and violated her privacy. He believed she had every right to be pissed, but come on.

Michelle rolled Kyle back away from her, this time letting him roll all the way over on to his back. She pulled the two lengths of chain she had draped between his legs and fed them under the chain that was now locked around his waist. Once the ends were around the waist chain, Michelle picked up another lock, then pulled the chain hard towards her. The chain, she knew by his squeal, pulled painfully tight between his legs. She pulled again, this time harder that the first, and Kyle released a higher squeal than before. Satisfied that she might have just gotten a good ball-crusher, Michelle placed the shackle of the lock into the tightest links of the two crotch chains and locked it to the belly chain; holding the chain tightly against his balls and making his jeans give him a denim wedgy.

Michelle pulled a piece of rope from her chest of toys and proceeded to tie his legs above his knees. She tied the rope tightly and expertly. Before Kyle could really register what she was doing, the last knot was cinched.

She picked up another lock and took up some of the slack of chain of the ankle cuffs and shortened the length to about ten inches. Between the shortened ankle chain and the rope tied above his knees, Michelle knew what walking they were going to do after this point would be very slow…very slow indeed. She removed the handcuffs holding him in a hogtie while speaking to him.

“So help me, if you try to kick me once you can straighten your legs, you will suffer so badly that you will wish my next move would kill you. Nod if you understand me you chicken-shit.” Michelle explained then demanded.

Kyle nodded. It was obvious that she had read his mind as that was exactly what he thought of doing. He had no idea what he would have done if he made solid contact and disabled her somehow. If he couldn’t get out of just the handcuffs before, he had no idea how he would get out now.

Even though she had been so pissed off the whole day, then, to come home to this bastard fucking with her shit, caused her to go into a rage. Michelle felt an unmistakable wetness begin to drench her panties.

“That’s the nice thing about being a switch…you get the best of both worlds.” Michelle thought to herself. Then, she unbuckled her belt and unbuttoned her 501’s and shimmied their tight-fit down her beautiful legs. She toed her shoes off by the heels and kicked her jeans off past her feet, letting them fall in a heap on the floor. Reaching back into the chest, she pulled out a sports wrap and set it on the bed.

“Look and watch, you untrustworthy mother-fucker!” She demanded.

Kyle looked at her and watched…soon in utter amazement.

Michelle lifted her sexy right leg up and put her foot on the bed. She slipped her right hand down the front of her baby-blue panties, a two-inch border of lace bordering each leg-hole on the front panel, and touched her magic button. Her whole body quivered at the touch and a spark shot through every fiber of her body. Slowly at first, then gaining speed with regularity, Michelle started rubbing her clit. From the first touch she knew it would not take her long to surpass ecstasy into orgasm, but, for Kyle’s sake, she wanted to hold off as long as she could. Her desires overrode her wants, however, and within five minutes Michelle exploded with a mind-shattering orgasm the likes she had not felt in a long time. Her left leg buckled due to her bodies…what…loss of strength, loss of coordination, over-whelming pleasure…whatever it was, she fell flat on her ass.

Once Michelle was able to regain enough strength in her legs to get up, she rose and stood directly in front of Kyles eyes again. Using her index and middle finger, she pushed her panties into herself and made them soak up as much of her juices as the thin material would absorb. When they were good and soaked, Michelle pulled them off.

“Now you get to smell what you’ve been wanting a piece of…for a good long while.” Michelle giggled slightly at how that last part fit both of her intended meanings of the first part perfectly.

Michelle placed the wettest part of her cum drenched panties over Kyles nose. Using the sports-wrap, she wrapped the panties to Kyles head, insuring the wrap itself did not cover his nose but the only air he would breath would come directly through the crotch of her panties and allow him to smell her sweetness with every breath he took. She had also covered his eyes, removing his sight of her fabulously beautiful pussy he only got to glimpse for a second before she removed his sight with the thick stretchable fabric.

“Do you want to know why I am so pissed off about this Kyle? Do you?” She paused, only sort of expecting him to nod yes.

“You betrayed me and my trust. Betrayal. Do you know what is worse than betrayal? Murder maybe? …Rape? …NOTHING!” Screaming this last part at the man lying on her bed, held by a couple of pounds of strategically built and placed steel.

“Oh…it might not be a punishable act in the courts, with maybe the exception of treason, but Lord knows it should be. If you murder a stranger, you couldn’t have betrayed them because there was never any trust to betray. Same with rape. You must know someone, and, have their trust in order to betray them. Betrayal is worse than any high-crimes and misdemeanors in my belief…above murder…above rape…because you have raped and murdered my trust!” When she finished, Michelle was on the verge of tears…tears of anger, not of sorrow nor hurt.

Michelle slipped her jeans back on and fastened the closures, finishing by cinching her belt. Putting a fresh pair of underwear on was not a concern of hers at this moment.

She grabbed Kyle’s legs and pulled him to and off the edge of the bed, forcing him to kneel next to it the footboard. Kyle let out some screams of pain, what little could be heard past the gag in his mouth, that is, and she took great pleasure in knowing that it was because of the tight crotch chain she had crushing his balls. She fastened a quick slip knot in another piece of rope from the chest and slipped the loop over his head. She tied the other end around the large post of the footboard, under the large ball which capped it. She tied the rope too short for Kyle to lie down without strangulating himself.

“If you have the balls; that is, what’s left of them now; and, want to see if you can make it through your trial, conviction, and punishment; remain on your knees. If not, lay down…the rope would make sure it was over soon. Either way, I don’t really give a fuck! I have to go get the car ready for our trip…just in case I come back and you decided on the first choice.”

Michelle left the room to attend to her duties, and, allow Kyle to make his decision.


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