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by Master Lea

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She lay motionless, listening, trying to sense if the small noise she heard was the door. Her mind was racing, had she forgotten to lock the door, was this one of her greatest fears?

This all started with that FAX. He had called her at the office this morning and told her she had better get to the FAX machine before anyone else and hung up; she immediately knew why and literally ran (which wasn't easy in 4'' high heels) across the office. The machine had already churned out one page and continued to print. Three handwritten pages finally were printed before the machine stopped. Vicki the office busy body and resident bitch walked up to her coffee in hand and said, ''that must be an important FAX; the way you busted your ass to get over here to pick it up.'' Her mind raced quickly for an answer, yes, this was the information she had needed for three days to finish a project. She turned in her heels and walked away before the bitch could say another word.

Another noise brought her back to the present and the predicament she was now facing. She was motionless not because of her fear, but because of what she was wearing and how tightly she was tied. Damn the noise, damn this leather blindfold she was wearing. It was all the FAX's fault she told herself; denying to herself that she had put herself in this predicament. She started playing it all back in her head. Master's FAX was very detailed and she knew any deviation would be dealt with sternly. She read and re-read his words until they were embedded in every thought she had. She looked forward to the time she could leave the office and start carrying out his instructions.

Arriving at her house she found the FedEx box awaiting her at the front door, just as he had said. She fumbled with her keys like a nervous schoolgirl and finally managed to unlock the door and get her package safely inside. Quickly she locked the door behind her and started running around the house making sure all the blinds and drapes were tightly closed. With what she knew was coming she wanted no unwanted viewers. Picking her box up she took it straight to her bedroom and placed it in the middle of her king size, four-poster bed.

She wanted to rip the box open but the FAX was again the instrument that guided her actions. She removed her dress and hung it in the closet. Turning around she caught a glimpse of herself in the full-length mirror. Standing there she admired the way Master had her dressing. Much different from her tomboy days. She was wearing a peach colored half shelf bra that presented her 34C breasts perfectly. Looking down at her matching garter belt with six garters holding up her sheer taupe stockings she smiled. She loved the way the garters pulled the stocking tops up into her sex and the feelings they caused when she walked or crossed her legs. Master had told her NO PANTIES unless he instructed her to wear them. Her shoes today were black leather four-inch high heels with silver studs on the back of the heels. She thought to herself how those assholes at work would act if they knew how she looked under her business dresses. Too bad.

Suddenly she caught a glimpse of the box on the bed and then checked the clock on the nightstand, 5:40, she had no more time to waste. Quickly removing her heels and under-garments she went straight to the tub and started the water. Adding some of ''HIS'' favorite bath fragrance to the water she slid into the relaxing bubbles. After soaking for a few moments she grabbed the razor to make sure she would be as smooth as possible. The last place was her pussy; HE insisted that it was kept completely bare at all times. As she moved her pussy lips from side to side her fingers played for a moment with the ring through her outer lip. Again the words of the FAX raced through her head. She exited the tub and dried quickly.

She knew she could open the box now. Taking a knife out of the drawer in her nightstand she carefully cut along the taped seams of the box. Folding back the flaps and looking inside her eyes grew larger and her breath quickened. With trembling fingers she reached into the box and started to remove it's contents. The first item was a beautiful black leather corset with 10 garters hanging from it. It was heavily boned with full laces up the back. She looked at the tag, which just had the number 20. Oh my god I've never been laced that small before she found herself saying out loud. Then her thoughts took back over, thinking if that is what Master wants......

She turned back to the box and pulled out a beautifully sheer pair of black full-fashioned stockings. Her hand next found a black leather three-inch posture collar with a ''D'' ring attached at the front and a small lock that was unlocked but no key. See looked inside the box again and found a pair of black kidskin leather shoulder length gloves. Laying the gloves down on the bed she paused momentarily and slid her hand down to her sex. Touching her ring she was ashamed of how wet she had already become. Knowing that Master had forbid her to pleasure herself she almost jumped removing her hand. She was sure that somehow He would know what she was doing, and her punishment would be even more severe.

The box's next gift was a pair of size 6 black patient stiletto high heels with six-inch heels! The shoes were even more exotic due to the attached locking ankle straps again with a small-unlocked padlock on each shoe. Just as with the collar she knew once they were on and LOCKED, there would no getting them off until Master decided. Looking at the bottom of the box she found leather wrist, ankle, and thigh cuffs. Each of the two inch cuffs had roller buckles for her to be able to cinch up tight, as per instructions, and a strong steel ''D'' ring. The were three more larger padlocks, again unlocked and again NO keys. Lastly she found one of the most life like dildo's she had ever seen or felt, a butt plug, and a pair of black thong like panties made from a weight of lycra she had never seen and that appeared to be 3 sizes too small, and a pair of nipple clamps with a silver chain joining them together.

Taking the box from the bed and storing it in the closet she turned to check the time. 6:20. Master's FAX was explicit; she was to be in place and ready for HIM at seven sharp! She started with the butt plug, lubricating it; she slowly started easing it into place. She had worn plugs before for Master and she knew that once in place she would quickly become accustomed to the fullness in her ass. As the plug slid into place she felt her nipples instantly harden and became even more aware of the wetness of her pussy. Next came the dildo, it puzzled her that it seemed more solid and a little heavier than she thought normal. It made little difference as she started sliding it into her pussy. As it disappeared into the depth of her sex the plug in her ass gave rise to a fullness that made her want to get herself fucked hard and fast at that moment. She knew that was not going to happen, at least not now.

Reaching for the panties she put her brightly polished flame red toes into each leg hole and pulled them up. She was surprised at how much the material stretched as she slid them up her shapely legs. She found that once in place the panties pushed the dildo even further into her and literally locked the butt plug into her. She reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips so her ring was outside and the material disappeared into the folds of her pussy. Finally she stretched the panties so they were hooked over her hips and holding ''everything'' tightly in place. She picked up the corset and unhooked the front busk. The aroma of the leather as she brought it into place was almost intoxicating. Knowing the pleasures which lay ahead she quickly re-hooked the front busk and took hold of the laces behind. She pulled and tugged until the corset was firmly in place. But looking in the mirror revealed she still had two inches to go. Wrapping the laces around one of the bedposts she started pulling and sucking herself in until the gap disappeared. She grabbed the laces and wrapped them around her waist several times and then tied them in the back. She could not believe the woman she was looking at in the mirror, a perfect hourglass shape and a 20-inch waist!

She sat on the edge of the bed and picked up one of the black full-fashioned stockings. She started to bend over to slide her foot into the stocking and found that she couldn't. The corset with all of it's heavy boning was holding her straight as an arrow. She found that by standing and placing her foot on the bed she could just reach to glide her foot into the sheerness. First her right leg, sliding the stocking upward, being careful not to cause a run and also making sure her seam up the back was perfectly straight. These stockings were longer than any she had worn before. The welt came well into contact with her pussy lip protruding from her panties. She looked into the mirror, reached back and attached the first of the garters to the stocking top. She proceeded until all five garters were attached and adjusted to keep the stocking taught on her leg. Picking up her other stocking she followed the exact same procedure she had done with the first. The simple movements required had made her breathless. Was it because of the exercising? The tightness of the corset? Or, was it because at that moment the combination of the butt plug, dildo, panties, and the silky smooth stocking tops rubbing against her exposed pussy lips and her ring were driving her dangerously close to the brink of orgasm. Damn, Master knew exactly how to push all her right buttons and didn't even need to be there to start it happening.

Checking the clock again; 22 minutes left. She now needed to get her ass in gear. Picking up the stiletto heels and locks she slid her silk covered foot into the left one, wrapped the ankle strap around tightly until the locking ring popped through the hole, slipped the lock through the ring and clicked it shut. Placing that foot on the floor and applying weight to her left leg she started to repeat the sequence on her right foot. Before she could slide her foot into the shoe she toppled forward onto the bed. Righting herself, she moved toward the end of the bed and used the post for a support to lean against while she put the shoe on. Again the ankle strap was pulled tight and the lock applied. With both feet firmly on the floor she was surprised about how steady she felt. It must have been because of the training Master had been putting her thru by insisting she wear at least 4 inch heels at all times. Even more amazing was that her normal five-foot height was now transformed into that of a gorgeous 5 foot 6 inch redhead. Time was running out. She grabbed the ankle cuffs, wrapped them around her ankles above the shoe straps and cinched them tight with the roller buckles. She made sure that the ''D'' rings were centered on the back of her ankles. Next the thigh cuffs were applied. She slid each high up on her leg and as the leather touched her pussy lips she moaned out loud. Again making sure the ''D'' rings were centered on the back of her thighs. She pulled the straps through the roller buckles and pulled tight. A hollow opened up at her sex that had not been there before.

Now was the time. She crawled up on the bed and knelt in the center facing the door. She reached over and grabbed 2 padlocks. Taking the first lock she slid the open hasp through ''D'' ring of her right ankle cuff then feeling around she found the corresponding ''D'' ring of the thigh cuff slipped the hasp thru and clicked the lock shut. With greater difficulty she repeated the measure on her left leg. The shoulder length leather gloves came next. As she slid each one up her arm the feel and softness amazed her. They fit perfectly, like a second skin. The wrist cuffs were easy and she made sure their ''D'' rings were on the inside of her wrists. She felt on the bed behind her and found the posture collar and lock. She also placed within easy reach the nipple clamps and blindfold and the last padlock for her wrists. Picking up the collar she placed it around her slender neck. Finding the right hole she had the collar in place, she picked up the lock and snapped it in place behind her neck. Now she was forced to look up giving her ''perfect'' posture.

Feeling for the nipple clamps by her leg she held them up so she could squeeze the tip open. Holding the open clamp in her right hand she used her left gloved hand to pinch her left nipple and then applied the clamp to the areola behind her nipple. She had never worn this type of clamp before and she moaned loudly as she felt it biting into her flesh. Without hesitation she fed the other clamp through the ''D'' ring on the front of the collar and drug the chain thru. Taking the free clamp in her left hand she opened it up and started to apply it to her right nipple. It wouldn't reach. She started to panic. She lifted her right breast while pinching her nipple. Her left hand pulled, lifting her left breast by the nipple. It reached. She released the clamp on her right nipple and felt a sensation she had never felt before. It was almost electric as the waves of pleasurable pain shot thru her tits. Master had literally made a bra using nipple clamps.

Biting her lip she reached down and found the leather blindfold and the last lock. The point of no return she thought to herself. She slid the blindfold over her head and pulled it over her eyes. Reaching behind her head she found the end of the strap and pulled tightly. Not one ray of light penetrated anywhere. In a last move from freedom, and to obedience, she hooked the hasp of the padlock thru the ''D'' ring of her left wrist, and placed her hands behind her back. Somehow she managed to hook the hasp on the first try through the ''D'' ring of her right wrist cuff. Slowly she manipulated her fingers around the lock and snapped it closed. Done. She was finally totally captive. Her exposed skin had a light sheen of perspiration.

As she was motionless sitting on her folded, restrained legs the feelings in her body began to take over. Her nipples were on fire from the weight of her own tits pulling against the clamps that were biting into her flesh. She actually startled herself by the guttural moans coming from her mouth. She tried to lower her head to relieve some of the pressure of her aching tits but the collar did its job all too well. She tried moving her cuffed hands around her side to reach one of the clamps and release its grip on her very soul. This only caused more tension on her opposite tit, making her stop such silly actions. The corset kept her from bending over and relieving the strain. In desperation she started moving as much of her whole body as she could. Suddenly she lost her balance and toppled over onto her side luckily staying on the bed. She lay there completely motionless trying to catch breath and believing that being completely still was her best course of action now.

She lost track of all time. She knew that yelling for help would be useless since her house was on a large wooded lot and no one would hear her unless they were outside her window. That's when she heard the noise. She hoped it was Master and that he would have pity on her predicament. She listened even more intently trying to move her head so she could pick up the faintest noise.

A gloved leather hand came over her mouth clamping it shut. Mmmmph was the only sound she emitted. She felt another gloved hand slide up her leg and into the hollow that the thigh cuffs had made at her sex. The smooth leather glove rubbed her pussy lips and then tugged at her well-exposed ring. She tried crying out but again it was just a muffled mmmmmph. That's when it happened; the gloved hands left their position on her body and rolled her over onto her stomach. The cool satin sheets did nothing to the fire that had ignited in her nipples. She moaned loudly in her hogtied position and begged to be taken. She only prayed that it was Master and not some intruder who had managed to get in.

Not a word was returned, but just as she was about to cry out for mercy the dildo deep in her pussy came to life. It started vibrating with an intensity that sent shock waves to the very depths of her soul. Then it started squirming inside of her pussy causing the butt plug to also start moving. She was no longer in pain. She was skyrocketing to an orgasm the likes of which she had never experienced in her life. An orgasm that she didn't even know existed!!! She heard herself screaming like it was someone else. Guttural, loud screams. Her body was pulling against every bond that held her so tightly captive. Breathing so quickly that she couldn't catch her breath; due to how tightly she had cinched the corset. She found herself pulling her head back causing the nipple clamps to bite even deeper into her swollen tits. Her last words before passing out from the orgasm were ''I'm yours Master, forever''..........

When she came to the blindfold was gone and her pussy was still. The nipple clamps had also been removed. Her legs were now straight and she was on her back with her hands still cuffed behind her. She started looking around as much as the collar would allow. No one. Had Master left her alone in this state? Footsteps came closer and then she saw Masters beard, his smile and finally his blue eyes. He stroked her cheek and his gloved hand grabbed her red hair. He pulled her closer and kissed her with a passion that caused the lights to change colors. Master kissed her cheek and then tenderly each of her eyes. She so loved the softness of his beard brushing against her skin. Master then shifted his attention to her breasts. "Your weekend has just begun", he said to her softly. "I'm pleased at how well you followed my FAX".

She smiled and said, "thank you Master, I want to please you in every way possible".

"And you shall my love, and you shall. "

Part 2: The Blade

She strained to look at him, searching with her eyes. He stood a few feet from the bed reaching into the leather bag on the floor. She could not see exactly what Master had extracted from the bag but she did get a good look at how he was dressed. What little he was wearing made her pussy start to come alive all over again. Master was in black leather, a vest that allowed her to see his hairy chest, chaps that fit his legs very well, and those gloves that knew all the right places to manipulate her flesh. His firm ass was exposed and when he turned toward her the sight of his semi-erect prick made her instinctively lick her lips. She then noticed that a black leather device encircled his prick.

Master saw where her eyes were riveted, and asked her in a soft voice if she liked his cock ring and ball spreader. She had never seen one before but she loved the way it framed his prick and the way the straps separated each of his balls and fastened to the base of his prick. ''yes Sir i do'' was all she could manage to say. He came closer to the bed, reached out with his left hand and stroked her cheek. His fingers stopped at her red lips, which she instinctively parted. He continued down her body softly embracing the nape of her neck. She felt chills run through her body. She wanted to reach out and stroke her Masters prick but with them locked securely behind her back and all of her weight holding them in place all she could do was plead for Him to let her service him with those red lips.

His silence let her know that He was in control, and she would do what He said, when He said. His hand came down to her right breast. He lightly rubbed around on her tit causing her sore nipple to come to life and harden. He grabbed the nub between his thumb and forefinger and rolled it and then pinched tightly and pulled straight up toward the ceiling. She gasped loudly and started pleading for her poor nipple. Master's tone changed as he told her that it was His nipple.

"Yes Sir, it IS yours", she said as she lowered her eyes. He released his grip and waves of pleasure pain coursed through her tit.

Master climbed on the bed and straddled her legs. Because of the posture collar, all she could see was her Masters head and upper torso. Their eyes locked, she knew that He possessed the keys not only to the locks that held her so tightly captive, but also to her soul. Masters right-gloved hand came into view. She could not make out the object he gripped so tightly. With a flick of his thumb a 4-inch glistening steel knife blade came into view. Her heart started beating like a racehorse. Her breathing became more rapid and she felt her nipples instantly harden. She lay motionless, not daring to utter a single word. The blade disappeared from view. Suddenly she felt an icy cold sensation on her right nipple. Then she felt the edge as it raked along the side of her tit. Had Master cut her? She waited to feel her warm blood trickling down her tit. The sensation never came.

Master slid down her legs and out of view. She then felt Master grab her right ankle and attach something to the ankle cuff. He then grabbed her left ankle and pulled it far to the side. She felt something attached to that cuff as well. When she tried to close her legs she found it was impossible. Master had attached a spreader bar that held her feet almost 4-feet apart. She felt even more vulnerable, tied, corseted, and now wide open with no possible way to protect her poor pussy. Even worse she felt the fire in her pussy re-igniting. Again she felt the coldness of the blade. This time it was against her left pussy lip. She squirmed as much as she could as she felt the tip raked against the side of her pussy. Then she heard a metallic tapping sound as He started to play with the ring in her right pussy lip with the blade. Then he started pulling the ring with the tip of the blade. That was all it took. She could not believe herself as an orgasm started sweeping through her pussy. The dildo still deep in her sprang to life again, throbbing, squirming and causing the butt plug to remind her of how much of a slut she was for loving this wonderful torture. She was screaming for her Master to fuck her. "Fuck me hard. Fuck my pussy. Fuck my ass. Just FUCK ME, PLEASE!!"

The blade again was against her skin. This time it was at her pubic mound. The side of the blade was sliding along her skin. Master's motion was quick and the blade was sharp. In one instant in time the blade released the lycra thong panties that sealed the entrance to her sex. Her orgasm was even more intense now, the unexpected sensations, her fear, and Masters actions had taken her to a new plateau. This universe existed deep within her pussy and the feelings that her whole body had came from her sex. Just as she was thinking that nothing could possibly be more intense she felt Masters gloved hands spreading her pussy lips, and his thumb rub the hood, which covered her clit. Then the world literally exploded as first his beard then his tongue started probing her clit, then her slit, then back to her clit. She started screaming, bucking her hips, wiggling her ass, and straining against every bond that held her so inescapably. She wanted to wrap her legs around Masters head, she wanted his tongue deeper into her sex, she wanted, she wanted...............

When she woke up her position had been changed. The posture collar was gone, the spreader bar was gone, the dildo was gone and so was the butt plug. Her hands were now being pulled straight down by her sides and each wrist cuff was attached to the corresponding ankle cuff. She found that she could now roll around on the bed a little and she turned to look for Master. He was gone. She looked over at the clock at the bedside, 11:20. She had been tied, tortured, and vulnerable for over 4-hours. Her body ached from her bondage, and her head was still foggy. Had Master gone, had he just left her here, locked the way she was? Was He going to return? She accepted her plight and tried to get some rest. The warm glow in her pussy caused a smile to come to her face. She had never experienced such intense orgasms in her entire life. In fact she did not even realize that they were possible. Not only did she get what she wanted, she got what she NEEDED.

Part 3: Master's Turn

Her sleep was deep. Perhaps it was because of the orgasms or the physical exertion of fighting her tight bondage, whatever the reason she did not stir all night. When her eyes opened she was looking straight at the clock. Focusing, she saw it was almost ten o'clock. She had been bound and in the corset and 6-inch heels almost 15-hours. She also noticed something strange. The corset giving her the perfect 20-inch waist no longer seemed painful and her feet were comfortable also in spite of the high arch they were being forced into. Master had told her before that this would happen but she somehow never believed it was true.

She then started hearing noises. They were faint but they were coming from somewhere in the house. She listened intently and soon she heard footsteps on the stairs that led from the basement. A door opened and closed and the footsteps got louder. Suddenly appearing at the doorway was her Master. He was still dressed the same way he was the night before. When he saw that she was awake a smile appeared from his bearded face. Master walked to the bed and without saying a word took her face in his gloved hands and kissed her. His tongue flicked against hers and it was the most passionate kiss he had ever given her. He reached around her with his strong arms and held her up to his chest. This was the bondage she loved the most, being tightly held in her Masters arms. They lay quietly for a while and then Master unlocked her wrists. ''You have 10-minutes bathroom time; I suggest you use your time well, and meet me in the breakfast nook. I expect you already understand that being late or not ready for me carries sanctions that will not be pleasant.'' With His words still echoing in her head Master left her alone.

She, straightening her legs and sitting on the side of the bed became instantly aware of her bladder status. She made her way across the room and into the bathroom. The pressure was almost unbearable as she sat on the stool and immediately started pissing. She made a mental note, that she should limit her fluid intake before wearing a corset; the material and the boning are unforgiving on a girl's bladder. She reflected on the past 24-hours, the FAX, the FedEx box, getting herself ready for Master. She thought about how the bondage she had put herself into had been so unyielding but for some reason how good it made her feel. And then the mind blowing orgasms started re-playing in her head. She still could not believe the intensity and duration. She thought that no man knew what it took to get her into ''high gear''. Master not only knew where all her ''buttons'' were, but exactly how to push them and even the proper sequence. He literally could take her from zero to Mach one in seconds and then keep her there as long as He wanted. A warm glow spread throughout her body and she found herself rubbing her tits. The flow finally stopped; as she wiped away the remaining drops she wondered what lay in store next for her pussy.

She turned to the vanity mirror and decided makeup and hair repair were in order. She applied a bright red lipstick thickly to her lips. She knew that her only way to ''mark'' Master was with her mouth, and she wanted to have the chance to leave her trail. She thought how she loved to leave lipstick all over his prick and balls. She checked her eyes and saw that the blindfold had smeared her makeup. Master had once told her how much he loved her eyes and especially when she did her eyeliner and eye shadow to make her ''bedroom eyes.'' She worked fast or at least as fast as she could considering she still was wearing shoulder length leather gloves and tightly buckled wrist cuffs. By the time she ran the brush thru her hair and felt good about her looks a voice in her head repeated Masters words ''you have 10-minutes bathroom time.'' Oh shit, she started to run from the bathroom but found out quickly that 6-inch high heels made that an impossible task.

With mincing steps she finally made her way to the breakfast nook. The clicking of her heels across the tile floor announced her arrival. Master looked up at her and then at the wall clock. ''You're 15-minutes late'' he said sternly. ''That will be 15 strokes, now get your ass over here and bend over across the table.'' She knew better than to protest, she was late and all he had told her to do was to go to the bathroom. The rest was her idea, even if it was to please him. ''Assume the position, NOW'', he ordered. She wanted to be defiant, but she knew that would only make matters worse. She stepped to the table and bent over. Laying flat on her stomach she stretched her hands over her head to grasp the opposite side of the table. She then spread her legs as far apart as she could so her entire weight was resting on the table. She felt so vulnerable, spread wide open, with her ass and pussy so open a target.

''Is this how you repay me for bathroom privileges?''

"No Sir", she said.

''Do you accept your punishment?''

"Yes Sir, please whip my ass". As the words left her mouth she felt a twinge in her pussy. She knew that having her ass whipped would bring her ''back up to operating temperature'' and that was what she wanted. She felt Masters hand in the small of her back and then just as quickly the first blow fell on her right ass cheek. Before she could even make a sound another hit the opposite cheek. The sting was more than she expected and she gripped the table tighter. Four more hits in rapid succession caused her to start grinding her pubic mound into the tabletop. By the time the next six had landed she was flailing her legs and tears were swelling up in her eyes.

''The last three will be on your pussy'' he announced.

''Please no, please, not my poor pussy'' she begged.

The first caused her to literally jump as if an electric current had been attached to her cunt. The next was not as bad, but the last stroke left her quivering and her pussy was on fire. She held very still not wanting to do anything that would bring further punishment. She felt Masters gloved hand slide up the inside of her thigh, brush against her pussy and then softly start rubbing the fire that he had ignited in her ass. She started to relax, she also noted that her sex was dripping wet. Master centered himself behind her and with no announcement thrust his prick deep into her sopping wet pussy. In one quick motion he had buried himself all the way up to his balls in her. She felt his hands on her hips with his fingers almost encircling her 20-inch waist.

He was holding her pinned to the table and impaled on his prick. She could not move, and He held perfectly still, buried so deep in her slick hole. He slowly started to pull his prick out of her but stopped just before it popped out. This was driving her wild, she wanted to be fucked not teased. Again he slammed into her causing her pussy to involuntarily clamp around his shaft. She tightened the muscles in her pussy trying to keep him buried inside of her. Even slower this time he dragged his swollen member from inside her. Again he paused and then slowly, very slowly started pushing back into her. She could feel every inch of him as he slid by her ring. Then when she thought that the teasing would never end; Master started slamming in and out of her hot pussy. The speed was building at a numbing rate and so was her orgasm. Master suddenly grabbed her hair and pulled back causing her to lift her tits off the table and making her arch her back.

This is what she wanted, to be his sole source of pleasure, to have his prick slamming into her. To be taken, and used anyway he wanted. To be fucked. She could feel how dripping wet her sex had become and how hard his prick was inside of her. Every stroke he seemed to increase in size. She was screaming for him to fuck her pussy, to make her pussy hurt. She started begging for him to cum in her, to fill her hole with his hot sperm. She could not believe how hard he was pounding her or how hard she was pushing back against him. She felt him tense, and bury himself deeply in her pussy. Master started cumming, thick streams shooting inside her. She grinded her ass into him and pressed her mound into the tabletop. Her orgasm was coming just as hard as his. She released the table with her hands and moved them straight to her tits. She grabbed her nipples and started twisting and pinching them as hard as she could. The pain in her tits and the hot cum in her pussy drove her over the edge. She started bucking uncontrollably, panting, and screaming. Her orgasm came in waves, each one sweeping over her body, each wave more intense than the last. She became lost in a sea of pleasure; she did not want to be found.

By the time Master had finished she felt as if a quart of cum now filled her pussy. He pulled out of her and let her hair go. She collapsed on the table still clutching her tits. "On your knees toy and lick me clean", his voice was commanding. She slid off the table and turned to face her Master. His rigid prick was right in front of her face. She instinctively started licking the head of his prick. She could taste the saltiness of his cum mixed with her own pussy juice. She started licking his balls and sucking them one by one into her mouth. The cock ring and ball spreader seemed to be presenting his prick to her and she took full advantage of its effect. Her attention shifted back to his prick and she took him all at once into her mouth. His prick slid into her and down her throat. She pulled back and then rammed his prick down her throat again. She felt him starting to grow again. She could feel the cum dripping out of her pussy as she knelt servicing him. God, this man could take her places emotionally she had never thought of before. She wanted to be his slave, she enjoyed being his slave, and she WAS his slave. He grabbed her hair and pulled her face from his prick. Her lips made a popping sound as his prick came out of her mouth. "Get your ass downstairs, your fucking has just begun"; he said very matter of fact.

She wasted no time in getting to her feet and going to the door that led to the basement. As she went down the dark stairs her eyes began to adjust. Master just had candles burning in several locations. She stopped in the center of the room with her hands behind her back and her eyes lowered. She had no idea what was to come next, but whatever it was she felt it could not top the fucking she had just received. She heard Master's footsteps as he came down the stairs. He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her and hugged her with a 'bear hug'. "I'm very proud of you my toy, you have given me much pleasure." He kissed her neck sending shivers through her body, his beard brushing on her bare shoulder. His hands found her tits and he supported each one in his gloved hands. He gently rubbed her nipples with his thumbs causing them to get hard all over again. "This next session will be of your choosing, you will decide how you are to be placed and what will happen to your wonderful body."

Her mind started racing, she knew that she wanted to do something that would please Master and also keep the fire in her pussy burning. "Thank you Sir, I will try to make you proud of me" she said softly.

"So tell me toy, is there anything that you want to change about how you are dressed?"

"No Sir, I love that you have allowed me to dress so sexy for you and that you have picked everything that I am wearing".

"Then tell me what you want me to do with you."

"Sir, if it pleases you I have some ideas. First I would like my posture collar locked back on. My clamps Sir, would you place the clamps back on my nipples? I'm afraid that I would not be able to put them on my sore tits but I love the way it makes me feel and the way my tits are held up for your pleasure. I would like my spreader bar back on my ankles so that my pussy and ass are spread open for your use, but this time I would like to be standing with my feet spread so far apart. I would like my hands behind my back and my elbows tied together so it pulls more on my titties and to have my hands hoisted into the air so I am bent over. I know this will be very hard on my body but it will put me in the perfect position to suck your beautiful prick and for you to be able to fuck my pussy".

"Is that all you want my darling toy?"

"There is one more thing if it pleases you Master, would you fuck my ass, HARD."

"Put your hands behind your back and prepare yourself."

The lock clicked shut on the cuffs and then she felt the rope being wound around her elbows, several loops and then they were cinched together tightly behind her back. She could not move her arms and she felt how it was making her tits stand straight out. Master next placed the posture collar around her neck, she felt it and then whispered to him, "tighter, please". He put the collar in the next notch and attached the lock. She was again looking up with absolutely no side movement of her neck. She felt his hands on the right breast as he grasped the nipple and pulled. The clamp closed on the areola behind the nipple causing her to draw in a deep breath as the clamp bit into her flesh. Master lifted her left breast and pulled harder on the nipple, She felt herself actually standing on tip toes in high heels as he attached the second clamp. Her nipple clamp bra was once again in place but with her elbows tied tightly the strain was even greater.

Master took her hands and attached a rope to the "D" rings where the lock had her secured and pulled the other end of the rope thru an eyebolt in the ceiling. She felt her hands rising toward the ceiling and started bending over from the hips. When her hands were pointing at the ceiling and her body was parallel with the floor he took the loose end of the rope and wrapped it several times around her corseted waist and tied it. Master quickly went to work at her feet attaching the spreader bar to each of her ankles. He finished by securing the eyebolt in the center of the bar to an eyebolt in the floor. She was not going anywhere; her body was stretched, and her feet were just barely on the floor. Master had put her exactly as she had requested and there was no escape.

She hung in the middle of the room with the flickering candles producing numerous erotic shadows. Due to her posture collar she was looking at the wall and not the floor. Master then rolled a dressing mirror into her view. It was the kind that had two side mirrors placed at angles. She could see almost every inch of herself. She looked at the image and it reminded her of girls she had seen on the internet so helplessly bound. She had always liked the way they looked in this position, so open, so totally vulnerable. She felt her juices dripping from her pussy. What would Master do with her now?

She did not have much time to ponder the question. He stepped in front of her face with his prick directly pointed at her mouth. "I want you to make my prick hard and wet NOW", he commanded of her.

She started to lick his prick, working her tongue all around the tip and then the shaft. She used her hot breath to excite him and then started licking at his balls. He was staying just out of range for her to be able to suck him deep into her mouth. She leaned forward, at first she thought she would loose her balance but then realized that the way she was tied kept her from falling over. Finally on the third try she sucked him deep into her mouth. She started going down on him like this was the only prick she would ever have a chance to do this with. Master grabbed her hair and started fucking her mouth. His prick sliding in and out of her and then down her throat. The posture collar made it so she was at the perfect angle for him to fuck her throat. She was going wild. His prick was growing with each stroke and she was sure that he would explode any second.

He pulled his prick from her mouth, and walked around behind her. She could see everything in the mirrors and waited for her pussy to be penetrated. Instead he knelt behind her and started licking at her exposed pussy. Her clit was as erect as his prick and his tongue would flick against it just for a millisecond. This was driving her wild, she begged for his tongue to penetrate her sex and it did. She felt the tip deep inside of her and how he moved it around was bringing her closer and closer to another climax. He moved his tongue up to her ass and started rimming her hole. She was now begging him to fuck her ass. She wanted him deep inside of her no matter how much it would hurt. He stood up and smacked her ass, again and again. His hand slapped her pussy and her clit. She could not believe how this was driving her even more insane. She needed him now. She needed to be fucked.

He stopped touching her completely. She looked into the mirrors to see what was happening. Master was stroking his prick with one hand and applying some liquid with the other hand. She could see his prick glistening and rock hard. He dropped the bottle holding the liquid and stepped up between her straining legs. She felt the tip of his prick push against her ass. Her muscles seemed so tight that she thought he would split her open if he put his huge prick in her now. He slid his prick up and down the crack of her ass and then pushed in a finger. It slid in without difficulty, then another finger. She started to push back against his hand. He removed his fingers and again put the tip of his prick against her hole. "Push back" he ordered of her. "Take my prick in you NOW." She mustered every bit of strength she could and rocked back onto his prick. It slid into her the complete length the first time. She felt the searing pain as her ass was fully impaled. He grabbed her around the waist and held her in place. She felt the pain subside.

Her ass was getting used to the fullness and she actually wiggled and pushed back a little harder. He started sliding out of her just a little and then pushed back in. The next stroke he pulled out a little farther and then slid back. Each time it was a little more until he was pulling back the full length of his rock hard prick. He started pumping her, each stroke burying deep into her ass. With each stroke she pushed back harder trying to get every bit of him into her. He started increasing the speed he was fucking her ass. Harder and harder with each stroke. Her breath started coming in gasps. She could feel his balls slapping her clit, being soaked by her pussy juice. His thrusts started coming in jerks, she sensed his balls tightening. Finally he slammed deep in her ass and held her tight as his prick erupted with thick streams of cum into her. This was all it took to send her over the edge. She started jerking her body, pulling against her bondage, pulling her head back as hard as she could causing the clamps to bite deeper into her nipples. The pleasure and pain mixed and she could do nothing but let it take her. She kept cuming for what seemed like hours. The images in her mind and the images she could see in the mirror became one. She did not want this feeling to ever end but at the same time she felt so high that she afraid she couldn't stand to keep it up.

Her body went limp. Had it not been for her bondage she would have fallen to the floor. Her head was spinning and she was completely disorientated. He slowly slid his now flaccid prick out of her. He was quite unsteady himself. This had been a mind shattering orgasm for him also. He sat on the floor under her body and started unfastening the spreader bar from her ankles. He removed the ankle cuffs which she had tightly strapped on so many hours before. His hands slid up her legs to the thigh straps and he unbuckled them as well. She just hung there, not moving except for a gentle swaying from side to side. She did not utter a word.

Master then rose and went to the side of the room and picked up a bowl and brought it back to where she was suspended. He reached into the bowl and removed an ice cube and started rubbing it around her left nipple. He removed another and repeated the motion on her right nipple. The ice soothed the burning pain and quickly numbed her nipples. He reached for both clamps and squeezed them open ever so slowly. The circulation started back into her nipples but the pain was not there like when she had removed them before. When he had the clamps completely removed he kissed each of her nipples and around on her breasts. Master then unlocked the posture collar from around her neck. Her head just dropped as she let herself relax. Master untied the rope around her waist and slowly started letting her arms down while supporting her body.

When her arms were completely down she just collapsed into his arms. He held her tightly and then picked her up and proceeded up the stairs. She nestled her head into his neck and kissed him softly on the cheek and neck. He carried her to her bed and laid her down very gently. He went behind her and unlocked her wrist cuffs and removed them one by one. He untied her elbows then brought her arms around to the front of her and laid down beside her. They wrapped themselves in each other and drifted off to sleep. No words needed to be spoken. They each knew what the other was feeling at that moment.


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