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The Find

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2019 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; outdoors; discovery; dungeon; Sbf; steel; cuffs; collar; gag; shackles; chain; stuck; sleepingbag; cocoon; mast; climax; cons; X

Judy had been working the site alone since she had uncovered it a year ago. She had originally not wanted to say anything in case it turned into just another old farmhouse. When she found the remnants of what appeared to be a medieval dungeon she kept it quiet not wanting to share the discovery. Judy had already uncovered many torture devices cleaning each making them like new becoming more fascinated by the restraints and evil devices each day. Judy had applied the heavy collar and the ankle manacles to herself after finding them buried with their keys and restoring them. The feel of the heavy steel around her neck and the limitations the manacles put on her while she moved around the site excited her in a way she had never felt before.

Judy began wearing the heavy steel items every day relishing the feel of them, then she started taking the keys deep into the forest leaving them hidden and returning to the site and locking the collar and manacles around her neck and ankles. Judy would force herself to wear them until she made herself take the increasingly longer walks to get the keys. Each trip to get the keys was made more difficult by the heavy shackles and their connecting chain dragging on the underbrush. The collar was so heavy that if she leaned too far in any direction the weight would pull her small body over. Judy continued to excavate the site wearing the heavy steel constantly for the last three weeks finding several torture devices and sets of shackles but not finding any keys.

During the fourth week she squealed loudly when she found a pear gag intact and spent three days cleaning and oiling it until it worked perfectly. She stared at the intricate designs etched into the steel wondering how someone could use such a device on another person. As she continued studying it she was surprised at herself as she felt the almost unstoppable urge to insert it into her mouth. Judy put the gag away and concentrated on her digging uncovering more of the surrounding wall and finding heavy chains with collars and manacles attached to heavy steel loops set into the walls.

The collar had chaffed her neck and shoulders and her ankles had become very sore from the constant scraping of the harsh steel on her skin. Judy hadn’t realized it had been two months since she locked them onto her body and decided to get the keys. Before leaving the site Judy already had a feeling of loss and hadn’t even removed them yet and wondered what was happening to her. Judy struggled through the forest realizing she wasn’t positive she was going in the right direction, the marks she always left to follow back were gone and now she was wandering by instinct only. After two days of searching she was back at the dig site still locked into the shackles and collar.

Judy was unfazed by the loss of her keys, she kept telling herself she would find them and continued her excavation. After two more weeks Judy had been able to determine that this was not a medieval dungeon just by the sheer number and variety of the devices she had already found. The chaffing around her neck and ankles had stopped, her body developing tougher skin in those areas making her feel completely normal in the heavy steel. Judy had planned to go out and search for the keys again but the evening before she was going to leave she stumbled on what appeared to be a small store room and pulled many new items of torture from the small room. Her excitement grew as many of the items were in very good condition since they had been stored on shelves in a closed room and confirming she had found a collectors stash not a true dungeon.

Two of the strangest items she recognized immediately and knew they were very rare. The first were a pair of what looked like shoes made of steel and the second was a pair of chastity shorts that she knew had been made for women who had been convicted of adultery. The convicted woman would be locked in the steel underwear usually for the remainder of their lives never to feel anything but the tortuous rubbing of the steel encasing them. Judy spent the next two days cleaning and oiling her finds excited that she had found a matching set of manacles for her wrists and the key to them. The shorts were like the gag, decorated extravagantly and she knew once they had been polished would shine brightly.

The shoes had also excited her having the keys with them as well and after cleaning them she discovered that they had been made to force the wearer onto her toes. As she slipped her foot into one she stood up immediately wincing from the pain and couldn’t imagine being forced to wear them. After cleaning her new finds she checked the heavy shorts making sure the key functioned and without even thinking she lay back into the back shell and tried to close the front half over herself. Judy grunted as she found the shorts to be too small to close around her waist and hips even pushing very hard she couldn’t quite get them to close. Judy stroked the steel finding herself wishing that they would close and she would throw away the key leaving herself trapped in the steel. She loved the way the waist came up almost to her rib cage and the way they cradled her ass and dug into her skin around her thighs.    

Judy knew that since this was not an historic site that all she could do was clean up the items she had found and verify their ages and try to sell them to collectors and museums so she no longer worried about destroying anything at the site. Judy continued wearing the wrists manacles daily and everyday she found herself slipping into the shorts and trying to close the around herself. Judy kept feeling a strange draw to the gag and one evening decided to slip it into her mouth. She turned the knob in front until it touched the insides of her mouth and pressed her tongue down. Judy stopped turning the knob and tried to speak enjoying the garbled sounds that came out and the feel of the spittle running down her chin. Moving her head she could feel the gag shift slightly so she turned the knob several more turns finally hearing a click when it had spread tightly inside her mouth.

Judy couldn’t understand the feelings she was having only knowing she wanted more and wanted to try the steel shorts again without the heavy cotton shorts she had been wearing but couldn’t remove them because of the shackles that were still locked around her ankles. Judy was shackled hand and foot with the steel collar around her neck deciding to go look for her keys again thinking she had narrowed down where they would be from her last two searches. She gathered the things she would need into her small backpack placing the keys to the shackles in her backpack and prepared to leave in the morning planning to wear them on her journey. Judy had become so enamored by the gag and restraints she slipped her feet into the shoes locking them on dropping the key in her bag as well forcing herself to walk the twenty feet to her shelter on her toes.

Judy sat rubbing the steel over her feet wishing she had not left the keys to the shoes in her back pack, the sudden feeling of helplessness overcame her and she sat struggling with the chains until she climaxed harder than she had ever felt and lay panting and moaning around the gag until she fell asleep. Waking the next afternoon Judy struggled to sit up and rubbed her sore jaw reaching out to the knob finding it missing from the end of the steel gag she had jammed into her mouth. Judy panicked thrashing in her bonds for several minutes before she thought maybe it just fell out and started looking around her small shelter. Judy tried to stand whining loudly from the pain in her feet dropping to her knees continuing her search on her hands and knees.

Judy searched frantically for the knob to the gag being very careful to cover every inch of ground between her shelter and where she had been sitting. Shuffling slowly Judy was feeling the building of another orgasm as her desperation and frustration aroused her further. Almost reaching the spot she was confused at the feelings overwhelming her as another orgasm slammed through her body making her roll on to her back with her bound hands rubbing the damp shorts over her screaming pussy. Judy laid wiggling and moaning in the dirt while her body enjoyed another huge orgasm leaving her gasping and whining. Judy rolled over panting, hitting the ground with the protruding end of the steel gag making her whelp in pain from the steel banging inside her soft mouth. Regaining control of her body she continued her search arriving at the spot where it had all started finding nothing.

Judy desperately searched the small clearing not even finding her backpack! Realizing what that meant she stood on her pointed toes ignoring the pain and looked around the clearing. Judy whined loudly spotting a trail where her bag had been drug off noticing the small paw prints around the much deeper trail from the bag. Looking closer she could tell it was raccoons that had drug her bag off probably from the smell of her supplies inside it. Judy moaned turning in a circle before sitting down and began weeping as she thought about having to walk the fifteen miles while bound and gagged to get to her truck and could only hope she could still drive it with the steel shoes locked on her feet. Judy sat weeping for several minutes before jumping to her toes and walking as quickly as she could following the trail of her stolen backpack.

Judy fought through the pain glad she had left her thick hiking socks on determined to find her bag. After a few hundred yards she saw her bag stuck on a branch of a fallen log, even from the short distance she was away she could see the bag had been emptied and prayed the keys would still be there glad she hadn’t polished any of them yet. Dropping to her knees as soon as she reached the bag she yanked it off the branch and tipped it upside down. The jangling noise from the keys falling almost made her cry again as the keys fell into the dirt in front of her. Judy grabbed the keys and laughed into the gag quickly sitting down and unlocking the horrible steel shoes, expecting to see them bloody she was relieved when she saw no blood and started rubbing them. After a few minutes she tossed the shoes into the bag and unlocked her wrists throwing them in as well. Judy picked up the remainder of the things from the bag and stomped quickly back to her dig site to continue the search for the knob for the gag.

Judy reached the site and threw her bag into her shelter sitting down to put on her shoes and try to force some water into her dry mouth. While Judy poured water around the gag she had to keep lowering her head to let the extra water run out she noticed a long metal object partially covered by dirt and snatched it up squealing as she recognized the decorated knob as the one that used to be sticking out of the gag. Studying the knob she discovered it was actually a key and wiped it off trying to understand how it worked. Judy fed the long key into the hole of the gag finding out it had to go in a certain way then felt it slip all the way in. She started twisting it backwards and felt nothing happen, Judy began turning it the other way and again felt nothing.

Grunting as her frustration grew Judy pulled the key back out cleaning it again then fed it back into the gag and twisted and turned it both directions as she started screaming passed the steel wedged into her mouth she felt the knob stop turning! Slowly she tried turning it backwards and it started turning freely again, stopping she twisted it forwards until it caught again. Judy took a deep breath and turned the knob forward and felt the gag press harder in her mouth and was about to stop turning when she heard the click again and turned the knob backwards and squealed as she felt the gag shrinking in her mouth. Frantically she turned the key until the partially expanded gag was pulled out of her mouth and thrown on the ground. Judy rubbed her sore jaw and danced around in a small circle for several minutes before sitting down and catching her breath.

Judy knew it was too late to head out for her keys so she walked to the nearby stream to get more water and to wash herself and her crusted shorts and underwear. At the creek she filled her bucket for boiling water then lay back in the clear water removing the heavy collar glad she had found that another key would open it since it had always tried to pull her head under the water. Washing herself before pulling her shorts and panties down to the connecting chain of her ankle shackles and washed them and herself enjoying the feeling of the cool water rushing passed her over heated pussy. Judy removed her shirt and sports bra washing both and laying them out to dry then lying back in the water naked. Judy was thinking about the challenges she had fought and won and could feel the strange feelings returning as she let the water flow over her breasts dreaming about the frustrations and difficulties she had faced. After an hour a sudden idea hit her and she jumped up to her feet pulling her pants up and grabbed her shirt and bra and dashed back to the site trying to hurry but not spill any of her water.

Judy set the bucket on the rack in the fire and went to her shelter hanging her wet clothes on the wall before dropping her shorts down to the chain and sat down in the steel shorts and pulled the upper half over her waist. She squealed when she noticed how close the seam was and pushed hard on the top part of the steel shorts. Judy was wiggling inside the steel when suddenly she felt it close hearing several clicks and let go of the top knowing immediately she had succeeded in closing them. Judy was smiling and tried to stand finding she was completely unable to bend her waist and struggled to get up. The shorts compressed her ass and pussy squeezing her waist much tighter than she had imagined it would. Judy carefully bent to pull up her shorts having to pull the belt much further to keep the loose shorts around her waist.

Judy walked around her camp site proud she had been able to get into the shorts and thought this wouldn’t be such a bad punishment as she began getting excited again about being locked in the steel. As she worked her camp site fixing herself something to eat and cleaning more of the odd equipment up she could feel the crease in the back of the shorts slowly creeping further into her ass until sitting down to eat it pushed passed her sphincter making her squeal and jump up but the intruder did not retreat any at all. Judy ran her hand back feeling the shorts noticing the small hole located right where it needed to be to evacuate her bowels and smiled. I guess there would have to be away to go to the bathroom she thought and slowly sat down getting used to the feeling and ate her meal.

Judy wore the shorts the rest of the day continuing exploring the small room finding more strange items stopping when she found what looked like a tall posture collar with a wide plate that would set on the wearer’s shoulders. Cleaning the collar she found more intricate engravings that once it was cleaned it looked like fabric and assumed it could be worn with a woman’s dress concealing the fact she was wearing a torture device. After studying it she rethought that it wasn’t for torture but made the woman’s neck seem much longer knowing that a long graceful neck meant a woman was of regal blood. Judy looked for a way to open it finally uncovering a small hole in the back, she dug the old dirt and crud out of the hole finally hearing a click while she had her tool inside the hole and the collar opened. Judy resisted the urge to try it on as she figured out which side was the front wondering how it would feel to have the long pointed tang running down to the top of her cleavage.

Judy closed the collar and reopened it several times cleaning the clasps and learning how the latch worked getting lost in her thoughts about wearing it as she opened and closed it. When the sound of the clicks rang in her ears Judy opened her eyes realizing in her dreaming about wearing it she had closed the tight collar around her throat forcing her neck to stretch and her head to lean back slightly. Judy smiled slightly as she tried to turn her head finding she absolutely could not turn her head or neck but started to panic as she felt the collar was very tight around her throat. Her hands were running all over the collar frantically searching for a way to ease the compression on her throat. Judy tried to control her panic picking up her tool and reaching back and finding the hole and struggling to insert the tool but with no real troubles she was able to open it letting it pop open.

 Judy closed the collar again enjoying the inability to move her head now having two thirds of her body encased in steel leaving only her pert breasts swaying freely. As Judy got ready for bed she dug the shoes and wrist shackles out of her bag locking the steel shoes on her bare feet then stuffing the gag back into her mouth and twisting the key until it had her almost choking and she was able to pull it out of the gag. Making sure she had all the keys safe and close by she locked the shackles around her wrists even taking the heavy collar and locking it over the posture collar, “Just for good measure” she thought and lay back in her sleeping bag. Her arousal had multiplied by a hundred as she locked each item on her body, her desire to have another fantastic orgasm driving her to continue to restrain herself. Lying back Judy zipped her sleeping bag up around her and over her head limiting her movements even more. Judy’s hands found their way to her steel encased pussy and started rubbing the cold steel covering it as she lay gasping around the gag struggling in her bonds making herself more aroused each minute. After fighting her bonds for an hour she had to open the bag to get some air and lay quietly listening to the sounds of the forest around her.

Judy lay bound and gagged in the snug sleeping bag her arousal peaking as she realized just how helpless she truly was if something had entered her campsite. She quickly started fighting her shackled wrists trying to reach the zipper again rolling herself over onto her stomach wiggling and kicking her steel toes while she felt the orgasm explode inside her. Judy lay gasping and moaning as the rapture engulfed her and she forgot about being bound and gagged and closed her eyes sleeping deeply until the next morning. Waking Judy fought the sleeping bag and chains for several minutes before remembering what had happened and calmly unzipped the bag and crawled to where she had hidden the keys. Her mouth and jaw where aching badly and her feet where cramping and even her neck hurt so she quickly removed the gag and steel shoes then stood and went outside and started a fire still wearing the collars, steel shorts and both sets of manacles.

While making breakfast she enjoyed the way the larger collar moved and clanked around the tight collar underneath it and rubbed the shorts and collar thinking how comfortable she was in them and decided to wear everything she had on to find her hidden keys. It had been almost a month and a half since she had locked the cuffs around her ankles and she knew she had to find the keys so she could finish her digging and go home. Judy headed out to find her keys walking as quickly as she could in the shackles trying not to pay attention to the steel around her hips and neck but still feeling the strange sensation in her encased pussy as she struggled to move through the forest. Judy had to stop and rest several times even relieving herself giggling as the steel made her urine tickle her as it drained out of the steel.

Reaching where she thought the keys would be as it was getting dark Judy had to wait until morning to find the keys and set up camp rolling out her sleeping bag wishing she had carried the gag and wrists cuffs but knew she was right not to. After an uneventful night Judy started searching at first light and after an hour of searching she found her keys. Reaching for the cuffs to unlock them she stopped herself when the feeling of missing them washed over her. Judy put the keys in her bag and headed back to the site reaching it as the sun was going down exhausted from the long walk. Starting the fire she ate dinner and drug herself into the shelter falling asleep dreaming of being forced to wear all the steel forever. Her dreams were vivid with disturbing images of her desperately fighting the steel she was trapped in and making her wake while it was still dark feeling desperate to remove the steel from her body.

Judy fought with the keys but quickly had everything removed and lay naked in the rising sun stroking her freed body before walking unfettered to the creek and relieving herself then bathing in the cool water. Judy felt wonderful being able to touch her entire body and lay washing off all the sweat, dirt and dried fluids making her feel more like herself than she had in weeks. Staying naked while she continued packing up her treasures for the long hike back to her truck, she had planned on taking things back with her bringing a rugged rolling cart with her during this trip. With everything but the steel she was trying to resist wearing again packed up she moved to the back of the room finding many more items most completely packed in dirt barely recognizable.

During her cleaning she found the largest chain she had ever seen anchored about neck high on the back wall, pulling and digging until she was able to pull the end from the muck on the floor. The end turned out to be another heavy collar like the one she had been wearing but this one was attached permanently to the heavy chain. Judy brought her cleaning supplies and the small folding chair into the room and began cleaning the collar finding it very rusty but in good shape. Judy wondered what kind of metal it was to withstand being buried for so long but still be able to clean up to almost shiny condition. Locating the key hole Judy cleaned it out with her small picks and squirting water into the hole until clean water ran out then began looking for a key that would fit it.

Judy’s mind was starting to get distracted by the pieces of steel she had been wearing previously sitting outside the small room and seemed to be calling her name. She was searching for the key when she looked up at the opposing wall and noticed a large circle of steel with a clump of brown goo and carefully removing it from its hook noticing the trail of water running down behind where the ring had hung. Judy dipped the ring and goo into her solution watching as the liquid foamed for several minutes and when she removed it the goo was gone leaving a corroded key hanging from the key ring. Judy cleaned the key and inserted it in the collar finding it opened the lock easily. After a little more cleaning the collar opened and closed perfectly leaving Judy to fight the urge to snap it around her neck.

Judy pulled the heavy chain taunt and stood where her neck would be held and reached for the key ring finding it would just be out of reach. Judy thought about how cruel it would have been to lock someone in the small room and leave the key to their freedom so close but impossible to get to. Holding the heavy chain tired out Judy quickly forcing her to set the collar on the edge of the wall leaving it soaking in the thick oil she had been using. The last thing she had found was called a “tramp chair”, it was a full body cage made in a sitting position used as a kind of mobile jail more than a torture.  As Judy cleaned it she found this one had been made with plates of steel spikes under the cage and across the back of it. The temperature had started to drop so Judy decided to get dressed walking passed the steel shorts she couldn’t resist it anymore and quickly sat down in the back half closing the top by pressing hard and wiggling inside it. Bending to get up the shorts seemed to jump into her ass and against her damping pussy making her squeal as the cold metal touched her sensitive skin.

Judy was pulling her shirt on staring at the pretty collar and was unable to resist snapping it closed stretching her neck again. Now she was dressed pulling on her long pants over the steel shorts and putting on her socks and shoes before returning to the room. Judy worked on freeing the chair past sunset even with her mind distracted by the steel she had encased herself in she was able to pull the chair out of the thick mud it had been trapped in dragging it out of the room. Judy could tell by the heavy air and the still dropping temperature that it was going to rain soon so she moved her things inside the small room. Judy moved her shelter tarp across the missing wall and broken part of the roof giving her added shelter from the coming rain tying it securely incase it stormed. Just as she was moving the last of her unpacked items into her room the sky opened up.

Judy sat in the her room building a small fire near the opening she had left in the ceiling glad she had managed to get it finished as lightning and thunder began rolling. With the fire going she opened up the cot frame she hadn’t been using not wanting to wake up in a puddle of water and set it near the wall were the chain hung above it. Rolling her sleeping bag out on the frame she kicked the bag her other toys were in and figured since she wasn’t going anywhere tonight she might as well enjoy herself. Stripping off her clothes she quickly locked the shoes on her feet standing just to feel them noticing how much less painful they were than the first time she had worn them. Judy locked her ankles together then fed her legs into the waiting sleeping bag before wedging the gag into her mouth and turning the key until it clicked removing the key. Reaching out of the sleeping bag she pulled the wrists shackles into it before zipping it up to her shoulders.

Judy hadn’t been listening to the storm only her aroused mind was controlling her as she took the bag with her keys in it and tossed it across the room. Snuggling into the thick bag she noticed the chained collar sitting above her, without thinking about it she reached out and snatched it down letting the heavy chain fall behind the bed frame. Judy stared at the collar opening and closing it several times before snapping it closed over the long thin collar she already wore. Smiling around the gag “I knew it would fit over it” she thought as she wiggled deeper into the sleeping bag. She had the key ring in her hand and without thinking she tossed it towards her bag across the room then zipped up the bag around her head leaving only her gagged face poking out of it.

Judy was quickly approaching an orgasm as she struggled to lock the shackles around her wrists finally hearing the loud clicks as she closed them. Her hands automatically trying to gain access to her sealed and locked pussy, the loud clanking from the shackles banging on the steel shorts making her thrash and twist in the sleeping bag. Judy was lost in her arousal as she twisted and turned until the bag was now covering her head and face making it more difficult to get air into her lungs. Judy struggled lost in the darkness until she climaxed and howled into the gag her whole body shaking as the orgasm slammed through her.

Judy woke several minutes later gasping for air immediately beginning to fight the sleeping bag as she twists and turns finding the hole for her face. Judy stopped struggling and lay panting enjoying the fresh air noticing how cold it had gotten and hearing the storm and for the first time became worried about being bound and gagged, not even thinking about also being chained to the wall, in it. The feeling of euphoria and the deep warmness in the bag made her decide to wait it out and stay where she was. Judy found a comfortable position with her face just beside the opening and fell asleep. The storm blew hard all night but had turned into heavy rain by the time Judy woke up hearing the rain still falling she adjusted her position dropping right back to sleep.

Judy woke late in the morning with an aching jaw and needing to relieve herself. The temperature was still cold and she could hear the rain falling but felt she had to remove the gag so she wrestled with the zipper finally able to swing her bound legs out from the bag. When her feet hit the floor she heard a splash and could instantly feel the cold water running across the floor of the room. “ITH!” Judy mumbled into the gag feeling the water and also being pulled backwards by the heavy chain attached to her neck. With her wrists shackled in front of her she had to really struggle to sit up ending up on her knees in the cold muddy water. When the cold water splashed up her thighs she couldn’t help herself and relieved her full bladder leaning on the bed frame humming as the welcomed relief washed over her.

Judy realized what had happened and jumped to her pointed toes pulling hard on the heavy chain just to be able to stand up. Judy could feel the toes of her shoes sinking into the mud as she fought for balance and turned pulling the chain and staggered towards the dark corner she had thrown the bag into. Judy took two steps before she found the end of the chain and stood looking at where the bag should have been. Trying to bend forward so she could feel for the bag hoping it was just camouflaged by the water and darkness the chain pulled her back making her stagger backwards on her pointed toes. Judy still thought the bag was there turning and yanking on the chain making it snap against the anchor point. The snap rebounded back up the chain literally yanking her face first towards the floor Judy‘s body splashing in the shallow water as she fell face first into it.

Judy was stunned by the fall and cold water whining and grunting as she tried to stand again and figure out what happened. Judy managed to sit on the bed frame and sat shaking from the cold water running off her looking at her fire pit wondering if she should start another fire or crawl back into the sleeping bag and wait out the rain. The chill made her scamper into the bag dragging the water and mud into the bag with her and fight to zip the bag closed. Lying in the warming bag Judy thought about what happened remembering that she had thrown the key to the anchored collar onto her pack as well and hoped she hadn’t trapped herself in the situation she had imagined before with the key so close but out of reach.

Judy lay drifting in and out of sleep until she woke one time and could see the sun shining and wrestled with the zipper until she was able to wiggle out of the snug sleeping bag. Forcing herself onto her pointed toes she walked to the end of the chain and was able to reach the tarp and pulled it back letting in the bright sunlight and stood letting it warm her mud covered face and body. Judy whined as she rubbed her jaw and carefully turned letting the heavy collar slide around her encased neck. Judy almost fainted when she looked towards where her bag had been left seeing it was not there only being able to see a fresh layer of thick mud piled up in the corner. Judy stood stunned staring at the floor of the room noticing even the short legs of the fire pit was buried at least four inches deep. Judy moved towards the mud stomping into it with her pointed toes almost in tears as she had to step higher as each time she put her foot down as the mud deepened.

Stopping short of the corner Judy felt weak and needed to eat so she started a fire and opened a food packet before she realized she wouldn’t be eating until she found her keys and threw the packet and pan down. Dropping to her knees she crawled as far as she could and started frantically digging with her hands throwing the dense mud out the opening. Judy continued to claw at the mud desperately hoping she would feel the back pack before she ran out of reach and getting more and more hopeless as she dug. Judy stopped digging and sat in the thick mud her bare breasts like the rest of her covered in mud as she sat gasping around the gag.

She started thinking about her dreams and how desperate she had become to get free in them and know understood why it had scared her. Rubbing her face again she relaxed just for a second and suddenly felt herself being pulled back and fell into the mud again from the heavy chain constantly pulling on her. Judy lay on her back thrashing against the chains she had locked on herself until she was out of breath and calmed herself. Rolling back over she drug herself back to the corner and started digging again reaching for her camp shovel starting to make real progress as she strained against the chain finally leaning on it and reaching as far as she could. The posture collar making it possible for her to pull as hard as she was but also forcing her to look towards the floor having to stop every few minutes and ease the tension on the chain so she could look up to see if she had found anything or not.

Judy was running out of strength and was sitting panting wishing the top of the shorts wasn’t so tight when she looked up and could see the small pack! Squealing she lunged at the bag swinging the shovel, Judy dug her pointed toes into the mud stretching as far as she could leaning on the chain as she fished for the bags strap. Unable to see Judy concentrated on what she could feel and continued fishing and digging until she heard a clank. Dropping to her hands she raised her head up to see what she had hit that made the noise and gasping when she saw the top of the key ring that had the key for her collar on it. Scooting herself to a sitting position she stretched with the shovel and slowly dug around the key ring until she was able to force the shovel under it with her finger tips.

Judy rolled onto her stomach digging her toes into the mud and reached blindly with the shovel and carefully pushed it a little further before slowly pulling it towards her. When she could see the ring under her she relaxed lowering her body to her knees and grabbed the ring pulling it from the mud. Judy gasped as she stared at the ring seeing only the circle part of the key still attached to the ring itself. She lay flat in the mud staring at the ring knowing the clank must have been her breaking the key off and know the real possibility of her being trapped alone anchored to a stone wall for the rest of her life. Even as she lay holding the empty key ring and thinking about dying her pussy started tingling while she realized she was really trapped bound and gagged for an unknown amount of time.

Judy recovered and started struggling to dig out her pack and after another hour finally had it pulled to her and sat hugging it before pulling it open and finding it completely full of the thick mud. Scooting out of the pile of drying mud she had built up around her captured body she started digging through the bag finding one key then another until she had found all the ones she needed except for the anchored collar. Judy cleaned the key for the gag and tried to force it in the hole only to find out it was full of mud as well so she whined and started digging for her small picks. Judy reached for a bottle of water and started cleaning the hole out flushing a lot of the dirt into her mouth as she washed the gag. Stuffing the key into the hole she felt it engage and quickly twisted the key shrinking the gag and yanking it out of her mouth.

Flexing her jaw she gasped and whined and drank an entire bottle of water before starting to work on the locks on her wrist shackles. Judy continued to remove the steel her body was encased in leaving the shorts because she was too tired to work on the lock behind her and the posture collar so the larger collar wouldn’t choke her. Judy fixed herself a large meal while she drank several more bottles of water. Judy sat on her bed eating her meal still covered in mud and still chained to the wall but at least she could feed herself and was no longer chained hand and foot. While she ate she decided the broken key must still be in the pile of mud she had hauled out of the corner and with the back pack so all she would have to do is dig through it until she finds the key. “Easy” she thought “Digging for things is what I do”. Now that she had a plan she stopped thinking about dying and enjoyed her meal and hoped she wouldn’t need to go to the bathroom before she could remove the shorts.

Judy rested after eating then lowered herself to the floor and started going through the mud one handful at a time. Judy searched the mud until it got very late and she crawled back into the sleeping bag and slept until the next morning. Waking she stretched feeling the heavy chain try to pull her backwards again and smiled as she felt her covered pussy tingle from the real sensation of being trapped flooded her body. Judy would have shaken her head at herself if she could have but the wide steel collar still held her neck firmly. Judy spent the next three days carefully going through each mound of dried mud, she had removed the shorts and felt humiliated having to go to the bathroom in the same room she was living in but had no choice. Since her normal clothes were out of reach she clamped the steel shorts back around her waist so she wouldn’t be completely naked while she was trapped.

The trapped woman sat and dug for another two days losing hope with each handful of dirt she dug through deciding if she was truly trapped she would chain herself up in everything she can reach and throw the keys away. The thoughts behind this idea was maybe she could enjoy herself before she died and if anyone ever finds her body maybe they will think she was forced into this situation not stupid enough to lock herself to a wall and die. On the fifth night Judy was very tired still setting with dirt in her hands when she felt something hard and carefully dug out the broken part of the key. The stunned woman sat staring at it trying to figure out if she was awake or not finally she reached up inserting the key and feeling it turn in the hole then the heavy collar fall away from her neck.

Judy was ecstatic as she slowly raised her sore body to her bare feet and eased out from under the tarp. Only when she was standing next to her small wagon did she yell loudly and jump up and down. The reason for her being so cautious was it was not the first time she had dreamed she was free and found she wasn’t when she was yanked down by the heavy chain. Judy ran around the site so excited she couldn’t think of what she should do. Judy ran back into the room slamming the collar closed and throwing it over the wall then climbed back into her sleeping bag and went to sleep. The next morning she ran to the creek with her last set of clean clothes and the keys to the steel shorts and her tool to open the posture collar in her hands.

The creek was much deeper and she waded in laying back and letting the flowing water wash over her dirty body. After lying in the cool water for a few minutes she jumped up and grabbed the keys and quickly freed her body dropping each item in the mud and splashed back into the water. Judy bathed thoroughly then lay in the sun drying herself completely before getting dressed in normal clothes and not wearing any of the steel she had been trapped in for so long. Picking up the steel items and walking back to the site tossing the remaining items in the cart. During the rest of the day Judy cleaned the site and her equipment packing everything away leaving only her filthy sleeping bag as the last thing to be packed.

The next morning Judy awoke stretching fully for the first time in a month, after getting dressed she immediately started the long hike to her truck. Judy expected it to take two days to reach her truck but maybe with the cart it might take three, she didn’t care how long it took she was free and had lived through two wild close calls. During the three day journey Judy spent each night dreaming of the steel and locking them back on herself. When she reached her truck she turned its battery power back on and started it thankful it still ran. Loading the idling truck she ran her hands across the posture collar and shorts and smiled before stripping naked and locking both on her body and redressing. Judy climbed in and soon was driving towards her home wondering if there was a place she could send the keys and they would hold them for her for however long she had chosen. Judy drove her with pussy dampening from the thought of being locked in the steel again already planning her next trip to the dig site to see if there were more items she might use on herself.



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