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The Game

by XVX

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© Copyright 2003 - XVX - Used by permission

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The Game
by XVX
The Game By XVX

Kelly’s head was pounding. That and where ever she was damm cold. Complicating matters was she was completely naked. She looked around. She stood in a white room with a molded white table and chair that looked like part of the floor. One end had a computer screen with one green and one red buttons under it.  The other end had a series of red drawers. Twelve in all. Each drawer had a keypad. She remembered backpacking through Europe with her friend and stopping off at a little hostile/inn and then drinking too damm much beer. Her friend. Lynn was not in the room with her. Was she dead? No, she did not think so. Where was she? A mental ward? No, at least the would have given her something to wear. The screen beeped. She read what was on it.

Welcome to the Game. Do you wish to continue? Red no. Green yes.

“Let me out. Its cold in here”
No answer. She tried to open the drawers. They where locked. Random punching number did not seem to work either.
“Hey. Where is Lisa?”
No answer and the screen beeped. Kelly ignored it. She tried to find a door or any means of escape. But her fingernail had been trimmed and she just notice her body had been shaved every where. Kelly had been de-clawed and nearly bald. Her hair had been cut from what she could see in screens reflection.
“My father is very rich. Let me call him and he can pay your ransom.” Again the screen beeped. Well it was a lie anyway. Her father and her where on the outs. Mom had the money anyway. “I am an American citizen. I deserve one phone call.” It beeped again.

She tried French and German. The screen beeped when she finished speaking every time. It was getting dammed annoying. It seemed her captors where making a point of her accessing the screen. She gave the room the once over. The table and chair where solid cubes out of the floor. No chance in using them to smash her way out. Kelly knew she had to be watched but she did not see any cameras. If she did see any she would try to break them so they would have to see her they would have to come in and fix them. But it seemed they thought of that. The screen was covered in Plexiglas that bound her fist off it. She stared at the screen. There was no doors or windows. She was stuck in an icebox. Her only hope of survival lay in playing this game. She pressed the green button.
The screen displayed the room temperature.  Then printed the rules on the screen

1. A number combination will be displayed for 5 seconds.
2. You will have two minutes to find a drawer that will open with the display numbered combination.
3. Once the proper drawer is open. You will find an article of clothing. 
4. Once the drawer is unlocked you have seven minutes to don the article of clothing properly and completely.
5. Each drawer has an article of clothing that has a tag with a point value.
-You must press the green button with in the seven-minute time limit-. Pressing the wrong button will result in a comfort penalty of five degrees and five hundred points.
6. To win you must get over 3000 points.
7. Failure to open a drawer in two minutes results in comfort penalty of 2 degrees and a loss of 200 points.
8. Failure to wear an article of clothing properly in seven minutes result in a comfort penalty of 2 degrees. Penalty will increase 2 degrees per minute.
9. Additional penalty maybe assessed for bad play.

Do you wish to proceed? Green-yes. Red-no.

Kelly could see this is some sort of mind game. But the room was cold and if there was a way out it had to be through the game. Her weekend survival camp training told her she needed dry clothing and shelter from the cold. She was no Eskimo. With choices limited she had to proceed. Freezing to death was not an option. Her survival was in those locked coded drawers. Her only choice was no choice at all. Pressing the green button she saw number flash on the screen. Some drawers did not open. Blast this only wasted time.  But that my have be the purpose of this game. She had to hurry.
The first drawer opened. Stockings. But the more sheer and less protective against the cold offered more points. Drat.
She had no idea what was in store. She went with the more point going with a thigh high lace. She had minutes to spare.
She had to continue the game.

Next code finally opened a drawer with gloves. Same as before. The less protective the more points. She went with a matching pair of gloves. Half hoping she would get bonus points.
No such luck.
The third drawer contained corset.
Lace up, zipper, or buckles. More points to less points. The key item was to make points as soon as possible. She had to get clever using the open drawer and looping the lace around and pulling against it until she here the hook and loops locked in. Then tying off the laces. The breath was being squeezed out of her. But she was now third of way to her goal. But she took too much time the temperature dropped six degrees.

Drawer four contained collars. She chose a thick high stiff necked one offering more points. She noticed that all her clothing was in blood red in color. Well at least everything matched. Drawer five had leather gloves. She chose a long leather ones that went right under the arm with strap that connected to the collar. The strap seemed to lock into collar. She could see the trap. If you went for better covering in the beginning with less points. You could fall behind the curve.

Drawer six contained a belt with straps hanging down. The strap held up stockings.  There was nothing else in the drawer. It was not very much in the way of points either. She put it on and then pressed the button. The timer kept counting down and the temp dropped. Drat. She must have the belt on backwards.  Kelly thought the buckle was supposed to be in the front. She had to undo everything and put it all back on. The gloves offering protection from the cold made it hard to undo the snaps. By the time she had got everything turned around the timer had expired. Temperature had dropped another four degrees. The only blessing was that as the more drawers she opened the less choices she had so that gave her more time to find the right drawer.

Drawer seven had boots. The higher the heel the more points. More points for lace up verses zippers. The higher they up the leg the more points. The worst was a heel that would push up her heels so high that she would walking on tip toe but they where worth a ton of points. Could she even walk in them? Time was running out and she needed to make a choice. She was past half way on points but the temperature would drop if she did not do something. Kelly tried using the sharp heel to break and pry anything apart. The screen beeped and displayed a penalty of five degrees and five hundred points. Damm it. If she did not play the game by the rules she would freeze and lose points. She forgot about the un-sportsmans like penalty. Now she had to wear the really high heel toe pointed boots to make up for the points she lost. She laced up the boots and walked tentatively over to the counsel and pressed the button. Again she saw the temp drop. Kelly examined her work. She had missed a pair of eyelets.She hurried but had to be careful.

When she had done everything correctly she depress the button. The temp had dropped another six degrees. Her breath was visible.
Her ankles and feet hurt. Walking was painful. Kelly had to take short steps and nearly toppled over. Kelly feared if she fell down she might not get up. She incurred one temperature and point penalty trying to open drawer eight. This drawer had chastity belts. But the one with more points offered also had plugs for front and back and it looked like it locked on. If she put it on wrong she would not be able to get it off and she would not get the code for the next drawer and freeze to death. She had to settle for fewer points by getting one similar but did not lock on. She was right the first time. Good she hated the idea that she was going to have to switch. But she was at two thousand points. She did not like what this damm game was turning her into but the cold was seeping through her stark protection.

Another annoying fact that everything seemed to be her size. These two facts had to take a back seat to her own survival. Something was better than nothing. Her legs and arms where well protected by the stiff leather of boots and gloves.

Drawer nine was sheer agony to get to. The intruders in her body were turning her on. A distraction she did not need. Number nine had a red clam shell device that connected between her crotch and over her shoulders. It reminder her of a body cast. It was not worth many points but it was the only thing in the drawer. There was a hole near the belly button and another opposite on the back. When it latched on. Her neck and waist where completely immobile. But it took too long to get on. Dropping the temperature more. But the clam shell warmth was welcome. Finally, some serious protection. Her head was still exposed and she needed to cover it. Her answer came in drawer ten.

Only two items. One of leather and one of the same claim shell designed plastic that reminded her of the man in the iron mask. Both had gags. She defaulted to the claim shell head mask. She needed the point and the claim shell has insulation. It molded to her head and face perfectly. Once she latched it on and her head was immobile more than it had before. Her vision was reduced as well as speech. Not that it mattered. Some one was getting their rocks off and they where not talking to her anyway. She knew she should quit but there was no quitting. She was so close to winning and getting free. The screen showed 2800 points. It made it hard to see the keypad for drawer eleven. A long red leather skirt that tapered sharply down to her ankles was the only garment in it. Three hundred points. She could win! 

Getting it on was a struggle. Once on, her short stride where cut even shorter. As she went to press the green button she stumble and caught the counsel edge to keep from falling over. But then she saw her points had dropped. She had accidentally pressed the red button. She pressed the green one with seconds to spare 2500 points. Damm. If drawer twelve did not have anything five hundred or more points. She would be trapped and die of exposure. Moving as fast and steady as she was able, Kelly hugged the walls for balance. Barely getting the last drawer open in time. Collar 100 points. Wrist manacle with leather bags on one end 200/300. And another pair with out a leather bags 100. Wisely she gathered all the items and shuffled back to the other side of the room. The collar was easy even though it locked on. Then she was still going to be short on points and time was ticking away. And why did the one other pair show two numbers?

She then had it. Using the ones with out the leather bags. She locked them on to her ankles. Hoping her gamble would pay off. She the placed her hand into manacled leather bags and locked one on then noticed a small metal spike on the connecting chain. She figured that the spike fit into her belly button holeā€¦or did it? She remembered the hole in her back. That was what the other number meant. It had to be. Placing her hands behind her. She slipping the free hand into the locking leather mitten. The struggles to insert the spike into the hole in her back side. She heard it click and then pressed the green button with two seconds left.
Total points. 3000.
She won she was free.

The screen showed a happy face with the words ‘congratulations slave’.
Kelly began to cry. The reality hit her.

Free of one prison but condemned to another. This was one of her own making. They supplied the means She closed the door and threw away the key. There was slow hissing sound. She turned to see the ‘chair’ sink into he ground and the table was rising showing a man in a red suit with a red mask. The table was like an elevator. He walked up to her. Kelly tried to get away from him but she took two steps and stumbled into his arms by accident. He caught her and stood her upright. The snapped a red leash on her neck.
“I am the flame and you are the fire. With out the flame. The fire cannot exist.”
Kelly tried to say something but his eye narrowed into evil slits. Pulling on the leash he brought her close.
“I care not what you where. You are who and what I say you are. You are my prize. You played the game and won.  Now you are mine.”
The chill of his breath penetrated her mask and caused Kelly to shudder. Kelly eyes darted every which way. Hoping to see some avenue of escape. She shifted in her toe boots and struggle with the bindings on her wrists. He seemed to take stock her predicament and let her squirm under his gaze. Her choices where very limited. Again!

He pulled away tugging on the leash. Meaning that she was to follow him into the lift. She went in. The lift went down. When it open again she was walking along a dimly kit corridor. Her ‘owner’ tugging on her leash.  She did not dare fall down. There was a bright light ahead and he turned toward her. “Behave and obey or the flame shall extinguish the fire.” Kelly knew a threat when she heard one and squirmed. He placed small box into the hole where her belly button was. Then made show of pressing a button on the box and clapped. The probes in her crotch and ass began to vibrate. The faster he clapped the more intense the vibration. She was getting turned on and felt horrible. Her mind was a jumble of emotions. Then there was a voice
“Introducing Fire and Ice.”

Kelly was lead on to a stage where she was being ogled by dozens of other people wearing masks of different colors and designs. She wanted to run or find some means of escape. Then another woman in an ice blue outfit identical to hers but with her hands cuffed in front.  She did not how but she recognized the woman.
It was Lynn. She was being lead by a man in a suit and ice blue mask.

As they stood side by side looking at each other predicament. The audience began to applaud. Both herself and Lynn began to wiggle struggling to maintain balance. The vibrators stimulating them to a level of ecstasy she never knew. Then the audience seemed to want them fall and applauded louder and faster. She wanted them to stop and yet not to stop. Kelly wanted more.
This then was the Game.


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